Friday, 31 May 2013

She's Chindian Kot

By Chindian, it means a person of both Chinese and Indian ancestry.

That's what a new girl in the IT department told her colleague. I was looking for someone in the IT department and only the new girl was around. She told her colleague that someone came looking for her. She thinks the lady is a Chindian in the Finance department. Her colleague rightly guessed it was ME! Ahahaha Adoi.

There was one time, I was talking to the office tower guard while waiting for the lift and he remarked about how well I talk in Malay. Mind you, I was wearing a baju kurung that day. My answer : "of course I talk well in Malay. I am Malay" Double adoi.
When nosy people ask about me having only one child, I've heard remark about how "unMalay" of me to have one child. What's that suppose to mean, darling? Malays breed like rabbits? Don't generalise. I have a Chinese friend with 5 kids, you know. 

Also, if you say I'm very different from other Malays - what's that supposed to mean? A compliment to me? An insult to me as a Malay? I've also been accused of being "unMalay" by Malays. WTH?

No, this is not a racial post.

It's just that I feel that sometimes we do compartmentalise people into categories and stereotypes. Don't.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Just A Pedestrian Observation

When you are out walking on the street, have you noticed how some people really don't care about their surrounding and their eyes stayed glued to the smartphone or whatever gadgets they have. Some are so "busy"" watching movies (or maybe those Astro-on-the-go thingy) to even bother about others that they might bump/crash into. @.@

I've seen plenty who are so busy they don't even bother to look at incoming traffic when they cross the road!

Or just take their own sweet time to cross while traffic was backing up behind them.
For illustration purpose only
People! Stay alert!

Nobody is in-charge of your own safety but YOU yourself!

Also, you know how some people hold up their hand to stop traffic. It's one thing to do on slow-moving road but I do think one cannot simply just cross a road (especially a four lane ones!) holding up a hand and expect cars to screech down to a halt in front of you! You might cause an accident. One thing if you yourself get knocked down because of your silliness, but another if the car swerved hit another car just to avoid you. :(

Seen this "hand-of-god" pedestrian way too many time along Old Klang Road. These people walk holding one hand up to stop traffic and expect cars to slow down, when there is a pedestrian bridge just 50metres away!

That people, is my Friday morning rant. Thank you for stopping by and actually reading this post. xD

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wednesday Food Post

No story. Not much happening other than I went on another road races registration spree. Got 5 races signed up for June. So far 3 lined up for September. Crazy woman.

Anyway, rather than boring you all to death with yet another running story, I'll bore you with a random food post today. Ahahaha...

Small kucing's mamam a.k.a Mamrazzi a.k.a Meow dropped by the office today and I got to enjoy this 
Pickled snake skin fruit. Sedap! Thanks Meow!
Dinner was an unhealthy affair at McD. Ate fried chicken. Much nicer than KFC's because it's not dry. KFC ones tasted like it's been fried a dozen time before it is served. :/
Then off to a nearby supermarket and what do I see? A bargain? Too good to pass up! Didn't go crazy and hoard mre than one though. By the way, they are selling canned Dr Peppers drink for just RM1. 

p.s. It's not the supermarket where I usually buy my bread, SK. This one's in Bangsar. Sister chain. ^^

It was raining heavily just now and still can't view Astro now. I'm BORED! No running either as today is my rest day. Did I say I'm BORED?

OK lah, go naik spinning bike now. Bubbai. ^-^

Sunday, 26 May 2013

It's A Fun Run

For RM15, I entered Standard Chartered Fun Run in Putrajaya this morning. It was free for the past two years. OK, so last year the t-shirts were only given to the first 1,000 runners who registered and this year it's given to all "finishers". Cheh... finisher apa. We can collect the t-shirts before the start of our run. Might as well give them out during race pack collection. At least people can wash them and wear them on race day.

8K run today. It was supposed to be my tempo run. I wanted to hold a 6:40 pace for this run.

Bunny was lazy.

Bunny's leg felt jelly today so running was a tad uncomfortable. The heart was willing, the legs weren't. Hmph.

Bunny was hungry too. She skipped breakfast because she had no appetite and only had half a cup of Ribena.

