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Welcome To The World, Baby Girl

A new addition to the family and a new cousin for Raimie. A daughter for Zaini's younger brother; Aus and his wife Siti. Baby Farah was born on 28th May at 6.50am at Hospital Putrajaya. Welcome to the world, baby Farah!
There'll be more addition to the family soon. Both my sister and sister-in-law are expecting their first baby in October. 
Raimie's great-grandmother is in town, so we get to eat keropok lekor (fish sausage) that she brought from Marang, Terengganu. The special part of eating this keropok lekor is not only the keropok but also the equally yummy accompanying sweet chilli sauce. Yummy...
Instead of frying the keropok this time, we ate it boiled and baked. Healthy, eh?

Jigsaw Puzzle Mania

Out of a whim and because the exceptionally good service from a staff at Jigsaw Puzzle World at MidValley, we bought four jigsaw puzzles two weeks ago. I'm such a sucker for good service. LOL
Though it was kinda funny that the staff kept on recommending Japanese scenery puzzles while we were checking out other puzzles on sale in the shop. We love Japan and all that, but you won't see anything Japanese related in our home apart from our DVD, VCD collection, Raimie's toys collection and food items.
Our four impulsive buy: An Ultraman Zero jigsaw puzzle for Raimie A Mario jigsaw puzzle and two of a set for Mama
I told Zaini that the one I bought for myself is to be hung in our new home. We've been talking about buying a house nearer to Raimie's school in Brickfields someday but I don't think it'll be that soon but doesn't hurt to dream from now. These two of a set came highly recommended by the staff at the shop, and I do agree with him. I love my recently acqui…

Not Driving? No Problem If I Have Time To Kill

Well, only if you are in no hurry to get anywhere that is... While the journey was fast and painless not to mention cheap, the waiting time for the train is murder! I once waited more than 30 minutes for a train just to get me from KL Sentral to Midvalley station. Ugh! Walking from Bangsar LRT station to Midvalley would've been faster.
Since Zaini wasn't around to send us back to our home in Balakong, Raimie and I took the KTM Komuter train and bus back from my FIL's house to our place on Saturday.  At MidValley station, waiting for our train. Total waiting time: 32 minutes. Luckily, not many people were waiting for train bound to Seremban at that time. Considering the relatively short train (just four coaches, if I'm not mistaken) and the huge number of commuters daily, why can't the train frequency be increased? To kill off time, we took photos. Raimie with his blue-coloured children ticket. There's plenty of brouhaha over the implementation of ladies only coach …

Movie Date Night, Watching Shrek Forever After

It was a Mom and Son night out for Raimie and me, on Friday night. Zaini is in Cherating for the whole weekend so it'll be just the two of us spending the weekend together. We had dinner at McD before the movie. I wasn't particularly hungry so we got two Happy Meals and Raimie got Shrek and Gingy figures to play with. Two toys down, 4 more to go! I want to get Puss in Boots and Princess Fiona next. As always, time for a pose before the movie. We went to GSC Signature at Gardens Mall for our movie date. Movie time!
The movie was fun and Raimie loves it.  There wasn't a boring moment and the plot didn't drag at all for me.
Me, being such a crybaby cried when Shrek's day almost ran out. Where's my tissue? LOL
I want to watch the movie again, but maybe the 2D version next time with Raimie and Zaini.

Any Luck With The Air Asia Free Seats Promo?

Anyone had any luck getting the free seats with Air Asia?
I've been trying to get seats to Kota Kinabalu since yesterday and the most annoying thing is that the site will show the error message every time I got to the the payment stage!
It was like, yeay - just need to pay and I can secure our seats and every s.i.n.g.l.e time I clicked on the Maybank logo, the site went down.
I've given up already. Have to try again the next time the free seats promo crop up again....

A Haircut That Made My Day

I guess I'm frivolous enough to be happy with a haircut.

