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The Last Minute Redemption

I finally got my butt out to go "shopping" today. Shopping that cost no money, that is. Hahaha Where, first. To Key Power Sports at Gardens Mall. Because tomorrow is the last day of redemption and I needed to redeem something, after months of procrastination. Thanks to SCKLM 2016 Media Challenge, which I was the winner for the Half-Marathon Female Veteran category; I am now a proud owner of a pair of very "atas" 2XU compression socks. Hahaha

SCKLM 2016 was held on Aug 7th, 2016.
SCKLM 2017 will be held in the first half of 2017, just like it used to be a few years ago before haze wreak havoc and cause lotsa postponement and race cancelllations; on May 21st 2017.

Details of SCKLM 2017 is available at:

See you at SCKLM 2017. I'll be running in the full marathon category next year! ^^

Press Release: 1st Tehran International Marathon + Half marathon, 10K and Kids’ run

On Friday 7th of April 2017 Iran Silk Road organizes the 1st Tehran International Marathon and second edition of I run Iran.

This marathon starts at Azadi square in Tehran city with a finish at Azadi stadium. Runners from all over the world are invited to participate in this unique event in Tehran, capital of Iran.

The organizer Iran Silk Road is determined to clear the path towards International Friendship. Participants from all over the world will achieve this goal by running together and celebrating with thousands of Iranians along the road. During the "I run Iran" event participants get acquainted with Persian food and culture. This official Tehran marathon is endorsed by local authorities, the Sport ministry and Iran Tourism Organization.

This 1st Tehran International Marathon 2017 is the second “I run Iran” event after the first International Marathon of Iran at Persepolis in April 2016. With participants from more than 30 different countries.

The event intends to emp…

Goosini! Goosana! Let's Win With #GooseySelfie Contest By MyTOWN

Who has been to IKEA Cheras? Raise your hand?

Me! Me! Me! And I want to go againnnnn... Do you know that there will be a new shopping centre opening soon, which is anchored by the largest IKEA in Malaysia?

MyTown Shopping Centre is located right next to IKEA Cheras and is expected to open next year, in early 2017. Can't wait! The huge shopping centre which is opening soon is very near to my house so quite easy to go there.

With 5 levels of shopping galore, on top of IKEA; we will sure have a complete shopping experience at MyTOWN once it's open, right? *rubs hand gleefully* *caress credit card nervously* hahaha
Anyways, MyTOWN is currently holding a #GooseySelfie contest with more than RM10,000 worth of prizes to be won! Lagi cool!

How to enter, you ask?
Easy. Just follow these 5 easy steps when you visit the website, and click JOIN NOW:
Step 1 - Login to FacebookStep 2 - Tell #GooseySelfie what we areStep 3 - Upload our selfieStep 4 -  Goosify …

Best Of Running Moments In 2016

I set out with a goal to improve my HM timing in 2016. 
Simple and straightforward.
While doing so, I've had fun. Improved my 10K and HM timing. Gain plenty of experience. 
Some highlights of 2016 running: My one and only virtual run.
There are plenty of virtual runs available nowadays but I like 2ndskin Virtual Run Challenge as it has a challenge within a challenge i.e. run either a minimum of 10K or 1-hour, run 20.16K (or more) within 3-days or run the highest mileage of all the contenders.
I didn't win any of the sub-challenge but it was fun going out during the 3days (between Jan 1st - 3rd) and try to finish the sub-challenges. In the 3 days, I managed to clock in 49.90K. 
The 2ndskind Virtual Run Challenge sure was a great motivation to kick-start my 2016 training for the year. ^^
Will I join other virtual runs? Probably not. I'm not a fan of those virtual runs with the only purpose to join is to get a medal and t-shirt. I've got too many medals to care about add…

The Start Of A 3-Days Christmas Weekend!