Bunny ran with her water bottle not because she wanted to, but because the hubby refused to hold it for her. Harumph.

Anyways, plenty of participants were excited because the new Youth & Sports Minister flagged-off the run.
No.... he's not the pot-bellied one.

Flag-off was just a few minutes after 7.15am (which was the supposed starting time) OK la tewww.... 

Somebody said the MC announced the "bunny runner" was passing through at the start line. Ala... How come I didn't hear that. HAHAHA

It was too darn crowded from the get-go : few thousand runner, two lane road with parked cars on the side. @.@

I ended up running on the pavement. Which is where Khairi said a cheery hi to me and sayured me totally after that. LOL
Remember this guy, HHBC members? I post this for Yannie & Ah Hua to drool over. ^^

At KM2, a GC member runner said hi and we chatted for a few minutes before he sped-off. He was doing a "fun run pace" that's why I managed to stay with him for that few minutes. Ahahah

Did the first 3K in 19min and arriving to the first water station, I stopped and walked on the grass instead of the concrete pavement. Rilek la... Fun run kan? 

We ran on the road for 3K then it was on the jogging track beside the lake for us (and it was behind somebody's backyard at Presint 18).

I guess I lost my focus here. Nearly sprained my ankle when I slipped off the jogging track when I tried to overtake a particularly loud and annoying runner who were pacing another runner and was motivating him ala bootcamp instructor style. 

OK, so you were trying to motivate your runner. But is it helpful to other runners to listen to you hollering at the top of your voice with "encouragements" like this :
"Let's overtake the "kak long" a.k.a. older lady in front" 
"Cut that girl in front of you"
"Yeah, you managed to overtake the lady"
"Kak... don't run too slow"
I was like... WTF? And why pick on the ladies? The makcik-makcik ones some more? Haish.

And then there was this guy who were singing loudly as he was passing me. Yeah, so you can sing while running but in my mind I was like "arrogant bastard" HAHAHA 
Too darn hot already by the time I pass the Seri Gemilang Bridge. Zaini stationed himself there for a while but I didn't notice he was there hence the no smile shot. Dizzy from running already kot. 

The second water station was a few metres ahead and I took my time there, enjoying two full cups of 100-Plus. Thirsty lah.

Walk, walk a bit and only started to run after a volunteer encouraged Bunny. Nothing like random strangers saying "BUNNY!" to make her run. 

We ran 1K towards the Seri Saujana Bridge before looping back to and made our way back to the start/finish line. First 3K was 19min. Second 3K so lazy already and was done at 21:46min. *slap forehead* The final 2K was 13:16min. Yeah, no final dash to the finish for me.
If dash to finish, how to take photos, I ask you? It's not as if I was aiming for a podium placing. So run, run, wave, wave lor. Actually, I didn't even smile or wave to cameramen seen photographing along the route today. No mood.

Finishing was anti-climatic. Other than a 100-Plus stall & a mineral water stall, there weren't anything else in terms of refreshment for runners. I know. I know. It's a RM15 event BUTTTTTT can't the organiser (which has a big bank's name as a sponsor) even have a bun/bread to give out for runners? An apple? Or just a banana?

For a RM20 university students running event also can get a t-shirt (cotton ones la, but I don't mind), medal (cheapo only but I don't mind too) and a snack pack. PLUS Milo vans. Why StanChart Fun Run events in 2012 & 2013 (dunno about 2011 as I didn't join that one) got no Milo vans ah?

Since I am Malaysian and a wee bit kiasu, Zaini & I hoard mineral water bottles. We took a total of eight mineral water bottles! Bad Bunny!

Met a few runners after the run. Chatted a bit until Zaini got bored. Kesian that guy. Raimie wasn't around because he caught Mommy's flu/cough bug and wasn't feeling well.
 With the ever cheery Khairi and Bett
With Bett and Has, loooooong after the run. We were chit-chatting, gossiping and checking out each other's gears. Bett had a nice and fast new red shoes. Has has a new Nike GPS watch. ^^

Left after this shot was taken and we walked towards PoJ and saw the Ekiden runners still running (the C runners). Saw a member of team Acorn too. Remember I posted their photos at the Pisang Relay post? 

