Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Books For The Classroom

Raimie told us that he needs to bring a few items to school as a project to spruce up his classroom. Among them were a photo and a storybook that is to be put in a corner for all his classmates to read and enjoy if/when their teacher isn't around. 

Raimie's school already implemented a reading initiative where students coming in early to school each morning needs to sit at the assembly area in their respective classroom line and take a book from the bookshelf there to read. Then from 7.25am to before classes start at 7.45am, teachers drill the students with maths questions.

We asked Raimie whether he wants to bring a photo of him and Ultraman but he said that that kind of photo is inappropriate. LOL Do you know what photo he decided to bring? A photo of him with Pinnochio taken at Disneyland. Talk about being a show-off. Haha!

Instead of buying just one book for the class, we got two books for him. A Malay book and an English book. He wanted to buy a storybook of Tales From The Holy-Quran to bring to school but we gently said that not all people (his classmates in this case) can read that book. After all, some non-Muslim parents might not be happy about the book available in the classroom, just as Muslims parents being not happy should there be storybooks from the Bible available for all to read, right? He doesn't yet understand about all the religious sensitivities that comes with the multi-ethnicity of this Country, but we'll try to explain it to him.

Anyway, one more day of work and we get Friday off. A three-day weekend. Another weekend of Bleach and 1N2D watching marathon for me and Zaini. Yeay! XD

Friday, 19 February 2010

Lunch At JM Bariyani In Bandar Baru Bangi

The title kinda rhyme, doesn't it? Hihi

On Monday, Feb 15th which was the second day of the Chinese New Year we went around Bandar Baru Bangi looking for a good place to have lunch. We had wanted to go to Miyagi Restaurant (a Japanese restaurant) there but like many other outlets around town, it was closed.

Not wanting to have lunch at the many franchised kopitiam outlets scattered there, we went to JM Bariani house to eat briyani instead.
Don't know what happen to my photo taking skill, this shot in front of the shop was supposed to include Raimie. LOL
The interior of the restaurant. There's a smoking area outside for those who insist on smoking during/after their meal. Free wifi available here but with the hustle and bustle of the place, this would be the last place I'd do any surfing. 

Service was fast and efficient, so no fault there.
Drinks - sirap, sirap bandung and iced lemon tea. Zaini said if you want to eat briyani, it is only proper to drink sirap. You think so? But damn expensive sirap at RM2.50 per glass.
I wanted to eat briyani gam but it is only available on Wednesday. I settled for a Ayam Masak Merah briyani set and Zaini went for the Mutton briyani set. The rice was flavourful and fluffy. The chicken was tender and juicy. Zaini said his mutton was just so-so. 

A set for me was not enough because I was still a bit peckish afterwards. So if you are a big eater, I guess you'd better opt for the "Hidang" options instead of the set (or buy two sets!)

A meal for three was just a bit over RM30.00 so it wasn't that bad.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A Quiet Dinner For Three

For the long Chinese New Year weekend, we decided to pamper ourselves and make a return visit to Equatorial Hotel in Bangi. We did nothing special, just lazing around the pool and sleeping in for the two nights we were there.

We had however, arranged for a dinner in our room on our first night there, which coincided with Valentine's Day. I was actually looking forward to enjoying food from Kampachi Restaurant but Kampachi and Golden Phoenix Restaurant at the hotel were closed during the holidays. Only Cafe La Vista was open so we didn't have much selection to choose from.

The staff from the Cafe was attentive enough to call me at our room earlier to check on whether we need special arrangement for the night and was nice enough to come up to our room with the a-la carte menu from the cafe and take our orders instead of doing it through the phone. 

We arranged to have dinner at 7.30pm and our dinner for the night...
We had wanted to have dinner at the balcony but the table setting was already so nice it'll be a pity to ruin it. We were a bit uncomfortable at having a waiter wait on us during the dinner (he was prepared to, I think) so we chased the two staff out even before they finished setting up the table. 

Heck! We ordered so many room service in the past, Zaini know how to set up the table himself by now. LOL
Raimie had Linguini Marina. I would've preferred to order something from the kids menu; Raimie not being a big eater and all, but this hotel doesn't offer a kids' menu. Guess who had to eat the leftovers afterwards? Zaini, of course!

Raimie had to sit apart from us because we wanted to have the table for just the two of us. Two's company and three's a crowd even if they are family! XD
Zaini had smoky ribs and I had a tenderloin. The steak was perfectly done for my taste so no complaints about the meat. However, I was a bit unhappy with the fries. The steak was supposed to be served with a baked potato with sour cream but I got fries instead. I was too lazy to complain because the staff was already so nice to us and all. They even offered to take photos for us but we declined. I don't take photos well with strangers.  I always have this believe that the only nice photos of me were taken by Zaini. ^_^

For desserts, we had
A warm chocolate cake (or something - forgot the name) - (there were strawberries in the photo in the menu but none here - how come?), some chocolates that they brought with a rose for us (which I think was the present to couples celebrating downstairs at Cafe La Vista) and some fruits from the welcome fruits platter that they sent in upon check-in. 

No fruit basket for us this time, unlike the last time we checked-in but hey! Who am I to complain, right? I got the room cheap. :D

A very nice, quiet dinner for us made more special by a very nice hotel staff there. Thank you Nurul for taking care of us.

