Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Will You Stop Looking At The New Arrivals?

That's what my poor long, suffering hubby would say everytime we hit the sports store and I go, look and touch a new pair of shoes on display. It's automatic. I don't know whether it's the way the shoes are displayed but even if the shoes aren't on my eye-level, my attention would go to the newest,  most striking and mostly most expensive pair of shoes there.

I was looking a pair of trail shoes and of course the ones I like are the ones with the most "blinding" colour - think bright purple with dash of lime green or pink; and it's equally "blinding" price tag too. LOL

Anyway, after trawling more than a dozen sports stores, and the fact that I might not need the trail shoes that bad yet, I got myself this pair of Nike running shoes instead. It is imperative for me to have one pair of running shoes that isn't so obviously "running shoes" i.e. white. That said, I was enthralled with a pair of Newton shoes that I tried at Key Sports. But at RM599, I'll take a rain check. ^^!
It's a marked-down priced shoes (horror! kakaka) and for the time being I'll use it mainly as a walking shoe during my vacation. Though I hope to throw in a couple of runs in the next two weeks too. ^^

And for Raimie; who told me after the IOI Community Run that he wishes to join running races too, we got him this pair of shoes.
I wish I had registered both of us to the Desa Park City Run. The next race that allows children participation which Raimie can enter will be the Larian Jom Kitar Semula 2011 on Dec 18th, a few days we come back from our vacation. I wanted to enter, but Zaini's been keeping quiet about it so I don't know whether he agrees for Raimie to join the Run too. Fingers (and toes) crossed! xD

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Food "Loading"

People talk about carbo-loading before a marathon and here I am, loading myself with Malaysian food before our vacation.

Had Nasi Lemak for breakfast five days in a row in place of my usual muesli (and managed to gain 1kg because of it) huh!

Dinners for the week had been either tomyum, curry or masak lemak. Lots of curries. I love my curries but I can't indulge in them much, especially if I plan to do an evening run that day.
We had Pan Mee last night. Raimie and I had the dry ones and Zaini had the soup ones. It had been so long since we last ate pan mee and it taste sooooooo good especially with the sauce. Oh gosh! I'm making myself hungry again! LOL

I may be eating a lot of non-Malaysian fare while I'm in Malaysia but you know, I'll start having a hankering for sambal belacan once I'm out of this country! *^-^*

Saturday, 26 November 2011

I'm Always Hungry!

Lately, I'm always hungry and if I'm not careful; despite the mileage I put on each week with my running shoes, I'll end up  being heavier than before I started running.
I used to be have problem finishing this burger and nowadays, I finish them off without any help from my hubby. 

So to keep the hunger pangs at bay, I'm choosing (or trying to choose) healthier food and not just any random, fat-bursting, cheap food options.

No more nasi lemak for breakfasts (except maybe once or twice a month) and the same goes for roti canai too. More muesli, oats and fruits.

For lunch, I choose more vegetables too. Been taking a lot of tempe for my protein intake too lately.

Dinners meant something lighter but I am guilty of not being able to stay away from my usual Mamak curry. Hey! I just run more after those curry indulgence (and suffer heartburn doing it) LOL
and this... some random photo of a pasta dish I cooked after my IOI Community Run last week. Pasta with tomato sauce and canned sardines.  I devoured this within minutes. HUNGRY!!!! 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Reduce To Clear

The scrooge in me simply love digging through the "reduce to clear" pile at Cold Storage and get stuff for less price than it originally cost. Yes, the fruits are slightly bruised but most of them are perfectly fine to eat. Same goes for the vegetables too.

But I find that the clearance pile at other supermarkets do not have the same "quality" as the ones at Cold Storage. I mean, if the produce sold at 50% are already decomposing, they shouldn't be selling them at all, right? They should just throw them away. Or sell them at a more reasonable price in the first place so that people can actually afford to buy them.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Books For A Treat

I've been guilty of not buying or reading any books lately. It seems like I had too much on my plate that I can't sit still and enjoy a good book. :(

Anyhoo, as a treat for Raimie's good results at school, he asked for me to buy him some books and of course, I happily obliged. ^^

One book was about drawing (which by the way, he loves to do) and the other was a Malay book. If you read my earlier post, you'd know that he needs to be better in his Malay language!