Yeay! Another long weekend!
We had planned to visit my hometown in Raub for the weekend but had to ditch the plan as I somehow gotten a back injury while at work. Work hazard. Huhuhu
Anyways, will be staying put at home and do plenty of reading for the weekend, I guess. And rest, of course. We start our weekend with a banana leaf feast at Nirwana Maju in Bangsar for dinner on Friday. ^^
Wishing for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those who celebrates it. :-)

Online Shopping Spree - With Nashata & 11Street

I attended 11Street Malaysia 2017 Online Shopping Market Outlook presentation last week and had the opportunity to learn about the results of 11Street nationwide market survey with 3,500 correspondents and learn about the Top Malaysian E-commerce Trends for 2017.
At 11street event, ready to dive in and learn about the E-commerce Market Maturity as well as to gain some understanding on the Malaysia Consumers’ Evolving Shopping Preference & Patterns. Fuh~
11street Malaysia's CEO, Mr Hoseok Kim presenting the results of the market survey.

Interesting stuff to learn.

I decided to try shopping at 11street and bought two stuff from the millions products available at their website.
 Of all things, I bought an oven! Hahaha

I ordered it on Thursday night and received it on Tuesday morning.
And I also suka-suka bought a mouse that's on offer (it was RM12.90) with free shipping so order lah. Wait for me to actually buy and replace son's faulty mouse, I think we'd have to wai…


Champ Wins Trophy, USD 3,000 and the Hearts of Malaysian
SHAH ALAM, MALAYSIA, 19 DECEMBER 2016– The fourth and final round heard the roar of Malaysians as Muhd Habibullah (#27 Gabit) takes the FIM Asia Supermoto Championship 2016 for both Open International and Asian Class. He is the first and only person to win at both classes against 21 top international riders from 18 countries. The Asian Class podium was followed by Khairi Zakaria (Hairi) and Mohd Al-Amirul Ashshahid (Gaban) who took the first and second runner-up respectively. A grand gala dinner was arranged after the race in celebration of the successful campaign.
Upon completion of four heated rounds in four countries across two regions namely Australia in September, Indonesia in October, the Philippines in November and Malaysia in December, Gabit said that the race played a significant role in elevating the industry’s standard. “Before the race was founded, it was tough to look for an avenue to compete internationally and expa…

Having Fun Crewing At PokeHunt Run

Sometimes, once in a awhile, it's nice to be on the other side of a running event. Not as a runner but as part of the event's crew/volunteer.
Hubby and I had done quite a fair bit of volunteering at races this year; from fun runs to ultra runs and PokeHunt Run is the final one for us in 2016. We already have another race we'll be volunteering at, in January. ^^ It was just a simple run. A fun run so everyone who participated were out to have fun and they were a really nice bunch of participants.
We had volunteered a few times for events held by Bubbly Media which is the organiser of PokeHunt Run and it's always a good experience.
The run was held at Metropolitan Park, Kepong on Dec 18th, 2016. The run started at 7.45am but of course we reported to duty much earlier, at 6.30am. Both of us were stationed mid-route at this "refill" station.

Participants were given a water gun to hunt down "pokemon" during the run.
Turned out that the Pokemons they are…


SHAH ALAM, 15 DECEMBER 2016 – While the excitement for the grand finale piles up, E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd (E-Plus), a consortium of Asia Supersports Group, embarks on a journey to transform the vicinity of Stadium Shah Alam into an excitement packed weekend, in welcoming the grand finale of the FIM Asia Supermoto Championship 2016!
“Long and in-depth deliberations, planning and finally, the preparation for the largest Supermoto race in Asia. We are as excited as ever to showcase our capability and to raise the bar in organising sport and motorsport events in the region,” said Barbara Lam, Managing Director of E-Plus. The event management conglomerate currently has presence in six countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong.
Other than the highly anticipated grand finale that will determine if Muhd Habibullah (Gabit) will take the overall title or will Australia’s Andy McLiesh snatch the title from the 25-year-old Malays…


