Monday, 22 August 2011

Isn't It Better If We Eat Together?

So last Friday, the three of us head off to a nice hotel to enjoy a free  "Buka Puasa" buffet. As I mentioned before, I wouldn't dream of paying close to RM100 just to break fast! No. No. No.

Since this is Malaysia and we are multi-ethnic and multi-religion; there are Muslims as well as non-Muslims going to the "Buka Puasa" thingy, everywhere.

Nothing special about that, but I can't help but feel some people are quite insensitive towards their fellow table-mates who are fasting. And I find it totally insensitive when people order alcoholic beverages at these "Buka Puasa" buffets.

I mean, you go to a "Buka Puasa" thing. You know the majority going there are fasting and have to wait till break fast time to eat.  There are your fellow colleagues or friends sitting with you at your table who are fasting. Can't you wait just a little bit and enjoy your food together with the rest of us who are fasting instead of stuffing your face in full view of others? I mean, didn't you eat lunch that you are so famished to have the courtesy to wait?

I wouldn't dream of complaining if it's a normal restaurant of a fast-food place where you do eat all day long but at a buffet that has either a "Ramadhan" or "Buka Puasa" promotion?

Am I being too sensitive? Is it too much to ask for, being considerate? Or am I too intolerant? 

Maybe I am. The thing is, I have to contend seeing (and smelling) a junior colleague who thinks nothing of enjoying his breakfast and lunch at his desk which is right across my desk too, despite being asked to eat them at the break-room. :(


  1. Thank gawd I have good friends who aren't muslim who waited with me till buka puasa time. The food outing I had, most of my friends aren't muslim XD

  2. Some people just don't seem to care. If you're in a multicultural environment, I would expect people to be more respectful and considerate. I work in a multicultural organization and new staff are always encouraged to attend a briefing on working with people of different nationalities to avoid conflicts.

  3. @maslight,
    You have good considerate friends. :)

    Some of us are not so lucky. Makes me wonder how some of these people live their life in Malaysia. Just mingle with the same people with the same culture, is it?:(

  4. @jellybelly,
    Yes, some people doesn't care at all. What's wrong about respecting each other, right?

    Your company is good to have such initiative to newcomers. :)

  5. Half of Malaysians can be totally inconsiderate at times. I make sure I don't eat anything at all in the office near my Muslim staff.

  6. Ok, sorry let me share my thoughts on this, please...ya? See if I were to be a Muslim,and during fasting period, I would take it as a challenge to be faced with the so called" Temptation" of people eating in front of me,even consuming beers, I would take it as a test that I will steadfastly hold on to my belief and not hating my dissents for being so called "insensitive" towards me.

    You see I am a Christian, I have friends who scorn me, "ya lah, Eugene, this also cannot, that also cannot" but they are still my friends,,hahhaha

    I so sorry for being long winded here but i really think we can only be deemed good,when we are faced with the tests.

    take care now and Happy Fasting ya

  7. Sometimes, being considerate is such a hard task for more people out there.

    Even today we're having a team dinner but we're waiting for 7 plus until our Malay colleague can break fast :)

  8. @Nick,
    Most of us don't mind and can stand people eating around us, but I do think it is good manners to be considerate and not be so in-your-face about eating, right?

  9. @Eugene,
    Yes, it's a challenge and perhaps a test of will to not be annoyed of these people but then again, I am just talking about basic common courtesy here.

    I mean, if I can be mindful not to serve beef to Buddhists and Hindus, I am also have the right to be accorded the same courtesy when the time comes, right?

    And even though I am not in any way swayed by these temptation, do you think it is really appropriate to drink alcohol at an event like a "buka puasa"? It smacked ignorance and total apathy towards other culture and religion. And isn't it better to enjoy a meal, buffet/sit down together as a group instead of letting others just watch you eat?

    I don't hate these people. I never scorn people when they lack manners. I know they just lack proper upbringing.

    But then, thanks for your thoughts. :)

  10. @sriyany,
    Have a great team dinner. Now that's what I call team dinner , where everyone gets to eat at the same time, together. :)

  11. Oh yeah that's pretty inconsiderate.

  12. Eh how come got free buffet?? : )

  13. @foong,
    Because somebody likes me, thats why get free makan! LOL

  14. hello, it's just too rude to do that!! even in another table it's not that good, but eating on the same table in front of friends who are fasting?? too insensitive..

  15. that's even worse than the 8TV girl, at least she's in the public, your fellow colleagues eating in front of you on the same table in a buka puase buffet!! gosh @_@"

  16. @SK,
    Right? Right?

    If you are walking around and eating, I wouldn't have minded. But when there are Muslims sitting at the same as you are? And you are making a ruckus about eating, calling waiters to clear table, etc. too. Sheesh. 8TV girl is much better.

  17. I'm with Eugene here on this. My thinking is, being sensitive about not eating at the same table while others are counting minutes to breaking fast is one thing but I wouldn't go to the extent of begrudging them their right to eat or drink alcoholic drink since it's in a public domain - afterall they are the ones who are not fasting. They have the right to eat same as Muslims have the right to fast. I feel no one person has more right than the other afterall we are of the same race, the human race and each one has the same human rights.

    I agree though that living in this multicultural environment, one has to inculcate some sensitivities for a harmonious co-existence. Live and let live, sort of. My two cents..

  18. @HappySurfer,
    Of course everyone has the right to do whatever one wants.

    But having that right doesn't mean that a little sensitivities should be ignored.

    Like I said, if I go to TGIF, Tony Roma's or whatever then I won't be saying anything. But at a place where it is clearly stated as a buka puasa do? Drinking alcohol too?

    If you want to do that, head somewhere else.

    Do you know that a hotel can lose its Halal certification if found to be storing alcoholic materials with other Halal food items?

    We are in a multi-cultural country yes. You have as much right as I do, yes. What I'm saying is just, have a care towards others as they have the right to be comfortable as you do.

    I always wait and eat together in a group. You don't?

  19. Human nature is hard to fathom and everybody thinks differently or have different sensitivity levels.

    Like I said in my earlier comment, we need to inculcate some sensitivities for a harmonious co-existence though I'm still of the opinion that there is no fault if the others eat before break fast time. I certainly would have no qualms if my non-Muslim friends eat before I break fast or drink beer in front of me. I know, it's only 'what if' but just sharing my thinking.

    As to your question in the last bit, I have to admit, I do because I'd be too embarrassed to be digging in while my fasting friends look on. I don't even drink water at my desk in front of my Muslim colleagues. There, lest you think I'm an insensitive person. LOL! Peace..

  20. @HappySurfer,
    Aboyut human being hard to fathom - I agree on that. :)

    Also, you can drink in front of me, no problem. ^^ I don't mind. Of course, smelling yummy food while it wafted towards me, that's making my tummy rumble. LOL

  21. Gosh! You have 3 blogs! You are simply more hardworking than SK Thambee...

  22. I find the Buka Puasa Buffets getting too expensive. The Ramadan Bazaar sells very cheap and delicious food instead.

  23. @Twilight Man,
    LOL. If you checked, one is virtually non-updated one. Kakaka

    True. Better deal and more temptation at Ramadhan bazaar than hotel buffets.

    So do you give in to temptation and splurge there and eat until cannot move? xD



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