Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Nephew and Nieces

a brand-new niece arriving soon too; adding another family member to the Raub clan!
Aren't they all so adorable? ^^

My sister (no. 3) is expecting her third child anytime now. Wishing her smooth delivery. *hugs*

recognise this woman? hur hur

Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Red Dragonfly

No post on Raya yet.

Or the shopping I planned to do.

I'll do that later. ^^

Just sharing a photo that hubby took, when I lamented over the fact that I don't have any photo of a red dragonfly when I did this Aka tombo post over at my other blog. I just thought that it was rather sweet of him to do it. He may tell me he took it for some other reason, but I'll still say it's totally sweet of him. After all, he whatsapp the photo to me. Awwww....
 I love this. ^^

How's your weekend so far? :)

Here's a haiku from a famous poet - Matsuo Bassho :

The dragonfly
can't quite land
on that blade of grass

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Flash In A Pan?

I hope not.

Well, Raimie asked me to allow him iron his school uniform last week. Yup, he initated it. OK, so I did mention a few times before, how I used to iron my own clothes, wash pailful of clothes yada yada when I was at his age. *guilty*
I guess he just got curious and wanted to show me he can do it too. ;p

He told me he wants to iron them again this weekend. We'll see whether he'll still be interested doing it. hehehe

Monday, 22 October 2012

Rest, Relax Then Suffer

So yeah, both Zaini and I went to run  a half-marathon at Putrajaya Night Marathon last Saturday. The race venue was actually quite near to our home but I figured, what the heck... might as well make a weekend retreat that weekend. Eat, rest, run, chill. ^^ Not to mention, burn some $$$. hehehe

After lunching on some salmon teppanyaki (for me. Zaini had seafood teppanyaki and Raimie had a nice sushi/udon set lunch) at Miyagi Restaurant in Bangi, we went to Pullman Putrajaya where we will be spending the night that Saturday.

Check-in was a breeze. Staff there were super friendly. I'm always partial to friendly staff. ;)

The room itself was nice too. BIG!
We stayed at the Jasmine wing, which has Indian influence to its decoration. We had a room with a balcony but pity, the balcony overlook a boring road instead of the lake. Plus, there were no chairs at the balcony so we can't "lepak" there and enjoy the sights.
HUMONGOUS bathroom! It's bigger than my master bedroom ad second bedroom combined! Plus point of this room - there are two toilets. One in the bathroom (as can be seen here) and one outside. The bathroom was placed far inside the room and I tell you, any "weird" noise you might make inside the bathroom can't be heard by anyone who is sitting in front of the TV outside. I called my son a few times while I was inside this bathroom and he didn't hear a thing! Just saying...
We ordered room service for our early dinner. Just light dinner for Zaini & I as we didn't want to be bloated before our 21K run so we shared the sandwich. Raimie has a big burger all to himself. For such a small portion, these were quite expensive though.

The room we got came with free wi-fi access which of course were used to the max. :)
plus breakfast too. I LOVE my bread. Yummmzzzz.... Nothing to shout about the service there though. Especially not when I had to go find our set of cutleries myself and set the table. Food selection can be better but then again, if they have nice bread... I won't complain, much.

Anyway, it was nice to spend the night before pounding the tarmac and sleep on a nice, comfy bed; wake up and have a leisure breakfast too. Pity can't enjoy these sort of thing often. Not if I don't want to be broke paying for them!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Full Cycle

It was a year ago that I signed up for Putrajaya Night Marathon, doing a 10K. It was the first road-race I signed up, ever.

This time, I did a 21K. Plus, I'm not doing it alone. Hubby was there too. Despite telling me that he doesn't want to start with me, we ran together for a bit. Happy. ^^
Some points :
  • I braced for rain. Heavy rain. It never did rain in Putrajaya that night. WOW! The bomoh hujan the organizer hired must be very good. It rained every night for the past week and yet... not a single drop on Saturday. Humid, humid night. *Blerk*
  • Race volunteers and marshalls were awesome! Excellent support. Met with Darth Vader, Batman, Superman... Super FUN!  Super NOISY! Hi-fived random people and thumbs-upping them too.
  • The soap bubbles at one of the bridges was a nice touch. I spent time popping them acting like giddy little girl. It make me forget the suffering and just ran. wakaka
  • Plenty of water stations and sponges. Friendly people there too. Always thank them, runners!
  • Ambulances were pretty busy on race night. Seems like quite a number of runners needed help and were taken on ambulances.
We stayed at Pullman Putrajaya for the night and walked to the starting line. Yeah, walked about 3K for warm-up. But we only left the hotel at 7.40pm and by the time we reached the Kementerian Belia & Sukan, it was already 8.00pm and the full marathoners were already flagged-off. 

We whooped and hooted and clapped at the full marathoners as they passed us, going the opposite direction. Saw Neoh waving at us and Nick too!

