Monday, 31 March 2014

Breathe Apparel Giveaway Results

*Drum Roll*

First of all, thank you every one who visited the post of the giveaway and especially to those who participated. *muaks*

After much deliberation and discussion with hubby, here's the results :

1st place : winner of Breathe Compression Gear worth RM147 goes to this "Nenek Kebayan" comment by SK. ^^
"i am indeed impressed by the information i read on BREATHE website, there are hell lot of functions and benefits wearing a compression suit or pants!! though i was quite intrigued to scan through the features, if there is one on slimming, muahahahaha!! probably not directly, but with more exercise sure can slim down right?? and BREATHE compression wear sure helps to maximize the effect :)
so many to choose from BREATHE website, it feels like shopping for clothes on other fashion websites.. i particularly focused on tops, and there are long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, polo, jersey etc etc.. and being sometimes indecisive when there are a lot of choices, i spend sometime to actually choose which one i like most!!
okay now, looking at the different models, i have finally picked Breathe Force tops.. initially because of the color (over Breathe Fit), i think this suits me more since i do not do long run but hide inside the gym doing light cardio and some weight lighting..

from the website, it says
Breathe Force gives the right muscle compression and reduces fatigue, and i can associate that with more repetitions done..

furthermore, one thing i hate about conventional tights is that they feel like a "corsage" that makes me feel pressurized and limit the freedom of movement, but with
Breathe Force that gives a perfect fit and sports balance, i can imagine how easy it is to move while actually don't feel like you are wearing something so close to your skin..

and most importantly, what i like about
Breathe Force is that it is breathable and surely makes wearing it a pleasure, as well as being able to correct the posture with its compression.. yeah, we may have been looking too much on PC and smartphones until out back and spine could have been misaligned and caused neck or back pains.. so with the posture correction, i can see all these problems could be easily ditched out..

oh yeah, i could have 1001 things to say about as i read on and think of, but i think i better not torture Mak Glam with this nenek kebayan comments.. but one final sentence, if given a chance to try
Breathe Force, i definitely welcome and would be very happy to do so!! :)"

2nd place : winner Breathe apparel worth RM59 is Twilight Man!

3rd place: winner of Breathe apparel worth RM49 is Nicole Cho!

4th-10th place winner of RM10 vouchers are : 

4. Aizulhisham 
5. ykristen 
6. Small Kucing 
7. Angeline 
8. Em Ma 
9. Joanna Peck
10. ATOM Tobio

I will be contacting you all via e-mail. For those who has no email address on the blog profile, can you please email me instead? Some of you are on Google+ which I am still pretty stupid in using...

Thank you again for your participation and congrats! ^^

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sizzling Hot F1 Racing Day In Sepang

So Lewis Hamilton captured his first victory of 2014 in Sepang after an emphatic drive from pole position on Sunday with Nico Rosberg securing second place for a sweet one-two victory for Mercedes.

Thanks to my sister, Zaini and I got two grandstand tickets for Saturday and Sunday to watch the 2014 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix. Zaini is a huge fan of Formula One by the way.

We didn't go on Saturday to watch the Practice session or the Qualifying round and only went on Sunday on Race Day itself.
Waiting for the shuttle bus from our parking area at Bay 8 to the race venue. Buses were aplenty. Parking spots too. Parking was free on Mar 28 but chargeable on both Mar 29 & 30th. 2-day parking at the bays right in front the race venue was RM200.00 whilst the one further away were a "mere" RM30.00.

We got lucky somehow. We parked. Nobody approached us for payment so we assumed we'd pay upon exit and when we exited later in the evening, no one was collecting car park fees! Save RM30! Fuh~

Anyway, another option to go to Speang International Circuit (SIC) on F1 race day is to use public transport.

There were direct bus service provided by RapidKL to (SIC) from KL Sentral and KLCC at RM18/one way or RM30/return trip. One way bus from LCCT was RM10.00.

There were also KLIA Transit Transfer package, at RM120 (3days pacakage), RM90 (Saturday & Sunday) or RM25 (one way trip, any day).
Selfie first before entering the mall area/welcome centre. HAHAHA Hordes of people milling about, of all nationatilities.
Even with all the excitement, MH370 wasn't forgotten...

A minute of silence was observed before the start of the race.
Despite the crowd, we had fun. Taking photos, checking out F1 merchandises, trying out games and stuff before making our way to our seats. Missed out on the autograph session with the drivers. *shoot*
That's our seats behind us!
A big crowd at the F1 Village. Tempted to buy but man... they're all so darn expensive!

