Thursday, 18 August 2011

I'm Such A Hypocrite!

I always lamented over the over-priced Ramadhan/buka puasa buffets that restaurants and hotels offer come this fasting month. I don't know about you, but paying more than RM100 to eat? Simply outrageous!

Outrageous if I have to pay for them myself that is.

I guess I'm not above going to that buffet if somebody else is paying for me (and my family). ^^ Thank goodness for corporate sponsors.


  1. Get stuff from Bazaar Ramadhan, buffet jua tu XD

  2. @maslight,
    Betul juga.

    But price, ala-carte. xD

  3. yeah, i also think those ramadhan buffet are overpriced!! really don't think it's worth to pay over RM100 just for that..

  4. furthermore what's served in ramadhan buffet?? 99% local treats, and i really don't think RM100 is worth those.. unless international buffet with imported ingredients, then i don't mind that..

  5. that is why, i always not interested to go for ramadhan buffet at all.. what they have there are all available from the ramadhan bazaar, at 90% cheaper and equally tasty!! agree??

  6. That's nice! Hope you enjoyed yourself.

  7. @SK,
    True. They serve local food, then charge us a bomb to enjoy those food! @.@

    Might as well head to Pasar Ramdadhan. ;) Can help small business too. ^^

  8. @HappySurfer,
    Going to these buffet give me conflicting feelings. One, I hate the overcharging. 2. I hate waste that people will eventually make but then 3. I love freebies so I don't normally turn down any invitation to go to Ramadhan buffet. How? ;p

  9. Would you believe I haven't even been to a single Ramadhan bazaar this year, though I run past one almost every other evening ... hehehe!

    Yes, a sponsored meal is always tasty, no matter how much it costs!

  10. @Nick,
    Oh! You have sunch discipline! I would have been to tempted if I ran past the bazaars daily. xD

  11. Actually,i really don't agree to spending such an exorbitant amount for a meal, i guess this holy month of Ramadhan, we should be thoughtful of the less fortunate ones, the poor and the neglects...

    sometimes i really wonder,should we really "hantam" that much for food,,,sorry,my only opinon

  12. I'm not sure how much in pesos RM100 is but here in Manila hotel buffets start from P1,200 for breakfasts. Lunch and dinner buffets cost as much as P2,000+. I agree, buffet prices are outrageous. I only eat buffet free :)

  13. @eugene,
    I don't agree too. That's why when I go to these buffet on invitation from others; I feel like I'm such a hypocrite. :(

    Definitely the Ramadhan month is a time to reflect oneself, to restrain oneself from urges and desires and to sympathise with the sufferings of others less fortunate tan us. Gorging on food does not reflect all that. :(

  14. @Jellybelly,
    If I'm not mistaken, RM100 is equivalent to about 1,400pesos.

    So 2,000peso for a buffet dinner is expensive too!

    Yeah, I won't go to buffets unless it's free too. ;)

  15. Oh, Ok now I know how you get to eat for free! Haha!! My question in your later post answered here! : D

  16. I also won't go to buffets nowadays cos I think they are overpriced and they make me fat! But if free, different story lah hahaha!!

  17. @Foong,
    Right? They are way overprized and judging by the trend, they sure wont be going down anytime soon.

    So you know how I got my free makan. ;p



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