Then, the volunteers and marshalls kept on hollering at us to get to the starting line faster because half-marathoners were going to be flagged-off soon! We were about 1K away. I ran a bit when we were almost at PoJ but not to the starting line. When half-marathoners were flagged-off, I was running to the toilet! Pee is important!
The starting line, when we finally walked towards it. 

Almost empty. We finally stepped on the mat at the start 4 minutes after flag-off. Muahaha!!! 

Of course, starting waaaaay at the back meant that there were 3,490 other runners in front of us. I ran with Zaini and we took our time. No point zig-zagging and waste energy trying to overtake so many runners. So we ran, we talked, we "kutuk" people. heh heh

The route was incliney... and we took it slow. This was my 3rd half-marathon, and it seems to be just my luck to run all three half-marathons during "the time of the month!". Girls, remember to slather Vaseline or Body Glide or whatever on your nether region. I did, but I still yelped with pain from the chafing on my butt!

Zaini and I parted company afterwards, but not before "gambateh"ing each other.

I make a point to stop at all water stations to make sure I was properly hydrated. Use the sponges too. It wasn't nice to run with my sweat forming into icky salt on my arms so the wet sponges were marvelous.

Sure, this was my slowest half-marathon I did out of three but I don't mind. I had fun. I ran; albeit slowly on all those inclines littered along the route. AND hubby was with me. Not all the way but he was there part of it with me. He started with me and when he was approaching the finish line, I ran alongside him towards the finish line. SUPER HAPPY!
Super happy to be finally meeting Kak June! She was at  about a 100m before the finish line, giving support and encouragement to runners and heard her hollering my name. I ran towards her, we hi-fived, she gave me a hug and kiss, despite being sweaty, stinky and generally icky. I approached the finish line with a bounce in my steps and a big grin. Thank you Kak June! Great to finally meet you. Met with Kak Justiffa there too. ^^
Then, time to head back to our hotel. This is going to be a habit for me, it seems. I really like walking barefooted after doing my long run and I did that night. Walked 3K barefooted. While walking, going the opposite direction from runners approaching the finish line; we clapped, gave thumbs-up and whooped at passing 3hours full marathoners.
A view of the Seri Gemilang bridge, after we walked pass it to our hotel. ^^

What a great way to spend a Saturday night. :)

But I guess some Putrajaya residents must be so MAD at us runners. The honking and cursing I heard when passing a junction; from some vehicles there made irate KL drivers (when I did SCKLM 2012) seems tame. Bravo Putrajaya residents.

Anyway, total run & walk distance (plus the walk to&fro hotel) we did that night = 27K. Macam buat LSD for a marathon training! wakaka

Thursday, 18 October 2012

School Trip Souvenir

Remember I mentioned that Raimie went for a school trip and visited a homestay program last week? He didn't buy any kerepek (chips) from the kerepek factory or those nata de coco but he brought back this as a souvenir:
His batik painting.

Now, where should we put it up? ^^

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

At The Library

at Perpustakaan Kuala Lumpur to be exact.
The library seems to have better stock of running related books that our bookstores, it seems. 

Gosh, it's really been such a long time since I make myself at home in the library. To think that this is where I'd camp myself when I was a student.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunday Ramblings

It's a great weekend, so far! Don't you all agree? Yeah, despite the rain for almost the whole day yesterday. Great weather today, not so hot and no rain!

Raimie had a school outing yesterday and off we went to school in the early morning despite it being a Saturday. He got to visit a "kerepek" factory, a nata de coco factory and then, getting all wet and muddy trying to catch a fish (or fishes). 

While Son was away, Mommy and Daddy went to Lake Garden for a run. We were late to join the MPIB My First Run Clinic (we attended it twice, so far) but said hello to Jamie when we bumped into him at the playground. He talked about "choosing your running shoes" on Saturday but we gave it a miss because we were late (and too slow to catch up with the others) and I decided to complete a 10K run around the lake and tackling the inclines of the Deer Park 3 times. Zaini chose to forgo the Deer Park inclines and just ran around the lake instead. 

Collected Zaini's Putrajaya Night Marathon race kit in the afternoon (I got mine couriered) and went to Bukit Bintang afterwards. I dunno. I think I'll enjoy doing a 42K way more than walking around Bukit Bintang. Two hours there and I was absolutely pooped! 