I had my last haircut in January at Raymond Choon in Gardens Mall. Although I liked the haircut and the service there was impeccable, I was still pining for my stylist at Jantzen in MidValley.
I like to go to someone who I can talk (and bitch) to while they're doing my hair and changing to somebody new to do my hair is something I don't look forward to. I mean, I'm going to sit in the chair for like, 2-3 hours. I better be comfortable and I need to talk otherwise I'll fall asleep! How about you? Are you loyally attached to one person entrusted to cut your hair?
Anyway, here I was moping around and badly in need of another session of rebonding and a haircut but not relishing going to any of the many hair salons here in MidValley and Gardens Mall. 
I finally dragged my feet back to Jantzen and had wanted to book for a rebonding appointment with just anybody when one of the shampoo girls recognised me and excitedly …

Raimie Finally Gets One Too!

One day, Raimie asked me...

Papa has them.

Mama has one...

How come he doesn't have one too?

So, finally after many, many months, Raimie gets his first pair of Crocs!

A Trip To Ikea

We love going to Ikea, even if we have no intention to buy anything. Although I have to say, going to the huge furniture store usually made me buying things that I originally have no intention in buying in the end - small stuff like pots, plants, cookwares, rugs, etc.

Raimie loves to play at the play area and usually we left him there while Zaini and I browsed around the store.
I like to go on weekdays instead of the weekends because the crowd at Ikea during the weekends can be crazy. Don't you agree? At the checkout. We got ourselves a wardrobe and a drawer unit.
Another reason to visit Ikea: eating cheap hot dogs and the curry puffs. Bought half a dozen of these for RM5.50 Granted, nothing outstanding about the hot dogs, but we love the all-you-can-take/eat condiments there. And the free refill of soft drinks too! The first hot dog was mine. The ugly, messy one in the second photo was Zaini's. Raimie, happy with his second hot dog of the day.
As always, a visit to Ikea would not b…

This And That On J-Card Members' Day

It was Jusco's J-Card Members' Day sale at MidValley and as usual, there were hordes of people trying to get the best deal for their shopping. I went too, because I needed a new handbag badly and maybe look for a pair of shoes.
Liked one Elle handbag and snagged one at 50% off and three pairs of shoes for me and even got Raimie a new toy at a mere RM2.95 (70% off).
 A "handy terminal" for Raimie to play "restaurant" and take order with his toy. I even got one for a friend's son who also loves to play pretend like Raimie.
Seems like everyone in MidValley is preoccupied with this Members' sale because when I went to my company's panel clinic after lunch, I was informed that the doctor wasn't in. Due to no patients at the clinic, the doctor had hopped over to Jusco to do a bit of shopping!

The doctor and I had a good laugh chatting about our "acquisition" when I finally met her in the evening after work.

Malaysian Mammals Exhibition In Putrajaya

Last week, after our morning jog at Taman Botani in Putrajaya we went to a Malaysian Mammal exhibition which was held at Galeri Pameran Muzium Alam Semulajadi in Presint 15, Putrajaya. More excursion to the museum for us, eh?
A family of three, all stinky and sweaty visiting an exhibition (I haven't even had my morning shower yet)! Lucky not many visitors at 9.00am (opening time) because I bet they wouldn't have appreciate smelly us being there! Entrance is free. After registration, we made our way inside and were greeted by this huge board. There was even a kiddie area inside, complete with two computers and books for a multimedia experience for the kids and soft toys to cuddle too.
The exhibits starts with elephant, followed by Sumatran rhino, tapir, bear, mainland serow, deer, primates, otter, pangolin, bats, squirrels, rodents, a Bryde whale and not forgetting our "Pak Belang" - tiger. At the tiger section Raimie and a tapir The primates section
The exhibition will run u…

To The National Museum II

The Coffin Exhibition: Tradition & Myteries is held from 01 April to 20 June, 2010. Entrance fee to the exhibition cost RM2 for adults and free for children under 12 and students in uniform. For those wishing to take photos, there's a charge of RM3 for still photography (camera or handphone) and RM5 for video camera. I guess one can opt not to pay and still take photos because nobody checks anyway but would you grudge the museum a mere RM3?
I know I shouldn't complain, what with the fee being so cheap but I do wish there were pamphlets available for visitors to read about the exhibition. Granted, each exhibits had ample explanation available but you'd have to take photos of them too to remember what each exhibit represents.

Photos of some of the exhibits:  The Perak Man, aged 13,00years.  The skeleton was discovered in 1991 during an archaeological excavation work in Gua Gunung Runtuh. Gua Niah's boat coffin or 'death ships' used by early Sarawak communities. T…