Thursday, 28 December 2017

Another Celebratory Meal

It seemed that we had plenty to celebrate with Son this month. It's his birthday month and it's also the month his PT3 results was announced.

Mommy and Daddy took half day to accompany Son to attend the Lembah Pantai MP's Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan on Wednesday last week and later, Daddy decided to give us all a treat.

A Tony Roma's treat!
 The boy who had met YB Nurul Izzah earlier. ^^
 We all ordered from the lunch set and the two boys ordered the lamb cevapi set lunch.
Mommy on the other hand, chose the Asian Salad set lunch.

No, she wasn't on diet. She just wanted to eat lots of veges, that's all. LOL

It was a nice lunch and we relaxed and took our time finishing our lunch before both Mommy and Daddy later going off to work and Son went back to lepak at his Granddad's house.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Birthday Trip To Japan

Mommy and Daddy visited Japan earlier in September to celebrate our wedding anniversary and come December, it was Son's turn.

We had our family trip in early December to celebrate both Son's birthday and also celebrate him finishing sitting for his PT3 exam. Regardless the results of his exam (the results wasn't announced yet when we traveled to Japan), we had planned the trip for him as a reward for his hard work in his studies throughout the year.

We flew on JAL this time and paid around RM1,570 per pax for the return trip.

For ground arrangement, everything including hotel stays, food, Nikko Train passes and also normal train fares when we were in Tokyo - it all came out to around RM5,300.00 in total (that's less than RM1,800 per pax). For a full 7 days activities.

And what fun it was too. This was our 17th or 18th visit to Japan so we weren't keen in rushing to cover too many places and we just aimed to have a leisurely time filled with hikes and enjoying the nature and onsens and later some time in Tokyo.

We hiked around Lake Chuzenji and managed to cover 16km in total and managed to view from near three magnificent waterfalls of Nikko - Kegon Waterfall, Ryuzu Waterfall and Yudaki Waterfall and walk through the marshland of Senjogahara.
And we even get to enjoy seeing fresh snow that had fallen around the higher elevation in Nikko too as we stayed at Yumoto Onsen with elevation of 1,487m above sea level.
We spent three nights in tatami rooms, in hotels with onsen facilities. Three nights with breakfast and dinner included with pretty decent rates.

At Son's request, we spent a night at a capsule hotel (which only cost us 2,000 yen per person per night!) and the rest of the nights at a business hotel in Asakusa. Our favourite part of town when in Tokyo. ^^
We managed to soak in onsens or hot baths everyday during our stay (more than once daily). Outdoor baths like this one or shared indoor ones at the capsule hotel or just the ofuro in our room when we stayed at the business hotel.
Enjoying local food is a must, of course.

It was nice to eat ekiben in the train from Asakusa to Nikko. Or eating grilled ayu fish and a bowl of suiton (dumplings cooked with veges in a bonito broth) at a makeshift stall in Nikko or a nice yuba meal (tofu skin) which is Nikko's specialty in a nice restaurant. Or a HUGE bowl of udon in Haneda airport or a nice grilled saba at Yayoi-ken or pasta and pizza at Saizeriya.
Son managed to spend a few days trawling Akihabara, looking for his favourite (not available in Malaysia) anime figures.

Mommy managed to find some races she could join during the vacation and managed a pretty decent time in it too. Hehehe
We were quite lucky to be in town when the Inui-mon (Inui Street) of Imperial Palace was opened to public for a duration of 9 days. 

We visited Imperial Palace on Monday and by that time, the crowd was a little bit less crowded that it was during the weekend.

It sure was a rare treat! Of course, buying omiyage from the Imperial Palace souvenir shop is a must for us!

The family even managed to meet up with Mommy's friend on the last day of our trip in Japan despite her friend's busy schedule.

I'll try to blog about the trip in detail soon, I hope. Or maybe not. I don't think I had blogged much about our September trip (Osaka-Wakayama) too, right? Hehehe

Day 1 : Nikko (Yumoto Onsen)
Day 2 : Nikko (Yumoto Onsen)
Day 3 : Nikko (Kinugawa Onsen)
Day 4 : Asakusa
Day 5 : Itabashi
Day 6 : Asakusa
Day 7 : Asakusa
Day 8 : Home

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

A Celebratory Dinner With The Family

Remember that the family went to Bentong because I joined the inaugural Bentong Half Marathon?

We didn't stay long because we had arranged to have dinner with Zaini's siblings and nephew & nieces later the same night.

Hubby had arranged it to celebrate both Son's birthday and also his PT3 results.

The family had wanted to eat sushi, so of course we brought them to our favourite Japanese restaurant - Miyagi in Bandar Baru Bangi. ^^
 Hubby's side of the family.
 For the dinner, I had kaki furai (fried oyster) with sushi set. Yums.
Rows of teppanyaki.