Sunday started early. Woke up at 5.00am but stayed in bed until 6.00am! Ahahah... Made it to Putrajaya at 7.00am. Not too late for a 2 hours' run today. ^^

Started the run with Zaini as he followed my slow-poke pace (3K at 22 minutes slow!) but we parted company after that, as he only wanted to do a 10K and I needed to do a 15K run. Met a number of friendly runners today. ^^

Got back home, shower & laundry time. Brunch. Blog-hopping. Facebooking. Raimie's school uniforms all ironed, thank goodness. All the dishes washed.  Now, this:
Cramming time! Raimie will sit for his year-end exam next week. Must catch-up and do a bit of last minute studying. When Son is studying, Mommy needs to study too as she needs to explain the questions that Son got wrong. Can't just tell him he has a wrong answer without explaining why it is wrong, can we? Oh! My poor brain! Am explaining (arguing, more like) those fractions question that he got confused and answered wrongly as I'm typing this.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

His And Hers

 His and hers Putrajaya Night Marathon race kit. His and hers bib numbers, both for half-marathon category. Aaawww.... isn't this sweet? Sweet for me lah... xD

Zaini told me way earlier that he absolutely will not run with me. I am simply forbidden to run alongside him next Saturday. Tsk. Not so sweet. Hmph!

He said that I might get anal about timing, while he's pretty happy doing his 3+hours virgin run/walk half-marathon. To tell you the truth, I'm not setting up any goal time for this run, next week. It's a night run. I usually don't do well in night races. No. Make that, I suck at night races.

You start feeling fresh if you run a morning race because it's the first thing you do; but for night races, it's the last thing you do for the day. Of course Zaini will just tell me that I always have loads of excuses for not meeting my target. hu~ But anyway,

Case in point :
2011 Putrajaya Night Marathon excuse : fell into drain a week before the race. I still have the scar. ^^
Bonking at Energizer Night Race 2012   excuse : hay fever and had the whole morning out and only rested for two hours before the race.
and were so tired and with achy legs to boot at Men's Health and Shape Night Run 2012 excuse : supporting son and his schoolmates at sports day the whole morning. Try being on your feet from 7am to 1.00pm. o.O
Yeah yeah yeah... excuses. heeee....
Of course, excuses and whining aside, we'll try our best running and I will endeavour to have FUN all through the 21K. I wish I can take lots of photos that night, but with Zaini & me running, I won't have anyone to keep my camera (the NEX) for me. The compact is kinda not good for night shots. Plus, I suck at camwhoring.

For those doing PNM next week, Good luck and have fun! 

Training for this half-marathon has been erratic at best, after Taiping International Marathon but one thing for sure - I'm all set in the outfit department. 
Though I have to say, I am absolutely livid the very bright and colourful Puma green, yellow & god knows what other colour tights (think Jamaica & Usain Bolt, yeah) that I wanted to buy and will absolutely clash with my pink vest and cap; has no size that can fit me. Imagine how I can burn other runners's eyes with my absolute lack of colour-coordination. Bwahaha!!!

Friday, 12 October 2012

When Night Comes

or in Malay = ""Bila Malam Tiba"... 

When night comes on a Friday, I will be excited. No, not starfish night. I'm actually a morning starfish not night one. Let Son go to school first. kekeke (disclaimer : inside joke for HHBC member. STP, get your smartpone and JOIN US!!!!!) 
Having a night out with hubby in Putrajaya for the past weeks! Running, cycling, walking and only return home just before midnight.

If there's no torrential rain tonight, we'll probably do a short run there. Otherwise, booohoooo!!!! Stay at home and read book lah...

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday Is Pasar Malam Day

Already Thursday? *good gracious kami* Time flies. One minute it was Sunday and now Thursday????!!!

Well, it's Thursday and that means Friday is tomorrow. Then, the weekend arrives! Woot! Woot!

What's so nice about Thursday? For us, anyway?

Today, there's Pasar Malam (night market) at FIL's house.
Can drink cheap RM3 ice blended fruit drinks and can eat cheap food too.
I wanna eat beehun soup later this evening.

Or can eat totally unhealthy deep-fried stuff that taste absolutely horrible but people do seem to like them. All those deep fried chicken, chicken carcasses, hot dogs, fish balls, sotong balls, what balls la... Dunno why people buy and eat them? Those things taste horrible!
Better eat satay.

How about buying groceries at Pasar Malam? That I haven't done in ages. I guess I like it better buying them at a more "sterile" environment of the air-conditioned supermarket. xD

And some randomness, just for Meow. You guys know what that is or not? No prize for guessing though. kakaka
It stinks. It is fermented. I like both stinky food and also fermented food. I should absolutely go and do colon check-up and see whether it's healthy or not. o.O

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday Randomness

We are down to our last mooncake. No more super sweet snack after this and will have to wait to enjoy them again next year. Of all the mooncakes we got to enjoy, I still prefer the traditional types more than the new ones. Didn't care much for the red ruby mooncakes or the cheese ones either. Bring forth the mixed nuts mooncakes to me! ;p
A budding blogger in the making? Like mother like son! LOL
The two boys enjoyed watching this movie yesterday. I didn't tag along because I wanted to catch-up on my reading. I ended up getting a few posts ready for my other blog and didn't do much reading. xD

Need to catch up on some running too. Been laying low for the past few days as my plantar fasciitis acted up big time. *blergh* I so badly need a run to clear my head. Hope I can, tomorrow. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Rest In Peace Opah

To Allah belongs what He takes and to Him belongs what He gives. There is a set time by Him for everything. 

