Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Weekend Of Japan-Themed Activities?

We went out bright and early today and headed off to Jalan Sultan Ismail and made a stop to a travel agent office to buy our JR Pass which we will be using in Japan.

Spent almost an hour there for the staff to process the purchase and listened amusedly at the only customer in the office conversing with a very patient staff.

The Japanese guy wanted to buy some AirAsia tickets to Haneda. You know customer service in Japan is awesome, right? That's because Japanese customers aren't exactly the easiest to handle, to tell you the truth.

They may not be outright rude to you even when they're annoyed, but man - a simple transaction can be a headache with Japanese! Sorry Japanese folks - that's how I felt.

Then, it was time for some shopping!

I needed a few items for the upcoming trip. The earlier idea was that I'd wait until we get to Japan to buy the stuff I needed - heattech wear, fleece jacket, that kind of stuff but I found that those item are sold here at Uniqlo KL at almost the same price as those sold in Yen.  A 1,990yen jacket at Uniqlo Japan sold at RM79.90. That's a good deal! No, make it a great deal! And I don't need to use my Yen yet. I like. I like. hihihi
Then, time to hit Pavillion and Tokyo Street. You can really fool yourself and think that you are somewhere in Japan while walking around Tokyo Street on the Level 6 of Pavillion. Not a street in Japan though but rather at the food area of a shopping mall, usually on the top level of the mall. xD
When it's time for lunch - to complete the somewhat all things Japanese related activities we had done so far, we had a shabu-shabu lunch at Sukiya. All the meat we can eat. Yummmz.
And before heading home, we found Ultraman Mebius too! So kids, if you want to touch Ultraman Mebius (or rather his statue) go Pavillion and meet Mebius. ;)


  1. Wish I was planning for a holiday :D When's the trip?

  2. @Nick,
    Exactly one month from now.

    What's stopping you from going off on a holiday? Must be because business is so busy, eh? ;)

    Maybe can combine holiday with races somewhere. Going for PBIM can also be considered as a holiday to Penang, kan? ^^

  3. oh, can get JR Pass from the travel agency?? that's good i didn't know that.. haha, talked as if i am planning to go to Japan~~ :p

  4. oh, so Uniqlo is selling things at the same price as in Japan?? not any more expensive because you tau lah, we always have expensive tax~~

  5. been to the Tokyo Street once.. but then not really that impressive to me, looks more like a Sungei Wang in Japanese theme, wakakakakaka!!! i just love my description on that~~ :D

  6. oh!! Ultraman Mebius?? so it's some japanese anime and cartoon exhibition?? ada Doraemon tak?? :p

  7. @SK,
    Can... but not all travel agency sell JR Pass. The ones that deal with Japanese customers lah... JTB, Jalpak, HIS, etc.

    LOL on your description. But the street is OK what! Much better and classier than Sg Wang. Got bento place, got bread place, got a lot of makan place.... minus the Sg Wang crowd summore. I likey. ^^

    Not really an exhibition lah. Just some excuse by Speedy Video (and don't know what toy shop) to sell DVDs, VCDs and toys only. Of course, people would stop if they see a few photos and 1 big Ultraman statue, right? Then, their children would definitely ask to buy a VCD or an expensive toy! Right? Right?

    Got Doraemon VCDs lah... Wanna buy? xD

  8. Shabu Shabu sounds so good and haven't had it in ages. Lots of fun planning for a trip and a good idea getting the Japan Rail Pass which is a big money saver if you do a lot of travelling in Japan.

    Japan Australia

  9. @Japan Australia,
    What needed to be bought/done prior to the trip is now done. Only need to pack our bags and go! :)

  10. Personally think the Japanese are too picky and fussy, but at the positive point of view.... tht's why their country is so successful.:)

  11. @Alice,
    I agree. And yes, their attention to little things makes them and their country what they are/it is today. Definitely no "cincai" for them.



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