Friday, 30 April 2010

To The National Museum

If you read my previous post about us having breakfast at Lake Garden, now it's time for a Muzium Negara (National Museum) post. After strolling at Lake Garden, we went to The National Museum which is located next to it.
We walked through the gate to get to the other side where the museum is located. A short tunnel, which was a good thing because the tunnel was rather dark and not properly maintained. Lots of graffiti (nothing obscene though) on the walls of the tunnel.
Passing by the auditorium at the Museum we saw an iconic public transport that served many KLites including myself way back when. The pink BMW (Bas Mini Wilayah) that can take you anywhere you want in KL for a mere 60sen per ride. I remembered hanging on for dear life on the stairs while the bus zipped along the KL road. The buses were almost always packed and yet I prefer to use them because the drivers drove like mad men and can really get you to your destination fast. They were called a menace to other road users but I was always thankful for the service these BMW provided all those years. These pink buses stopped serving the city folks in 1998.
 The murals at the National Museum. One mural highlight the country's history and another highlights the nation's cultural diversity.
When we got there, the Museum wasn't open yet so we strolled around the compound. There was a group of secondary school students from a nearby school coming for a school trip. Students in uniform are exempt from entrance fee as do children under the age of twelve.

Some photos we took outside the museum before going to the Coffin Exhibition:
A hop-on hop-off bus for tourists' convenience, making a stop right at the Museum. Pretty convenient way to sightsee places in KL.
A Sekoci boat, used by fisherman in Terengganu. Love the vibrant colour and details.
An old Keretapi Tanah Melayu train.

There were other exhibits that one can see around the museum compound and we stopped to look at a few, but when there were tour groups arriving, we made our retreat and waited for the exhibition hall to open instead. I'm sorry but sometimes I find tour groups and their loud guides annoying especially when I was trying to appreciate the place slowly and quietly.

Both the museum with permanent exhibition and the coffin exhibition (there was an ASEAN exhibition on too, by the way) opens at 9.00am.

Photos of the coffins next.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Breakfast At Lake Garden

Last Saturday, Raimie had to attend a replacement class at his school. After sending him off to school at 7.30am, Zaini and I went to the nearby Lake Garden. Usually we'd spend a few hours at Lake Garden jogging or doing light exercises there until it is time to pick up Raimie at around 12.00pm.

This week, we went there and had a nice, leisurely stroll around the park. Then, we decided to have a late breakfast at one of the cafe.
It was nice having breakfast (or lunch) under shady trees at the cafe. Plenty of people came to eat after having their morning exercise. The cafe opens at 8.30am, so for those looking for an early morning cup of teh, you have to look elsewhere.
Malay kuih for breakfast, anyone?
Zaini and I had Nasi Ambang. A packet of the really nice meal cost only RM4.50. Nasi Ambang or Ambeng is a traditional Javanese food, and is commonly served to be eaten on a "dulang"/tray and shared amongst guests. The last time Zaini and I enjoyed Nasi Ambang that way was during a homestay program in Banting. Sharing your meal on the same plate might be something to get used to, because I've seen some participants on the homestay program who were not completely comfortable eating that way.

Nasi Ambang will usually have chicken, sambal goreng, coconut serunding, fried mihun, fried salted fish and tempe (fermented soy bean).
A cleanup of everything. Burp! Sure beats eating Nasi Lemak.
We were still hungry and decided to share a bowl of Mee Sup. The broth of the Sup tulang was really nice and it came with two piece of bones for us to nibble at the meat on the bones. A bargain at only RM4.00 per bowl.
From my seat, I had a direct view of the public toilet. There are a few toilets scattered around the park, but if please bring spare change because it is 20sen per entry!

Having amenities such as rests areas with cafes, mussola, toilets, benches at the park is sure convenient for visitors and most of them are adequately maintained but I wish the water coolers at the children park can actually be used and have water running instead of serving as a cute but useless ornament at the park.

