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Sweet Indulgence At Manhattan Fish Market

Three desserts we got to enjoy FOC over lunch earlier today at Manhattan Fish Market, because a new staff there somehow managed to accidentally drop seven glasses of sweet drinks over a friend at our table.
No, we didn't scream at the staff. No point anyway. After all, the staff did apologise.
No need to be such a hag over accidents unless nobody apologise. My friend got a tad wet and sticky but not drenched, luckily. 
And getting the sizzling brownie with ice cream (a must try), icy hot fish bananas (it look better on the menu than in real life) and sizzling banana fritters with ice cream was nice.

Nuang In Loops For Saturday

After doing the Blackwater (Ayer Hitam) trail in Puchong on Friday, hubby and I spent part of last week's Saturday (the next day) at Nuang.
We didn't aim to summit Nuang this time but rather tried to do the Renjer-Balak Trail loop. Just 2 loops though. A loop of 5K ascent and 5K descent. The elevation map for the two loops.

Hubby did tell me to continue alone if I wanted to do a third loop and although I didn't plan to complete the third loop, I did actually wanted to get a 21K mileage that day.

Turned out we were short of a few km and while I wanted to continue while hubby rested, hubby told me later to accept whatever mileage we got and stop. Dang! Hahaha

It's actually funny that I suffered going up but then still wanted to continue just so I get my mileage in. Funny but pretty normal for most runner friends I know. Adoi. Hahaha
We bumped into quite a number of familiar faces that day.

And plenty of friendly faces too, despite being strangers. ^^
Still can jump, hal…

Blackwater Trail On A Friday

Last week, at the very last minute, we ditched our plan to travel back to my hometown in Raub for the Chinese New Year weekend and chose to stay home I instead.

We didn't plan for anything special during the 4-days long CNY weekend, other than spending time with each other. And oh, a little bit of training, of course. ^^

On Friday, Hubby and I went to a trail which I haven't visited before in Puchong. Hubby is familiar with the Ayer Hitam trail (or fondly called Blackwater)  in Puchong as he had trained there on weekend nights with his buddies during the puasa month but it was my first time to visit it. The start of the trail.

A popular landmark amongst his gang is a shop named Tomato across the street. The trail is located beside a housing development.
So nice lah for the people in the neighbourhood to have such a lovely trail right at their backyard. The start of the trail didn't look too promising but once we got to the wooded area, it sure  was interesting not to men…

A Night At Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya

If you remember, hubby and I decided to kaypoh-kaypoh at a 48-hours run on Feb 13 - 15, 2015 and we also tried to run in those three days. (The post here).

Son stayed at his grandfather's house on Friday night as he needed to go to school on Saturday morning for his school's cross country run but later that Saturday, we checked-in to Pullman Hotel in Putrajaya.

The reason was simple : we wanted him to be close by when we go out for our night run(s) on Saturday night and also on Sunday morning.

Pullman Hotel was fully booked that Saturday, what with Valentine's Day celebration and also a TKC Carnival and Run which was held that weekend at the Maritime Centre next to the hotel.

We actually booked the "Explore Malaysia" package that included a superior room with breakfast and also F&B or Spa voucher for RM305.28 (inclusive tax) but got upgraded to a one bedroom apartment.

While it was nice to get a big room, the handling of guests at the reception counter was a…

The Dependable Mamak

When one spends much of the morning outside, training and only return home well after lunch, the Mamak is the place to look for food, especially during long holiday season just like we had last week, during the CNY weekend.
Days of trail running after breakfast with Son, we only return after 2 or 3pm and we sure as hell didn't want to think about cooking lunch!
Thank goodness the Mamak joint opens 24 hours/day and 364 days a year. (Our Mamak had a day off for Raya. Hahaha)

Happy Chinese New Year!

May wealth always come your way.
May it be auspicious and as you wish.
May your year be as bright as the sun that fills your life with infinite success.

May the Year of the Goat brings with it the fortune and good health for you and your family members.

And may all your dreams come true in the Chinese New Year of the Goat.

40-20-10 On A Single Weekend

In my previous post, I wrote about a 48-hours run called Patriot 200.

While both Zaini and I were not participants of the run (it is still way out of our league), we did however went to give support to the 15 runners last weekend and did our own long runs too.