Hubby had seafood teppanyaki and Son had beef teppanyaki. Their favourite.
Son with one of his uncle and cousin.

He even received some nice birthday presents that night.

Although it was Son's birthday celebration dinner, there was no birthday cake. Son doesn't want any and so we didn't get one for him. 

It was a nice dinner with the family and glad to have everyone joining it. 

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Thank you Lembah Pantai!

PT3 results was announced last Thursday, and of course Son had already collected his results early on. He was quite nonchalant about it and the school; following NTUP directive on not celebrating top scorers at the school had no special ceremony on the day the results came out.
So we were quite surprised when Son informed us that one of his school teacher had asked for his parents' phone number. And more surprised when we received a call from MP Lembah Pantai office later that night.

There was a small ceremony held at Lembah Pantai MP office to celebrate the achievements of top scorers in UPSR and PT3 for students in Lembah Pantai.

Son was one of them!

And of course, YB Nurul Izzah was there to hand out the award and a small token for each students.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Lemang To'Ki And Chamang Waterfall In Bentong Half Marathon 1.0

I did something that I've been avoiding doing for almost the whole of 2017 and it's traveling outstation for a race.

I did two in December.

I ran in Japan while we were on holiday and did another run in Bentong last week. I'll try to muster a race recap on the Japan run soon (and maybe a few posts on the trip itself).
Bentong Half Marathon is a "special case" because it's so near to my hometown which is Raub so I figured I should at least go support the event and it's after PT3 results was announced too.  Plus it had a half marathon category. I probably would've think twice in entering if it's a 10K run only.

The flag-off time for all categories were changed a week before the event because of Muslim runners' request to delay it so that they can do their Subuh prayer without rushing. So from a 6am flag-off, it was changed to 6.45am.
I didn't pay much attention on the route or the elevation and only realised that it would be a hilly route the night before the race and I didn't exactly was training or running after returning from Japan! I took a whole week off from exercising after our return from Japan.

As a matter of fact, I had just started my first week of a 16-week training to prepare for an April's race this week. *die*

So without any plan or target, I just ran (and walked) plus enjoyed the scenery while chit-chatting with fellow runners along the route.

I arrived at the race site in Dataran Bentong at around 6.15am and was impressed when the emcee announced that Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai who is Bentong's ADUN and also the Minister of Transport had arrived 15 minutes before the half marathon category was flagged-off. I heard that the YB also joined the 5km category.
Link :
When I registered for the run (thanks to the generosity of Majlis Perbandaran Bentong, the event organiser and also Ten Senses, the technical team for the run), there were only Men Open and Women Open category for half marathon. Majlis Perbandaran Bentong was generous to later also added Veteran categories for Men and Women Half Marathon. Nice to note that they increase chances for runners to podium instead of cutting prize money and categories like what some other race organisers did.

Anyhooo... back to the run. 

We were flagged-off at 6.45am sharp and I was quite impressed by the number of the half marathon category participants. It was half of the total participants for all categories in Bentong Half Marathon. Quite a lot lah and strong runners were seen too. 
The first 2K was along the main road that leads to Raub. Although it's a busy street, the road was coned off and road marshalls (both event crew and Majlis' staff) ensured runners were running safely.

We then turned left at the junction where the famous Lemang To'Ki is located and ran in kampung. Malay kampung first and later Chinese kampung. 

The first water station (WS) was located at around 3.5km mark and was manned by really chirpy volunteers. As a matter of fact, all the WS at Bentong Half Marathon had awesome volunteers who were so proactive and energetic. Good job, peeps! Orang Bentong memang best lah!

We started to converge with 10K runners at around KM5 and that's where the hills started.  I had been running rather steadily up to KM6 but decided to start my walk breaks after that. Wahaha

A friend caught up with me and we started chatting and walking. We'd sometimes ran a bit, then walked a lot, then he go kacau runners, then we do crazy stuff like hitting a 4:30 pace for a bit, then we walked some more, selfies and stuff. All the while, I told him that Hubby probably would be so unimpressed with my goofing off. LOL
Photo credit : Jin 
Despite the late flag-off at 6.45am, the weather was so nice because we were surrounded by greenery. And we could see mists around us and in the forest. With birds chirping, cocks crowing and the occasional dogs barking, it was a really nice change from running in the city.
Photo credit: Allan
The road leading to Chamang waterfall was quite quiet but all along the route, we could still see cones put by the organiser. Distance markers were placed "countdown" style from 3K point. 