And I can't resist picking up a book for myself too. I haven't started reading it proper yet, just a few pages. I'm pacing myself (heh!) because I plan to read it all while we are flying for 6-7 hours to Tokyo! *^-^*

Sunday, 20 November 2011

It's Not PBIM But I'll Live...

* PBIM - Penang Bridge International Marathon

There'll sure be a deluge of race reports posted for those who participated in the PBIM and I'll have loads of fun reading them soon, I bet! :) And congrats to all those running and finishing PBIM! You guys did great!!!!

For me, no PBIM yet. Instead, on the same day the PBIM, I joined the IOI Community Run and did 7.7K. My last race for the year. I would love to join some of the races scheduled in December but we'll be away and I value my vacation more than running a race! xD

The day prior to the Run was ominous for me.

On Saturday, we endured traffic jam from Seri Kembangan all the way to IOI Mall in Puchong, because I needed to pick up my race kit. Arriving there, and going in the mall, I realised that I somehow lost the parking ticket that Zaini passed to me moments earlier. After searching for it in futile, I told the now already pissed-off Zaini to let it go because I'll just pay for the lost ticket. What for frowning and fretting over split milk, right? Especially if it's me who had done the spilling! xD

I woke up at 4.00am on race day to get ready (which includes a whole load of stretching) and at 5.30ish, the rain decided to pour. Zaini already *complained* about the ungodly hours I wanted us to be at Bandar Puteri (6.30am, by the way) and the jam, the lost parking ticket and now the rain, I was ready to DNS (did not show) the race! But of course, Zaini drove me there without much prodding despite me telling him that it's OK if I don't run today. Ah, all the drama!  Kakaka
Arriving the race venue, the first order of business was making a pit-stop. I had my first toilet break at the market nearby, the Puteri Mart. Of course plenty of other runners making a stop there too. *^-^*
The stage area. The warm-up session and kickboxing session were held here later, by Fitness First Instructors.
My own warm-up session. Raimie sportingly accompanied me while I was warming up. There sure were plenty of runners putting on their game face, doing their warm-up sessions. Hmmm... I thought all hardcore runners had gone to Penang.

Then another pit-stop at the portable toilet. Loooong queues there.
and then, the warm-up session by Fitness First. Can't really see the stage area and didn't really understand the lady who were giving instruction. I thought she said "break" when she meant "breathe". Adoila... make sure your pronunciation correct or people like me cannot understand what you were saying. huhuhu
At the start of the Run. Can't really run any faster since the human traffic was bad. xD It took an effort to swerve amongst the runners and it sure didn't help when after 150-200m from the starting line, there was already an incline runners had to face. Plenty of runners decided to stop and walk. I know I'm not fast but in my mind, I was like - "Keep to the left, keep to the left folks" to the walkers just to avoid colliding into them especially those who sprinted as suddenly as they stop in the middle of the lane. ;p

I was running blind in this race, that is to say; I have no idea how the route was beforehand. And for some reason, my Nike+ started to register my mileage in miles instead of KM and I really don't know how to translate my pace in miles! @.@

I decided to run at a conservative pace and checking on how far I ran only occasionally because I had to mentally convert the miles I clocked in back to KM. Maths so early in the morning! Ugh, my head hurts! Kakaka

Three inclines later, I arrived at the water station. I was hoping for a Gatorade drink (after all, Gatorade supported this Run) but only gotten lukewarm plain water. I should've brought my own bottle. :(

As with my trainings, I realised that I am now becoming quite lazy in pushing myself. I mean, you won't see me running at a  pace that made me wanna puke anymore these days. Also, I only can pick up my pace later in the run, usually in KM3-4 despite doing all the warm ups earlier. I wonder how I can rectify this and yet not make me hit the wall way before  the finish line?
One of the early arrivals, puking. I think Zaini told me that he was in top 5 or something.
A few more metres towards the finish line! Wooohooo!
Barely managed to get one of the limited medals given out. 200 medals for Men Open and just 100 medals for Women Open. Raimie told me that I am great and that's all I need! ^^
I think I only saw two group of runners in costumes. One guy (whom I think I saw at PNM too), running in a white work shirt and holding an Astro boy figure and this family here. Cute, aren't they?
There were clowns at the Run
and few carnival games too. The Oligo stand had a looooong queue so I skipped that, queued for my goodie bag instead (another looooooong queue) while Zaini went and pick up a few cups of  lukewarm Gatorade for me.

