Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Benefit Of Being Tardy

Well, for starters it is not good to be late. Always, always try to be on time and punctual, kids!

But sometimes, being tardy has its benefits too.

Remember I mentioned in my previous post that I started my run 5 minutes after the Women categories were flagged off? Being late meant that I wasn't running in a pack. I wouldn't ever be in the first pack of runners but I guess being the last one is easier! LOL

And what did I get for being late?
A solo photo of myself at the Multi-Purpose Insurans Run 2012! Wooohooo!!! Nothing beats seeing a photographer in the distance, they'll make me turn my walk into a run; my almost dying, panting self to a smiling, happy one! Thanks KahWai for the photo! :) Click on his name to see more photos at the MPIB Run 2012. ^^

And this one, yeah - the face "senget" from trying to look like I'm running  instead of walking up an incline. Muahaha
Credit goes to Runner Footprints for the pic. ^^

p.s. such a narcissistic post, eh? I didn't even do well during the run! huhuhu


  1. Good lah you,,, I have run a few runs, never got my pictures taken while running, only the aftermath.,,,hahahahahahha

  2. LOL! And you even had time to make friends with the photogs! Cool!

  3. LOL! Lucky you, all I've got are totally unflattering pictures at me caught at my worse times ... hahaha!

  4. psst.. I responded to your comment at SK's.

  5. @eugene,
    After run also, OK what! ;)

  6. @HappySurfer,
    Have yet get chummy with any photographers but runner friends always alerted me when they saw my pics.

    Jamie tagged me on that first photo.
    Nick e-mailed me the link for the second photo. :)

  7. @Nick,
    Because you were running hard! I bet it look awesome! Lemme go and look for your photos and get back to you, OK? ;)

  8. @HappySurfer,
    Read and replied! ;)

    BTW, Rurousha mentioned you in her comment at her yesterday's post. Have you read it? :)

  9. Ooh, she did? Let me hop over. Thank you..

  10. hahaha, so purposely starting off late so that you can get a nice solo pic with the V sign?? :D

  11. see this gadis is getting younger and younger and more and more gadis already!! camwhoring while running without fail.. eih, you go there to run or to take photo huh?? :D

  12. wah, look at the last photo!! you are so outstanding amongst those guys who cannot run anymore but to walk so lethargically!! memang ada semangat lah gadis ni~~ :D

  13. eih, so no more run after next month la?? who actually took photos for you?? the big one or the small one??

  14. aiyoh, so sad lah, you merajuk i didn't come visit you!! ok ok, now i'm here~~ give you 5 comments today!! wah, bonus you know?? :D

  15. @SK,
    No lah.... but then, got "bonus" for starting late. Not applicable to all races though. No photographer want to wait all day for slow runners to pass by. ;p

    That second photo? I saw the photographer already, then only start do running "action". Otherwise I also walk one! LOL "Gaya mesti ada" kakaka

    The photos in this post are take by event photographer. The photos posted up in previous post were taken by the big one. Small one busy trying out free samples at the run. ;)

    No run until Feb but so far no Feb event to be found for me! :(

    5 comments only where got bonus one!

    Comment more lah! I comment so much today, you know. ;)

  16. LOL!! Saw photographer then only pretend to run? Hahaha!

    1. Conserve energy mah! Otherwise, how to smile for the camera? LOL

  17. Yes, I agree being tardy does have its benefits! LOL!

  18. Damn narcissistic but it's OK once in a while haha!

  19. Well... I don't have your mysterious aura Foong. ;)

  20. Replies
    1. Can't take life too seriously. ;p



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