Zaini used to spend money on these merchandises when he was younger but not anymore. Otherwise you'd probably see him wearing his favourite team shirt instead of the BIM shirt that he wore that day! LOL

We milled about and lepak near the Welcome Centre enjoying free wi-fi provided by Maxis until it was 3.30pm before making our way to our seats.
One section all filled up, mostly by international fans.
A few dramatic overtaking were cheered by us spectators but the race was rather an uneventful race. Because we weren't seated in the much "posher" area of the main grandstand to see all the actions (and a certain someone, right Ru?) we missed out on some but gained on some.

It certainly was a fun and interesting experience that came complete with inhaling perspiration and at one time second-hand smoke by fellow Malaysian who cannot read a "No smoking" sign that was placed right in front of him.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Shopping Saturday

or Saturday's shopping would be the more grammatically correct title. ;-)

Didn't even plan to go out on Saturday as Zaini is working but because our Unifi line (and all of TM line, according to a neighbour) was down since Friday night; instead of being bored at home, Raimie and I spent the day out. I could only spent so much time running to stave off boredom, you know.

And Mommy ended up spending. Not on running gears. Uh oh
Mattel warehouse sale started early at 9.30am and by the time we got there at 10.00am, we saw hordes of people having finished their shopping and walking out carrying plastic bags of toys. We didn't buy much. Just a toy for each of Raimie's cousins. 

Mommy is a bit "kedekut" to go all crazy buying stuff. Raimie didn't want any toys for himself but he was happy selecting them for his little cousins. ^^
Raimie received some toys from a friend on Friday night along with the Angry Bird Hot Wheels bought from the warehouse sale and he absolutely love them!
Got some refreshments and "lepak"ed at Wendy's after that, trying their Chili Cheese Nachos with float. Later Daddy joined us and we had their Chili. Yummz.
Went "jalan-jalan" again after spending hours at Wendy's and was approached by Ms. Elsie, the founder of Mangolicious who was promoting Mangolicious' mango jams and chutneys while browsing through some stuff at POP@The School. 

The chutney has a nice spicy kick to it and the jam... oh man... I love it.

Raimie asked me whether we should buy a jar for a friend who gave him the toy set that I mentioned earlier as a thank-you gesture and I agreed.

The lovely thing about buying Mangolicious products is that they donate RM1 from each jar sold to Reach Out Malaysia to feed the homeless. If you want to know more, check-out Mangolicious blog at : ^^
We had a late lunch after Daddy finished work and went to Heaven Premium Ice Cream Cake at 10 Boulevard in PJU6A as we had an ice cream cake to collect.

A nice filling salad for Mommy and some mushroom bruschetta. Raimie had some spaghetti, which was nice but kinda salty. Then again, the two boys loves salty food so it was good.

Daddy had their Bounty Beef burger. While we all shared other dishes, Daddy quietly finished his ALONE! Hmph. 
Finished off lunch with this, which Yanti recommended blueberry and chocolate. Okay, so they had much nicer name than that for each of the flavour but I forgot la...

But what I don't forget is how sinfully yummy it was!
and before we head home, we got what we were there for. An ice cream cake. We had a choice of double choc chip, choc vanilla, strawberry or yam to choose from and Zaini suggested we try yam as we didn't get to eat them the first time we visited this cafe. 

The cake was at first intended to be shared with my lovely Krazirunners sisters but we had to postpone our gathering. Ah well...

Next gathering date, I'll just have to buy another lah! Hehehe

Anyways, Sunday is another busy day.

Need to try put in a bit of running mileage.

Then we're off to Sepang International Circuit to enjoy the F1.

For those racing tomorrow (car or kaki), good luck!

Enjoy Kenaboi, Leo Run and some of my crazier friends running tonight till tomorrow at Twilight Ultra Chalenge - all the best and enjoy! ^^

Friday, 28 March 2014

Be A Man


Sexy men in suits. Am always rather partial at them. Hehe

Sexy MBLAQ in this case.

Who cares what they're singing about anyway.  Miahaha


Weekend beckons!



Thursday, 27 March 2014

Blow Out Sale! Go Crazy At Malaysia Largest Clothes Buffet

Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet!

It's happening from 10am - 6 pm on 25-27th April 2014 at Syopz Mall, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. Organized by LINs Communication and A Shopaholics Den, this event aims to bring shopping to a whole new level for young fashionistas without breaking the bank. Errr... not-so-young fashionista can also, right? hehehe
‘If you can zip it, you can keep it.’