Only the first WS had lukewarm water served but the rest of the WS served cold mineral water and isotonics. WS at KM9 had bananas served and the one at the u-turn point at Chamang waterfall served apples. A volunteer even helped to rinse the apple before passing it to runners. Heavenlah! And there were mobile toilets placed at the WS! No need to go pee in the bushes. Ooops.
Photo credit : Bukhari
And of course, the highlight of the half marathon for me was running to Chamang Waterfall. Chamang waterfall area is closed during rainy season for safety reason so we were lucky to be allowed to enter the area and view the gushing waterfall. The organiser had put the checkpoint timing mat in a way that all runners had to run close to the waterfall and not miss a view of it.
I kinda waited for a few minutes for a friend to reach the spot because I wanted to take photo with the waterfall. I forgot to bring my SPI belt along and I didn't want to run with my handphone placed in my running skirt pocket so I decided to leave my handphone behind. Memang rugilah...
Selfies, wefies a bit, ate apple and it was an uphill attack after the checkpoint and u-turn back to the finish line. Luckily, after about 500m of incline, the route was all downhill and flat.

The weather was still nice and cooling until I reached the lower part and towards the end of the route.

Even for slow runners like me, I could see Majlis' people on motorbikes and also the Penguatkuasa car plying the route and checking on us. Didn't see the Mahamas ambulances though except during the early part of the run. They stayed put at one spot later, I think. (A 71 y.o. runner passed away during the run. Condolences to the family).

Got drama a bit lah,when I had like 6K to go and saw distance marker showed "10K runners, 8K to go". what? 8K to go? Got overdistance kah? Die. Like this sure I finished in more than 3 hours. Huhu

The next distance marker showed 6K and that meant, it was still gonna be overdistance. I did not want to run farther that day and I started feeling grumpy! Hahaha

But then, when I reached the last WS located opposite of the Chinese cemetery before we re-enter the town area, the distance marker showed 2K to go. And it's what my Polar watch showed too. I had reached 19K and supposedly had only 2K to go. Phew. Not overdistance after all.

And what relief to see the distance marker at the junction showing 1K to go. And the last distance marker showing 200m to go. The whole route ended up to be a bit underdistance after all. Not over.

Hubby was waiting about 150m from the finish line and was taking photos. He told me to hurry up and finish the run.

Since I was slow, I couldn't see any crew members or volunteers waiting at the finish line and runners were crowding the Finish Line arch  and taking photos so I kinda wasn't sure whether I had exceeded COT although I didn't think they'd put a sub3hr COT for this race.

I just ran crossing the arch, passed the timing mat (it was still in place) and didn't realise that I was supposed to go walk farther up ahead to the tent located at the edge of the Dataran to collect my medal so I went to the baggage area instead. I went to the Finisher tee tent and had to ask where to collect my medal. Hahaha adoi.
Another highlight of Bentong Half Marathon, apart from Chamang Waterfall was being able to enjoy Lemang To'Ki which was served to all participants of Bentong Half Marathon.

Syiok wor makan lemang with chicken rendang and also plates of bihun.

It was a nice run and the venue is not that far from KL so traveling to run in it wasn't a pain.
2017 is Bentong Half Marathon 1.0.

I hope there will be Bentong Half Marathon 2.0 in 2018. And organiser definitely should hold it again during durian season. Hahaha

Some photos taken at Bentong Half Marathon can be viewed at Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura Facebook page. Do LIKE and FOLLOW us for more race updates.

Thursday, 14 December 2017


The new 6,600 square feet store is the largest in the Southeast Asia region
13 December 2017, Petaling Jaya : SKECHERS USA, Inc (NYSE:SKX), a global leader in the lifestyle and performance footwear industry, opens its new Skechers™ City Outlet at the recently renovated IPC Shopping Centre, Mutiara Damansara. Covering a space of approximately 6,600 square feet, the new Skechers™ City Outlet will be the largest store for the athleisure brand in the Southeast Asia region. 

The new Skechers™ City Outlet format will feature a concept store, showcasing the latest collections of wearables, as well as various Skechers™ lifestyle and performance collections for Men, Women, and Kids. 

Skechers™ has won the hearts of Malaysians with its stylish and comfortable footwear collections such as Sport, D’Lites 2, Burst, USA, Bobs, Energy Lights, Twinkle Toes, the GOwalk and GOrunseries as well as performance apparels which include tops, tees, pants, bra tops and more.

Skechers™ collections are also endorsed by a list of celebrities including Korean hip-hop superstar Zico, Korean pop stars EXO, multi-platinum recording artist Meghan Trainor, pop star Camila Cabello, model and actress Kelly Brook, TV personality Brooke Burke-Charvet, and athletic legends like Sugar Ray Leonard, Ozzie Smith, and Howie Long. 

“We are thrilled to introduce this massive unique store space which was purpose built to showcase the newest designs as well as a variety of Skechers™ styles and great choices of colours available all under one roof. The new Skechers™ City Outlet is a reflection of the amazing position of our brand within the marketplace, having seen substantial growth in the local market share since its debut into the Malaysian scene,” said Vincent Leung, President of Skechers™ Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. 