For this visit to Lake Garden, we also went to the nearby National Museum to take a look the current exhibition which is The Coffin Exhibition : Tradition & Mystery. That'll  be on my next post.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Size Does Matter

As always, if the boys decided to head to Carl's Jr for dinner, I would opt out from ordering any burgers. Not that their burgers aren't nice; I love their burgers, but the burgers are too HUGE for me! I think my stomach had shrank so much that its capacity has greatly diminished so I can't finish anything in big portions.

Rather than subject Zaini to eat more and help me finish my food, I always opted for salad when eating at any American joint. So, salad for dinner for me because size does matter and big is no good for me - food wise that is. *wink wink*
The boys' dinner - Teriyaki burger for Zaini and Western Charboiled Cheese Burger for Raimie. My growing boy had no problem finishing his burger.
My dinner - grilled chicken salad (or something).
Skinny Raimie has some room left in his tummy, and he finished up the chicken in my salad because I left the chicken aside. I'm not too crazy about chicken anyway.

We didn't linger for too long because we had to be back home early as Raimie had Saturday school, but before heading home, the boys decided to check out some Gachapon (capsule) toys in Jusco.
Zaini got for himself a Bleach toy and Raimie got a Kamen Rider W.
Early night for Raimie because he had to attend school though he is none too happy about it! 

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sports Day!

No sleeping in for us today. We woke up early because it was Sports Day at Raimie's school. Despite the fact that he missed school for two weeks due to chicken-pox, three weeks before the Sports Day; he entered two events. Lucky for us and the rest who attended the sports day (children, teachers and parents alike) the day wasn't that hot so the heat was quite bearable.

Because Zaini is no longer a PIBG (PTA) member (he didn't attend the AGM in March), he wasn't involved in any judging or prize giving this year. It's going to be a quiet year for Zaini at Raimie's school this year; not being a PIBG member as he won't need to attend so many meetings, events or activities.
The respective sports houses being decorated with their respective colours. There seems to be quite a number of trainee teachers at his school this year, and they were pretty busy and excited organising and handling the sports day.

Each student got fried rice for breakfast before the start of the event, sponsored by the school canteen operator. Raimie, having had his breakfast at the Mamak earlier with us, opted out from taking the packed breakfast.
Raimie with one of his friends, Nicholas.

Unlike Raimie who always, always ignore us when we were at his school; all his friends are really friendly with us. To take this photo, I called out Nicholas for a photo and he roped in Raimie. My cool son doesn't think it's cool for his parents to be around him at school and he is not even a teenager yet! 
Raimie with his relay team waiting for their turn to compete. He was the second runner in his team unlike last year when he was chosen as the last runner.

Watching the lower primary students (the 7 and 8 year olds) competing in their 4x50m dash was pretty hilarious.  We saw runners lost in their own world and missed the start, wrongly passed batons - runners passed batons to rival members and even one who didn't run when he got the baton. We parents had a good laugh watching them.
Parents flocking by the side of the track, eagerly snapping away the children's race. I only took a few. I didn't check our camera's battery and it was low so I had to resort to using my handphone camera.

Raimie didn't enter any individual events and the two events he was in were team events. His team got 1st place in one and 3rd place in the other. Raimie dear, try harder next year! Make Papa (who used to compete on MSSM level way back when - I need to mention this because I'm such a show-off. Yahaha!!!) proud.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Little Bit Of Jealousy?

Raimie has two cousins in both sides of my family and two new cousins on the way pretty soon too!
Raimie and Kimi enjoying good splashing time together.
"Big brother" watching intently what "Little Brother" is doing.

Anyway, he loves playing with his little cousins and he does try to act like a big brother (a rather dorky big brother. LOL). However, there was one time when I agreed to babysit my nephew and let him stay overnight at our house but Raimie was a bit unhappy about it. He asked me why his cousin, Kimi isn't sleeping at his own house. Seems like it's OK for Kimi to come visit, share his toys and such but when Kimi wants to stay over, Raimie wasn't too happy. Did I sense a little bit of jealousy from Raimie? He is after all, an only child. I wonder how he would react if he has a little brother/sister? Not that we are planning for a new addition though!

