Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Back To School Shopping

We had a busy day shopping last week for Raimie's coming school year. Lots of stuff to buy. School uniforms, shoes, school bags, etc. Taking advantage of Jusco J-Card members' day, we did our shopping then despite the huge crowd looking for good bargains at Jusco. With two schools to attend (primary school and religious school), back to school shopping sure can cost a lot of $$$.

We were lucky that he got so many colour pencils and stationeries as presents from his school and from his aunt and uncles, we didn't need to buy any of that.

Although we didn't need to buy any textbook for him, we went to Popular Bookstore for some workbooks for Raimie. Extra workbooks for him to do over the weekend.

There's only a week left of the school holiday. Raimie is starting his Standard Two next year. Time does fly, doesn't it?

Zaini and I will be taking a day off on Raimie's first day of school. We need to sort out his schools fees and whatnot that day.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

A Gift From Shenzhen

There was a package for me from Wenn which I should have received on Dec 11th, but as luck would have it, the postman deemed that our house had nobody in them to receive my package, I only had time to collect it on Dec 24th. But, better late than never! Getting it on Christmas eve makes it a Christmas present for me. :)

A card from Wenn and what's inside? A gift for me!
Isn't this nice? A gift she got me from Shenzhen from her trip to Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen earlier. The Chinese wording  there means "long life". I certainly want to live long.

Thanks so much Wenn for the nice gift.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Boys' Day Out

On Monday Dec 21st, Zaini was on leave but I wasn't. He decided to take Raimie out for a splashing wet time at a nearby waterpark called Desa Waterpark. Raimie wanted to go to Sunway Lagoon, but as he just wanted to splash around, Desa Waterpark was a better choice (and cheaper too!)

So, after sending me to work and having their breakfast of roti canai and teh tarik at a nearby Mamak, off they went to Desa Waterpark.
In front of Desa Waterpark's entrance. When the two boys got there, there weren't too many visitors yet so Zaini managed to park almost right in front of the entrance.

If you want to go to the park, do note that the park opens from 12pm - 6pm on Monday to Friday and 10am - 6pm on weekends and public holidays. The park closes on Wednesday.
Entrance ticket. RM20 per adult and RM14 for children. Much cheaper than Sunway Lagoon, especially if you don't care much for the dry park rides and all you want to do is go on water rides and slide around.
A couple of photo inside the park, before Raimie got wet and wild. Not many visitors yet, but there were plenty of visitors in no time. It is a school holiday, after all.
Lunch was simply fried rice with hotdogs and Pepsi. Two fried rice, two hotdogs on sticks and Pepsi = RM12.00. Oklah, for park food.

Raimie had so much fun there, he wanted to go again. I think the next time, we'll opt Sunway Lagoon out in favour of Desa Waterpark.

They got back at 4.00pm and head straight to Gardens Mall to wait for me. Being early, they spent almost an hour at Starbucks. Did they complain about having to wait for me? No, they didn't. The reason:

Two busy boys engrossed with their games. They had a new game to play on their Nintendo DSi , hence the obsession of playing them all the time.
So much concentration...

After waiting for my two boys finish up playing their games, we head to Tony Roma's for dinner. While waiting for our orders to arrive, the two boys whipped out their games again. I don't mind. I got my camera to play with. :) So busy was Raimie, I resorted to feeding him his carrot sticks.
Our dinner. I had Asian salad with crispy chicken, half sized. I always, always have problem with American portion. Even a half-sized salad is waaaaay too much and too big for me. I ended up packing half of the salad back. The salad was nice and crunchy and the chicken, yummy and crispy. Paired with a sweet and spicy dressing, it was excellent.

Zaini and Raimie had their usual. Zaini went for the full rack ribs and Raimie went for the beef ribs from the kid's set menu. Unfortunately, no free meal for Raimie that night as it was during school holiday.

All in all, a great day for Zaini and Raimie. For me, I had a great dinner.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

My Makan Club Year End Get Together At Flying Chillies

I wrote about an outing with my "makan club" at Pasta Zanmai a month ago, and for the year-end, my "makan kaki" decided to have a year-end lunch outing. After a few places/outlets' suggestions that didn't materialise (actually it was TGIF and Italiannies; due to lack of staff knowledge on food served and complete indifference of our request to have a copy of their menu), we decided against going for a western lunch and all that Christmassy feeling and head off to Flying Chillies instead for a spicy Thai food gastronomic experience instead.
Goofing around before the food arrived.

