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Celebration Of Aidil Adha

On Friday, Muslims celebrated the Aidil Adha, and for us that meant a long weekend and we headed off to my hometown to celebrate the Big Day.

What is Aidil Adha? It is one of the biggest and most important events in the annual Muslim calendar; celebrated on the 10th day of the Muslim month Zulhijjah. Every year millions of  pilgrims in the holy city of Mecca perform the fifth pillar of Islam, that is the haj and Aidil Adha marks the end of the haj pilgrimage period. During Aidil Adha, a ritual known as korban or sacrifice is carried out after the Aidiladha prayer. Hence Aidil Adha is also commonly known as Hari Raya Korban or Hari Raya Haji in Malaysia.

This year, my parents decided to do korban. Korban means sacrifice of animals such as cows, goats and camels that meet certain religious criteria. We had a small kenduri (feast) afterwards, after the Isyak prayer.

In the photo above, the cow that was slaughtered earlier being prepared to be cut and distributed.  One third of the meat is …

Like Mother, Like Son

Remember my post about being too pre-occupied? What do think looking at these photos. Just like his Mom? ;-)

If he doesn't play with his Nintendo DSi while we were enjoying our drinks at Starbucks, he'll be bugging me for a chance to use the notebook.

Fortunately for his Mom, he doesn't like my taste for drinks and preferred his Dad's green tea drinks instead. More for me to enjoy!

A Beary Meal At A&W For A Shin-Chan Toy

Not looking forward for a heavy dinner on Friday, after our yummy lunch at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant, and not wanting to cook; we decided to go to Alamanda in Putrajaya and head to A&W for some fast food dinner and drink A&W rootbeer. Yummm.... We do love A&W's rootbeer especially when served in their chilled glass. Heaven.
Usually we don't really like to order the kids' meal for Raimie at A&W, but who can resist the free toy they offered this time. Instead of the usually lame free toys (yeah, I don't like A&W toys that came with the meals), it was Crayon Shin Chan toys this time. 6 to collect! Raimie chose the Action Kamen figure of course. And with Raimie making puppy eyes at us, how can we say no to him? :D What would you order at A&W? We always go for the hot dogs. It's usually supreme dog for me and Raimie and Zaini always go for the coney dog. This time, because we bought the kids meal for Raimie, he had a "doggie". Just a plain…

A Movie Treat : Watching Astro Boy

A treat for us, a movie outing to watch Astro Boy last week. Taking advantage of our day off which we took to attend the prize giving ceremony at Raimie's school, we went to Gardens Mall's GSC Signature afterwards to watch the movie. Raimie was pretty excited to watch Astro Boy. Our movie ticket. Cannot afford to watch the movie in Gold Class (RM60 per person? Waaaay to much for me pay!). Instead, we went for the premiere class at RM16 per ticket. A pretty comfy place, the premiere class. Only us three and a family of three small, hyper-active, cannot sit still kids in the cinema hall. Apart from interruptions from the kids that seemed to have no restraint whatsoever, we enjoyed our movie outing very much.

Raimie was so comfortable, he watched the movie just like he was watching one at home; curled up in our seats with his head perched on my shoulder so that he can see the screen. No popcorn or drinks bought. We were too full from our lunch at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant earlier.

A Day To Celebrate Academic And Co-Curriculum Excellence

On Friday, both Zaini and I accompanied Raimie to school to attend the school's Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang to honour deserving students in both academic and co-curriculum. Raimie with his bud, goofing around while waiting for the prize giving ceremony. Chirag, who got first place wasn't around because he was getting ready for a performance afterwards. In the photo : Raimie, Nicholas, Edmund, Miqail, Thejas Nair, Priya and Kishen. Now, that's 1Malaysia for you. No need for our esteemed government to propagate about it! Raimie receiving his trophy for getting second place in his class from the Headmaster. Job well done Raimie! Before leaving the school, we made him meet his teachers and the headmaster congratulated him again and advised him to keep up the good work. I hope you're listening, Son! It wasn't only Raimie who got his limelight on the school stage yesterday. Zaini was invited to give out prizes for sports excellence in the field of Sepak Takraw and Athletics. …

A Surprise Present For Raimie

I got a present for Raimie after returning from school to sign his report card yesterday. It's a "cheapo" present, but I know Raimie would love it.An Ultraman Ace watch I bought from a friend for a mere RM5.00! Bootleg one lah, not ori one. Original version sure cost much more!
After buying it, I decided to wear it the whole day at the office and in the process helped my friend to promote the watches she was selling. I think no less than 5 pcs were sold after people at work saw me wearing that Ultraman watch! What better way to promote a product than using it yourself, right? More would've been sold, but there were no more stock of Ben-10 and Ultraman watches.

And do you know that I was shameless enough to wear it after work, for dinner with Zaini! The things I did that Zaini had to put up with. *^-^*

Both Zaini and I are taking a day off tomorrow to attend the school's prize giving ceremony. Raimie got second placing in his class and for the school standard one to…

What I'd Like To Do For The Holiday

If not for the rainy season we are having now, I would love to go back to my hometown and re-visit the many waterfalls there.

Raimie and Zaini simply love having a splashing good time in the icy cold water there. A BBQ party with siblings would be awesome too, after spending time in the water.