There were plenty of traffic drama during the race. In between the route and at intersections, we could hear vehicles honking and drivers complaining to traffic police about the hold-up. I heard one traffic police saying "Keep on honking" to those irate drivers. LOL

Then, at the start/finish line where all the runners are now milling around, a car decided that it had to pass  through that road and were honking aggressively. Even if all these runners gave way to him, he definitely couldn't pass through because of the medal and certificates table were blocking/closing the road. And runners were still arriving to the finish line! The driver was booed loudly but I think that he felt that we runners somehow did him wrong because he actually stepped out from his car to pick a fight. Like, for real? What makes him and his one, single car so special against 4,000 runners, anyway? We runners pay our road tax for our vehicles too, you know. Unless of course, he owned the road lah...
We didn't wait for the lucky draw and decided to head back early and had our breakfast at Bandar Puchong's McD. Breakfast for me was hotcakes because I needed my sugar boost!

Raimie was stoked and had actually said that he wanted to enter a race in future. OK, so now Mommy just needs to find a fun run to run with her son! :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Report Card Day And Going On Stage For A Prize

School holiday is here! 

And before the school ended for the year, we parents had to go to school for the school's open day and sign our children's report card. Needed to go to school to collect the RM100 given by the "esteemed" government for each student too.
Raimie's report card was signed two weeks ago. Not much issue with him and while we do wish he can finally wrestle the top spot from his fellow classmate's iron-grip, he maintained a no. 2 spot (yet again) this year. The only issue his class teacher had was the fact that Raimie is a quiet boy. But since his Mommy and Daddy are  pretty quiet themselves too (in front of teachers, anyway), we weren't too fussed about that. Try listening to him at home and you'll probably want him to shut up! LOL

The day after UPSR results was announced, his school held the "Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan".

Raimie's is entering Standard Four next year. My, how the time flies.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

An Inspiration

A totally inspirational video and made me want to strive more.

Don't tell me you aren't moved at all seeing this.

"If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it". That's so very true.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It's Been A While

since we last made ourselves comfortable at a bookshop and browse/read or even buy books.
Mommy's been crazy about running. Daddy loves his foldie bike. Raimie is busy with his netbook and games.

So it was really nice to do this once in a while. Spending hours at a bookshop (since libraries are rather hard for us to visit) and make a few purchases afterwards.

Raimie's Mommy has a new genre that she likes to read now - she reads anything and everything about.... what else? Running, of course!

Anyway, both Zaini and I need to buy Raimie more Malay books. He would've gotten straight As in his year-end exam but for one paper. A "C" for Bahasa Melayu Penulisan! Imagine that! Please do better next time, OK Son?

Monday, 14 November 2011

It's The Carpark For Me

Do you have a special place where you do your runs?

For me, on weekday nights; it's the parking area around my apartment block. I run around the two block's uncovered parking area and go through the basement of the covered parking area to complete a 1KM loop. Five loops would usually equal to 5.5KM which is what I usually do on a weekday night run.
The area I live in is not flat, and "blessed" with many inclines so when I first started running, the little inclines that I needed to face served as my early, pre-hill training runs. *^-^*

I was so self-conscious running around the apartment blocks at first but the fact that my neighbours can see me served as a motivation for me. I pushed on and not stop and walk because I would ashamed my neighbours would see me wimp out, especially when some of those neighbours are my colleagues too. Being vain does serve a purpose, sometimes! LOL

My neighbours and the security guards are so used to seeing me doing my nightly runs by now. The guards were looking somewhat interestedly each time I make a loop when I first started out; 6 months ago but nowadays they don't even bat an eye at me even if I do a midnight run!

I guess if I live in a terrace house, it'll be harder for me to do a night run so I consider myself lucky to have an area that I can train relatively safe. But even if I don't, I think I'll find a way to train safely. Where there's a will, there's surely a way.