I may whine, I may complain but I am glad I had this event because otherwise, I'd chose to sleep instead of running. Am getting so darn lazy lately. Can I blame the weather for my lethargy? 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Hoarding Season

A whole lot of All Sports sports drink. Well, a whole lot to last me till July; consuming maybe 3 bottles max a week. 

I think I got about 3 dozens of these. No, I'm not going to drink them every day. I try not to depend too much on these. Just water for any workouts less than an hour for me (or maybe Ribena for some sugary fix. heh heh) So enjoying this is restricted to longer runs over 10K. ^^

Gonna let a few runner friends a go. Been donating some to colleagues at work. 

Why the hoarding? The drinks are expiring on 30 July and the supermarket chain selling them are selling them cheap at RM1 a bottle! How to resist? RM1 for a 500ml imported drink. Cheaper than mineral water wor....

I've got all the flavours. Funky colours too - blue (the one you see green in the photo), pink (it's red in the photo), purple, yellow and orange. I like the blue one best. Raimie loves the purple one (he said it tasted like grape yoghurt) and know who loves the pink one? Not me but hubby! ;)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Breakfast Of Childhood

In continuation of previous' post. Last Sunday we went and be a part of Milo Breakfast Movement, I went for a 7K run and then the family enjoyed some breakfast (and a whole lot of Milo drinking) in UPM.

What's your favourite breakfast?

I haven't had this often nowadays but I love these two dishes. It's something I always had during the weekends when I was growing up in my hometown in Raub, Pahang.

Not to be confused with Laksa Assam. Flat rice noodle served with a generous serving of white fish-based gravy(the white colour comes from coconut milk) and topped with ulam or raw vegetables such as shredded cucumbers, sliced long beans, bean sprouts, daun kesum... and then to make it tastier, a dollop  of sambal belacan.
Nasi Impit.

No need to eat with satay.

Just the compressed rice (hence the name impit) and peanut sauce.

Even for me, I only cook this once a year, for Hari Raya.

Had these recently and boy was I happy. ^^

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Green Moss Invaded UPM

Like really. At the Milo Breakfast Run 2013. In UPM.

Somebody mentioned there were 8,000 runners this morning. 8,000 of them and I guess 5,000 were already in front of me. @.@

Flag-off was supposed to be at 7.00am (but I think it got delayed by a couple of minutes) and I only passed through the start line at 7.11am! Whaaaaa???
I know. I know. Should've arrived earlier. We actually went out early. The race venue is just 10 minutes away from our home but at 6.00am we got stuck in a jam at the UPM Serdang toll area to get to UPM. 30 freaking minutes just to enter UPM! Then, got to find parking pulak. Then, somebody (me) gotta go find toilet and pangsai pulak. But cannot go because toilet got no water hose so had to hold the need. Wuuuwuuuwuuu T____T
Poor random volunteer who got accosted by me for photo op. Almost time for flag-off already but still can play around. *slap forehead*

By the way, the friendly volunteers along the route were AWESOME! Thank you!
Finally starting. I purposely chose to wear that red running vest so that I can easily be found in photos. LOL
Happy running couple, Bett and hubby. Bett's hubby said hi when he passed me just around KM1.

This same Bett told me that the route has just a little bit of hilly section. Hmmmm... TIPU! LOL

First KM was done at super duper easy 8min/km pace. Cannot run faster unless I shove people aside. Managed to pick up pace a bit after that but there were more walkers to contend with at the inclines. Anyway, can't be too annoyed with the crowd/runners/walkers. I know what I had to deal with when I sign-up for this. This is an event that vies for a record number of participants. What can you expect?

Someone poked me at the back hard around KM3. One uncle wearing purple GE running vest. Was I in his way? Or did he mistakenly thought I was his friend? Dunno lah since after poking me sharply, he just ran ahead and patted a girl's butt in front of me (I assume they knew each other). If I was in his way, aiyah... no need to get physical lah. Got runners who were slowing me down also but I didn't shove them what... Chasing podium izit? Start in front next time OK uncle?