Located at one of Petaling Jaya’s top shopping destination, IPC Shopping Centre, the new Skechers™ City Outlet will house more than 500 designs, offering the widest assortments of Skechers™ products available in a single outlet. The store displays will be categorised by men’s, women’s, kids, and apparel for a convenient shopping experience. 

Leung also stated that “We look forward to introducing more collection as well as stores throughout our retail network as we believe that the brand will continue to grow along with the expansion plans that we have put into place for 2018.”

Approaching the New Year with gusto, Skechers™ aims to be amongst the top 3 brands for the athleisure category, and maintain walking shoes as the market leader, whilst introducing new walking shoes collections with more fashionable elements and ultra-comfort materials. Skechers™ will continue to expand with 29 new stores next year, amounting to a total of 91 stores in Malaysia. 

For more information about Skechers™ Malaysia, visit or to be updated with the latest offerings from Skechers™, log on to

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Get Well Soon, Missyblurkit

A friend who is also a blogger and ultra-marathoner extraordinaire met with an accident early this morning. 
Evelyn or Missyblurkit was a 6-hour official pacer for Klang City Marathon and was badly hit by a car at around KM14 - KM16 (KCM said KM14, some runners said KM16) and is now in surgery at Hospital Sg. Buloh.

She is such a cheery person and will not hesitate to lend a helping hand to anyone.

And we wish her speedy recovery. 

You & I need to go run in Japan one day!

Friday, 1 December 2017

November Recap

November is quite an interesting month for me, racing wise.

I did something that I've never done before and that was entering the Fit in the City which was Celebrity Fitness & Fitness First's inaugural urban obstacle race and group exercise showdown on Nov 4th, 2017.
Then, the week after, I joined a race walking event.

And mark my word, the race walkers are damn fast. The top walkers walk faster than most of can run, even! And imagine doing 100km in 12-hours. Runners also may have a hard time getting that mileage for 12-hours.
And finally, I joined the inaugural KUL Marathon. 42K, 25K, 10K and 3K at and around KLIA!
November had been fun.

I tried new stuff, I met new friends, I enjoy my runs.

Now, I am certainly looking forward to December.

I just have 3 half marathons to do in December and those should be fun. ^^

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Seeking Musang King

We went back to my hometown in Raub for my Sis' engagement and our side activity was looking for DURIANs! Hahaha
We made a stop our way back to KL at the rows of durian stall next to BHP Petrol station and chose two durians.

Musang King at RM35/kilo
D24 at RM20/kilo.

The seller, upon realising that I wanted to take photos of the durian, adjusted it so the Musang King  durian "ulas" sat nicely like the photo above.

Pretty darn nice looking durian, right? And of course, so sedap too.
 As per the seller's advise, we start eating the D24 first.

This is very creamy and quite sweet.
And then followed by the Musang King.  Creamy with a slight bitter note.


And Son said he definitely prefer the Musang King better. Hehehe
So me happy lor finally get to eat durians.

I could've enjoyed them earlier but earlier this year, the price was so high, right?

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


PETALING JAYA, 17 NOVEMBER – The 2017 IRONMAN® Malaysia ended on a high note as close to 2,000 athletes raced across the island on 11 November to earn their title as a finisher. IRONMAN® Malaysia has operated the race since its return to the island in 2014. 

This year’s event in Langkawi saw more than 70% of registered athletes coming from over 60different countries. The Top 5 international countries were Japan, Singapore, China, Australia and Philippines. Thirty-five athletes from 19 countries in the professional category competed for qualifying points and personal best times, as well as the pot of USD 25,000 prize money. 

The high volume of local and international athletes that thronged Langkawi over the course of the 5-day race week certainly brought the island to life, at the same time boosting the tourism income and the livelihood of the island dwellers. 

“On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, I would like to congratulate the triumphant champions and the participants of IRONMAN® Malaysia as well as IRONMAN® 70.3 Langkawi for their pure determination and exceptional mettle to cross the finish line. I would also like to commend the organisers, World Endurance Malaysia and partners for successfully putting together a remarkable event; bringing together athletes, fitness enthusiasts, their family and friends, whilst placing Malaysia on the map for high level sports tourism,” said Datuk Zulkefli Haji Sharif, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) 
Frenchman Romain Guillaume, who was in command throughout the men’s race, grabbed his first win in IRONMAN Malaysia with a course record time of 8:32:53. He previously attempted the 2015 and 2010 editions, coming in 20th and 3rd place respectively. Denmark’s Jens Petersen-Bach showed the best running legs to move through to second less than four minutes behind the winner with German Roman Deisenhofer, in his first year as a pro, scoring his first podium in third place nearly eight minutes behind the winner. 