And come to think of it, my treadmill motor breaking down was the best thing that ever happened to me, running wise. It made me go out and find other alternative. And being out and seeing other joggers/runners made me want to run more and better. I find it hard to imagine pounding the treadmill for two hours and not be bored to death.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Weekend Food Post

and it's another Korean food post after last week's Korean food cooking. This time though, we ate out at our most favourite Korean place : Ko Hyang (which, by the way is hometown in Korean) at Gardens Mall.
Bibimbap for me and Zaini. I usually either have this or rice with Soon Do Bu Jigae (soft tofu stew). Whole lot of veges in the bibimbap! A sizzling Dolsot (stone pot) Bibimbap  is nice too.
Raimie wanted Tuk Guk (rice cake) soup which ultimately he can't finish. Not that it wasn't nice but that boy is a picky eater and doesn't each much anyway. For me personally though, I like rice cakes served like the ones below:
Tuk Bokki that I insisted to have. Spicy! There's Garaetuk (chewy cylindrical shaped rice cake), a bit of fish cake and some slices of cabbage and carrots in there. This makes a great snack.
Another favourite, a hit with Zaini and Raimie is this Ojingeo Bokkuem (spicy stir fried squid with vegetables) and it comes with a bowl of rice.

The complimentary banchan (side dish)  here are nice too, and I love their kimchii and the Myeolchi Bokkeum (stir-fried dried anchovies) but they are becoming stingy with it. Ko Hyang used to give refills of them but no more. (Or maybe they'll give it if we ask nicely? Hihi)

and at home, we simply had Beef Masak Lemak Cili Api. Why this dish s photo warrants to be posted up here? Simply because it's been ages since I last cook this.

We'll be healthy and eat a simply grilled fish with budu (fermented anchovy sauce) for tomorrow's lunch. *^-^*

Anyway, after all this indulging, I'm planning to burn off the calories tomorrow by doing a 15K run. Wish me luck! xD

Friday, 11 November 2011

Do We Need More?

of these?
a cardboard box full of Kamen Riders, Ultraman, Kaijus and Seijin figures; mostly bought in Japan but nowadays the Daddy has been ordering them online too.

I lost track how much those two had spent on them.

We can donate other toys that Raimie owned, but don't ever suggest to him to donate any of these! They are his precious, precious toys, even though he doesn't play with them as much already. 
Another bounty like this, after our vacation?

I think he'll be at the stage that all these will be for a collection instead of toys to be played with. My boy has grown. *sob sob*

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

High Fibre And Clear Colon

and no more nasi lemak breakfast for me! Well, I still indulge in them (and roti canai too) once in a while but nowadays, for 5 days a week; it's muesli breakfast for me. My favourite mixture? The ones with a lot of seeds and nuts. I find myself not really liking those with too sweet a mixture so dried fruits are out.

A banana right after I wake up and then a bowl of muesli and I sure have a clear and healthy colon afterward! I tell you, it really can clear up with these two food! heh heh

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Sign The Year Is Ending

And school holiday is near  : the year-end exam!

Raimie already sat for his year-end exam, the papers marked and returned and next week, it's time for us to go to school to collect his report card. We'll be meeting with his class teacher for his report card on Friday and on Saturday attending the "Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan"/prize giving ceremony (or whatever you call it).

For us as parents, nothing says the end of year is looming than this!

And with the school holiday nearing, it means that our 2-weeks vacation is near too! Yeay!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Kimchii Time!

After all those Japanese food that we ate, I'm sort of starting to develop a hankering for some kimchi. And what's our favourite with our kimchi. Meat! Red meat! The week before we had a fish weekend; I grilled some sanma fish and steamed siakap fish so it's nice to have meat the week after that.

So its' grilled beef Korean style for us last Sunday.
Tofu with stir-fried kimchi & enoki mushroom. No photo of the grilled beef because I accidentally deleted them. huhuhu and the dish was too oily; I put a bit too much sesame oil in the wok.
Lettuce for lettuce wrap with the grilled beef, kimchi stew, stir-fried kimchi with tofu with a bowl of Japanese rice. Well, I don't have any Korean rice in stock. Though I do have a tendency to add other grains in my rice when I cook Korean like barley, nuts and stuff. xD

I wonder what's we'll have this weekend? Nothing heavy even though it's Raya Haji on Sunday. xD

Friday, 4 November 2011

A 3-Day Weekend Ahead

TGIF! Wooohoooo!