Up hill, down hill, all packed with people. Decided to skip the first water station but I think the volunteers did a great job distributing the water since no massive congestion there. Then there was the first checkpoint to contend with. I really don't understand why people need to stop/slow down passing checkpoints. Scared the scanner cannot read your chip? Oh OK.

The second water station was after the incline at KM4(?). I could forgo this water station as this was *just* a 7K event but what the hey. People are slowing down. Lane was full. Another checkpoint was up ahead a few metres from the second water station (more people slowing down and more congestion) so I drank 2 cups of cold water there. There were PowerBar water stations after the checkpoint too but I opted not to stop there. Already drank water lah!

It was downhill after that which was nice but again, can't go too fast. I love downhills. I hate uphills. The only reason I did reasonably well (for my standard) at Newton Run last year was because I can blitz downhill at sub5min/km pace (yes, really) then did a 12min pace uphill. hur hur

An ambulance passed through us runners when I reached KM6. Ooooo I hope it's nothing serious. Heard one of the university's guard remarking "tak boleh lari tapi nak lari jugak" which means "the runner can't run but is pushing too much to run".

Runners had to run from KM6 onwards to the finish line in a single lane road with the other lane jammed with cars. A few runners decided they want to run fast and ran outside the coned area which i think is totally dangerous. Please observe your own safety runners. There were cars. There were motorbikes zipping along. What happen if you got knocked down by a motorbike?

At the final kilometre, somebody said hi. He was like "Kak Lina? Hi! Where's your bunny ears". LOL

Thank you Afzan Afnan for saying hi. (errr sorry I got your name wrong. Maklumla, Women Senior. Old already. ekekke) Next time we take photo together-geder, OK? :-)
Almost finish already. Just a few metres to go. Errr... what's that big thing the girl is carrying?
Smile. Smile. Almost there. Gaya mesti ada despite the slow timing. Muahaha
Medal collection, water & banana counter were smooth. I got greedy and took 3 bananas and 2 mineral water. Haish.

Then, while walking towards the goodies bag counter saw this two crazy fellas. Rashid & Aizat did the KL Tower Sunrise Towerthon Challenge earlier, finished climbing 2,000+ flight of stairs then drove to UPM to run 7K. Dasat.
After drinking copious amount of Milo and got scolded by son because of it, we sat down for breakfast. You see, I still have a bad cough and I was coughing like my "tekak" want to come out and yet I still drank cold drinks? Hmmm...
Totally unhealthy breakfast choice. There were 3 RM1 coupons in my goodie bag (visitors can also redeem those coupons by registering at the registration counter) and we used it to buy 3 roti canai. Other unhealthy food choices available : char koay teow, nasi lemak, roti jala... and there were also fruits sold, sandwiches... To tell you the truth, I was hoping to see Nestle opening and giving cereals for us to enjoy. Tarak wor.
Minum Milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat! HAHAHA I heart cold milo served by Milo vans.
The route we did this morning. Only now I realized that there is a big "jirat Cina" or Chinese cemetery along the road to UPM.

Didn't manage to meet a whole lot of people after the run because it was way too crowded. But anyway, it was a nice event. Cheap too. I had fun. I should have done better but I didn't. Oh well. Not going to lose sleep over that.

Now on to the next race. Standard Chartered Fun Run. 8km. Next week, In Putrajaya. See you there! ^^

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Relax Time!


Exam's almost over for Son. The Sekolah Kebangsaan's mid-term exam was over on Wednesday. Raimie's school had a Teacher's Day celebration today so no classes on for the day.

The Sekolah Agama (Islamic school) has a few more days of exams for son to finish and it'll be over next week.