Nice, right? Imagine having access to a whopping 50,000 pieces of fashionable pieces in the clothes buffet area by just paying a mere RM60.00!

With an "entrance" fee of RM60.00, a shopper gets a ziplock bag and be allowed to grab as many pieces as they can in 15 minutes. As long as they can fit the clothes into the ziplock bag and zip it, it is theirs to bring home. Wah!!! Syiok what!
On each of the three days, a Blowout Sale will be held from 4-6pm where each piece of clothing will be on sale for RM 10 only.
If you choose to indulge in the buffet session, this is the ziplock bag you'll get.
Where is the place again? Here's the map for reference. ^^

Oh yeah, judging by previous event's crowd; if you wanna participate in the clothes buffet then you might wanna get the ticket beforehand.

Do visit Malaysia Clothes Buffet website or from the link here for purchase of advance ticket. Better get 'em fast to avoid queues and disappointment!

Inquiries on the event can be directed to their Facebook page at

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Subdued Running Year

It sure is a subdued year, this 2014.

The tragedy of MH370 made 2014 more downcast and my prayers to the passengers and crew of the flight and to their families and friends. Be strong. We are all praying with you.

I had a conversation with son last night. He was asking when we are going to stay in a hotel again (read : travel) and I told him that by right we should not do it so much this year and concentrate more on his studies as he will be sitting for his UPSR at the end of the year.

His answer “I can’t be studying all the time. That’s not how to live, Mommy. Let me learn, play, jump around and experience stuff”.

Wow… He really knows how to “psycho” his Mommy. Muahaha

Still, I’m back to (almost) a race a month this year. After a crazy 2013, with me registering and running in races on pretty much a whim; this year I'll only go for those that is interesting or perhaps a few to support friends.

Quite restraint of me, right? Miahaha!!!

Anyways, you’ll probably see my ugly mug at other events that I’m not joining if we are free and can kepoh-kepoh there.

Enjoy life you all! Enjoy the company of your loved ones too!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

North Bound Train Trip

I registered for "Larian Hari Keputeraan Sultan Azlan Shah" which will be held on May 11th, despite knowing that Hubby isn't keen in driving all the way to Kuala Kangsar just so I can run 15K. 

Though come to think of it, I dunno why he's perfectly fine to travel to Taiping so that we can run up (or rather, I walk up) Bukit Larut in the King of Bukit Larut event on Apr 20th. Hohoho

Anyways, it got me trying to find a way to maybe, just maybe make Hubby reconsider it, by looking up on rail travel from KL to Kuala Kangsar.

Otherwise, I'll just DNS (did not start) the run but collect the event t-shirt anyway. Good thing the event t-shirt can be collected in KL!

Anyway, am toying with the idea of taking a ride on the Senandung Langkawi; which is a night train bound to Hat Yai from KL Sentral. We could take the 9:30pm and arrive at 2:30am and I go run a few hours later? Hahaha would be crazy fun! 

We've never travel anywhere to run a few hours after arriving but we've done a whole lot of travelling after arriving in the wee hours to a station and stayed-up until it's time to check-in to our hotel.

So far, experience on rail travel in Malaysia have been quite negligible.

But we've done night train ride before during our vacation. And we love it!

Time for some reminiscing!

On the Akebono whizzing in Akita

Whizzing along from Okayama to Tokyo

There were trips travelling from Osaka to Kanazawa but the train didn't have sleeper booth. However, it has a ladies-only coach and  I was provided with a blanket for the ride. Nice. ^^

All these rides were done using JR Pass which we bought in Malaysia, before flying off to Japan. A number of sleeper train has surcharge that JR Pass holders need to pay but there weren't any surcharges with the ones we took. 

Just have to do some research if you want to take one and don't want to spend extra!

Monday, 24 March 2014

The First Meal Of The Day

is the most important meal of the day.

You can't just wake up from a 6-8 hours fast (or however long you were asleep during the night) and function all through the day with an empty stomach!

Of course eating a nice full breakfast is quite hard considering most of us are rushing on weekdays but for us, we make sure we have something in the morning. A cup of Milo counts! For Son, it can be something as simple as a piece of bread but at least he has something to last through reccess.

