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PRESS RELEASE : Partial road closure on 10 January for MPI Generali Run 2016

roads leading to Padang Merbuk to be affected between 6:50am and 9:30amParticipants encouraged to take public transport Kuala Lumpur – MPI Generali Insurans Berhad is pleased to announce that its fifth annual community run will take place at Padang Merbuk on Sunday 10 January 2016 as planned. Roads leading to Padang Merbuk such as Jalan Parlimen will be partially closed between 6:50am and 9:30am to ensure the safety of the participants.
All routes will be dotted with traffic cones, and runners are advised to run within the marked zones. The general insurer has requested the traffic police for its assistance and will also deploy route marshals to assist in road traffic management. The longest route of MPI Generali Run 2016 spans 12km and the shortest 3km.
Around 5,000 people are expected to turn up for the event. Project Leader Ms Jayne Liew encourages participants to use public transport to get to Padang Merbuk: “We would recommend using the LRT train and then walking to the Run venue…

Wonderful Indonesia - A Sight To Behold

Indonesia has always been intriguing for me.
I have to admit that I’ve been jealously reading about my friends’ escapades to this ASEAN neighbour country of ours that shares so many cultural similarities with us and yet can be so different at the same time. Be it trekking up the many rugged mountains (Rinjani anyone? Or Bromo?), running in the many races that are held in Indonesia yearly (Bali Marathon, I’ll join it one day! It has been in my bucket list for a few years now); both the trail and road races, enjoying local dishes or even shopping. Of course there must be shopping! I need retail therapy too! And experience the legendary Indonesian hospitality. Oh, of course I’ll do plenty of sightseeing too. And also learn more about Indonesia’s culture and history.

I’ve been planning to visit Indonesia one day (gasp! I’ve never set foot to the country) and as usual for me; the first order of starting a trip plan is to look for information. Online, of course. Videos and clips definitely he…

A Nice Year-End Surprise From IOI Mall

 Remember my post on my Icescape Ice Rink experience earlier this month? (Link here) The group who went to the ice-skating session had a chance to win a free night stay at an IOI's Hotel based on our blog post about our experience. Truthfully, I didn't set to target to win and I wrote my post just as I normally wrote so boy was I surprised to receive an e-mail stating that I won! Yahoo! What a nice year-end surprise right? Son would love staying the night in a nice hotel. I am excited to enjoy my massage session. ^^ Thank you again IOI City Mall!

A Fun But Challenging Park Marathon

This is what I did today. Running a marathon in loops around the rather hilly Taman Bukit Jalil.

I'm taking a break from my half-marathon training this weekend until next Sunday for this marathon and Week 10 of my 12-Week half-marathon training will resume again on Jan 4, 2016. ^^

Why did I deviate from my training? I wanted to show support to Park Marathon and the organiser. Sadly though, I was informed that this edition of Park Marathon will be its last. Awwwww...

So I was really glad I made an exception and ran in Park Marathon.

Flag-off was at 6.00am sharp and when everyone had started running, I was still talking to the crew about how I was so not ready to do this. Hahaha
The first 12K was done at a modest target pace.

My goal in this marathon was simple. Prepare to do a positive split (i.e. slower second half time than the first half).

I also aimed the first 15K in 1:55.
Then 4-hours for 30K.

The first 15K was done at 1:57. 2 minutes slower than target. Had to do two stops …

The Final Run Of 2015 at Hatten Neon Run, Melaka

The family will be traveling to Melaka on the last day of 2015 for a fun run and a short vacation. Yeay!
The three of us finally registered together in the Family category (instead of Mommy running off alone like during myBuddiesRun last weekend. Hihihi) and we'll do 3K together and enjoy the last night running together in Melaka. Thank goodness we can still collect our race kit the day of the race itself. But for those who had registered for the Hatten Neon Run and plan to collect your race kit on Dec 31, 2015, do take note that REPC is until 2pm! Anyhoo, the last time I checked Hatten Neon Nite Run's FB page, registration is open until today. So register before Dec 27 2015 for the race!!!

I've kepoh-kepoh and checked just now and I could still register so there are still slots left. Hurry!
Check out their website : or FB page : for more details or registration. Can't wait to have fun at the run.


Cleans With Water Only

My running buddies whatsapp group talks about everything and anything under the sun, even about running! Heh Heh Anyways, one of the topic we talked about was about Daiso and the products. It stemmed from a conversation over my laziness of washing my trail shoes. ^^!
And this melamine sponge was recommended not only for cleaning shoes but for other stuff that needed cleaning too. But my friend who recommended it did give a word of caution. He reminded me (and the other gang too) never use it to wash cars!
I decided to test its powers and used it to first clean my kitchen. All those cooking over the long weekend... Oh the grime! Ewwwwww... Huhuhu
And I just wiped the stove using a dry melamine sponge. No water. No cleaning liquid. No effort too.
I was impressed.
And I continued from the stove to the kitchen sink and tiles too. Talk about being industrious! Hahaha Then, it was the shoes' turn. One pair of road shoes and another pair of trail shoes that needed cleaning badly.   Scru…

Just Start

Sometimes we feel scared.

