Sunday, 11 April 2010

Playing Shop - An Upgrade

When I was small, I love playing shop. Me and my neighbourhood friends would just pluck plants from the yard for stuff to sell and buy and also as money. Sometimes we'd raid the kitchen for items to sell too but doing that would incur the wrath of my mom.

If Raimie is cooped up in the house, he loves playing make believe and his favourite is playing shop as a restaurateur. Both Zaini and I are usually coerced to be his customers.

He would draw out menus (complete with price), make the food item from plasticine - those cheap 1 colour bar pack (I'm afraid we never got around buying expensive clay for him like Play-Doh or such); but unlike my childhood where we used leaves or scraps as money, my son would give us a card each (his Ultraman playing card, no less) and told us they are credit cards for us to use for payment. Talk about changing time! He's playing shop complete with make believe credit cards, charge accounts, scanners and the whatnot!

Anyway, glad to inform that after two weeks being confined in the house because of chicken-pox, he can finally go to school on Monday. And luckily, the scar wasn't that bad and barely noticeable.

But because of the chicken pox, I don't think he'll be involve in any sports event for his school's sports day next week on Saturday. 


  1. adoi laaaaa Raimie.. Raimie.. tp iye la bad, teringat masa kita dolu2 dok main juai2 nih takde la kad kredit segala bagai..
    wkakakakakakakakkakkkk.. :D
    wahhhh lega nya dengar Raimie dah sihat..

  2. I remembered playing masak-masak with real leaves and twigs from my garden :)

    Play Doh is a clever invention.

  3. @Dot,
    budak2 sekarang dah advance.

  4. @Mei Teng,
    Did you play "kawin-kawin" too or not. ;)

  5. As in kahwin-kahwin? I played with barbie and someone's ken doll I think...haha.

  6. kids nowadays learn very fast and they see what u do always

  7. When I was small I loved sleeping all day long ... LOL!

  8. @Mei Teng,
    You upgrade version of kahwin-kahwin.
    Me, kampung gal never play with Barbie or Ken unless when my city cousin comes visiting. ;)

  9. @Nick,
    I wish I can. If I dare to sleep during the day, I'd pay the wrath of my mom. My days outside school were usually spent outside the house, as far away from my mom as possible.

  10. great, he's well now!

    i love playing cooking befopre and my grandma bought me small claypot sets so i did really cook real foods even as kid



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