Our favourites are:
 Nasi lemak, of course! Though nowadays, it's only enjoyed during the weekends. Saturdays mostly.
Thosai. Because Roti Canai is much more unhealthy to enjoy while at the Mamak. hehehe
Can never go wrong with toast and half-boiled eggs. 
or something to accompany a strong coffee ^^ Pasties and pies. Yummm!
or something along the traditional line, like laksam. 
or something simple and quick to enjoy at home, like eggs with baked beans and cocktail sausages. 

Cereals and muesli are great too.

What's your favourite breakfast?

I'll be sharing some recipes from the NutriSoy Breakfast Love Campaign cooking demo that I attended on Sunday in the next post or posts. The cooking demo was great fun!
My first (I think) recipe sharing post will be up soon. Stay tuned!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Made For Running

Well... duh, you said.

"A running shoes of course use for running lah!", you huffed. Well, I wear running shoes to go to the mall also, sometimes you know. Haha
I finally got my Brooks Pure Flow 3 shoes which I won in the "Blog with Brooks" contest out for a run on Thursday night and did a 50min tempo run in it. Didn't win the new Brooks Transcend but I was absolutely happy with this too. 

The shoes has been voted as "Best Update" by Runner's World for Spring 2014.
Verdict? Just like the older Pure Flow that I had, it's more comfortable to wear this when running at a certain speed.
I've worn Pure Flow 3 to go "jalan-jalan" before and it wasn't a comfortable experience after a few hours. My heel screamed.

Doing a tempo run and speedwork in it feels good though. It's light yet it feels plush and cushioned. Yup, makes for a soft landing. Very soft.

So I gather, for me; heavier foot strike and heel striking doesn't agree with Pure Flow. Walking, no.

Light strike, yes. Running -  definitely. Which is a good thing, right?

Basically, I'll need to stop heel-striking to run comfortably in this Pure Flow. And yes, apart from a bit of hot-spot on the right pinkie toe (happens to a number of shoes I wear anyway); Pure Flow 3 is a nice shoe to RUN in.

Well, that's just my observation...

Let's try putting it to its paces soon.  A 10K race maybe? Been ages since I last entered a race this distance. ^^

p.s. My PB for 10K and HM were done in the older Pure Flow. Time to get a new PB with the new shoes? Shall I challenge myself? hohoho

"Dojeon" kata orang Korea. Mihmihmih

Friday, 21 March 2014

Girl Power And Homegrown Brands

I thought I’d write something about this after encountering homegrown sportswear brands when I was looking for an affordable choice of sportswear.

I was actually looking for a long-sleeved shirt that I can wear during my long runs. Not just any long-sleeved shirt, mind you. I want something that I can stand wearing under the heat and able to wick away my sweats plus won't smell bad as I sweat. I had earlier looked at international brands for them; Lafuma, North Face, Columbia, Salomon…  but the price put me off. Way off.

For somebody who just wears the free tees that she got entering running events to train in; buying a RM300 a piece shirt is not something she wants to do (let’s not talk about shoes, that’s different).

Imagine my delight when I stumbled across a few brands, homegrown at that; offering something for me at a more affordable price.

One caters for the general sporting crowd. Breather Apparel; the brainchild of a couple - Inderjit Singh Khalae and his wife Kiranjit Kaur.

Am probably getting myself that red compression top I shared in the post for myself soon.

By the way, don’t forget the Breathe giveaway that I’m having and still ongoing! It’ll end on Mar 28! Check the post out here.

Another, called Raqtive offers sports hijab and sleeves for active Muslim women and is the brand by Dr Nurul Shahnaz  Ahmad Mahdzan. OK, so far Raqtive isn’t for me yet (I don’t wear hijab/tudung, you see) but hopefully they have more products like tops and bottoms to offer to women soon other than what they are offering now.

My Krazirunners sisters are a big fan of Raqtive, by the way.

I bought that long-sleeved shirt that I was looking for from a booth at the MWM Expo last week from a brand called Nashata.
Don't mind and ignore the unsightly bulge. I have fat, I know. Huhuhu
It’s similar to Raqtive in that it caters for Muslimah modest wear. The brand, which is founded by Dr Eliza Nordin not only sell sports hijabs and sleeves; it also has sports bra ( I almost bought one but didn’t… kicking myself now. HAHAHA), tops and bottoms. Actually, those looking for non-tight fitting tops and bottoms probably would find this brand suitable for them.

I almost bought a similar one at another booth at RM150 before I saw Nashata’s products and I thought to myself, why not give our own homegrown brand a chance. Right?

