Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What I'd Like To Do For The Holiday

If not for the rainy season we are having now, I would love to go back to my hometown and re-visit the many waterfalls there.

Raimie and Zaini simply love having a splashing good time in the icy cold water there. A BBQ party with siblings would be awesome too, after spending time in the water.

Anyway, not safe to go to the waterfalls nowadays. Rainy season and strong currents isn't exactly the recipe of good, safe fun.

What do you like to do when you were small during the school holidays? If I'm at my parents' house, I would spend the day outside; wading through streams and catching fish or bicycling around the small town with friends. If I'm at my grandparents' house in Shah Alam, I would spend it at Komples PKNS, the nearby lake or the library. Anyway, I would spend the days outside home, unlike my son who is contented to while the days away playing games indoors. Well, I guess I need not worry about him breaking an arm (or leg) playing and climbing outdoors like I did while growing up! I had scars to prove it! Also I need not worry about him being whisked away by some strangers if he doesn't venture outside! @_@


  1. Hi Lina! I played so much when i was a kid. Climbed trees, biked, run around and did crazy things. I was like a boy back then =)

  2. I'm still first here!!!!

    It's not good idea to be around waters when it's pouring most esp now that calamity happened to the Phils. i saw some photos of a flashflood by the waterfalls. Nobody can survive that.

    I also love bathing in the rain before, running around the neighborhood.

    happy Monday!!

  3. @Ayie,
    Me too! I was a tomboy! Whatever boys do, I want to do too! :D

    Over here, there are already casulaties because of the flooding. Everyone should take extra precaution this time of the year.

  4. Looks like todays kids only want indoor gaming.. oh well not to mention them! I am doing the same now! I used to enjoy the outdoors, cycling, playing police and robbers, rope jumping, hopscotch, so much more!

    Guess gaming is the safest thing a kid can do now for entertainment.

  5. @ladyviral,
    yalah, at least they are safer indoors. Cannot be like last time - go out for the whole also our parents didn't worry. Only come back to eat lunch and dinner and sleep. :D

    You play masak-masak and kawin-kawin or not when you were small? hihi

  6. When I was a kid I used to climb up to the roof to pick rambutan from a tree in front of our parents' house. Now I'm glad we don't have trees around the house so I don't need to worry my sons will do that :)

    Anyway, it's been raining everyday here too that forces my kid to play inside. Hope your son can still enjoy the holiday even in the rainy season.

  7. dulu masa i cuti sekolah??? main pondok-pondok and masak-masak...or piknik tepi sungai

    i think my kids takkan dpt rasa semua tuh sbb no chance at all. YE lah nak lepas anak pergi main kat playground pun susah.. too many bad ppl...

    piknik lagi la mesti mak bapak ikut.. dulu pergi sendiri.. siap buat bbq.. panggang ikan or udang yang kiterang tangkap

  8. @Evan's Mom,
    Wah, you are one brave little girl. :D
    I too climbed things to get to what I want regardless of the danger when I was small, breaking bones and getting stitches everywhere but I would be horrified if my son behaved like I did when I was small. Lucky I too need not worry over him too much.

    Rainy season means that he'll be cooped up at home but he has plenty of things to do inside too so I hope he won't be too bored during the school holiday. :)

  9. @Yatie,
    Memanglah, sekarang ni nak lepaskan budak2 pegi kedai kat rumah (sebelah apt) pun I tak berani. Walhal dulu kecik2 dah berjalan sendiri tak ingat dunia time baya-baya Raimie. Takut anak kena kidnap ooi!

    Seronok main masak-masak. Dulu main masak-masak, petik daun petik bunga. Budak2 sekarang main masak2, barang kena beli kat toy shop. LOL

  10. It's raining in Singapore too. Love the wet cold days so I can sleep in the afternoon. :P

    When I was a kid, I would be playing masak-masak with the neighbouring girls. :D The boys would play goli, catch spiders and fight.

  11. @ECL,
    that was the good old days, eh? :)

    I wish I can take naps in the afternoon. It sure is nice and cold nowadays, and makes it soooo hard to wake up each morning!



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