Last week of May and the first week of June will be awesome because it's the school holiday! Yeay! Kids and parents rejoice! ;-)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Going Bananas On Mother's Day

Doing a relay run with the family on Mother's Day? FUN!! FUN! FUN! For this mommy, at least. And a few other mommies too, at the Pisang Relay Run 2013in Taman Buki Jalil. ^^
At 7.30am the warm up session begins, not the usual-from-dunno-what-gym-pumped-with-music warm up but a rather quiet, but usual pre-run warm-up.
Frank Chong of Running Lab giving a pre-race briefing here. He asked hubby where I was, while I was in the toilet. hehehe

Son whispered "mommy femes" to hubby as a few more people said hello to me and the family. Mommy femes ka? Takde la. Just happen that runners are one friendly lot. Right, runners? :-)

The friendly people who said hello:
 May from GC
 Shafinaz, an FB friend whom I finally met today. Thank you for dropping by my blog!
Tri Stupe and team, not only capable of caring for his banana, he's plenty adept with running and taking photos too, simultaneously. He's great with the kids too.
Guy and her awesome son who ran really fast despite the heat today. Well done! Future long distance runner?

Remember her and her posse doing the fun run at the World Kidney Run? The senorita? :-)
 Also Jason who was "working" instead of running.

We were encouraged to bring our own bottle and cups and here's the refreshment table, with the teams'/runners' bottles.
All neatly placed.

It was a rather hot morning and we immediately face an incline at the start of the run. I was having problem breathing through my stuffed nose and breathing through my mouth really made it feel dry. After the incline of just a few hundred metres, I was already questioning my sanity running this. Such a wuss. huhuhu

Well, I did spend the Friday just sleeping off my flu/fever wooziness. Saturday wasn't any better either. But hey! Made it in one piece to pass the banana to Zaini, running 18min+ for the 2.72km loop (yeah, slooooowwww) and taking over camera duties from him.

A little later, he passed by at the halfway mark (the route made runners pass those waiting at the start line at the halfway point, which is good - for morale/support boost & also for photo taking) and Raimie & I prepared for Raimie's turn and waited at the start line.

Son didn't actually need to have Mommy tagging alongside him, and he reckoned that he'll do fine without a "pacer" but Mommy didn't mind. At the very least, Mommy can help hold a water bottle for him and give him a drink when he's thirsty. He's been such a support for Mommy that Mommy wanted to return the favour. ;)

So we ran together and that boy, despite telling me that's he's tired or that's his heart felt like it wanted to burst or that his legs hurt, didn't stop yapping all through the run. Yup, we talked and chatted a lot. He can talk, that boy.

He kept complaining that I ran too fast but then, he also told me that it's nicer to run with me than Daddy. Sssshhh don't tell the Daddy. LOL Daddy doesn't care much of all his shenanigans,  that's why. Mommy pulak is always a sucker for her boy, y'know. ;-)

Some photos of the baton/banana passing:
 Let go of the pisang, Stupe! LOL
 Pi & Sang, stealthily doing the handing over.
The Nippon mari Acorn Team (well, they wore a running vest with an acorn logo) with yup, a banana on the runner's head. Mighty fast banana, I might add.
Boring runner banana passing style. ekeke

My nose got cleared up doing the second loop (third one for the family, first loop for Son) so running thereafter felt easier. Thank goodness. *wipe sweat*. Finished with son after his first loop and immediately ran off to do the second loop for the team. By this time, I already ran about 5.40km (sikit saja) and on to do another 2.70km. Rested and took photos for abit after my loop and hubby did his, before it was time for Raimie to do the final loop and I tagged along.

Son & hubby ran 2.72km twice, and I the glutton ran a total of 11km. Fun in the sun run. :-) The family took a total of 2hours and 5minutes to complete six 2.72km loops (approximately 16.32km) but who cares? We had FUN!
All loops done, and it's time to collect the nice medal. Every runner received a medal. If shaped like a banana, nicer hor? But this one also nice lah. ^^

Then, makan time!
Got fried bihun, got sandwiches, got kueh-mueh, got fruits. Eat, eat, eat. Raimie was sure super hungry after the run and walloped quite a bit of food. (p.s photo is not of Raimie Heh heh)

Then, we waited around for the lucky draw,
We weren't lucky enough to enough to get anything though. Booohooo!!!!
Two boys very happy completing their run.

Raimie asked me whether the venue would still be at Taman Bukit Jalil next year when we were on our way back home. He said he wanted to join again next year.

And that, is what I consider a successful run. Son having a blast and actually looking forward to another one. So, thank you to the race organiser and also to the volunteers, especially to the ones blasting/spraying us with cooling water on the route. 