SHAH ALAM, 12 DECEMBER 2016– The FIM Asia Supermoto Championship 2016 series made it to the final stop of the year. From the scenic view of Australia’s Foreshore Park sprightly environment of Indonesia’s Kanjuruhan Stadium to the eventful spectacles of Philippines’Bayanihan Park, the championship now sets its sails towards Malaysia for its fourth and final round of the season.
This time around, it is the Shah Alam Stadium that will be the hosting ground for 21 of the best riders from around the Asian region, as well as Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. Located in the Selangor state of Malaysia, the Shah Alam Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium that’s mostly used for football matches. It is home to the Football Association of Selangor, one of the nation’s top professional football club. It has also hosted some of biggest European football clubs with the likes of FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal and Totte…

The Long Maulud Nabi/Selangor Public Holiday Weekend

Lucky Hubby gets an extra Public Holiday tomorrow as Selangor celebrates Sultan Selangor's birthday which actually fell on Sunday but is replaced to Tuesday because Monday is after all a nationwide public holiday as we celebrates the birthday of Prophet Muhammad.
Me? A three-day weekend only lah... But quite thankful for it, anyway. ^^
We didn't plan for any travelling (yet) knowing that the traffic would be crazy.
I started the weekend with a short run on Saturday. I was supposed to attend MPGIR 2017 clinic graduation run that Saturday but I decided to not join and sleep in instead. Hah hah Got my 5K done, running around the "neighbourhood" and although I started quite late (at 9.00am), I was glad to have it done. We took the time to do some back-to-school shopping later in the evening, after I finished and submitted an assignment.  Then it was dinner at the foodcourt - claypot chicken rice for the two boys.
Sizzling chicken mushroom yee mee for me...
Sunday saw me…

Press Release: Countdown to MPI Generali Run 2017 Begins

Countdown kicked off with Prince & Princess Waltz MPI Generali appreciation of sponsors and partners My First Run Clinic’s Graduation Run and Project Good Deeds highlighted by CEO in speech Kuala Lumpur – The countdown to MPI Generali Run 2017 started in a stately grandeur with Princes and Princesses gliding into Cristallo Restaurant, Pacific Regency Hotel today.
Artists cosplaying Disney’s Belle and Cinderella danced with their respective Princes to the delight of the guests at the 30 Days Countdown to MPI Generali Insurans Berhad’s upcoming Run. The delight turned to laughter when the local favourite mascots of Mamee and Mr Potato appeared and joined the dance. 

The royalty’s presence showcased the 5km Fun Run’s Prince & Princess theme. The cosplay element is introduced by the general insurer to add more fun to the family-friendly annual community run.
Besides the Waltz, sponsors and partners were each presented with an appreciation plaque for their contribution. MPI Gener…

Lighting Up Shah Alam The Second Time With Ice Watch

Last Saturday, the family went down to Shah Alam to join the Ice Watch's Light Up The Night Run 2016.

It was the second year it was held at Plaza Shah Alam (which was the venue sponsor) but the running route was different from last year's edition in view of runners' safety and also crowd capacity.

We did the first edition with me & hubby running in the 10K category and this year, we did the 5K fun run with Son to celebrate his 14th birthday, courtesy of the race organiser; The Marathon Company and of course the Title sponsor, Ice Watch Malaysia. They had a media counter so I got myself registered first before going around the Plaza Shah Alam mall and to meet with fellow runners and friends before the flag-off. The mall sure was a hive of activities with most of their F&B outlets filled with runners having dinner. The F&B outlets had an extended opening night during the run to accommodate runners and were open till midnight! And yes, plenty of runners were sti…


SHAH ALAM, 6 DECEMBER 2016 – It’ s been two weeks since we concluded the third leg of this year’s championship in the Philippines and we are now gearing up for our fourth and final round that’s set to take place this December 17th and 18th at Stadium Shah Alam, Malaysia. But before that, let’s take a moment to recollect all the action and drama that went down in Round 3.  The venue was the prided recreational sport of Angeles City – Bayanihan Park. The track was rather unorthodox as the “tarmac” section was converted from the park’s basketball and tennis courts while a slippery field of uncut grass played the role of the ‘dirt’ section. The very narrow track was interspersed with sharp corners and grassy dividers. All of this daunted the riders with a very challenging race ahead but they weren’t Asia’s best Supermoto racers without reason, and they took the challenge head on. Hordes of Supermoto fans and curious onlooker…