An emotional Guillaume said, “I’m really glad that I finally won the 2017 IRONMAN Malaysia title. I’ve experienced many setbacks while trying to win the most-coveted title in triathlon. I learned from my past years’ mistakes and made sure that I don’t repeat them again. I was motivated to come and participate again because Langkawi has a special place in my heart. The island is beautiful, and the people are friendly and nice. They were always cheering for me. I dedicate my win to my loved ones who have always been there for through my ups and downs. I promise to come again next year to defend my title. It’s nice to know that I also beat the record for this year.”
In the women’s race, German Diana Riesler extended her remarkable record-setting run with a fourth straight victory at IRONMAN Malaysia on the stunning island of Langkawi. All that stood between her and history was a solid marathon, which she achieved, winning in 9:19:00 to extend her outstanding record at Langkawi. 

Fellow German Mareen Hufe, who has established an outstanding record and is always tough late in the year finished second. While Riesler and Hufe are seasoned performers, there was joy for Frenchwoman Manon Genêt who earned her first podium in her rookie year as a professional, finishing third. 

“I’m very happy that I get to defend my title for the 4th time in a row,” exclaimed Riesler. “I do believe I have a special bond with Langkawi. The people are friendly and nice and I get to see sea gulls every time I’m here. I think that is pretty special. The three disciplines went well for me. I love the rain this time and managed to adapt to it in no time.

”IRONMAN® Malaysia offered 50 slots for the top athletes across all categories to the 2018 IRONMAN® World Championship in a roll down ceremony on 12 November, the morning after the race. The 2018 IRONMAN® World Championship will take place on 13 October 2018 on The Big Island of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. 

Lim Chee Yong, 20, who claimed the Best Langkawian Title again this year, came in 3rd in his Age Group with a finishing time of 11:45:24, earning him a slot for the 2018 IRONMAN® World Championship. Chee Yong has also made history to be the first Langkawian to qualify for the IRONMAN® World Championship. 

“This is my 2nd time participating in IRONMAN, and I’m very happy to have qualified for the 2018 IRONMAN® World Championship. I truly enjoyed the race yesterday. I had a very smooth swim, but it got quite hilly for the bike leg, and the rain cooled the temperature which helped to bring my heart rate down during the run,” said the island home boy who completed the race 12 minutes earlier than the year before. 

Top finishers in all age categories received trophies and celebrated during the Awards Night Dinner at the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa Langkawi later that night. Shahrom Abdullah claimed the title of Best Malaysian Male with 10:19:51, while Mei See Chin was named the Best Malaysian Female for the 3rd time, coming in at 11:34:23, improving her 2016 finishing time of 12:02:27. 

Other notable participants included 2016 IRONMAN Asia Ambassador Rupert Chen (10:24:27), who came in just under 5 minutes from rival Shahrom Abdullah, and Sepang International Circuit CEO Dato’ Razlan Razali (14:58:18), improving his finishing time of over an hour from the previous year. In the fringe event, 2017 IRONMAN® 70.3® Langkawi, 30 qualifying slots were also given out for the 2018 IRONMAN® 70.3 World Championship, which will be held in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa on 2 September 2018.

Malaysian racing driver, Nabil Jeffri finished first in his age group category (18 –24) for the 2017 IRONMAN® 70.3® Langkawi with a time of 05:24:55, which qualified him for a slot at the 2018 IRONMAN® 70.3 World Championship. Former national squash player, Azlan Iskandar (06:05:11), and iflix CEO Azran Osman Rani (05:47:57) were also amongst the participants in this year’s inaugural IRONMAN® 70.3® Langkawi. 

Geoff Meyer, Managing Director of IRONMAN Asia, said,“Congratulations to Romain Guillaume, Diana Riesler, and all the athletes who completed this year’s IRONMAN® Malaysia and IRONMAN® 70.3® Langkawi. They have truly demonstrated that anything is possible, core of the IRONMAN spirit. Their perseverance and strength was an inspiring watch for a great finish. The support from the triathlon community, sponsors and partners over the years has been genuinely amazing for IRONMAN. The people of Langkawi have truly contributed to the success and making this event their own; resulting to being one of the best on a global level.

”Another fringe event, the IRONKIDS race held on November 10, also saw over 200 kids aged 4 - 17 taking part in 3 distances; 500m, 1km and 1.5km dash along Cenang Beach, sharing the IRONMAN finisher’s arch to experience the finish line at the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa. IRONMAN Malaysia introduced the IRONKIDS race in 2015 to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to children. 

The race expo took place from November 8-12, and featured booths by sports and lifestyle exhibitors as well as the IRONMAN official merchandise.The 2017 IRONMAN® Malaysia Langkawi was supported by Malaysia Major Events (MME), a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia; Kedah State, Langkawi Development Authority (LADA), and Naturally Langkawi. 