Hope to see you again next year! Pisang or no pisang. ^^

p.s. Taman Bukit Jalil has a lot of monkeys (real ones) and I guess they sure were kenyang on Sunday because all the lembik bananas got "donated" to the monkeys.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Keeping Track

I really do need to keep track of all my races that I signed up for now. I just happily signed-up (provided that the distance matches my training plan somehow, plus minus a few KMs) that I really need to double-check my races list before I sign-up for more races. I actually forgot what I've already signed up, and almost made double registration! @.@

Middle age mind is not as alert now. Everything must be listed and checked often. LOL

I've even forgotten about race kit collection dates for some of the races if not for the FB updates by runners friends who had collected theirs. Adoi.
I posted this photo in previous post. It's a relay run and me, hubby & son will run in it this Sunday. A perfect Mother's Day gift for me.  ^^
Let's go green while running. ^^

Next week, I'll join the Milo Breakfast Run. Last minute entry because well, I got nothing better to do and the race is nearby our home. It'll be held in UPM Serdang.
It's just 7km. A distance that I've not been doing (for races lah) since Dec 2011 at Larian Kitar Semula 2011. Well, the hubby has been reminding me how slow I've become and I need to improve my speed running at these shorter distances that I kinda neglected for a while now.

I need speed to improve my 2:31 half marathon timing at SCKLM 2012. 

On the last Sunday of May, I will have another short race. No medal. OK lah. Just run and have fun with like-minded "belias".
Only "belia" can enter this Standard Chartered Fun Run (SCFR) and by "belia" it means those under 40. I'm not that OLD, ya'know. ^^ 

Anyway, I also joined last year's SCFR and had super hot fun. It was free last year. This year, we gotta pay RM15. But I guess you can view the RM15 fee to pay for the New Balance tee. Last year, only the first 1,000 entries got the tees.

Note to self : must collect SCFR race kit from 23-25 May at Athlete's Circle.

I paid RM20 for Milo Run and RM15 for SCFR. They gotta be amongst the cheapest fees for races in Malaysia. Well, they are sponsored run.

Another cheap, come-with-a-big-sponsor run is the McDonald's Olympic Day Run on 23 June 2013.
It's family run for us! RM15 for indivuals and RM50 for teams/family which is CHEAP! Looking forward to run alongside hubby and son for this. (psst... see the receipt? We were the first family team to register. Talk about being super excited!) A family team should consist of two adults (parents/guardians) and up to 3 children. If you got two/three kids, it's super worth it to enter this race. An adult team of 4pax is quite cheap too and I've been spamming colleagues inbox encouraging them to join it. At RM12.50per pax (RM50 per team), why not join, have fun outdoors, get a t-shirt and grab some goodie bags?

Anyway, two weeks before the McD Olympic Day Run, I have another race lined-up. On 9 June 2013, there's a 16KM Mizuno Wave Run in Putrajaya.
Individual run for the mommy.

The big one for me will be on 30 June 2013 and that's the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. I'm not doing the marathon this year and will only do the half marathon. I need to finish early to support Son who will be doing his 2.5km kids dash. 

Three races in May. 3 in June too, so far. 
None in July yet. Only one week in July that's not in Ramadhan. Am toying with the idea of joining Ipoh International Run. It's on 7 July 2013, if anyone is interested.
August - probably doing the New Balance Half Marathon. End of August will be my team building week so no can do any races that week. 
September - registered for River Jungle Marathon (RJM). Probably doing the Men's Health & Shape Night run the week after RJM. Maybe just do a 5KM fun run with son and hubby?
October - there's Putrajaya Night Marathon. No marathon for me. I'll just go for half marathon, just like last year. Night marathon is hard. I'm not keen to suffer needlessly. heh heh Those who say they like night running must be vampires or owls or actually never run at night (or run in Putrajaya) before. :P
Still undecided what race to enter for November & December.

And oh yeah! Happy Mother's Day to all Moms! Have fun this weekend, Moms!

For this Mommy, Mommy whatsapp and Line Daddy this:


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