Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Night At e.City Hotel (A Birthday Treat)

Son celebrated his 13th birthday on 2.12.2015. We had a nice dinner and he got a Star Wars book as a surprise gift too.
And this too - an Ice Watch for him.

For the weekend, as I had a run in Shah Alam on Saturday and in Subang on Sunday, we decided to give him a treat and I booked a night's stay at e.City Hotel for him to enjoy. He had the room all for himself when we were out doing our runs! He loved it!

First impression of the hotel was good.

The front desk staff were friendly although two of them were a bit slow but I was then assisted by another staff later.
Huge, huge lobby. Plenty of staff to loiter and also places to sit and relax. There were even tabs for visitors to use at the lobby.
Fast see-through, all-glass elevator. 
Roomy room even for a standard room like the one we booked.
Good amenities for guests in room.

Room wi-fi speed was abysmal though. We barely get a connection in our room.

But the wi-fi at the restaurant was good and fast.
Good buffet breakfast selection.
First round of breakfast. Out of many. ^^

Complimentary parking at Basement car park.

All in all, a very pleasant experience. 


  1. how nice to celebrate birthday relaxing in a nice hotel room and getting surprise presents from daddy and mommy..

    hmmm, Uncle SK wonders if the boy went out celebrating his birthday with friends?? ^^

  2. wow, he's so lucky. He had a memorable one..

    1. Every year is a memorable one. :)

  3. Lucky boy. A very love birthday present for him.

    Happy belated birthday to your boy.

  4. I love the photos you just posted. The hotel looks modern, spacious and boutique designed. This is always my choice.
    Your birthday boy is so lucky to have such a loving mummy and daddy!

    1. I like the hotel. Just wish the wifi speed on our room was faster.

      Thank you for the kind compliment Anay. Hihihi

  5. What a nice birthday treat for your boy! Got two presents some more :)

    1. Three actually. Hahaha

      Haven't mentioned the other one yet :P

  6. Glad you guys had a pleasant treat!
    Belated happy birthday to your boy!

  7. That was a nice hotel and seems like a great staycation! Happy birthday to your boy! :)_



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