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The Girl With Enamel Eyes, Coppelia

A bit of cultured post today. Don't play play ah. Ini makcik can like something highbrow like ballet performances as much as she likes running, tau!
I like romantic. The boys probably will like the comic part. So, what's not to like? Furthermore, a full cast of 48 which includes dancers and performers from USA, Australia, Germany, Romania and our very own Malaysian! Woweee!
And this ballet performance piqued my interest after seeing photos of Tristupe's daughter ballet rehearsal & performance over at FB and some that he tweeted. Dedicated bunheads. *smile* Great timing knowing about this show! ^^
The story of Coppelia revolves around Franz and Swanhilda who are two promised lovers and Coppelia which (who?) is the mannequin creation of Dr. Coppelius’s mystical workshop.  She sits on the balcony everyday and Franz becomes enchanted by her beauty, much to Swanhilda’s dismay. Cannot blame Swanhilda lah, right? A cacophony of mischief takes place i…

Blue, Blue Sky

The blue sky is back!

With white clouds too!
But if you look really hard, it is not really THAT blue. And the clouds aren't THAT white.
Anyway, how long will this last?
Let's pray for good weather ahead and hope our authorities will actually do something to do haze problem that's been going for so long. :(

Oh yeah!
Remember Thursday's giveaway post?

Congrats to Angeline for her correct guess. E-mail me your address, will you? ^^

My Taj Mahal Post

This is pretty much triggered and "ciplak"ed from SK's Incredicle India post on Tuesday. Well, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, don't they? *wink wink* He posed in front of Taj Mahal.
I did too! Bwahaha!
OMG! See how skinny I was way back then??????
Do you know EXACTLY where I took this photo?
Wanna guess? One lucky commenter may get this cheapo Taj Mahal keychain which I had kept lovingly for many many moons to add to their collection. heh heh

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 Postponed

Organisers announce new date, 29 September 2013
Kuala Lumpur, 27 June 2013 - The organisers of Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 officially made the decision today to postpone the Marathon that was initially scheduled for 30 June 2013 in the interest of public health. The decision was made with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, co-organiser Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur and title sponsor, Standard Chartered Bank.
After discussions with the local authorities including Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL), Department of Environment (DOE) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the organisers and partners of the event came to a difficult decision to postpone the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 to 29 September 2013.
YB Khairy Jamaluddin, the Minister of Youth and Sports has concurred with the decision to postpone the event due to the current haze situation, given the potential detrimental health hazards posed to more than 33,000 participants of the Marathon.
Kuala Lumpur…

Live Great Run Is Back!

Zaini and I (and a friend) were lucky enough to be invited to a dinner on June 25th, at Intercontinenal Hotel by Great Eastern team, in appreciation of the support given towards the Live Great Run last year and to kick start Live Great Run 2013. Mingling around before the start of the event. I was completely awestruck being in the same room as these veterans (running and blogging wise, not age. ehem). I am so not worthy...
Chatter, chatter, laugh laugh, posed for photos and stuff. Listening attentively to the emcee, Ms Wong Fong Yee; the Assistant Manager of Brand and Communications.  Fong Yee is an avid runner herself, and has run four full marathons! RESPECT! Followed by a welcome address by Ms GG Kam, the VP & Head of Marketing & Customer Management.
Then, we were shown some slides, higlighting key points of the race: The Live Great Run is interesting compared to other road races as it has hurdles along the 12km route that test runners' endurance. JUMP runners JUMP!

Running For A Cause In The Bad Haze

I wasn't supposed to run this Perodua Run For A Cause. It clashed with McD Olympic Day Fun Run which I had already signed up and run with the family.
As luck would have it, haze was bad this week and since McD Run has plenty of school children registered to run it; it was postponed till after Raya.
The haze caused a few friends to feel unwell, and a friend passed her bib to me. Thanks Aina!
After knowing about the McD Run postponement, I had planned to "bandit" this Perodua run. I needed a 15K run this week and following the runners in this run and running along the route would be safer than running alone. I prepared for my own hydration by wearing my hydration bag this time. 
But as I got a bib, I had less guilt running alongside other runners.
I had an ambitious timing and aimed to finish at 1:45. I promised Zaini I'd finish before 2hours. Zaini was annoyed with me yesterday and told me to buck up and run "properly" instead of just mucking about during r…

Running With Alpha People

I had no intention to run this Alpha Run II race initially. 
But then, I realised I've been such a lazy bum and unless there's a race, it's hard for me to actually wake up early to run. So, after much deliberation I signed up to this run after all.
It's a cheap race. RM10 for Men's category for 10K. RM8 for Women Open 8K. I wish the distance for Women Open is the same as Men Open though. Dear organiser, we female runners do not have any problem running 10K you know. Most of us, anyway. 
For my RM8, the organiser was really generous. The entitlements were : See? Even got own ambulance with medic for each of us you! Mihmihmih.
Kidding ye. :P I collected my bib and t-shirt on the race day itself. Was a bit worried about it, but bib collection was painless. Slow a bit at first... but the volunteers were nice and helpful. It's just us impatient runners who can't wait long. Posing posing first.

The race was advertised to start at 6.30am. Then we were informed th…

Hazy Sky

The API (Air pollutant index) on June 20th, 2013. 
Yes, it's the time of the year again for us to welcome the unwelcome haze. Ugh.
Schools in Johor are close as the level air quality reaching hazardous level there. 
The blame game has begun. Again and again each year. The McDonald Olympic Day Fun Run scheduled this Sunday is now postponed till after Raya. No news about other races this weekend or the one next weekend which is the Standard Chartered KL Marathon.

More Freebies!

I didn't want to blog about this but I got no other stuff to blog about. Food comes to mind when I'm all dry of ideas! 
Somehow, some way, we were approached by a PR company last week wanting to set up an interview with me and the family in a local Malay language newspaper to promote the upcoming Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon on June 30th.
So, what the heck. Just go and soak up the experience. It's not everyday we got a chance to be interviewed. Clowning around while waiting for the reporter and photographer to arrive, clad in SCKLM t-shirt. Free tees! LOL Got lunch too! Mihmihmih
My tarragon roasted chicken. Small chicken but it was heavenly. Damn expensive though but still much cheaper than what I really wanted to eat - a wagyu steak. Cannot be greedy and impose too much, right? hehehe
The boys behaved marvelously and ate pasta which weren't as expensive as my chicken. We had some pizza too. Burp.
When is the interview going to be published? No idea. Kes…