So nice and quiet it was, we had an early night in. We were asleep by 10.00pm.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Fire Drill, Sort Of...

There was a fire drill at the building I work in on Friday morning. Of course, this being a fire drill; one has to go down using the stairs to go to the designated assembly area. But if you think I'm going to go down 32 floors using the stairs (fire drill or no), think again! 

By the time the fire marshalls went around each floor checking for the floors' staff, I was already safe and sound having breakfast at Pappa Rich.
Two soft-boiled egg and a slice of bread with a glass of iced kopi to give me energy afterwards. What makes this breakfast nice was that it was a treat from someone. Thank you! 

When we were sure everybody was already assembled did we sauntered to the designated fire drill assembly area. So "naughty" of us, I know. Hihi
First order of business - making sure the fire marshalls took our attendance despite being half an hour late. LOL
The "survivors". Not a big turnout because most people are already on their Chinese New Year leave. 

Anyways, for those celebrating - Happy Chinese New Year.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I was feeling down from a bout of flu during the weekend and had soldiered on going to work the past two days. I've been sneezing s much, my head hurts and my ears ring.

Am on sick leave today and recuperating at home. I was rather petulant the past two days for what to me at that time a seemingly uncaring Zaini but he was nice enough to be with me today at home. *love him*

Sure hope I won't get any sicker during the Chinese New Year weekend! I've planned a three days getaway for us and I don't want the sniffles to ruin the weekend for me!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Watching TV And Getting A Sweat

I sweat more ironing Raimie's one week worth of school uniforms and my work clothes too than doing a half an hour run on a treadmill. Serious!

I sure stink more after my ironing too.  Stank so much that I need to shower immediately. XD

Anyways, I only do my ironing over the weekend on Sunday and I start at 4.10pm. Why the exact time? Because that's when KBS' Let's Go Dream Team starts and I time my ironing with that show. That way I get to hog the TV and woe betide if Raimie wants to change channel.

I have only three TV programs that I watch and are non-negotiable and I have to watch them each weekend and they are KBS' 1night2Days (my favourite), Happy Together and Let's Go Dream Team. For the rest of the weekend, the TV is for Zaini and Raimie. Well, I do watch and enjoy Bleach (although they were old epsiodes) and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood on Animax because Zaini watches them too. And as you can see, I don't watch much English/Malay TV shows nowadays and we rarely watch any TV on weekdays.

Watching TV while ironing sure didn't make me do the chores any faster because I get distracted watching TV but luckily I'm not distracted enough to cause a burnt shirt!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Three Day Weekend

We enjoyed a three day weekend from Jan 30 - Feb 1. Monday was day off for us because of the Federal Territory day. Wohoo! And pretty soon, another long weekend because it's Chinese New Year holiday and we'll have a four days off from Feb 14 - Feb 16. Sweet.

Did nothing much but it was a rather enjoyable weekend. I didn't just vegetate in front of my notebook for a change.

Had an early morning instead of sleeping-in, riding our bicycles in Taman Botani (Botanic Park) in Putrajaya. That was really enjoyable. Raimie already asked us to take off one of his bicycle training wheels. Maybe sometime soon, he won't be needing any training wheels to ride his bike.

I still get worried about him hurting himself. It's a conflicting feeling - not wanting him to get hurt and not wanting to be so protective that he'll grow up afraid to take any risks or hurt.

There weren't many people there at the Botanic Park. Just a couple of joggers and one guy who brought his own bicycle, apart from the workers maintaining the park.

All that hard work cycling around were totally wasted after our breakfast at McDonald's. It was either McD or the Mamak, eating roti canai and drinking teh tarik. Calorie laden breakfast! LOL

Zaini cooked lunch so I got to be lazy and sleep while he was busy in the kitchen. Can't be to lazy for long though because he left all the washing up for me to do. 

Had a nice Korean meal at Ko Hyang. Ate some nice dishes - spicy squid and bulgogi that the staff recommended and enjoyed them. I bought a new tub of kimchi (we do seem to run out of kimchi faster than we run out of blended chilli boh paste in this household) and got some nice, big juicy but rather expensive Korean pear to enjoy at home.

I have a block of tofu at home yet to be eaten and had thought of making kimchi jigae but then, we ended up cooking/eating other stuff afterwards. We'll definitely have kimchi jigae for lunch this weekend. :p

Which reminds me - I need to buy a tub of gochujang before it runs out of stock at Jusco. That and some Japanese rice. We are running out of Japanese rice at home. My grocery bill can be astronomical at times buying so much imported food. :(

Then, a walk to a nearby park the other day, up on the hill where we buried Raimie's pet turtle then had some ice cream.

We also enjoyed swimming at the apartment's swimming pool. Raimie loves playing in water but until today, we have yet managed to teach him to swim because he is so unwilling to learn (he is too chicken to let go and sink in the water). Maybe I should get him to attend some swimming classes one day.

Because I can't sleep one night, I had a ball of time cleaning the kitchen in the middle of the night. The house got very clean last weekend. I even de-shelled one kg worth of shrimps at 6.00am! I always get industrious in the middle of the night. Zaini asked whether I was preparing the house for the coming CNY at the rate I was going.

Looking forward for the coming weekend!


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