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Putrajaya Marriott Hotel Stay

So we checked-in at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel after my run in Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon.
We absolutely love the room and the really speedy wi-fi at the hotel.
I love the pampering I received at Dewi Teratai Spa, enjoying the body scrub and also the Himalayan Signature massage.
It was no wonder, we turn-in early after dinner and slept soundly until the next morning.
I actually planned to run before breakfast but it was so nice to be lying on the bed and under the warm sheet, I actually woke up late. It was after 7.00am that I finally got my butt out and got dressed... to head for the buffet breakfast. Hahaha
We went down to Zest Restaurant before 8.00am and there weren't too many diners yet at the time.  First of many.
Hubby with roti canai, with dhall, beef rendang and all the assortments. A cup of teh tarik on the side. ^^
We enjoyed a nice relaxing breakfast until more guests came down for breakfast and the restaurant started being filled by screaming children so it was time f…

Let's have Some Irish Fun At Shamrock Run Malaysia 2016

On Friday, Jan 29th 2016 there was a soft-launch for Shamrock Run Malaysia 2016 at O'Brien's Irish Sandwich Café, Menara Prudential and it was graced by the presence of His Excellency Eamon Hickey, the Irish Ambassador to Malaysia.

It is interesting to note that, the Shamrock Run Malaysia; which is held for the second time in 2016 after a successful run held in 2014, is the first Shamrock Run held in Asia! The run is to be held on Feb 27th, 2016 at Taman Botani Putrajaya and more than half of the 1,500 slots open to public for 10K and 3K are already snapped up.  A peek of the event's tee. Essentially a fun run, Mr Hafidz Kosai, the president of Malaysian Irish Alumni Association said that the run is a great event for those who are starting out in joining races, the non-competitive runners and also those joining with their families. Instead of prizes for the fastest runners, participants can look forward to winning prizes for best-dressed. Extra points will be given to par…

Feeling Like A Goddess At Dewi Teratai

We checked in at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel after my run at Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon and later I went to the hotel's spa; Dewi Teratai Spa to try their body scrub and Himalayan Signature massage. While I enjoyed my spa session, which was a perfect kind of pampering for me after my run; the two boys went to the hotel's pool. The spa has plenty of massages offered and I was intrigued with the Trekker's massage which is a mixture of Thai and Ayurvedic Massage that prepares trekkers for a tough and adventurous day.
Maybe next time, yeah? When I kena lottery. Wahahaha I barely finished my tea before my masseuse asked me whether I was ready for my session. My massage room, located right at the end. There is also an open air pavilion for guests to choose but it is only open up to 8.00pm. The spa is open until 10.00pm.

The body scrub really made my skin soft and after the scrub, I had my Himalayan Signature massage. Heavenly!

I felt really relaxed and it was pretty funny when my…

A Luxurious Stay At Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

Remember I received a voucher for a night stay at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, complete with not only breakfast but also a massage session for one?
We decided to utilise the voucher after Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon and checked-in after I finished my run there. I liked the arrangement as I was able to still wait around at the race site for friends who did either the half or full marathon to finish before we checked-in at 2.00pm at the hotel.
The thing was, I was still garbed in my running gear when we check-in. I didn't bother to change but just went ahead to have lunch and later head to the hotel in my smelly clothes! Hahaha
Anyway, checking-in was smooth. The front desk people were friendly and pretty soon we were in our room on the 6th floor.  A very roomy room with a very, very comfy bed.
Kids sure can run around happily in this big room and this is just the deluxe room.
While the design is a bit dated, I have to say that our room was very comfy. 
Another excellent point was the…

PUMA Releases A Future Icon With The New PUMA Blaze

Kuala Lumpur, January 2015 – Global Sports Brand PUMA re-introduces the edited Blaze – a new lifestyle silhouette that blends years of sporting heritage with modern construction for a sleeker, street-ready style made for the urbanites of today. Inspired by and reflective of the Blaze of Glory story, an archival model that hit the ground running back in the 90’s, fully harnessed with PUMA’s trademark Trinomic technology and material play of plush and plastic. Now re-imagined, the new Blaze has evolved towards the future as one of PUMA’s star silhouettes. Edited with a contemporary feel, elements that come through include a stronger with a cleaner vamp construction, streamlined eye-stays, light upper materials with excellent ventilation and bold branding. Other elements give a throwback to the original style, from the heel loop to the well- cushioned and comfortable Trinomic outsoles.
The PUMA Blaze will be available 16 January onwards at PUMA retail stores.

Running In Two Cities

I didn't join the Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon when it was held for the first time in Dec 2014. The second edition of Twincity Marathon was held on the 4th Sunday of January 2016 and I decided to enter the half marathon category to kick-start my training on getting a faster timing for my half-marathon. I followed Hal Higdon's 12-week plan for Twincity Half-marathon and although I was unable to 100% follow the training plan, the progress I made was encouraging. In the past 12-weeks, I managed to get a PB for my 10K and 12K so I was hopeful to break the 2:30 timing this time.
But then, I made a few mistakes while running the half-marathon. I only realised I've run out of coffee as I went to bed the night before the race so on race morning, I didn't have my usual cup of coffee. Or any breakfast for that matter. Hubby brought along some breadstix when we drove over to race venue but I wasn't in the mood to eat anything. The organiser had a tent where freshly cooked frie…

