Friday, 23 December 2011

The Year-End

and just a week or two till the new year begins. It's gonna be a new year soon and time for us to do some last-minute school shopping for Raimie!

Needed to buy a purple colour school shirt instead of the white ones for next year. And oh, a few pairs of black shoes too.
For his Sekolah Agama (SRA/Religious School), we need to buy a purple sampin for his Baju Melayu (another purple?). Raimie can't use the usual red one next year.

Then there's his school bags, stationeries, socks, extra workbooks (to study at home since he doesn't go to tuition) and other miscellaneous stuff that needed buying. School is sure not cheap!

I wonder how my parents cope with 7 of us going to school last time? @.@


  1. what?? school uniform in purple?? urrggh, i hate this color, i will sure change school if going to wear a purple shirt, hahaha~~ :D

  2. wah, so smart of the religion school huh?? changing the color of the sampin every year?? so that parents buy from them every year and they got extra income?? hmmm, not ethical~~ :p

  3. schooling is never cheap now.. in view of all those books and stationery, and also this fees and that fees and this charges and that charges.. you really need to spend like RM1K per kid when school starts every year..

  4. so you must blog like Tekkaus, so that you can get RM6000+ from Nuffnang every year to subsidize Raimie's expenses, hahahaha~~ :p

  5. @SK,
    But we like purple owh. xD

    No, not changing the colour of sampin every year. Anyway, the school doesn't sell school uniforms. Gotta go Kamdar to buy. ;p

    Need to change uniforms (sampin included) because Raimie is a prefect next year. :)

    RM6,000 a year from Nuffnang. I get RM50 already so happy. ^^!

  6. Those days school wasn't as complicated as today. Too many this and that these days. My younger boy is in Form one next year and you can imagine the amount of new things I have to get him.

  7. @Nick,

    Oh gosh.Have you done all your kids school shopping yet?

  8. Lina, may this Christmas end the present year
    on a cheerful note and make way
    for a fresh and bright new year.
    Here's wishing you happy holidays!

  9. It was not too long ago I was busy preparing my son for his back-to-school routine every year. Now I'm glad it's over as he is going to U. :)

  10. Hellowwww.. :)
    Err purple uniform? That's not my fav color.. Haha.. Now that it's Christmas, it only means one thing, school is going to open very very soon. And I will miss the empty roads musim cuti sekolah ni..

  11. Alamak did you mistreat your son huh? kakaka
    How come he's so slim?!
    Must feed him more rice, see like the chubby kid on the right hand side.
    Ha ha...

  12. @ECL,
    I have many more years to do it. ^^!

    Going to Jalan TAR today to look for his school shirt. I'm going to get a migraine seeing the crowd there!

  13. @Bella,
    Light purple. Not so bad lah... xD

    I'm gonna miss the empty roads too. And gonna miss the luxury of waking up slightly later than on school days. ;p

  14. @London Caller,
    Why? When you were his age, you were a chubby boy, ah? Zaini and I were as slim as my boy so it's pretty much normal.

    I don't believe in making my boy chubby. Sorry. Just look so unhealthy and heavy. Nothing cute about it. ;p

  15. Lucky, I also have 1 girl going to school next yr..kalau tak sure pening.

    Raimie is going to be in standard 2 or 1?

  16. @screamingmommy,
    Raimie already Tahap 2. Standard 4. Jadi prefect hence the need to buy purple shirt & sampin for both sekolah kebangsaan & SRA. :)



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