For more information, visit 2017 


Monday, 27 November 2017

Pre-Departure Night At Hotel Sri Langit

I ran in KUL Marathon two Sundays ago, and since it was held at KLIA, we decided to put ourselves up in a hotel nearby instead of traveling back and forth for the race kit collection on Saturday then back again on Sunday.

Hotels near and around KLIA area (Sepang, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Nilai) is not exactly budget hotel priced cheap but one still can get a room for under RM200 per night. In comparison, Sama Sama Hotel which is just a stone throw away from the Main Terminal Building of KLIA has rooms at around RM500 - RM600 upwards. Gasps.

We selected Hotel Sri Langit because of its aviation themed rooms which is certainly something that set it apart from other budget hotel.
At the lobby.

Nice touch of using airline style chairs.
The corridor leading to the rooms.

In, it mentioned that some rooms have access to Hotel Sri Langit's Executive Lounge. Do not book a premium room if you want to use that facility. The Executive Lounge at 1st Floor has now been turned into a store. The gym there is still in use. There's two treadmill and a punching dummy (or something) in the gym.
We requested for a twin bed room and after being asked to wait, we were given this room. Adui.

Hubby wanted to change but we decided to let it go.

Maybe all the twin rooms are allocated for the Indonesian Umrah travel group lah.

Cleanliness is a bit iffy here. I would advice parents to not let their kids roll around on the carpeted floor. Seriously.
The bathroom area. The shower door seemed to be slightly on the "mau rosak" side but we love the shower here.

Nice pressure and so syioklah take shower here.
Amenities provided.

Mineral water.
3-in-1 coffe mix.
Shower cap & cotton bud.

No mini bar (empty or filled) here.

There's a cafe next to the lobby and also a convenience store.

A mamak shop is located right across the hotel.

Other than that, and a few other budget hotels around the area, the area is pretty quiet.

But since our main objective was for me to avoid waking up at midnight just to travel to KLIA to run a 25km in KUL Marathon; this hotel pun bolehlah...

Monday, 20 November 2017

Running In Malaysia's Own Airport Marathon

So yeah, I ran in KUL Marathon last weekend. Not the whole 42.195km (or 42.915km as printed on the bib. Heh) but a “mere” 25K.

The marathon was part of Malaysia Airport’s 25th Anniversary celebration so I figured it’s just nice to run in the 25K category and avoid needless suffering of doing 42K. Wakaka
There were 4 categories offered in KUL Marathon:
Full Marathon which was flagged-off at 3.00am (die, my tummy would have protested royally if I join this)
25K which was flagged off at 4.30am (slightly better but still die. Tummy wasn’t happy also)
10K which was flagged off at 6.30am (should’ve done 10K instead. Mana tau can podium. wakaka)
3K which was flagged off at 7.00am

I was told earlier that the numbers of participants were kept low (it had 3,000 participants this time) because it was their inaugural marathon and the organiser wasn’t looking for huge numbers of participants. I have to say, despite the “low” numbers, it felt just nice for me to run with the 25K category crowd. I was never running alone along the 25K route.

I had planned to do at least 3 runs the week leading to KUL Marathon as training but things happened and I didn’t run at all until that Sunday itself. Admittedly, the big part of not putting any run at all that week was due to laziness and not trying hard enough. In short – malas. Hahaha

Anyways, the excuses were, I wanted my blister that formed during MKH 12-hour to recover first. Then I had a few deadlines to meet and I decided to give those priority over my run. Then I reached home late. Then, it rained at night. Then, overslept on Saturday morning and I didn’t want to run when it’s hot outside dy. You know, all kind of excuses. Hahaha

The family decided to check-in to a hotel near KLIA, in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi on Saturday as we also needed to collect my race kit (REPC) at KLIA before race day. I figured, might as well turn it into a trip instead of traveling back and forth on Saturday for the race kit collection and then for the race day itself on Sunday.

On Sunday, we parked our car at the Long Term Car Park (LTCP). Malaysia Airport had allowed free parking there for KUL Marathon’s participants. We then boarded the free shuttle bus to the Departure Hall at KLIA.

It was really interesting to experience flag-off at the Departure area itself and we were flagged-off in front of Gate 8 of the Main Terminal Building. There were even announcements made in the building itself (ala announcement for departure/arrival) for the KUL Marathon participants. Nice touch.

Another nice thing about flag-off from the Main Terminal Building was that clean toilet (with running water) wasn’t an issue. Me likey!

