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My Hills Training At 2XU Compression Run Malaysia 2018

When 2XU Compression Run Malaysia 2018 registration was open, I wasn't among those who were excited at all at signing up for it. But a few months after that, after looking at the route and elevation map, I decided to join the run because the route and elevation matched with a race that I am looking forward to doing soon.
My last road race that I entered was Phuket Half Marathon in early August so it had been over a month since I run in any race. Training had been erratic (as usual) but most weekends when I could run, I ran around my housing area.
Anyhoo, the half marathon category was flagged-off at 5am on Sunday, Sep 23rd. I bumped into a few friends at the start line and more along the route.  From Dataran Merdeka, we ran towards Sogo before making a turn towards Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and headed to Masjid Jamek before going uphill past Segi College towards Jalan Raja Chulan. It was here, I saw a few impatient runners who decided to run on the opposite section of the road an…

Hometown Nasi Lemak

Truthfully, whenever we're back to my hometown, we seldom eat out especially for breakfast. But last weekend was different when the family went back to my hometown on Saturday morning.
We traveled from KL after Hubby picked me up for TBS terminal (I came down from Sungai Petani) and went straight back.
We stopped by a shop near my parents' house for breakfast and I have to say, it was quite good. Hubby and I had Nasi Lemak Paru. And Son had his with Fried Chicken.
We also had some kueh and they were all good.
Good to know that food quality back home still remains good.

On The ETS Again - To Sungai Petani

After my trip to Jitra Kedah in June, I was traveling back North again and this time to Sungai Petani for SP Half Marathon which was held o Saturday, September 2018.
Just like the trip to Jitra, I took the ETS to Sungai Petani. The trip was about 4 hours and very smooth.
I took a morning train so by lunch time, I head off to the train cafe to check out their lunch selection. Earlier, one of the cafe staff had distributed flyers with coupons for a 10% discount for meals which I found attractive but I ended up buying the a la carte Nasi Dagang instead. It was highly recommended by the cafe staff. It was RM9 and tasted quite good. 
I didn't see this during my previous ride on ETS but there was a food trolley making its rounds in all the coaches this time. So nice!

Press Release: AirAsia BIG launches BIG Xchange, the world’s first airline points exchange platform

SEPANG, 14 September 2018 - AirAsia BIG Loyalty today launched BIG Xchange, the world’s first airline points exchange platform, for BIG Members to convert between BIG Points and partner points seamlessly and instantly.
From 25 September 2018, BIG Members will be able to link their loyalty point accounts with participating partners to their BIG Loyalty account via BIG Xchange - available only on the AirAsia BIG Loyalty mobile app - making it easier to convert to BIG Points on a single platform from lifestyle and financial partners’ loyalty programmes.
With its first partner, Citi Malaysia, on board BIG Xchange, Citi credit cardholders can now instantly convert their Citi Rewards points or PremierMiles to BIG Points and enjoy exclusive monthly member-only Final Call Sales with up to 90% off flight fares. The partnership will further extend to Citi Thailand, as well as other financial and lifestyle partners with loyalty points in the coming months.
To kick off the launch of the BIG Xchange,…

Still Enjoying The RM10 Coffee & Cake

We enjoyed the RM10 coffee and cake at Ben's a few weeks earlier which was available on selected days.
Last Friday, we went to another outlet under The Big Group, Plan B to enjoy the same promo. Available on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 6pm to close. We had Carrot Cake and Salted Caramel Cake when we were at Ben's and here at Plan B, we ordered Red Velvet Cake to accompany my Cappuccino and Tiramisu for Hubby & Son's Latte.
Very very satisfied as cake slice were huge unlike the puny ones sold at bakery at exorbitant price nowadays.

Lunch At AliBaba Nyonya MidValley

A group of us had lunch at Midvalley's Alibaba Nyonya a few weeks ago and we ordered a few dishes to be shared amongst us.
We had heard reviews from others that it can be a tad pricey (and I do agree) but food was good and service was good especially by the restaurant manager (I think); Nita.
There were 8 of us and we had...  Three Emperor Steamed Egg (RM15.80) & Spicy Stir Fried Eggplant (RM16.50)  And this awesome Butter Prawn (RM53.90 *gasps*) Mahal tapi sedap hahaha Plus these Kam Heong Clams (RM29.90) & Kung Po Chicken (RM23.90)
All these would be enough for us actually but we also ordered another dish. King's Assam Pedas Fish Head (RM88.00).
The fish head is just a small one but with all the other dishes, it was enough to be shared amongst the eight of us. I like the sourish gravy. I finished off with a bowl of Cendol Gula Melaka (RM8.50).
The outlet in Midvalley is just a small one and seems like it's always packed during lunch and a big group coming for lu…

Anniversary Dinner At Benji's

It's our 19th wedding anniversary celebration today and we decided to have dinner at Benji's. Just a simple celebration, unlike last year. We went to Osaka for our 18th anniversary which was lucky because the weather in Osaka was good the same date today last year and typhoon only hit the area at later dates.
Unfortunately for this year, the typhoon that hit Kansai area this week is reported to be the strongest in 25 years! Stay safe people! Anyway, Son had just finished his extra classes so after picking him up, we went to Bangsar Village and had dinner at Benji's.
Both Hubby and Son ordered their Signature Cheeseburger. I ordered my favourite menu item there, Johor Laksa. Give one close up of the Signature Cheeseburger. And my Johor Laksa.
Hubby had actually wanted to have breakfast with me in the morning but he said I looked like I needed more sleep so he decided to let me sleep longer. 
After 4 consecutive days of training; a 5K run on Friday, stairs workout (4 sets x…

1-For-1 Meal At Kenny Rogers Roasters

It's been ages since we last went to Kenny Roger Roasters and the only we decided to head there when we at Mines Shopping Mall was because Hubby had this free voucher for their Nasi Lemak Osem which he got from Umobile deals.
But then, we saw this promo for Standard Chartered credit card holders and we opted to have this instead and ordered 2 sets. 4 plates of quarter chicken to be shared among the three of us.  Muffins is sedap, as always.
 Then, we were served our soups.
And then our quarter chicken meal.

I had the original and Hubby & Son had the black pepper ones.

Quite a bargain as we only paid RM53+ for 4 plates with the promo and some drinks too.