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Taking ETS To Jitra

It's Friday and I'll be taking the ETS train to Kedah  later tonight!
Wooohhooo! There's an obstacle race called BDB Challenge 2018 where participants need to run 8K and go through 8 obstacle challenges along the route.

I'm not going there as a participant this time, but rather as their behind-the-scene social media partner and kepoh-kepoh at the obstacle race. We're not mainstream media so our attendance to the event will just be show face and show support to friends only lah.

It's gonna be a short trip for me but I'm looking forward to both riding ETS and heading to Jitra, Kedah!

Please visit this blog and also Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura Facebook page for more updates and photos on BDB Challenge 2018.

Getting Bicycles To Africa By Putting On Mileage

A friend's company that is based in Switzerland had this charity drive for their staff, family & friends to provide bicycles to the children of Burkina Faso.
I won't go much into the details of the charity drive by its foundation other than we were encouraged to log in miles by either running, walking, hiking or cycling and for each mile, the foundation will contribute a certain amount to the program and in turn for the bicycles.
It took about a fortnight for the company's staff all around the world to rally and raise $40,000 and the foundation had increased their target to $50,000. At the moment, they're already reached 95% of the target.
I got onboard two days before Raya when my friend asked who'd be interested to join and although I haven't been raking in lots of mileage, I was glad to be able to contribute even just a little bit. We logged in our miles through an app and to make it more fun, we can share photos of our workout for others to see, to mot…

LIT Run With Peter Davis: Have A Carnival And Enjoy Yourself For A Good Cause!

Shah Alam is about to be LIT with Kuala Lumpur’s most glowing event of the year!

LIT Run is Malaysia’s first and greatest neon themed carnival & 5KM charity fun run COMBINED. Whether you participate for a good cause or an entertaining family/friends weekend activity, this event is guaranteed to be glowingly UNFORGETTABLE!
This anticipated 5KM Charity Fun Run / Carnival is guaranteed to not be just another BASIC Fun-Run; this run combines charity, sports, food, lifestyle and EVERYTHING MILLENIAL.
From its futuristic neon theme to its glitzy glam carnival feel, this run is definitely going to be the talk of town. For a thrilling yet laidback Saturday with your family or friends filled with food that entices the most delicate taste-buds, an unforgettable carnival experience, lucky draws and a flashy fun run, look no further than LIT Run. RUN WITH Peter Davis & GLOW IN NEON! 5KM Charity Fun Run (14th July)Food & Vendor BazaarCarnival ActivitiesLive PerformancesLucky Draws &…

My New Sony Alpha Toy

I've been so busy with my freelancing jobs during my spare time (i.e. when I'm not at my full time work) and I've also started a new training plan for my races ans I know, this blog has been neglected quite a bit.
But, I managed to get myself a camera upgrade - to replace my 9-year old Sony NEX camera. 9 years old! I shopped around and finally made a purchase for a Alpha 6000 Sony through Lazada. 
I'm not interested to lug around a big body DSLR, no matter how "pro" I may look like with it and this Sony Alpha model is good enough for me. The body is compact but it meets almost all my requirements, which are not a lot anyway. Haha
I haven't had time to get it out for a spin yet despite receiving it last week but I hope I'll be able to test it soon.

Raya Meal At IKEA

After a few days of Raya fares, the family started to have a hankering for something different and definitely non-raya. Hahaha
So, we headed to IKEA Cheras for lunch. As always, IKEA was packed with people and so was the food court. But then, Hubby chose Nasi Arab and a plate of 15 meatballs which he shared with Son. I somehow forgot to take a photo of the meatballs. We also shared a bowl of mushroom soup.  I had the salmon fillet with mash potato and mixed vege with the awesome chive sauce. And we ended our meal with free coffee (IKEA member mah) and this delicious almond cake.
Then we browsed through the store to look for a new sofa to replace our old IKEA sofa which we bought 15 years ago. The sofa is still in good condition but we wanted something different, to make it easier to vacuum underneath it (robot vacuum cleaner, for instance) and also make it easier to look for the kittens if they went hiding underneath it. LOL

Remembering Evelyn 100 Days

It was the 100th days of Evelyn's a.k.a Missyblurkit passing last weekend and her friends had organised a run in her memory on Saturday.
Later that evening, her hubby had organised a get-together with her family and friends to remember and celebrate her memory. It was a great gathering with her family and friends, and true to Evelyn's limitless joyful and exuberant spirit, everyone was happy meeting everyone.
We had fun especially clowning around at the photo booth!  Her megawatt smile and generosity will always be remembered.
Her memory will always be treasured.
Thank you Dennis for allowing us to celebrate her memory with all of you, last weekend.

