Saturday, 11 January 2014

Transcend - It's Not Just About Cushioning

A bit technical post today. On shoes. That feels like you're floating when you wear them.

Remember my earlier post on Brooks shoes that will be launced in Feb 2014 called Transcend which I got  a sneak peek of it during the "Blog with Brooks" with Brooks Malaysia?

A continuation of the post.

In the first post, I mentioned a bit about Stride Signature which is the new starting point from which Brooks define a runner’s perfect form and alignment. Perfection is no longer determined by how well your form or alignment fits a certain mould. Perfection is how well your natural and highly individual motion path is used at its best.

Have you seen how the 2013 NYC Marathon Women Winner, Priscah Jeptoo runs? Just google her name and you can see sites and experts analysing her "ugly" running form. But then, it works for her. For the time being but hey!  That ugly running form took her to win a silver medal at 2012 Olympic marathon event. She won the Paris marathon in 2011. So she's not perfect. Are we?

How are we going to use our Stride Signature and to optimise it to run better?

Perhaps with the help of Brooks Transcend.
“Featuring fresh Brooks technology and design, the Transcend offers support that kicks in only when the runner needs it,” Jim Weber, Brooks' CEO, wrote in a letter announcing the shoe.

Interesting. When I was at the "Blog with Brooks" event, I was told how runners would lose their running form at the later part of running a marathon and that's where Brooks Transcend shoes will help. By providing support and help you maintain your Stride Signature.

And it gets more interesting...
The Transcend features five key technologies (Super DNA, Guide Rails, Ideal Pressure Zones, Ideal Heel and a Plush upper) that work together to provide that unique ride. These technologies hones in on the uniqueness of a runner giving them support when needed, acting as a safety net keeping the body balanced throughout the run.
Brooks Transcend promises to deliver plenty of stability and still allow your lower body’s joints to follow their natural movements.
The shoe is progressively wider through the midfoot and into the toebox, providing a stable base under your foot. The shoe’s upper features luxurious materials that are expected to feel soft against the foot. A saddle made of soft fabrics wraps up both sides of the midfoot, for a secure lockdown to the platform.

One of the shoes' key technology is its “Guide rails” which sit atop the midsole foam and to the outer edges of your foot, to control your movement if you deviate too far from the way your body is expected to travel. Brooks uses specialized plates built into the midsole, they allow your hips, knees and ankles to move in their natural pattern, without the need for a midpost.

The theory is, the Guide Rails will keep your foot stable (especially when you are fatigued and your running form is already shot), but still flexible enough to allow the hips, knees and ankles to move in their unique pattern (remember Stride Signature?).

The shoes will conform to your feet, not the other way round.

Transcend - It's Like Running on clouds. 

There is no shame in wanting a cushioned shoe as opposed to a minimalist shoes. It's all up to a runner, not up to the running group he/she runs in, that's my humble opinion.

I can't pretend I know a whole lot but this is what little that I gleaned about Brooks Transcend. Check out for more info at Brooks Malaysia blog and their FB page.

Anyway, the correct way to run is run happy. Transcend. Ngeee...

Anyone dozed off yet? ;-)


  1. Owhhh how I love this sequel entry on Brooks Transcend, made me even more eager to grab those limited edition shoes in Feb 2014...

    U were right about there is no shame in wearing a cushioned shoes compared to the trending minimalist shoes... One should listen to his/her body n tried our best to avoid any injuries... ;D

    This entry kept me awake digesting it down... Now time to dream running this shoes on clouds! ;-D

    1. aik...kul 3 komen. X tido ke, bangun tido nak wat LSD? ;-)

    2. Yup, bangun tido kol8.30am tadi tapi xbuat LSD, just walk jog santai around your favourite Putrajaya spot for a 10km stroll ;D

  2. With all these running, you really do need a pair of good shoes. Happy running! I am cheering for you. :)

    1. A good pair should never be compromise :-)

      Thanks. ECL :-)

  3. Hey! I have got my Brook shoes finally with the voucher that you gave me.

    1. Hope you like Brooks shoes! Which model did you get?

    2. I like my Brooks, I wore it to my Taiwan tour. I don't know the model la! But, it is really comfy.



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