And double woohooo because it's Hari Raya Aidil Adha (a.k.a. Hari Raya Haji) on Sunday and we get Monday off!

Of course, we are excited to celebrate the Hari Raya Haji and we'll most likely spend it over at my father-in-law's house instead of going back to my hometown. My siblings are planning to go to Cameron Highlands after the qurban and Zaini isn't keen going back there and spent the weekend in an empty house.

Other than the Sunday, we don't have anything planned out for the weekend but I've already lined up my "training" schedule and passed it over to Zaini. Funny how I changed the terms of my workout from jogging to running to training now. Am I being a tad pretentious?
Saturday would see me (and Zaini on his foldie) at Presint 3 Putrajaya. I'm hoping to do a minimum of 13K tomorrow (and move on to 15K next Sunday).

For Sunday; on the Raya morning, I plan to do just 5-6K slow run before we set off to my FIL's home. Anyway, you know I managed to do a 12K run on Raya Puasa morning?

And Monday, I'm hoping to do a tempo run to prepare myself for the upcoming 7.7K IOI Community Run.

Let's hope the weather co-operates with my plan! Not to mention other runners' plan too! LOL

p.s. funny how everything I plan and think now would inevitably lead me to me and my running shoes.


p.s. I did my 13K run today, as planned. Very happy that despite the rain, Zaini still drove me over to Putrajaya at 6.00am and rain decided to stop by 6.30am. Great weather this morning! And equally great that Zaini accompanied me (riding on his foldie) all through the run.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Perils Of Running

Yes, apart from the obvious health benefit of being fit, there are side effects one can get from running. For me that would be :
Having two toned skin. You read it right. Not a too toned body, but I'm now sporting a darker set of arms (and neck and face too) than the other parts of my body. 

Oh! The pigmentation! With the hot sunny days ahead and the sun coming up scorching us as early as 7.00am, I'll just get darker and darker.
Willingness to go out for a run at extremely odd hours. Good thing I live in an apartment, and with the guards stationed strategically, I feel safe making a late night run around my apartment. Yeah, sometimes I'd do an 11.00pm run! No, I don't do this out of the gate of my apartment so late at night. That's just crazy! o.O

I wouldn't dream of waking up at 4.00 or 5.00am on weekends before, but that's what I do come Saturday and Sunday now! Waking up so early just so I can enjoy a cool, breezy and sloooooow run early in the morning.  (Then, get totally roasted by the sun at 7.30am! @.@)

Then, it's the depleting bank balance and cash in wallet. I seem to never tire of buying stuff at the sports store nowadays. Recent purchase include a handheld water bottle last Sunday and two days, ago, a new pair of running pants.

Hubby opined that the amount that I've spent on running gears these past few months can actually buy me a good mountain bike already and he's totally right! Who says running is a cheap sport? Well, it's cheap if you are not obsessing about the latest gear and whatnot. What's wrong with running and holding a Gatorade bottle that I had to buy that RM45 Nike bottle? Nothing, actually. Or a RM69 pair of Thorlo sock instead of a much cheaper RM8 sock? I convinced myself that it's for the good of my feet. ^^

There's another side-effect that is now seriously causing a dent in my pocket. Shrinking waistline. With all my pants becoming loose, I need to overhaul my wardrobe soon! 

With all these obsessing over stuff, do I run fast? Or that far? Well, I'm still a slow poke.  And I'm still a long way from doing a half marathon. But I like to flatter myself that I'm a slow poke that look good! Hahaha Yeah, you can go and puke now. (^o^)

But seriously, I have to consider my safety while out running as I don't have the luxury of running in a park everyday. For one, it's the traffic. Always, always be aware of traffic from behind and in front.

Another thing I had to deal with - dogs. OK, so I'm terrified of big dogs. It's because it's ingrained in my DNA to avoid dogs, I guess. And the dogs being let loose in my neighborhood are not cute ones like Nick's dog Pebbles. Some of them are quite territorial too; in public spaces! There is this one dog that will chase anything that move, people, cars, bikes.... @.@

So far I don't have problems with strays as strays tend to stay away from being too near humans. It's just those pet dogs that were let loose outside that I have to be careful of. :(


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