We both planned to do a bit of running, following our own route but somehow ended up following exactly the Patriot 200 route. A 20K loop around the Core Island of Putrajaya. This route. This was what we did on Friday night. Two loops around the core island before rushing home to pick up son and send him to his school for his cross country run. ^^

FRIDAY, 13/2/2015 The Patriot 200 was flagged off at 9.00pm on Friday night, so Hubby and I went straight to Putrajaya after having dinner with Son in Bangsar. With Son safely stashed at his grandpa's house, we braved the traffic jam and arrived Taman Seri Empangan minutes before 9.00pm. Still clad in office wear, no time to change or shower yet. Hahaha

Keypoh-keypoh a bit and afte…

Patriot 200. For Runners With Guts, In The Spirit of Leftenan Adnan

There was a Saltfish series held last weekend (which is a series of long runs organised by the PACat Team) called Patriot 200. Held from 9.00pm on Feb 13, 2015 to 9.00pm Feb 15, 2015, it was a 48-hours long run event and done in memory and respect for our hero, Leftenan Adnan Saidi who perished while defending our country on Feb 14, 1942 against the Japanese Occupation.
15 participants toed the starting line and most, if not all came direct from work on Friday night for the run. A few came from out of town, as far as from Terengganu! Talk about passion!
For Hubby and I, we went straight to Taman Seri Empangan in Putrajaya where the starting line of the run straight after work not as participants but as a show of support to other runners. Participants listening to briefing before the start of the run.
The aim of the run was to allow participating runners to plan their run and complete whatever distance that they target or managed to do within 48-hours. Of course, a finisher is someone…

Instagram Your Photos For A Good Cause

A good cause by the Gardens Mall, don't you think?
Take our photos under the wisteria and post it on instagram with hashtags #tgmcam, #tgmcny, #tgmgivesback and the mall will make donations to flood victims.

Terbelah Bintang Subaru, By Leyla Shuri

I've known for some time that an online friend who is now residing in Okinawa Japan has come out with a novel titled "Terbelah Bintang Subaru". She has a blog too (click here for the link)
Yes, it's a Malay novel. (Don't need to tell me you don't understand or read Malay books in the comment section, as I am not encouraging you to neither read or buy it, my lovely readers). ^^
I saw someone posted about the book a few days ago and I suddenly thought, maybe I'd just check whether they are now available at MPH as it wasn't before.
So yesterday after dinner, Son and I went to MPH and voila! The book is now stocked at MPH Mid Valley. Only 3 left and after I bought one, only two left at the shelf.
If any Malay book fan is looking for this book, head to the ITBM (Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia) shelf instead of the novel section of the bookshop. Her first novel on the right, titled "Pulut Sakura Serunding Kasih" and her latest novel on t…

Our Little Backyard Hill

It's been ages since I did a post about going up the hill that is right in our backyard. Well actually, it's right in front of our doorstep since we can immediately head up to the hill upon exiting the gate of our apartment. The small, steep hill is quite popular with visitors especially on weekdays and there will be hordes of health enthusiasts who heads up before dawn! In the evening, it a spot for youngsters (local and foreign) to lepak around. There is even a recreational club (Persatuan Rekreasi) with this hill's name!  We rarely go up this hill nowadays and decided to do so last weekend instead of driving out to Putrajaya. A mixture of tarmac, trail and even stairs, it sure has plenty for anyone who wants to start working out here. And for us, an hour spent, together. ^^

Sukiya After Hours Of Window Shopping

Over the long weekend, my family spared a few hours to spend it indoors; in an air-conditioned mall instead of sweating outdoors for a change. ^^
Well, I wanted to get a new pair of spectacles and a shop in Paradigm Mall came highly recommended by friends so after our morning to noon walk in a park in Putrajaya; we got home, showered, ate lunch and head out to Paradigm Mall.
Anyways, after spending more than an hour over at the optical shop and then browsing around the mall, it was time for dinner.
It's been a while since we last eaten at Sukiya so that was our choice for dinner. Son with his new handphone. We finally allowed him to upgrade his handphone.

No, we didn't buy it for him. It comes from his own pocket money.
Time to eat!
Our choice : beef and lamb. No chicken.
I actually prefer lamb more than beef this time around. With kimchi and miso broth.
Swirl. Swirl. Swirl.  My indulgence that day was the ice cream.
I had three cups!
Since my lens is a so-called custom made,…

Butter Fruit / Velvet Apple First Bite

I read somewhere that when Putrajaya was being developed, it was planted with a lot of local and indigenous trees some of which are rare to the general public. It is really a good move and my family and I do enjoy our occasional stroll in Putrajaya and see trees that we might not have seen otherwise. Some areas where these trees are planted are marked and labelled so we learn about them, and at other areas;  don't.  Just like this Butter Fruit / Velvet Apple / Buah Mentega fruit trees. Thank goodness for Mama Kucing Kathy who managed to help identify the fruit. Thank you! ^^ As we already know that the fruits are edible; the next time we came across the fruiting trees, we can't resist tasting them. Best of all, since it's located in a public park, it's free. I don't suppose we are doing anything illegal picking up the ripe fruits... especially the fallen ones. Anyways, if you want to know more about the fruit and tree, click this link.  A big one that fell of a …