0% GST

There are all sorts of news when GST went into zero rate on June 1st.
There were reports of retailers and F&B outlets hiking up their prices regardless...
But for me, I am enjoying the benefit buying groceries at AEON and AEON Big and my personal care items at Guardian and Watson's because they got cheaper! Even the two kiddo's food get cheaper.
Pro Diet wet pouch which was usually priced at RM1.50 at AEON is now priced at RM1.41. I got them at only RM1.37 recently at AEON Big.
And this month, Smart Heart is on promo at AEON for a mere RM1.19! Hubby usually buys them at a vending machine near Jaya One for around RM1.30 but the machine doesn't get replenished often.
Because the two kiddos will always be eating anyway, I cleared AEON's shelf off ALL their Smart Heart Kitten food today. Hahaha
It's not that easy to find Kitten wet pouch compared to the adults' variety so whenever there's promotion, we'll hoard them.
Anyways, I've been posting thei…

Siblings Buka Puasa At Kafe Chendana, Dewan Bahasa Pustaka

We try to organise a buka puasa get together at least once during Ramadan with our siblings because well, Hubby and I don't really see them often otherwise.
You know lah, me and whatever shenanigans that I got myself into, that keep the family occupied on most weekends and Son is also busy with his school activities that kinda made lepaking with the clan a bit hard for us. That and I also freelance and that do take up a lot of my free time outside of my normal 9-6 working hours. 
Anyway, with the help of my younger sis, we found a good place for this year's family buka puasa. Alas, two siblings couldn't make it because they live in Pahang but the other four of my siblings and their family were there. We foud a very good deal at Kafe Chendana, located at Dewan Bahasa Pustaka.
We managed to book with the early bird rates and paid only RM30 per pax for adults and RM15 per pax for children. That is cheap! Considering most wedding/catering halls charge on the upwards of RM50 p…

Two Months With The Cats

Two months ago, we rescued the kittens from under a neighbour's car.
A week later, we rescued their siblings, a boy kitten but sadly, the brother didn't live long.
This two, Putih and Kelabu are growing up swell and beautifully. They are extremely naughty and active. They love to follow Mommy to the kitchen and like to wait for Mommy at the door when she went to the bathroom. They like to kepoh when Daddy is trying to clean their kitty litter and jump around when Daddy is trying to relax. Abang likes to play with them too but Abang is busy with his homework and his handphone too. 
They are also very good cockroaches hunter. 
Both of them are already due for their vaccination, as per the vet's advise but we'll probably take them to the vet after Raya.
Their Mommy is still around and comes to the home every morning and night although Mommy Cat usually doesn't want to stay indoors for a long time.

A Night In A Capsule Hotel In Tokyo

After spending three nights in a hotel with onsen facilities in Nikko, it was time to head back to Yokyo.

Our first night in Tokyo during our December 2017 trip was at a capsule hotel.
It was Son's wish and we stayed there as a birthday treat for him. A teenager values a "me-alone" time away from the parents and capsule hotel provides that. ^^
This was our third time spending nights in capsule hotel but the other two stays were in Osaka & Kyoto. Son loves the capsule hotels that he had stayed in before.
The capsule hotel that we stayed in was a nondescript type of capsule hotel that looked rundown at first glance. A gruff old man manned the front desk and just a little bit of English was spoken.
Each of our capsule cost 2,200 yen so it was a total of 6,600 yen per night for the three of us.
There is a dedicated female floor located on the 5th floor, if I remember correctly and access to the capsules is by using passcode. The other floors are for male guests. This fe…