Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dinner For Three

More food photos!

Dinner for three, in the comfort of our room when we checked-in to a nearby hotel to celebrate our birthdays last month.
Raimie's dinner. I ended up eating this. It had scallop in it. I like scallops, A LOT but somehow the scallops in this dish weren't tempting enough for me.
I ordered the Tee Club and Caesar Salad with Home Cured Salmon. Only the sandwich arrived and not a salad in sight. I asked the waiter about it and know what's his answer? Salad wasn't in the menu! Reaaallllly?

When we pressed on about my order, he just mumbled about checking it again and not a peep from him or anyone else about my order until we checked out the next day. Well, at least I wasn't billed for it. Raimie ended up eating the sandwich as it turned out he didn't fancy his plate of spaghetti much.
Zaini had his usual - BBQ burger.

A nice dinner a bit marred with the absence of the salad that I was soooo looking forward to eating. When I mentioned about the waiter whom we hadn't heard since, Zaini just said - there are 3 categories of people in the service industry - the friendly obliging one who are willing to be helpful, the "I'm just doing my job" type that shows no initiative and lastly those who will curry favour in order to look good.

We always stay at this particular hotel because there are plenty of staff that fit the 1st category and I hope the 2nd type won't be a norm for guest to meet here. Good, friendly people are what kept us coming and we do want to keep coming. Don't care much about the 3rd type but getting on their good side can have some advantage.

I didn't let it spoil my mood much though. And after a good dinner, later that night we went down  and treated ourselves to some sweating - enjoying the steambath, sauna and jacuzzi. Such blissful way to spend an evening. *^-^*


  1. Great to be able to have a short stay in a hotel. It's much more expensive to stay in a SG hotel now. Have to travel overseas and I don't have the time. :(

  2. "to celebrate our birthdays last month"?? oh, i thot it was only your hubby's birthday.. so all three of you have birthday in the same month??

  3. how nice lah, every year also spend your time in the hotel room to celebrate!! haha.. good to pamper yourself actually..

  4. oh, that's really a lousy service!! did you show the waiter the menu to let him read carefully what's written in there?? black and white..

  5. well, at least you were not charged for that sandwich, so just don't put that in heart else it will spoil your birthday mood..

  6. @ECL,
    For us here, with the weak RM.... anywhere overseas gonna be so much more expensive. :(

    I can only afford nice hotels when I'm in Malaysia. ^^!

  7. @SK,
    I was born 368 days earlier than my hubby so I celebrate my birthday 2 days before he does each year. xD

  8. @SK,
    Well, that waiter saved me RM30++ and deprived the hotel a sale for that amount that day. xD

    No while I bitched about it for a while, I didn't let the non-arrival of my favourite salad spoil my mood, much. ^^

  9. How many KM's you planning to run to burn all that? Hahaha!

    Looks darn yummy though.

  10. @Jobless Girl,
    yeah, looks yummy.

  11. @Nick,
    Judging by the scale, I burned enough not to gain weight that weekend. ;)

    Remember, I spent an hour or son getting my butt sore at the hotel gym that weekend. LOL

  12. Wow, your hubby is such a good philosopher, he has got his point too! Such a great dinner, the salad u missed really tasty?! I love the 1st pic, the spaghetti dish the most!^^

  13. @Alice,
    He is the philosopher. I'm the complainer. LOL

    The salad is OK lah. It's just that I prefer it on top of other things in the room service menu. :)

  14. surprisingly he dare to answer that when it is clearly written in the menu tsk tsk.

    oh so i don't know why my IE won't let me comment in our blogs... weirdly.. so I am using google chrome.

  15. @LV,
    Well, I have had problem replying to comments when using IE. It's been like that for a while now. I can't comment on a few other blogs too when I'm using IE. :(

  16. Wow, another far-out birthday bash in a hotel. What fun! That burger set looks yummy.

  17. @HappySurfer,
    Birthday bash? Birthday bash with a total attendees of 3 pax. LOL

    But it was nice to be celebrating it. ^^

  18. Sadly, here in Asian customer service is still not a priority. Those pasta dishes look delicious though. I love pasta!

  19. @Jellybelly,
    Except in Japan. xD

    Yeah, customer service in (if I may, narrow it down) South East Asian countries are still a bit lacking. And as consumers, I think we've learnt to swallow it and accept poor service sometimes. :(



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