Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Custom Made, Handmade Bags

I ordered two bags (actually, it became three eventually) from a friend who made them as per her customer's order.

I saw her photos that she uploaded of the bags that she completed and they are all lovely. And so cute!

So, I contacted her and told her what I want for my bags...

One I need to wear during my vacation in two weeks' time.

Another for everyday use.
After deciding and confirming on how many pockets  want (I want lotssssss), cloth design and stuff like that; they were finished in less than a week (or about a week...)
My everyday bag.

There's a compartment for my notebook in there, and I can stash the cables, my headphone, wallet, small umbrella and all sorts of "sampah" in there and it still feels comfy wearing it.

I already used it since Friday. ^^
And this sling bag, I'll be using during my two weeks vacation soon! Yeay!

Best of all, it's COD. It sent to me and I only paid for them when I received the bag.

I ordered another, smaller bag but can't wait to get the finished product soon!

If anyone is interested to check out the bags that my friend had already done, hop over to her instagram account.
Oh by the way, this isn't a sanctioned review. Hahaha

She didn't ask me to blog about this even. The only permission I asked was to use her photos to put in my blog. :P

But I thought why not share the info. I'm happy with my bag and I'm sharing it with others, 

I hope she doesn't mind. ^^


  1. Your friend is very talented. I wish I knew how to jahit :)

  2. Replies
    1. I suppose overseas order can be arranged. ...

  3. Those are very beautiful and nicely made bags!

  4. Nice, I love the meow meow one...

  5. oh, interesting personalized and customized handmade bags!!!

    looks so houte couture somemore!! I like the prints!!

    so you can dump everything you need, may need, not necessarily need and not need all into one bag!!


  6. The bag not only look pretty from outside but inner part too. Can see her stitching is very neat. Will follow Tulip tonight... hehehe

    1. Thank you for following her, on her behalf. Hahaha

  7. Replies
    1. I bet you like the cats one. LOL

  8. your friend is very talented. Good business to her

    1. Yup. She received a lot or orders but she managed to get them done quickly too, so we don't need to wait long. ^^

  9. Wow! Wow! The bags are so cantek and big! Anay likes! I am impressed that you carry custom made bags with many pockets that suit your needs. The more pockets is the merrier and can arrange your important items neatly instead of having to korek, korek, korek deep inside for your phone and keys!

    I believe someday you might wear custom made shoes too! Jimmy Choo??

    1. I'm not high class like you all lah! hahaha

      Custom made shoes by ahpek at Petaling Street also I cannot afford! Muahaha



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