Monday, 26 September 2016

Beach Time At Holiday Villa Cherating

For our birthday weekend this year, Hubby and I decided to have a nice, relaxing beachside vacation (read no running in races involved) and we managed to find a good deal at Holiday Villa Cherating.
A last minute deal where we got the Villa type room for RM191.00 per night plus breakfast included. I think we're quite lucky to get it after checking the hotel's website e few times as their rooms were all fully booked!

We somehow got this deal (and room) a few days before our trip to Cherating.
Our villa with a pool-view and the beach is just 200 metres away.
Our room came with a resident cat of our own too! A cat was relaxing on the verandah. Good thing we always have cat food handy, in the car.  
The villa came with a sitting area and a nice comfy sofa.
And this twin bed. We actually requested for a king bed but oh well... Hotel fully booked mah.
Aircond was good and strong so we had a nice sleep the two days we were there.
It's simple but nice and comfy.
 The beach at Holiday Villa is awesome.
It has a long stretch of beach that is seemingly endless and running here is such a joy. It's  just sand and sand. Very, very nice beach to run on.
We enjoyed strolling on the beach, taking pleasure in the scenery and each other's company.
And the beach is family friendly too as it is not deep and kids can enjoy a dip without too much of a worry. Clean too.
We spent time alternating between a dip in the sea or picnicking by the beach. enjoying keropok lekor that we bought from the stalls around the area.
Or simply relaxing and enjoying the cool, sea breeze.

It was a perfect family vacation for us and one that didn't cost much. ^^


  1. Romanticnya holdings hands on the beach hee..hee... Very nice place. The room setting looks quite elegant.

    1. HAHAHA

      That's Son and Hubby lah!

      But they do look like they were holding hands. LOL

  2. At this rate it is really such a steal. I would love to make a trip to Cherating again one of these days. I miss keropok lekor.

    1. I love keropok lekor and satar. Enjoyed it when we were there. :)

  3. See that the place quite quiet also...

    1. Yup and the beach is private beach.

  4. This is a lovely and romantic get away. And a real steal too.

  5. Have fun ! I also want a short getaway !

  6. Nice place. I must remember this place.



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