I was still recovering from my cough and flu and 15 minutes before flag-off, I had to dash to the toilet to vomit. Bluerk. Good thing I brought along some bread so I ate one after vomiting my breakfast that I had earlier, at the hotel. Huhu

I had wondered whether I should really start the run or DNS (do not start) but decided I might as well just run a bit and see how things go. After all, woke up so early already for the run. Waste money also for a hotel stay. Hehe

I dunno whether I heard wrong but I kept hearing the lady emcee announcing there’d be 4 (FOUR!) water stations along the route. Die. That meant what, one every 6K or so? Then it was warm up time which unfortunately for me was a yawn. I mean, we don’t need Zumba lah, for warm up but at least make it interesting and loud and clear…

Although it was still dark, I like seeing the control tower as our view during the first km or so. As I haven’t been training and I didn’t know how my legs would behave after doing MKH 12-hour the week before so I ran at a very, very prudent pace and effort.

Despite that, I felt a niggle around my left ankle (I wanted to tape it earlier but forgot) and it wasn’t comfortable. As we reached the LTCP area at around 2km, I really wished I could just dash over to the car park and wait for Hubby there instead of continuing my run. But then I figured, if I stop, I wouldn’t have anything to write or review about the race, right? And when one was generously given a slot by Ten Senses, who was the technical team for KUL Marathon, there’s a certain obligation to run in it. Hur hur

Traffic control was really good, all along the 25K category. Traffic cones were placed all along the route and there were marshalls at junctions and also marshalls (and police cars plus medic) patrolling along the route too.

The water stations (which I mentioned earlier as announced by the lady emcee as 4 throughout the route – Hubby opined she must have announced the water stations for 10K. Ya ya ya) turned out to be placed at every 2.5km! Very very generous. But 25K runners didn’t have it as nice as the FM runners lah. They got apples la, teh ais la, bread la… Jeles.

Just like always, for the benefit of my problematic tummy, I avoided 100-plus served at the water stations and just drank water. There were ice-cold sponges and bananas served at one of the water station (was it at KM12.5?) but I skipped those too.

For 25K category runners, we only came across one Petronas station along the route and that was after our u-turn at KM14. Some runners had done their Subuh solat at makeshift areas (cardboards were put aside for us) before reaching KM14 but some dashed toward the Petronas station to do it (or their toilet stop). There was a prayer tent just up ahead from the Petronas station with sejadah and telekung provided.

Anyhoo, I was still unsure whether I could finish the damn 25K at first, despite already running in it. But after 5K, it was like – a point of no return. Mana mau stop? We were in the middle of nowhere dy. And with no traffic coming on our side of the road other than medic and marshall. Sure cannot call Hubby to pick me up.

So I plodded on very slowly and being very mindful as not to tire myself out early. A friend from GC passed me at some point and it was hard to miss him as he was wearing GC’s bright pink t-shirt.

Lucky for me, the route was really kind for those who didn’t train because it was rather flat with just a few bumps here and there to make it a bit “interesting”. I probably could’ve just run up all the incline but I didn’t. Malaslah Hahaha

I chose to walk up the inclines but not too much because whenever I walked for too long, I’d start my coughing fit. To avoid that, no choice lor. Run lor. Slow also never mind lor.

But after the u-turn and 14km of running, I looked at my watch and I had done it in 2-hours. Damn slow. But I consoled myself with the fact that I was still running (with a bit of walking) rather steadily up to that point.

It was after KM17.5 water station that I decided that I didn’t feel all that bad and maybe I should stop goofing off and start running faster and aimed to reach 21K in 3-hours because that’s the cut-off for my next half marathon in December. A belated target, late in the run. Later, after reaching 21K, I made another target. To reach 25K below 3hour 35 minutes. Baru nak lari betul-betul. Haha

A number of runners had by now reduced to walking or some with spurts of running and walking but I decided to up my pace and only stopped when I approached water stations.

One of the nice thing about running in KUL Marathon was that we could see airplanes flying above us and I managed to see FIVE above me! One when we were approaching KM3 and the rest just as we were approaching KM19. It was fun. It’s not often we get to see airplanes flying above our head like that, right?

Before the u-turn at KM14, we were running with virtually no traffic (except when we head out from the airport terminal area and roundabout lah) but traffic was busier (and fast!) after KM14. Dashing to cross the road to get to Petronas Station was scary.

It was good that traffic cones were placed throughout the route but speeding cars that passed so near beside our lane was kinda scary. Equally scary was to see runners running so near to the outer side of the closed-off lane and seemingly quite unperturbed at speeding cars just inches away from them.

We were served cold mineral water and 100-plus at all the water stations but the last two water stations ran out of paper cups when I got there. Some runners (including me) resorted to picking up paper cups from the trash, washed them and re-used them again. We did that instead of chugging mineral water out of the 1.5ltr bottle. I wasn’t annoyed over this because it’s rather understandable experience for slower runners like me but what got me annoyed was to see the timing mat fella at the last CP puffing away without nary a care. Can someone please have an SOP that ban crew members and volunteers from smoking during an event? In front of runners?

