Thursday, 30 March 2017

Chawan On A Rainy Night

It's been raining almost every evening lately so I decided to just run at the gym. Because rain also causes massive jam to go home, we decided to eat dinner before we head home.

We had dinner at Chawan in Bangsar on Wednesday night.

Wet nights made me hanker for soupy things and not any soupy things either. Curry soup.

 So I ordered curry laksa.

OK lah, but not exactly the type of curry I was looking for.

Hubby said I should've ordered what he and Son had ordered instead.
While the two boys had nasi tomato with beef rendang.
View from the other side of the plate.

Decent portion. Rendang gravy was OK but beef chunks were too big and tasted a bit bland. The spices didn't seem to soak into the beef. 
Chawan has quite a selection of local coffee served, but since it was already night time (a weekday at that), I didn't order any coffee.

I had longan drink (good amount of longan) while hubby and Son had teh o ais and teh o ais limau.

The damage was RM68.80.

If only Restoran Berjaya opens till evening, then I can have a good, decent curry mee for a fraction of Chawan price. Huhuhu


  1. Wah like that also cost merely RM70. But that plate with Beef Rendang is nice.

    1. Wah!!! I wouldn't call it "merely" myself! Mahal lah! LOL

  2. Yum yum! I love nasi tomato :)

  3. I have not visited this outlet for a long time. I must visit it again.

    1. What's your favorite there?



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