Sometimes we didn't want to face the challenge. (Because we're scared)
Sometimes we're lazy.
But in life, if we don't try, we'll never know if we can succeed. No?
Now, I'm using the "just start" into my training. 
Just start. No matter how I feel. 
I can do a short run if I don't feel good. But just start.
I can do a quick, short run in I don't have time. But just start.

I can do a slow run if I'm feeling tired. But just start. Like how I felt yesterday.
Ended up, I not only managed to do my 30 minutes tempo run, I had my walk training too (yes, I train for walking too) and did a few sets of hill repeats. A total of 86min workout time. On a sunny Maulidur Rasul moning. 
Just start.
It can do wonders. :-)
I am going to just start tomorrow morning too.

Makan Here And There

We always pass this particular roadside stall that opens early morning just opposite the Jalan Klang Lama Wet Market as we drove to work or sending Son to school. A roadside stall under some shady trees and near a bus stop.
After many years, we finally made a stop there for breakfast during this school holiday. I noticed that the boss (the cashier) and other staff there are all nicely and smartly dressed. 
Food wise, it's standard lah... Got packed nasi lemak from a few vendors sold. Kuih muih. Roti canai. All that. 
It's just that it's convenient for us to stop here, halfway to work as we can gauge whether we have time for breakfast or running late for work. I had lunch on Wednesday, the eve of a long four-days weekend with my running friends and we went to Restoran ZK in Kampung Attap for their fish head curry.
A friend kindly fetched me at the office for the lunch, and another later sent me back to work. Thank you guys!
We managed to "sapu" clean the fish hea…

A Family Affair At myBuddiesRun

The three of us made our way to Cyberjaya this morning for myBuddies Run. And for a change, both Hubby and Son also ran in the Run. I think the last time Son ran with Hubby was in the Energizer Night Run way back in Aug 2014. 
But of course, Mommy went solo. She did her 10K while her two boys had fun in the 5K Masked Fun Run category. I started somewhere in the middle, after the 10K category was flagged off at 7.15am.
Hubby and Son later started their run 20min after the 10K, at 7.35am.
I like the route of myBuddiesRun and the weather was perfect today. A bit cloudy and not hot at all. Route wise, the road was big enough to accommodate us runners and there weren't too much traffic on Sunday morning.
Marshalls and traffic police were stationed at critical junctions and they were awesome. One impatient driver decided not to heed the traffic police instruction and sped ahead though. Tsk. Tsk. Crews and volunteers at water stations were great too.
10K runners were served both chilled…

myBuddiesRun REPC And A Saturday Outing

We went to DPulze Shopping Centre in Cyberjaya late Saturday afternoon to collect our myBuddiesRun race kits. For a change, Son and Hubby will be participating in the run with me (although they are doing the 5K Masked Run category). ^^ The benefit of collecting our race kits later during the day was that the queue was non-existent, compared to Friday where there was a massive queue that formed for the race kit. Collection was smooth as we just needed to show our ICs to the crew. 
The downside of arriving late is that we don't see any familiar running kakis or friends though, as most have collected theirs.  We later had dinner at Restoran Saba which is located across the street from DPulze Shopping Centre. It is an Arab restaurant and we had Lamb Kabsah (the lamb is under the heap of rice, in case anyone is asking...) which we shared between the three of us. Then it was coffee and cake treat!
All this and we haven't even started running in our race yet! LOL Anyways, all the be…

All Set For 2ndskin Virtual Run Challenge 2016

I posted about the 2ndskin Virtual Challenge in October (details here) and as promised by the organiser,; participants of the Virtual Run Challenge starts receiving our respective t-shirts and bibs since last week in batches. I got mine today and the whole package was brought by hand and delivered to my office by the good people of Distance Force and I got mine delivered by an ultramarathoner no less! Thank you!
Apart from receiving my t-shirt, I got my bib, a buff and a Hammer energy  gel.

The 2ndskin Virtual Run Challenge will run between 1st January 2016, 0000hrs and 3rd January 2016, 2359hrs, with either a 10.0km or a minimum of 1:00hour run.

We will receive a medal for upon finishing our challenge and I am excited to win some prizes for some of the sub-challenges.
I've always love 2ndskin material and the VCR 2016 tee is no exception so I decided to test it with a 30min run today.
Challenge has already been accepted.

Can't wait for 01.01.2016 to arrive.

How I Made Christmas At IOI City Mall

and where the magic of Christmas comes alive.
Rather rare for me to be somewhere indoors so much that I am blogging about it for the third time, eh? Well, variety is the spice of life and I don't want to bore you to death with just running posts! Hehehe After spending an hour ice-skating at Icescapes Ice Rink (link to post here) and a hearty lunch at Tino's Pizza Cafe (review here), we made our way to dal.komm Coffee for a drink before proceeding with a tour of IOI City Mall.
 A sharing session with the group.
Over a cup of honey grapefruit drink for me. Oooophhh... I feel thin and light drinking this the drink! Hahaha At the Lower Ground, Centre Court; I saw Robbie, the 24-feet tall robot helping one of the penguins decorate the Christmas tree. Nearby, Parson the snowman having a jolly laugh while the penguins were hard at work. Here, I found Dante the ringmaster and Lulu the little blonde girl probably rehearsing the circus act together. 
Alas, I didn't find Charlie.