Bought it in preparation for an event I’ve registered for in June. One of the crazier events I'll do this year. Hah Hah

And lastly, am proud to be acquainted with Ms Jolene Hong; business manager and one of Athlete’s Circle founding team. Athlete Circle is concept store and a “playground” for sports enthusiasts;I like their catchy slogan “There’s an athlete in everyone”. Indeed. Just waiting for us to unleash them. ^^

I don’t know where else to find Inov-8 shoes if I need to replace my current one but at Athlete Circle. :-)

Girl power!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Show Me Love

Love for all things boy bands! Hahaha

I'm almost 40 and yet I still love boy bands. LOL

This post was inspired by two things.
  1. The sudden surge in blog traffic towards my "More Sexy Men" post way back in 2012 where I put clips of Big Bang and 2PM (plus No Doubt too)
  2. Songs by both The Wanted and One Direction

Brings out the romantic in me. Heh heh

What day is it today again? *wink wink*

And oh yeah, love love love this too

One Direction.

Son likes their songs. I do too. ^^

What's your "story of my life?"

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bill? What bill?

Am absolutely chuffed to see the past two months' electricity bill; for obvious obvious reason,
No need to pay to TNB for the past two months.

Our monthly bill is quite low but most times it's like 50sen or so over the limit to get free electricity.

Helps that there's no air-cond in the house. The fan is switched on only at night and we pretty much occupy a single room (space) when we are awake i.e. everyone is parked in the living room despite doing different activities.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Phase And The Favourites

I like to stick to a certain author and to a certain genre when it comes to leisure reading. My simple mind can't take too much confusion if I read such a diverse selection! LOL

My all time favourite books and authors :
My books are as old as the one I bought in the 1990s and as recent as last week. There were quite a few that I had to regretfully gave away in late 1990s because I was moving and I only kept the only I absolutely can't leave without. *sad* I do still read them. I have a tendency to re-read ALL the books I love.
These got me through college years. I was so into this, I can't read any other fantasy books. :P

I bought them at a secondhand bookstore in Central Market. That's use to be the place I look for books. Cheap(er) books. First hand or second hand doesn't matter.

It's been a while since I've been there. Actually, come to think of it; now it's easier to find secondhand books... and can buy them online too. Like the Book Up website, selling used text books (they have fictions too!) at a bargain. Changing time, yeah. ^^
These got me through two weeks of bed rest way back in 2002. Good thing too that I was on bed rest because I really forgot to eat, drink or even go to the loo for these. Was quite sceptical about it at first, after all they're children's books but I really do enjoy them. DO. I still read them. Hah hah
The current phase are these type of books. Sporting figures auto-biographies.

Wish I could get my hands on "The Hanson Method" book. Used or new. The marathon training season (poyo sungguh bunyi nya kan?) should start in earnest in June for me to prepare for two autumn (ahem, another poyo statement) marathons.

I don't read high-brow, intellectual, classical, though-provoking literature. I read to escape. I read to go into a different world that I enjoy and these help me do that. :-)

Until the next phase and on to the next genre/author. ^^

Oh yeah, talking about that Book Up online secondhand book store up above, they got a new list of books available for you voracious readers to hoard :

Monday, 17 March 2014

Bargain Hoarder

Hard to resist a bargain even if (or if its) in the bargain bin especially since the items are still in good condition.

If a retailer sells something cheap but it's not in a good condition or it's already expired then the retailer is being irresponsible and must be reported.

But there are good retailers, selling items cheap, very cheap... months before its "Best Before" date. I LOIKE.

And if I'll probably hoard some for stock if they happen to be the stuff I use.

Like this powder Gatorade. Bought only two bottles though as it's Best Before April 2014.

I've "borong"ed a carton of RM1.50 Gatorade earlier and a few at RM1.00 too. Long time to expire at they are Best Before 30/6/14.

Always am a lookout for bargains, me! ^^

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday Musings


What can I say? 

Glad for a reprieve from it.

Like a really hot and sunny Saturday.

Woke up to the haze again on Sunday morning.
Dang! Ugh...

Was glad to welcome rain around 10am and get this
In the meantime, everyone take care. Hydrate well in this hot, hazy season. 

We checked-in to The Everly, Putrajaya during the weekend. It's the hotel where press centre, families and relatives of the missing #MH370 are housed. 
The press was stationed there, waiting at the lobby for the news and updates of the missing #MH370. A sombre reminder about what had happened and gripped the whole nation, if not the world. #PrayforMH370

Take care everyone!


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