We didn't order anything special, what with out budget constraints. So the food we ordered were:
Mixed vege
Stir fried kankung
Special fire pot - tomyam soup with clear broth and thick broth. They were yummy, sour and spicy. The staff obliged to our request for more spicy broth and they provided it free of charge. Nice... Everyone's nose got runny after having the soup. :D
Crispy catfish with green mango salad. Sour, spicy and crunchy. Yummy
Green curry chicken
Pandan chicken without the pandan leaves. Crispy on the outside, juicy and soft on the inside.
I always have time to smile for the camera!
Busy in discussion. The serious discussion was whether we wanted to have desserts or not. LOL We finished off our meal with a cooling red ruby. Actually we wanted to have the sticky mango but there were no stock of it.

All in all, a very satisfying meal. I was pleasantly surprised with the efficient service that we received that day because service here can be quite slow at times. Also somebody in our group got a "VIP" discount there which of course, is always good. Next outing will probably a Karaoke outing for us.

All photo credit goes to the photographer of the day:Joey. Thanks Joey!

Monday, 21 December 2009

A Wedding Luncheon At Oriental Pearl Restaurant

On Saturday, I was on a solo trip to a wedding of one of my friends at Oriental Pearl Restaurant in Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort.

Entering the restaurant, towards the reception desk.

I was initially worried because I arrived 15 minutes later than the scheduled time but it turned out that I wasn't the last one to arrive. Sometimes, I do forget that we use Malaysian time. Hihi

The event was scheduled to start at 12.30pm SHARP but it only got on the way at 1.10pm due to late arrival of some guests. Typical Malaysians, eh? Myself included. Wahaha!!!

For those who came early, they got to see a beautiful slideshow of newlyweds. Lovely wedding photos of them taken in Batu Ferringhi Penang, Cameron Highlands and Pulau Redang.
Because the event started later, I got the opportunity to sneak in and see the bride before the newlyweds' grand entrance to the banquet hall. I didn't notice that I tilted my head that much. Haha

Then time for photos with friends. I didn't take as much photo as I want to, as I got busy meeting old friends and colleagues, being naughty changing seats and table too.

Same thing with the food served. I was too busy eating and chatting to get a good shot of the food. Anyway, not nice lah to kaypoh take photo whilst others wanted to eat, right?

The menu

The only food photo I have. The first course which was a hot & cold combo plate.

The Bride and Groom entrance earlier, before the food was served (of course).
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM SENG! Here's a toast to the newlyweds.
Carol and William, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Year End Get Together

As the year ending, plenty of get-togethers arranged by colleagues and friends. A couple of get-togethers that I managed to snap photos. I organised one, for 50 people at the office and was so busy running around making sure everything was in order, egging people to eat more, mingle and not left out, I totally forgotten to take any photos! Pity.

It was a week of indulgence for me, with 3 year-end lunches to attend and I actually missed out one. Thank you for inviting and including me!
A next door department lunch that I attended. Yummy food all around.
A gift exchange session with my "makan kaki". We went for lunch at Flying Chilli's earlier. I'll post some photos about the lunch session later. The second photo there, we were busy picking up the ballot numbers for the gifts.
Two gift exchange gifts for me. It was a funny coincidence that those two gifts were of/from Japan. The first one was one IOU note from a friend who is going away for a vacation to Hokkaido next week. I wonder what she'll get me? The second one was a small hold-all. If anyone wonders why it is so funny to me, hop on to my other blog; Urutora No Hi for an insight.

It'll be a quieter week from next week onwards with plenty of people going away for their year-end vacation. It sure is nice that we won't need to work on any Fridays at all until next year! I love having public holidays on Fridays!

What's your plans for the Christmas and New Year break this year?

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Braving The Crowd At Jusco's J-Card Members' Day

Two days of shopping madness at MidValley's Jusco as they are having their J-Card Members' day yesterday and today. When it's J-Card day, traffic jam worse than usual is normal and this time is no exception.

Although I do feel that the past two years' J-Card Day crowd is tamer than it used to be. Last time, when Jusco opened at 7.00am, you would see people queuing as early as 6.00am to enter the store! Madness, I say.