We later converged with the 10K runners about 2.5km to the finish line and I had to wait a bit to drink at the last water station because some 10K runners asked the volunteers to fill up their water bottles instead of drinking from paper cups. I have to say, the last water station was undermanned with the deluge of 10K runners coming along with 25K runners.

It was here that I saw a long traffic jam as we ran towards the finish line. No honking at the runners but I heard some irate drivers asking volunteers about the jam. I hope nobody cursed the volunteers that day.

Malaysia Airport, in my opinion, need to blast more information about the marathon prior to the race day and that needs include any road closure that might affect other airport users. The info we get through the Malaysia Airport Facebook page was sparse and we only see more a few days prior to the event.
Back to the race, with just a few hundred metres from the Finish Line, I saw Hubby making his way back to the Finish Line because it had started drizzling. But lucky for me, he turned around and saw me approaching and dashed back to take my photos. Hehe

Then it was a dash towards the Finish Line, jostling with other 10K runners. One actually elbowed me. Haih.
After crossing the Finish Line, the volunteers asked 25K runners to collect their medals and finisher tees at the tent farther up as the ones given out at the Finish Line were for 10K runners.

I took one bottle of mineral water and two bananas and head out to the Finisher Items tent. Hubby helped to queue for some bihun goreng for me while I queued for Teh Ais. Alas, the teh ais ran out while I was still queueing. Despite telling Hubby I didn’t want to eat, I managed to wallop the bihun goreng clean. Lapar juga rupanya. ^^
We stayed behind and cheered for marathoners for a bit before making our way back to our hotel.

All in all, it was a nice run for me. It was a pleasant surprise for me to discover that despite not running (and not working out at all) for a week, I still managed to run – albeit at a much slower pace; rather comfortably and still felt good at KM25. I kinda felt that I could still run more (and maybe do 42K heh heh).

And that’s probably how I should feel anyway for a non-target race. Unlike after Newton 30K or UM24 where I was ready to declare I’d stop running long distance after finishing them. LOL

KUL Marathon made me yearn for more and I guess that’s good as I do need to prepare for my December races. Jangan malas training! Hahaha

Kudos to Malaysia Airport for their inaugural marathon. Of course there are pros and cons in the event – just as I had written above but overall, it was a good event. I had a fleeting thought to suggest a midnight marathon but then, if they do it, we won’t be able to see much airplanes (because it’s dark) and I couldn’t take much photos too. Haha

I hope the next edition won’t be about numbers game but rather aiming for a quality marathon event. And I will be back to run with the airplanes again.

Congrats to everyone who finished their run yesterday, regardless the distance.

And thank you to Malaysia Airport, the technical team, crews, medic, traffic police, Malaysia Airport staff and volunteers for a great run experience for me (drama and all).

p.s SCKLM will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next year, so I totally should run 10K in SCKLM 2018 to celebrate its anniversary, right?

Some photos taken during the KUL Marathon 2017 can be viewed at Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura Facebook page.

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Weekend Makan For MKH 12-Hour Walk

This was last weekend's story. ^^

Trying to avoid gastric problem like I experienced when I was about to do UM24, I tried to avoid similar experience the weekend that I was doing the MKH Kajang International 12-Hour Walk by being rather careful of my food intake.
That meant, something unadventurous and tummy friendly like this plate of Nasi Ayam. Hehehe

This is what I had for lunch on Saturday and later for dinner, just filet-of-fish at McDonald's.

This despite us, being in Kajang where there are plenty of food abound and of course satay too!

Satay Kajang just had to wait for later.
The family and I checked-in to Prescott Hotel in Kajang so I can have a relaxing day and take my time before  heading to race site later at night.
It was just across the street from the race venue and we could see the  venue from our hotel room!

Room wise - OK lah. Nothing to shout about. But it's good that I booked the hotel room because during the race, I didn't feel sheepish at having to use the hotel toilet. Hahaha
We had initially planned to go to Miyagi Japanese Restaurant on Sunday to celebrate me finishing the 12-hour walk, getting 13th place in Women Open and also managing to complete 64km but then we decided to eat gulai kampung instead.

So we stopped at Restoran Gulai Kampung in Bangi and enjoyed a really nice (but of course spicy) masak lemak ikan keli and masak lemak daging salai.

It was yummy!
Hubby and Son had enjoyed satay Kajang at Satay Rono while I was doing the 12-hour walk and I finally get my satay later on Sunday night.

And use the prize money I received from my 13th placing to celebrate lah!

Not satay Rono and no satay kambing but Satay King is equally nice and we enjoyed some beef satay.

Maybe w'll go makan sat Satay Rono after I ran in KUL Marathon this weekend lah.

And maybe go find some durians too. ^^


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