Sunday, 6 March 2011

Meals On Two-Wheels

We live in an apartment with strict guards guarding the entrance. Living in apartments means that any sellers won't be knocking at our doors.

But there are times, I kinda miss the convenience of having the food sellers on bikes selling their wares coming direct to our homes. 

The one in the photo is selling breads. We affectionately call the vendors as Babu Roti (bread man). When I was small, the babu roti at my hometown was a jovial Sikh man who loves to play pranks on kids who would swarm his motorbikes when he came around.

At times, I do miss the convenience of having these food laden bikes coming to homes selling their wares. When I was small, the sound of their horns were a welcome sound. The food sold range from bread to ice cream to putu mayam to satay to pau (steamed buns) to many more. There are still these sellers peddling their wares now but I don't have the chance to encounter them much anymore.

Heck! I don't even see or hear the “Old Newspaper guys” doing their rounds anymore nowadays. The neighbourhood sure is quiet without those guys blaring their “Old Newspaper/ Paper Lama” recording over and over though. ʘ‿ʘ


  1. What a great idea!! Meals on Wheels. It certainly would be convenient and great for kids. In Australia, we only had the ice-cream van when we were little, but it always brought a smile to our face and had kids rushing in all directions.

  2. @Japan Australia,
    We didn't have an ice cream van here but the ice cream man and their motorbikes were always a welcome sight for kids! And can be a bane for parents who needs to spend money! LOL

  3. i still have those newspaper, bread, n even ice-cream guy screaming n honking, or even playing the music to attract our attention at our housing area. not good when you're taking an afternoon nap. but you're right, sometimes it's just fun to get some snacks from them too! :p

  4. oh yeah, i miss those mobile stalls also..

  5. not only bread, but i remember we have ice cream, rice, noodles and all sorts of food available..

  6. but no more now at my area.. i don't even see the breadman too, but occassionnally still hear the "old newspaper" lah :)

  7. @levian,
    yeah, true. When we need peace and quiet, the noises these vendors make can be annoying. I guess now that I don't hear them anymore, I misst them. ^^

  8. @SK,
    Rice noodles too? I never see that. :)

    You still have old newspaper man plying? My place, no more already. The weekends are sure quiet without them! XD

  9. Putu Mayam.. Yeah, it's so hard to find these businesses nowadays.. Ya la, modern day already, nobody want to spend time rounding people's Taman under the hot sun or waste petrol.. Oops petrol hike, habis la business also naik harga!

  10. @Bella,
    True. Who wants to go around under the hot sun at Taman Perumahan now, kan?

    Ya, everything naik harga. The Nasi Lemak makcik at the pasar malam increase her price by 50 sen already! o.O

  11. Life would be different without these vendors. Luckily, they are still around in the suburbs and towns. They actually offer convenience for households who have no access to the wares they bring if otherwise. They make up part of our Malaysian culture, don't they?

    Fancy you snapping that shot of Raimie. I'm tickled. Never leave home without your camera, eh? Or phone? LOL!

  12. @happySurfer,
    I totally agree with you!

    Last time, households depended on these vendors as not many have the easy means to go out and buy stuff. Nowadays,we are totally mobile.

    Yes, I never lesve home without either one of these:

    My handphone
    My Sony T90
    My Sony Nex-5

  13. It's what I miss now that we live in a building. Waiting to hear for that familiar ice cream bell or taho vendor and many other food stuff. kids love that.

  14. @jellybelly,
    yeah, kid love them. :)

  15. Aiyoo, I wrote about this dwindling roti man a few years back and I used to anxiously wait for him to come to my house when I was a kid, which was years ago, mind you ... LOL ... I had this favourite huge square bread sprinkled with sugar and raisins and I always bought one when he came over :D Ahhh, such memories :D

  16. @Nick,
    Ahahaha... I love that bread too. I always eat it with a cup of Milo, and dunked the bread in it. Sure bring back memories.... :)

  17. Back home too there are vendors going to the subdivision selling breads, taho or soya with caramel & nago plus some other foods. I am missing that too!

  18. @Ayie,
    Were there any still around, when you went back earlier?



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