I thought I was calm.

I thought I was strong.

I even thought that I have a cold heart when I seemed to be unaffected over the news that my grandma was admitted to the hospital.

I guess I was in denial. 

Just like I was, when my grandfather passed away 17 years ago. 

But I can't even say my goodbye properly. My last kiss on my grandma's cold cheek was accompanied by a big lump in my throat and tears that threatened to fall but I held it off. I wished to linger but I didn't. I didn't trust myself to stay strong.

Just moments after we drove off from the graveyard, the waterworks were turned on. I sobbed uncontrollably all through the journey back home as I was remembering my childhood memories with her and of my late grandfather. Remembering how I missed her cooking. The way she used to nag at us. How grandpa used to ask her cook chicken heart day-in, day-out for me when I experienced a number of fainting spells when I was in college.

I told Raimie earlier that I now have no grandparents left.

All her living children came. So did her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Some of us made it in time, some of us didn't. But we all made effort to be there when she was lowered down to earth. She was loved.

She had a full life, all 93 years of it (88 officially though).

My beloved Opah, may she rest in peace and be amongst the good and pious.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Reading For Running

Disclaimer : boring post alert!

Arrived through Pos Laju today, which I ordered a week ago and look what I got!
Two new books for me to read! Those are used books but really felt and look like new. With the price that's half what MPH and Borders are selling, they are good buy for me.

I seemed to be accumulating quite a number of running related book of late...
My first running book was this 2009 "Born To Run" by Christopher McDougall in which I learned about the Tarahuma Indians and lots of riveting accounts of ultra-runners. 

The book starts off with the author narrative about looking for Caballo Blanco or Micah True; simply put here - an ultra marathon runner and organised the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon to help raise funds for the Tarahuma tribe.

Sadly though, Micah True went out for a run one Tuesday morning in late March this year and never returned home... alive. He died while running through a magnificent wilderness. Sad but perhaps a perfect death for someone who loved running so much.

Anyway, this is a book that can get one start thinking about the benefits of barefoot running.
I got these months after the Born to Run book. Secondhand book from a friend of Jamie's. Some light reading with Haruki Murakami's "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running". I still read this book over and over, mostly when I'm spending quite a bit of time in the loo. heh heh Yes, it's perfect for that or when I need something to read before bedtime.

"The Competitive Runner's Handbook" is a technical book. I read it over once. Then I got a bit too serious about running because of it and that made running a little bit less enjoyable. So I'm laying off the book for the time being.
I got this book because well, it was a bargain at RM15! Good tips available in it, with colour photos too but perhaps not as in-depth as I would like. Still, the book was RM15! Anyone in KL is welcomed to borrow it from me, on the condition that you pick it up and return it to me.
Another book - I can't help but be teary eyed when reading this book. It tells about the late Jane Tomlinson, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. In 2000, she was told that the cancer had now spread to her bones and lungs. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Jane took up gentle exercises at first and from there, she finished London Marathon THREE times, London Triathlon TWICE, New York Marathon and had even spent NINE weeks cycling across US. She did all these and she managed to raise millions of pounds for charity.

Jane passed away in 2007 at the age 43. Gone so soon...
Latest book I read. Twice. Probably will be reading it the third time if not for the two new books that just arrived.

Want to know how some people train for the gruelling ultra-marathon? And not just any ultra-marathon but the Spartathlon; a 246km ultra-marathon held annually between Athens and Sparta.

You think doing 42K is crazy let alone 100K or 100miles? Then what about this one; which revives the footstep Pheidippides? Oh yeah, the Spartathlon was held just last week.

I should shut up now and start reading and enjoying my new book.

p.s. for all my non-running readers (which is most of you... wakaka) sorry for boring the crap out of you today.

I'll make it up with some nonsense in the future. ^^

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

From Taiping Pigi London?

Last month, we went Cuti-Cuti Malaysia to Taiping,
then we made a stop at Kuala Kangsar
Then somehow,we arrived at London? Whoah! Hail the Queen!
I don't need to fly to London to use the iconic red telephone booth! Wakaka

Anyway, on the running front - after three races : two road and one trail in September; I am looking forward to my next one in less than three weeks' time. It's a night run and in Putrajaya.
 Putrajaya Night Marathon - here I come!

After this run, I have CICM Responsible Care run on Nov 4th, then maybe a 10K run while the boys do a 5km walk in World Diabetes 5K Walkathon & 10K Fun Run the week after CICM. Then for Dec, maybe Newton 25K Challenge. We'll see how it goes yeah?


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