Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Our Favourite Waterfall

is located about 22km from my parents' home in Raub. Raub has a number of places great for a picnic as you can see from this billboard, highlighting the must-see, must-do places in Raub.
Let's see, how many waterfalls do we have in Raub? We have Lata Jarum, Lata Berembun, Lata Lembik, Pulau Chekas and Jeram Besu. "Lata" means waterfall by the way. ^^

Our favourite waterfall is Lata Lembik and getting there is quite interesting because we get to see Orang Asli settlements. Drive further, you get to see Cameron Highland's Orang Asli.

What better way to spend a hot day than having a dip in icy cool water, right?
We were hoping to see the waterfall looking like this but it had rained daily a few days before Chinese New Year, so instead of a clear water, we have this...
Ah well....  we'll just have to make do with old photos (and a mixture of new ones). Zaini told me I have no blogging integrity. Yeah yeah... 

Anyways, the old:
We like this particular waterfall named "Lata Lembik" because of it's baby-sized waterfall. The current is fast but nothing to daunting and dangerous to let kiddies play especially down at the bottom of the waterfall.

And the new are of the greenery surrounding the area
I'm feeling calm and relaxed just looking at these photos. I guess we should make another visit soon, eh? ^^

Monday, 30 January 2012

Artsy Craftsy

My artsy craftsy boy. He loves arts & crafts, loves drawing and making comics and creating storielines, loves origami and of course while doing it, creating a mess in the house. Not that our house is neat in the first place, if you judge by the royal mess we had in the background of the photo.

Unlike when I was small; when it was frowned upon by my Mom for me to do anything that isn't related to studying - I encouraged Raimie to enjoy his non-academic pursuit.Yeah, I'm weird that way.

I would love if he can be more boisterous and enjoy the great outdoors too and maybe take up martial art or two but he wasn't interested in that... yet. Well, my son has a sensitive side and if he like this "gentle" pursuit - why should I not encourage him?

Anyways, currently one of his favourite TV program is Art Attack and is now busy with one Art Attack inspired project. We'll see how its progressing soon!

By the way, proud to say that other than getting helping him in getting the materials, he is doing the project himself. :)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Gift For The New Year

and look what I got from SK. Got them as "Blogger Of The Year" for endlessly spamming the guy's blog with comments and nonsense. 
He even compiled some nice Korean songs for me to listen to. Sorry I was such a lazy bum that I  never really got around telling you what my favourite songs were, SK. Anyway, great song selections! :) Thanks for the cool gift!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Picnic Time With The Family

What's great about having a picnic and a get-together with the family? A BBQ of course!
It's just meat, meat, meat for us. Good thing Mom wasn't around. Yeah, my Mom doesn't eat animal except those that swim. The kids are however, all unapologetic meat eaters. xD
For our vege/fruit intake - we got these mound of local fruits. Dokong, rambutans, mangosteens and durians we picked up earlier at the "dusun". But they ended up untouched until we got back to our parents' home.
We celebrated one of my sis' birthday too! Happy birthday Sis!
And after a while our family was joined by one of our aunts' family too. Big, happy family picnic and sharing food. :)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

At The Orchard

While almost everyone I know online was updating about rain on the first day of Chinese New Year, we had a sunny day in Raub, which was great because we spent the day by being outdoors.

The plan that day was to visit a fruit orchard at 10.00am before going for a dip at a nearby waterfall and have a picnic afterwards. Since we run pretty much on Malaysian time, all four cars (Dad's, ours and brother's and sis') only made our way at 11.00am! Well, just one hour later than scheduled. (^O^)

City folks, how many of you have seen local fruits still on their trees and not at a stall or supermarket shelves? (^。^)
Dokong tree. Click here for more info about the fruit.
An unripe mangosteen
Here's Raimie with a ripe one. Mangosteen turn purple when it's ripe
Just look at the white flesh ensconced in that purple cocoon. Yummy, yummy mangosteen. But  make sure your clothes aren't stained by it! (*^0^*)
Rambutan tree with red rambutans. There's the yellow variety too, called the "Rambutan Gading"
Rambutan collected and safely stashed in a plastic bag. Picking rambutans can be rather a "painful" affair. See that one "kerengga" or weaver ant on the plastic bag handle? They make their nests on trees especially fruit trees like rambutan trees and if you dare to come near the tree, the ants will attack and those tiny creatures sure can bite! Weaver ants aren't exactly unwelcomed though, as they act as a natural protector to fruit trees.

