Saturday, 21 September 2013

서른 즈음에 About Thirty

Another day drifts away
Like exhaled smoke
In my memories so small
What do I fill and live on

Drifts farther and farther away
Thought it was staying youth
In my emptying heart
Nothing more can be found

Seasons again return
But where my love that left
I did not let it leave either
I did not leave it either

Forgotten little by little
Thought it was staying love
Another day drifts away
Living on saying good bye every day
Living on saying good bye every day

by the late Kim Gwang-Seok (김광석). Died too young.

An immensely popular song in Korea in the 1990s,  this song made listeners look upon themselves. 

I need to look back too and take stock. Am leaving my thirties soon.
Happy birthday me! Happy birthday hubby too. He'll celebrate his birthday two days after I celebrate mine.

Here's a version of the song sang by Baek Ji-Young .

And no, I'm not feeling melancholic or anything. Just sharing a lovely yet sad song on my birthday. ^^


  1. Happy Birthday, Lina!
    Happy Birthday, Zaini!
    May all your dreams come true!
    Have a fun celebration!

  2. Veels geluk, Lina en Zaini! Lekker verjaar!

    Happy birthday!

    I've just decided the elephant, the zebras, the runner(s?), the cheerer-onners and the general-in-charge (that's me) will have a joined birthday celebration in Nara. Or some such thing. ^^

    1. We'll party, for birthdays or for any other reason we can come up with! ;p

  3. Happy birthday!
    Wish you have many more running years a head!

    Very nice song but too sad for a birthday + weekend celebration.

    1. Thanks Neoh. :)

      The song? Yeah, well... I'm weird like that. ;p

  4. Happy birthday! Time flies fast right?

    1. Sure is!

      I may hit 40 soon but the heart has yet keep up with the age. *feel forever young* HAHAHA

  5. Happy Birthday To U, Happy Burpday To U, Happy Buzzday to Kak Lina aka Femes Glam Momma Bunny... Happy Bornday to You... *Standing ovation to you, the person who inspired me to start my own running blog ;D

    Have a blast Bday celebration ya... Feast like a Queen on your super special day... Nothing to feel sad of... U still looked like in your late 20s... Thanks to the miracles of running! ;D

    1. Oi! Mana ada I feel sad.

      I already mentioned up there that I wasn't being melancholic apa. :P

      Anyway, thanks for the wish. ;)

    2. Hahaa... Kak Lina, chirpy as always, especially on your Birthday... That song tuh je yg sad... Mihmihmih... Esok birthday Zaini pula... Senang nak sambut together2... ;D

    3. Song untuk layan perasaan jew. ;)

      Esok keje. Mana ada masa nak sambut. Sekali harung sambut la. Cost effective. :P

  6. Happy birthday Lina darling!
    happy birthday to Zaini!

  7. ooopsss, almost missed this post!! but you know i did not forget your birthday right?? hehe.. hope you had a great one spending with your loved ones on your birthday today.. :)

  8. oooh, that cake looks very delicious.. seems to be something passion fruit?? haha.. and what did that 5 pieces of candles mean there?? :p



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