Anyway, not safe to go to the waterfalls nowadays. Rainy season and strong currents isn't exactly the recipe of good, safe fun.

What do you like to do when you were small during the school holidays? If I'm at my parents' house, I would spend the day outside; wading through streams and catching fish or bicycling around the small town with friends. If I'm at my grandparents' house in Shah Alam, I would spend it at Komples PKNS, the nearby lake or the library. Anyway, I would spend the days outside home, unlike my son who is contented to while the days away playing games indoors. Well, I guess I need not worry about him breaking an arm (or leg) playing and climbing outdoors like I…

School Holiday Is Just Around The Corner

It'll be school holiday for Malaysian kids in a week. Raimie's been looking forward for the school holiday and enjoy time at home.

Next week's classes will be just for report card day, class party and on Friday there will be prize giving award for top students. No idea yet whether Raimie got top three position in his class so we may have to wait until Wednesday. That's the day we are going to his school to meet up with his class teacher.

We are stocking up his granddad's house with board games, Uno cards and books for him to spend the school holiday. Unfortunately, Zaini isn't able to get away from work on Raimie's birthday, so we will not be going anywhere to celebrate his birthday this year. But we will have a small early birthday party at his granddad house in Raub, my hometown together with his aunts and uncles there during the Aidil Adha holiday.

Parents - what's your plan for your kids during the school holiday? Sending them to any camps? I had a…

A Bit Too Pre-Occupied

Zaini had always been resigned to my obsession with my blogs and being online. When I had some trouble with my wireless Maxis Broadband connection and I have yet gotten the Celcom Prepaid Broadband, he let me spend time at Starbucks catching up on fellow bloggers' posts and reciprocating visits and drops.

Poor Zaini, he even fell asleep waiting for me finish up. Raimie on the other hand, was pretty happy being allowed access to his Ninento DSi without interruption.

But I learned something after not being able to be online for a while. Life still goes on, and I didn't die for not being online. Yes, I haven't be that much obsessive nowadays and only limit myself a couple of hours in front of the computer screen. That's good, no?

And thank you dear hubby for always been supportive to whatever "nonsense" I decide to do at the moment. BTW, missed you so much when you were outstation. :-)

R.I.P Dear Turtle

I wrote about worrying over Raimie's pet turtle being sick a few days before we head off to Japan for our vacation in mid September. His pet turtle did get well after that and was swimming happily the day we flew off to Japan. When we returned from our vacation, turtle looked perfectly fine to us and was pretty excited seeing us (yeah, he gets excited when he saw me coming near because he knew that I was the one who give out food to him. LOL).

Alas, returning home for the weekend, we found Turtle already dead despite looking fine a few days ago. I was pretty sad and Raimie even more so. Raimie cried bucket loads and I had to console him.

Well, a burial was in order for Turtle. After all, we loved and cared him when he lived so it was only proper he got a nice send off instead of just being chucked in a dustbin.

Rest in peace, dear Turtle!

It was both funny and heart warming to listen to Raimie saying that he wanted to pray for Turtle to be sent off to heaven after we buried Turtle on …

Tony Roma's Ribs For Dinner

We have not been to Tony Roma's in ages! I kinda have a hankering for everything meaty at the moment so I gladly agree when Raimie wanted to have dinner there. And lucky Zaini was in a generous mood to splurge on dinner that day. :) Not cheap leh, eat at this place. Even after discount and our coupon, our meal was still about RM80++.

We went on Monday to take advantage of the free kids meal available from Mon - Wed. Otherwise, we need to fork out RM25.90 for Raimie's kiddie meal of ribs. I had mulled over going to Tony Roma's again on Friday but common sense takes over and I think I'll wait next week instead for another visit. Why waste money when Raimie can eat free right? Hehe Maybe next time, I'll get my hands on some nice juicy steak... Oooooo can't wait.
Raimie always love getting his hand on this activity sheet, even though it's the same one everytime. As always, what's a visit to Tony Roma's without ordering their ribs? Yep, ribs are a must …

I Got Myself A Prepaid Broadband

After about two weeks of having a slow connection with my Maxis Broadband and unable to do much about it other than complain and rant and at the most extreme, cancel my subscription; I went to Celcom.

I had mulled over about jumping ship to Celcom but still a bit unsure whether it'll be any different to Maxis'. I did the next best thing other than be a Celcom monthly paid subscriber and got myself a prepaid broadband instead. Got RM25 starter pack and I can use daily internet connection at RM6 for 24 hours or RM20 for a week's connection. If all goes well, maybe it's time for me to change my loyalty.

Malaysia Biggest Breakfast

On Saturday, both Zaini and I went to Bangsar Village to be a part of the Malaysia Biggest Breakfast charity event.

The event was hosted by Bangsar Village to raise funds for the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM). It was a two-day event, on Saturday Oct 31 and Sunday Nov 1. All restaurants in both Bangsar Village and Bangsar Village took part in this event, offering breakfast sets from 10.00am to 11.30am. All breakfast sets offered were fully sponsored by the participating restaurants and the proceeds will go to NASAM. Customers needed to donate a minimum amount of RM15 and get a meal voucher. A good, delicious cause to support, no?

From all the restaurants to choose from at Bangsar Village and Bangsar Village II, which one do you think we head to?
A Japanese restaurant, of course! We went to Mizu and we even managed to persuade a friend to head to the same restaurant too...