We initially thought of buying Raimie's school items today but there wasn't much choice and size for Raimie's school uniform there.  We didn't go back empty-handed, though. Zaini got a few work shirts sold at 70% discount. The same shirt is sold at Robinsons at 50% less so buying them at Jusco is really good value. And for every RM100 we spent, we get RM10 vouchers too. I'm such a sucker for free vouchers. *^-^*

We are planning to head to Jusco in Cheras Selatan for their J-Card Members' day next week, on Dec 22 & 23.

Any of you went to Jusco MidValley and shop till you drop? :-)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pickled Fruits Feast

Two big bottles of pickled fruits for us, that came all the way from Pasar Payang, Terengganu courtesy of my sis-in-law. Thanks dearie.

We actually would love to get our hands on some pickled salak (snake fruit), but there were no stock of it when she was there. Aaahhhh... pity. I wrote about the salak fruit last year, do check it out here.

Although we didn't get our favourite pickled salak fruit, my sis-in-law brought back a bottle of pickled mangoes and kelubi (swamp fruit); which is extremely sour and extremely addictive.

We had some each night but for me, I can only take a piece at a time. I sure don't want my gastric to act up on me, after taking all these acidic treat far too much!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Prosperity Burger Time!

There will come a time each year when we get to enjoy the Prosperity Burger at McDonald's. A burger sold when the time is near to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Although the burger and the value meal is kinda expensive compared to the other normal items on its menu, it's nice to indulge in this fiery burger with beef/chicken patties (Zaini and I always go for the beef) slathered in black pepper sauce and with plenty of onions. But I think the price for this burger keeps on increasing each year and the patties keep getting smaller. I guess you need to be prosperous to be able to afford this. LOL

That aside, what I love about the prosperity burger is that you can get curl fries with it. I love curly fries. Yummy! Yummy!
Fiery black pepper sauce, so fiery I got heartburn eating the burger. Too much black pepper for me, I guess.

Raimie had nuggets with his Happy Meal. He sulked a bit earlier on, when I didn't take his photo after taking photos of my burger. He is not happy if I didn't put his photo up here!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Who's Gonna Share My Enid Blyton's Books?

Growing up, I always thought that I'd be able to share my love for books especially books by Enid Blyton with my siblings or my children. Since I was 9, I started to buy and collect her books obsessively, using almost all my pocket money on books. Those days, a book would cost RM3.90 for her books that was translated in Malay and RM7.90 for her English books (I think I have about 3 books in Malay and the rest in my collection were all in English). A huge sum for someone who only got RM1.00 for her daily pocket money! And I do have a huge collection of her books. I literally beg, borrow and steal to get her books. For those living in Shah Alam way back in the 1980s, if you saw a little girl sitting on the floor in front of Enid Blyton's section reading a book at Berita Book Centre in Wisma PKNS during a school holiday, that probably would've been me. :P

I simply love the Famous Five (I wanted to be just like George), Secret Seven, St Clare's, Malory Towers, ooohhh I can go on and on. My first book that I read by Enid Blyton was Bom, the Little Toy Drummer. What's your first Enid Blyton book?

Unfortunately none of my siblings showed any interests reading those books and they were just stored aside, providing food for moths when I went to boarding school at the age of 13.

I wanted Raimie to share my love for this author too, but I think both him and Zaini thinks that it is to sissy to read her books of magical adventures, of flying chairs, of imps, fairies, enchanted woods and such. But do you know that I used to read out aloud Noddy books when I was pregnant with Raimie?

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Raimie Birthday Celebrration II

Last Sunday, we asked Raimie's Aunt and Uncles out for a belated birthday dinner for Raimie. Unfortunately a few of them were working that day  so it was just Zaini's younger Sis and youngest brother having dinner with us. Due to heavy rain, we can't be too adventurous going out and instead had dinner at Nando's in Alamanda, Putrajaya.
A happy boy with his aunt and uncle.
We got him a big birthday cake from Secret Recipe. It was the Cake of the Month, essentially a banana cake covered with almonds and honey. But Raimie didn't like this cake. :(

We joked that for eating a banana cake, we might as well buy Jusco's 3 cakes for RM10.00! LOL

Our orders for the night. Except for Raimie, we all went for the 1/4 chicken set. Whenever I go to Nando's, I must have corn to offset the fiery sauce I slathered on the chicken. Can you guess which one is mine? :p

Raimie had the kid's meal. Sausage with fries. Yum yum!

It was a good dinner and Raimie as always, enjoyed being with his aunts & uncles.


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