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Niece's 1st Birthday

On Saturday, we attended our niece's birthday party over at Rasamas Restaurant in Serdang. I have plenty of nieces (and one nephew) running around now! LOL

Celebrating a baby's first birthday is always a special occasion, right?   The birthday girl. She was a tad grumpy earlier because she just woke up. Now, she's all smiles and giggly.  Birthday girl with her Barbie cake. Beautiful cake and equally delicious one too! The chow. This being Rasamas, so it was chicken feast for everyone!
Gotta keep track of all nieces and nephews birthdays now. If only they have FB account, then I would get prompting when their birthday is approaching! XD When is the next birthday celebration in the family? July, if I'm not mistaken.

Learning To Share

Remember me writing about my beat-up treadmill? It's yet to be repaired because the cost was too high! RM1,000 for repair! OMG! @.@
So what a girl gotta do when she's at home and the weather not too good to run outside or it is too dark to do so?
Hit the apartment's gym, which I have not visited like, in years because I've got my own treadmill at home.While I don't really mind using the equipments with others, I won't enter the gym if I wasn't the first one there. I want to choose my equipment and that means the one looking out the window!
I really have to learn not be so hung up about this, but then, if I'm going to spend  time on the treadmill, I might as well choose the one I like and with view to look at instead of the beige wall!

Maybe I'm selfish too, since there are always people wanting to use the treadmill (and the rest of the equipments there). If I'm on it, I'll usually stay on it for about an hour or so. Sorry folks! Don't worry…

Fire Drill!

There was a fire drill last week over at the office building I work in. The building management tried to keep the date and time of the fire drill a secret to make sure everyone participated in the drill but we got the whiff of it early.
I'm so not going down 32 floors worth of stairs! So, we went down early and hide for a bit at McD and only joined the office people at the assembly area in time for the headcount. Naughty, naughty!
Because of the fire drill, no work was done for the better part of the morning. I don't mind since I don't have anything urgent or rushing for deadline that day. ^-^


Remember me mentioning about my Brother's wedding earlier? One of the fun things to look out for at a Malay's wedding (for us family members and relatives, that is) are the "hantaran" or gifts. and one of them were cupcakes! The little ones were eyeing for the cakes and cupcakes and who can blame them? They look so inviting to be eaten! My nephew enjoying his cupcake... and his second one too. ^^ My niece looking so adorable with cream smeared on her face.
I've had a few myself so I better not be near the scales soon! The weight gain after eating all that cupcakes! @.@

Durian Feast

We don't have a durian orchard so finding and picking them up aren't an option. Though I kinda miss the fun I had when I was smaller, going to relatives' "dusun durian" and race after the thrny fruit when we hear them fell to the ground.

Buying them... and eating them immediately is of course, doable. XD And what's more fun than eating durian with family or friends right there by the roadside?

My Brother Is Married!

Congrats dear Bro!

Sports Day 2011

We woke up bright and early last Saturday and head off to Raimie's school for his school's 53rd Annual Sports Day.  All students at the assembly hall before proceeding to the sports field.  But not before taking their morning rations - mineral water, soy bean drink, bread for morning snacks. One of the sports house busy prepping up the sports tent decoration. Teachers, students and parents were busy doing the finishing touches. The "perbarisan". Sports parade? A boy or two can't withstand the heat and had to be escorted out to rest under the  tent.  The cute pre-schoolers waiting for their turn.  Can you spot where's Raimie? He was waiting for his turn for the relay run.  Raimie with his one and only gold medal this year. He was so proud that he wore that medal all day on Saturday! Two girls took a breather amidst the activities around them.
We didn't linger long at the Sports Day event and left  after Raimie's last event because we were rushing to get back t…

Dinner Over At Pasta Zanmai

How long was it since we last had dinner at Pasta Zanmai? Well, not long as we somehow always managed to eat there at least once a month! One of my fave - bubbling hotate spaghetti kimchi or something (hotate = oyster) the above comes in a set with this torii kara age (fried chicken) and garlic fried rice. I ate the fried rice but Raimie and Zaini helped finish off the fried chicken. I don't really fancy chicken. I'll eat them, if we go to KFC but it's not something I prefer. Raimie opted not to eat omuraisu this time but chose a hamburg instead. He finished everything and was eyeing for my oyster. He got two of the three oysters in my bowl! What Mom can resist when their children making puppy eyes over some food? XD Zaini loves his curry, even the Japanese version. Here, he ordered the ebi fry curry set and the set comes with a bowl of miso and salad topped with creamy sesame dressing. That salad was mine to enjoy and its yummy! Wanna try a bite? ^^ For drinks - we are stingy so…

Who Says Running Is A Cheap Sport?

