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Fun With Hot Air Balloons

A few photos I nicked from my Sis' facebook album. Raimie went along with his aunts to view hot air balloons at the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon show that ran from Mar 18 - Mar 21. He certainly had a blast with his aunts, uncle and cousin Kimi!
Thanks Sis for giving Raimie a good time.

Earth Hour Support That Went Bust

What did you do to support Earth Hour this year?
On Saturday evening, we switched off all our lights, our TV, our notebooks, our games in support of Earth Hour. But then, I guess what we did was counter-productive as we got the in our car(burning fossil fuel in the process) and went to a place that shone brightly at night.
So, unlike last year when we spent the hour in pitch black darkness, just talking to each other; this year we head out and went for a drive.

There was a funfair nearby and Raimie had wanted to go since ages. We finally relented and he had fun getting on rides and playing the funfair games and getting prizes.
But poor Raimie. The day after, on Sunday; he woke with spots on his body. He got chicken-pox! He got medical leave from school for a couple of weeks. Both Zaini and I are taking turns taking annual leave to care for him. I know it'll be boring for him to be cooped up in the house for so long. Hope he'll get well soon.

Something In The Mail

I know, I know. I have been very lax in updating my blogs. Blame it on the strong medicine I've been taking just so that I can sleep at night -  enough to sedate an elephant! LOL
Anyways, look what made its way to my mailbox a couple of weeks ago! A keychain from Singapore courtesy of Ladyviral of In My World. Thanks dearie. Hope life in Singapore suits you well. *^-^*

An Excited Boy...

Raimie was pretty busy yesterday night. He was opening and closing our clothes drawer looking for his swimming trunks and towels and packing his stuff by himself for today.
After a half-day out with one of his aunts yesterday, he called me and asked for my permission to go to WetWorld in Shah Alam together with his aunts. Since we didn't take him anywhere at all during the school holiday, we agreed and he'll be going off soon without us.
It's funny seeing him packing and looking for his stuff because if it's a day out with us, he doesn't care a hoot about getting his stuff in order. He was so excited, he got ready quite early in the morning although I told him that his aunt will only be picking him up after work today.
Hope he has fun. Mommy is certainly no fun, spending most of her days trying to shrug off her bad case of flu.

TKO'ed By The Flu Bug

Just when I thought I can get back to actively updating and reading blogs, I got caught with the flu bug.
I've only been to work today this week, having spent the past three days sleeping it off (albeit fitfully). Am yet to recover but I can't be away from work too long. Someone might get fidgety.

Coming to work, I send out e-mails to colleagues that I won't be answering calls today. My work does involve plenty of talking so I was pretty quiet today. No manic laughter from me today. LOL

Hopefully, I'll get well soon. I miss talking.
Poor Raimie though. He has a pretty boring week, what with the week being a school holiday week. He just recovered from a fever on Monday, then Zaini caught the bug too and finally it was me. So, any plans of going anywhere had to be shelved.

Luckily, his aunt wants to bring him to her company's family day tomorrow so I hope he'll have fun tomorrow.

It's Been More Than Two Weeks!

Oh my goodness me! To think that I've totally stopped updating both of my blogs for two weeks now. I've never been on a hiatus for this long before, especially when my two internet connection (yes, I subscribe to two - Celcom and Maxis : long story...) up and running just fine.
I guess spending time alternating between watching my favourite Korean variety show, 1N2D and Bleach (currently up to Episode 195) simply didn't leave me much time to think, let alone coming up with new posts.
Thank you to those who still dropped by and commented even though a new post was long overdue here. I love you guys! ^-^
Will I be back to posting a new post regularly again? Seems like I have no life nowadays so I have nothing to write about. Maybe I need to get off the couch and start moving around instead of staring at my notebook the whole day!
School holiday has already started and MATTA Fair is on now. Anyone going for a vacation? We are staying put in KL this school holiday - have to save m…