How do you pick fruits here?
By using a "galah" or pole, usually made with bamboo.
or just simply by climbing the trees and throwing down the fruit to the people waiting below.
Both instances are of course not applicable when it comes to durians. Imagine the head injury one might get waiting below for the fruit to fall down!
To enjoy durians, we just wait for the fruit to fall to the ground and pick it. Wear a helmet for protection, just in case.
Half of our bounty that day. My Dad told us while we were scattered around the orchard looking for fallen durian fruits that there were signs of a tiger visiting, judging by some eaten durians he saw there. Yes folks, tigers eat durians too. Bears like them too. Don't worry though, they aren't usually seen during the day. They come visiting at night. Lots of other "things" come at night too. Ever heard of "hantu durian"? Heh heh
Small sized durian does not mean it isn't good. This one was very, very sweet.Yummy!
Of course, while traipsing around a fruit orchard near a forest, we'd encountered plenty of bloodsuckers. Mosquitoes are pretty normal. How about "pacat" or leech? That fella on my foot was a small one, it didn't have time to get fat sucking my blood yet. It'll grow bigger as it suck your blood!
While it isn't painful to have pacat suck on you, it sure isn't a nice sight seeing blood like this afterwards!

After getting all sweaty and clammy collecting lots and lots of fruits, we drove off for a dip at a nearby waterfall!

Anyway, on the second day of CNY; a villager came looking for my Dad. A deer was caught in a trap and my Dad is usually called by both villagers and Orang Asli to help slaughter the wild animals and also sell them. This time, since we are all at home - all of us got "kijang" meat/venison to bring back home.
A "Kijang"/venison lunch - a simply fried venison with tumeric, a "masak merah" dish and sup tulang (bone soup?). The meat literally melt in our mouth. Om nom nom

My Sis cook the meat differently. Sis no 3 cook it "masak kicap". Sis no 5 cooked "rendang". Black pepper style would be nice too. ^^

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Yummy Food In Japan! Part II

A continuation of an onslaught of photos of what we ate while vacationing in Japan. Have you seen the photos of my earlier post? ^^
Kani meshi (rice topped with shredded crab meat), eaten in Hakodate.
In Hakodate, Hokkaido Zaini had a salmon+kani+roe dish. Actually, if you are in Hakodate, you should try their ika (squid) I'm told. After all, squid is Hakodate's pride. xD
Hakodate's ekiben consisted of salmon roe,sea urchin, scallop, salmon and I forgot what that white, taste like fish roe was called.
Another Hakodate's ekiben
Udon & chopped raw tuna on rice (heck if I can remember what all these dishes are called!) for brunch.
A bowl of food court udon. Not as good as Sanuki udon of course, but hey! It's edible not to mention cheap.
Shima hokke (grilled horse mackerel) set which I love, love,love. A bargain, at a mere 600yen per set. Unlimited rice refill, free water & hot tea too.
Udon + tuna set for lunch
Fried oyster! Yummmz
A good udon place, found in Ogawamachi in Tokyo. Great udon, great price too. No wonder the queue was long there.

I guess now that we are back home, we'll probably take a few months break from eating Japanese food.  *^-^*

Sunday, 22 January 2012

On The Road!

We'll make a move to my hometown later today (instead of on Saturday) and hopefully traffic will be better than yesterday at Karak Highway! Not relishing doubling or tripling the travel time back to Raub!@.@

Raimie is pretty excited to meet his aunts, uncles and cousins. Zaini, of course not really happy at the thought of driving hours and hours. 

To those who will also be travelling today, have a safe journey!
On Monday, we are planning to go for a picnic at one of the numerous waterfalls dotted in Raub, weather permitting that is. ^^

Happy Chinese New Year and have a great holiday everyone!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Long Weekend Ahead!


And oh yes, Happy Chinese New Year! To all Chinese, around the world : Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year! May the year of Dragon bring you good fortune, health and happiness.
To the rest of us; Happy holiday and enjoy the long weekend!

What's your plan during this nice long holiday? :)

And what's a festive season without a touching Petronas ad?

And where there's a touching ad out there, there's this too.

I'm going back to my hometown tomorrow, after I finished my 11K weekend run! *^-^*

To those who has the same plan, drive safely.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Two Towers

Last time, I posted about two rivers in two different cities & in two different countries. Now, it's time to look at their towers. ^^

And to be fair (and avoid "kena kutuk" by SK), both towers photos were taken with the same camera and by the same photographer i.e my hubby.  Can't get any fairer than that, right?

First up - Tokyo Sky Tree
and our very own, KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Odd One Out

SK posted his old school photo last time, and I decided that I should *copycat* him and post one myself too. LOL

Mind you, not that I haven't got anything to post. I got few posts lined up already but after seeing this photo while going through my photo archive, I just couldn't resist. (^_-)-☆

Unlike cleancut, schoolboy SK; I looked like I just rolled out of bed and got this homeroom photo taken. huhuhu (T▽T) I look better in my "Renjer Puteri" photo. ;p

When I showed this photo to my officemates, they could immediately spot me because - I am always the odd one out, even now. Even if you have no idea how I look like, it's pretty easy to spot the odd girl in the photo, right?

p.s. the ancient photo was taken 20 years ago. Oh gosh, I feel so old!


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