Really? Why is running a cheap sport? It sure isn't cheap for me! LOL
I know I've been going on and on and on about my running endeavours lately but that's just because I can't believe that I am actually enjoying the workout and look forward to each run. By the way, happy to say that my 6K target has been reached by the end of April. Yeay me!
I've been visiting the sports stores a LOT lately. Lucky for me, Zaini and Raimie had been pretty patient and let me spent hours going from one store to the other, just to find one sock!
Got myself two running shirts and two pairs of "blister prevention" running sock recently. That's on top of the new Adidas shoes I got earlier. Don't know whether the sock will live up to its promise but with a price tag of RM26 per pair, I sure hope so! I got it because I think I'll get blisters on my left feet if I'm not careful. I've noticed that the left foot will get really hot after just a 40 minutes while the …

A Simple But Special Mother's Day

If you want to tell me you don't need to wait for Mother's Day to celebrate and appreciate your Mom... well, please don't. I know we don't need a special day to show our love to anyone but doing it regardless on these designated day can be nice too. And I'm happy that my hubby and son made it special for me today.
Anyway, I've been warned by Zaini that there will be no tulips for me this year. You see, I always get a bunch of tulips every Mother's Day. We didn't go out for dinner too. But instead, I got something way more special:
Splurging for Mother's Day. Some Calpis drinks we got at Shojikiya for just RM11.90 for those two bottles and those beef for our steak lunch. RM30 for a of uncooked piece of meat is a splurge for me but a totally nice splurge.  Lunch cooked by my two boys. Don't they look just so scrumptious? Zaini knows I've been going back and forth over buying the wireless Sony Walkman to accompany me while I'm jogging/running.…

Simple Is Nice Too

Sometimes I'd go all out cooking a storm during the weekend and sometimes our meals are just a simple vegetable soup and rice topped with furikake.
I cooked a simple vegetable soup with chicken meatballs  and fried some chicken marinated in oyster sauce last week and I was really happy when Raimie requested to have the same dishes again next time.
You sure don't need expensive meal or ingredients to feed your family and I'm glad my son is not fussy about eating them. ^^
For me, after all the food I ate over at Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe which I went twice last week and even pizza for dinner after, a simple tangy soupy meal is just the thing I wanted!


Both my boys; the dad & son, sure love eating omuraisu. They like Nasi Pattaya too which, in a way is pretty similar to omuraisu. But ask Raimie which one he likes better, he'll answer omuraisu!
Omuraisu (omu from "omelette" and raisu from "rice") is basically fried rice (most often with diced chicken and onion) seasoned with salt, pepper, and ketchup, then wrapped in a thin, sweet omelette.
Nasi Pattaya is also fried rice (with chicken, prawn and maybe frozen mixed vege thrown in) wrapped in omelette and is also slathered with ketchup/chilli sauce on top.
I've been meaning to cook omuraisu at home, but somehow managed to not do it yet. ^^
Which one of the above would you like to have?

My Poor Treadmill

So the treadmill technician came on Saturday. It has been two weeks since my treadmill refused to work, but as I'm only free and at home on Saturday (last Saturday we had to go to Raimie's school), the appointment was only set for last week.
In the time being, I had to settle using the apartment's gym when it's not filled to capacity or if the weather permits, run around the apartment complex a few times at night. Not having my own treadmill to use at my own convenience meant that I have to fix a suitable time to do my running and not simply hop on the treadmill any time I like and it meant no running very very early in the morning or late at night too... (the two times you won't see me running alone outside). I had hope it was just the belt being worn off or something because that would meant a cheap parts to be replaced but it turned out to be a motor problem which can be expensive! I'm waiting for the quotation now and setting up another appointment for the te…

Second Chance At The Gardens Cafe

Remember my earlier post about my not-so nice lunch experience over at the Gardens Lifestyle Store & Cafe at Mid Valley? On Friday, I met up with the chain's A&P manager over lunch to discuss about my experience and for me to get the refund over the over-charging the cafe staff made earlier.
The A&P Manager is a really nice lady and we had a nice chat. It was rather funny when she remarked that she thought I was from the press because I was toting my Sony NEX camera with the 18-55mm lens attached to the body. Small camera, big lens.  No, I'm not from the press. I'm a blogger. XD So  how was my second experience at the Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe? First, I give a whole lot of credit to Rain, the very nice, very friendly A&P manager for he damage control efforts. It was really good talking to her.

But even with her having lunch at the cafe, service was still a tad too slow for my liking. I got my salad early but it took some time for the rest of the order t…