Kimi didn't stay overnight because his mom had a change of plan so Raimie didn't have to share his Mom with Kimi after all. XD

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Blogging In The Dark

Now that Raimie has already recovered from chicken pox and attending school as normal, we are back to staying at my FIL's house on school nights, because his house is near to Raimie's school and to my office too. It's pretty convenient and we don't waste time traveling home every night but convenience comes at a price for me. Instead of enjoying my time watching Korean shows while bloghopping like when I'm at home, I have to do so in the dark because Raimie is sleeping.

Raimie sleeps in the same room with us because all other rooms are occupied. Here, I'm staying with 5 men! Zaini's dad and his older brothers stays here too.

I don't like sitting in the hall with the others because one of my brother-in-law chain smokes and it sure is not nice to catch a whiff of his smoke. 

Not that I'm complaining (much) but it is a relief to be back to our own home on Friday night and not having to stare at the screen in the dark. Suffice to say, I miss my home (and the fact that I don't need to wear as much clothing in the privacy of my own home. LOL)

Spending each night staring at the screen in the dark - no wonder my eyesight is getting worse!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Playing Shop - An Upgrade

When I was small, I love playing shop. Me and my neighbourhood friends would just pluck plants from the yard for stuff to sell and buy and also as money. Sometimes we'd raid the kitchen for items to sell too but doing that would incur the wrath of my mom.

If Raimie is cooped up in the house, he loves playing make believe and his favourite is playing shop as a restaurateur. Both Zaini and I are usually coerced to be his customers.

He would draw out menus (complete with price), make the food item from plasticine - those cheap 1 colour bar pack (I'm afraid we never got around buying expensive clay for him like Play-Doh or such); but unlike my childhood where we used leaves or scraps as money, my son would give us a card each (his Ultraman playing card, no less) and told us they are credit cards for us to use for payment. Talk about changing time! He's playing shop complete with make believe credit cards, charge accounts, scanners and the whatnot!

Anyway, glad to inform that after two weeks being confined in the house because of chicken-pox, he can finally go to school on Monday. And luckily, the scar wasn't that bad and barely noticeable.

But because of the chicken pox, I don't think he'll be involve in any sports event for his school's sports day next week on Saturday. 

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Something In The Mail - Again!

I'm such a show-off. Show off about my new watch, my new notebook and now - show off about a souvenir I received in the mail! Bear with me. It's just I'm always happy when someone think of me.

In the mail today was a key chain of a vial filled with star sand from Okinawa. The "sand" is actually the tiny skeletons of sea creatures, but it resembles grains of sand. Star sand is said to bring happiness and is a very popular souvenir there.

I am so blessed with having great blogging friends who are not only friendly and supportive but also generous. All the gifts I received from these friends have a special place on my worktable, so that I can look at them and think of all the great friends (many of whom I have yet met) and feel happy, just like this star sand is said to bring.

Kak Lela, thanks for the souvenir. Maybe someday, we'll set foot in Okinawa and go to the beach ourselves. 

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A New Toy For Me

I got myself a new toy a month ago and since then have been pre-occupied, so much so that I've been abandoning my blogs for awhile now.

Blame it to my obsession with a Korean variety show, 1N2D because I got this new toy so that Raimie and I won't be fighting over who get to use the notebook. 

But sometimes Raimie gets annoyed with me because I used both notebooks at the same time.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

It's Always Nice To Get A Suprise

I've been wearing my Winnie The Pooh watch (the one in the bottom of the photo) which I bought at Disneyland for 4 years now. It went dead a couple of months ago, but instead of changing its battery, I just wore a dead watch around. Haha

I only have one watch at a time because I couldn't care less coordinating my wardrobe and my watch to match each other. How many watches do you have?

Either Zaini was exasperated with me wearing a non-functioning watch or he took pity on me, he bought me a new one. We went together to a watch shop on Friday but I thought he wanted to buy a new watch for himself. He asked me which watch I like and myself not thinking much about it, just pointed to a likely looking one without looking at the price tag. I was pretty shocked when he told the guy that he'll take it. (Maybe I should've pointed to a watch that cost a few thousand instead. LOL).

Thanks Dearie! :)


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