Dinner At Mahbub

So I wrote about Nasi lemak Famous in my previous post.
Last night, we went to Mahbub Restaurant which is now our preferred makan place if we're having dinner in Bangsar.  I usually opt for mixed rice but as the current norm now, it's the more expensive choice of nasi briyani ayam madu on Friday on race week. (I have a race I'm running in tomorrow. ^^)
Sometimes just the family, sometimes with friends.
And after dinner, we can just walk over to TMC to do some grocery shopping.  Mahbub's renowned Nasi briyani ayam madu for RM13.00.
While Hubby and son opted for naan and  chicken tandoori.
Naan for RM2.50 per piece. Chicken tandoori for RM6.50.
Hubby and son always "complained" that the naan here is very filling and sometimes it's hard to finish a naan alone because they get full eating it! LOL
This is once in a while treat for us and the bill, with drinks came around RM30.00.
Usually, I just eat mixed rice here and it's quite affordable. Cannot eat br…

Nasi Lemak Famous

A few weeks ago, when we were in Bangsar area and I was hungry for dinner while the two boys were still full and didn't plan to eat an early dinner, we made a stop at Bangsar Selera Food Court instead of our usual stop at either Pelita, Mahbub or Nirwana. Not really sure what to eat, I decided to try the famous Nasi Lemak Famous and see what the hype is all about. So I got my nasi lemak and chose sambal kerang. OK lah, the rice was fragrant and flavourful. The sambal quite nice. The kerang too. The anchovies were good and crispy and so was the peanuts (you know some nasi lemak seller had bitter tasting peanuts)... But then I kena RM7.00 for this plate. Hubby asked the cashier why it was so expensive and was told that I scooped extra portions of kerang. Adui. True, it was rather nice and all... but truthfully, my friend's nasi lemak (she sells them to cafes) is much nicer. Wahahaha So famous or no, this was my one and only time eating nasi lemak in Bangsar. I'll stick to …

2ndSkin Commitment Challenge Prize

Remember the #VRC2016 or the Virtual Run Challenge by 2ndskin that I partook during the first 3 days of 2016? I managed to complete a total of 48.50km during the three days, running in three straight days and for the effort, won a t-shirt from 2ndskin for doing their "Commitment Challenge". It was such a nice surprise to receive another t-shirt apart from my medal in the mail.

Now, I have another t-shirt from 2ndskin! Yeay!

I do love their tees. If you noticed, I always wear one for my races. The orange Mid Valley City Charity Run tee for 2014 was by 2ndskin. ^^

Anyways, I'm looking forward to another run this weekend at Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon. But I'm only doing the half-marathon this time. ^^

Nasi Lemak By The Waterfall

To answer SK and Cubie's query about the whereabouts of nasi lemak during our hike last week...
Well, here it is! 
Yes, it was totally syiok to the max to enjoy nasi lemak after a hike and a swim. ^^

A New Experience : Powerman Asia Dualthon Championship (Malaysia)

The Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships - Malaysia will make a comeback to Putrajaya on March 6th, 2016, after a 2-year hiatus in the region. The event will see around 3,000 participants including top duathletes from around the world participating in the run-bike-run duathlon race format. The categories available for the Powerman Championship.

I experienced my first Powerman as a supporter in 2013, when it was last held in October 2013.That year, Hubby and I decided to went down to Palace of Justice to cheer for friends who did the race. A friend who was finishing her run leg. She did the Powerman Classic in 2013.
Another friend on bike transition. 

I thought I should try and experience it this year after learning that Powerman Championship is back to Malaysia. As I won't be cycling, I'll be joining the relay category with a cyclist friend of mine (a new friend actually. Hehehe). I'll do the run leg and she'll do the cycle leg.

Looking forward to a new experience in March…

First Family Hike For 2016

I had a few stuff planned for the weekend but as it turned out, I was unable to do any of them due a couple of incidents and emergency meetings. But it was a blessing in disguise as that suddenly meant a clear Sunday morning with no activities. So, late Sunday morning the family managed to spend a few hours at Hutan Simpan Ayer Hitam in Puchong.

And thank goodness I didn't register for the Skyhawk Nature Run in Melaka. I really wanted to do it, for the third time but decided not to. Otherwise I would've been rather sad at missing it. Hehehe We arrived to the forest reserve at around 10.00am and a number of hikers were already on their hike back.

We did two loops. First loop was the usual loop that Hubby and I used to do for training early last year and the second loop was the waterfall loop. It was worth the trek to get to the waterfall, as witnessed by Son's happiness. ^^ As we started late, by the time we got to the waterfall (the legal one, not the off-limits area b…

Keeping The Momentum

I managed to do 204km for the whole of December 2015 and I'm trying to keep the momentum for January 2016.
2016 is the year I am focusing on shorter distance races and I don't plan on doing any marathons until after the month of September so it's not like I need to keep a crazy, high mileage training runs from Jan - Sep. Hihihi But consistency is important and I'll try to be consistent with my training this year.
Not forgetting enjoying every bit of the mileage I put in too!

p.s. I'm supposed to do a 5K today but since I didn't get enough sleep and am tired, I decided to rest and run tomorrow (or maybe tonight). Rest is part of training too!


Something exciting for the weekend and it's not running! Well, it will involve a whole lot of sweating. ^^ Three sessions of HIIT (high intensity interval training) led by Malaysia's female MMA fighter Ann Osman, personal trainer Hanisah Sharil and Youtube fitness star Joanne Soh on Sunday, January 17 2016.

I've gotten my confirmation too!

Time to shed some fat! HAHAHA