Friday, 30 June 2017

Going Korean For Father's Day

Father's Day for 2017 fell during the Ramadan month so it was dinner celebration for us.

We drove over to Cyberjaya but instead of going to Arab Restaurants there like we usually do, if we go to the area; we went there to eat Korean food.

To Ko Hyang to be exact.
We're more familiar with the one in Gardens Mall, KL but i was our first time eating out at the outlet in Cyberjaya.

It's a proper restaurant and located at Shaftbury Square (do google up the place yourself. This is an unpaid post. Muahahah)
Instead of calling the restaurant to reserve a table, I simply book our table through "Book a table" on their FB page.

Mighty handy. I received both an email alert and also SMS reminder after making my booking, complete with my booking reference number. It alerted me about my reservation too.

Anyways, we pretty much had the usual thing which we enjoyed...
Hubby ordered the O Jing Eo Bokkem (stir fried squid set).
Son had the Bulgogi bokkem (stir fried marinated beef) set.
And I had the soon dubu jigae (soft tofu stew).

The place was rather quiet but there were still a number of buka puasa diners during dinner.

It was good that we also enjoyed 15% discount by paying with our MBB credit card. (Gardens Mall outlet payment term is cash only)

An enjoyable dinner and a nice, quiet one too. ^^


  1. I want the squid set. But need ti refrain for time being due to my allergy. Should be able to enjoy next week.

  2. Nice sharing, dear! Didn't celebrate Father's Day this year cause son was in camp. Sigh!

    Btw, come join our Giveaway to Win for yourself or your loved ones the Spring Breeze Worth $72 that comes with their signature rustic mason jar! xoxo

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Shirley ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. lina,

    "An enjoyable dinner and a nice, quiet one too. " this is the best, I like.

    I bought a father's day cake for my Jino, and we went for a seafood lunch together with my in-law family. A very simple one as well.

    1. Hope you had fun at TRR Night Run ๐Ÿ˜€



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