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Dinner With The Family At Miyagi

We had something to celebrate (some good news) and we decided that it would be nice to have dinner at one of our favourite restaurant, located in Bandar Baru Bangi.
A Japanese restaurant called Miyagi.
And a coincidence that Son had wanted to eat sushi a few days earlier.
Our favourite tsukemono was served first after we made our order.

This is served complimentary as an appetizer before the main dishes arrived.

And Miyagi do make it nicely.

Hubby had seafood teppanyaki (got photo somewhere but don't want to share lah. Hahaha)

Son, who had wanted to eat sushi earlier decided to order something different.
He ordered yakiniku jyu set instead.
I know Miyagi served good kaki furai (fried oyster) so I ordered the kaki furai to sushi set.
They were perfect!
 The sushi served in the set were good too.
Generous cut on top of rice.

Dinner ended with cut fruits and later we were served mochi with peanuts.

The mochi (or sometimes ice cream) are served complimentary after each meal t…

For Peat's Sake - BOH Eco Trail Run 2016

BOH Eco Trail Run 2016 was BOH's second charity run after the hugely succesful BOH Highlands Run on Sep 28, 2014. While the 2014 edition was a 5K run, the 2016 edition saw us running 8K through BOH's lowland tea gardens at Bukit Cheeding and a section of the Kuala Langat North Reserve Forest (KLNRF). Along with 598 other runners, me and hubby made our way to Bukit Cheeding in Jenjarom on May 28th for BOH Eco Trail Run 2016. The key highlight of this year's run was the privileged access given to runners into a restricted section of the adjacent KLNFR apart from the BOH Plantations Bukit Cheeding tea garden. Through the special trail through the forest reserve, we had the chance to experience a natural peat swamp forest firsthand and be more aware of the delicate ecosystem which is held in balance by the peat deep beneath the surface of the land. All proceeds from the registration fees for BOH Eco Trail 2016 totalling RM28,000 were channeled to the Global Environment Centre…

A Change In Training Routine Soon

now that Ramadhan month is nearing.
I used to head to Lake Garden to train when hubby worked late back in 2014 as I could go off early during the fasting month.
I'd got stuff for Son's buka puasa (and mine too) and while he stayed at his grandpa's house, I head out and run/jog/walk for 1 hour plus and return before it was time for buka puasa.
Like last year, I probably have a bit of time at the gym this year while waiting for Hubby to pick me up and then maybe run later at night. Ramadhan is a special month.
I don't know why but I feel I get special energy during the fasting month.
I could workout before buka puasa. The intensity is decreased however, taking account of the fact energy is depleting in the evening but otherwise. it's business as usual.
I could run at 10pm, rest then sleep and then wake up by 5am to prepare for sahur. Arrive to office by 8.30am on weekdays. And repeat this for 30 days.
Ramadhan is the only month I'd be able to do this!
Looking fo…

KL Tourist For A Day

We entered the KL City Centre on Sunday because Hubby and I needed to collect our BOH Eco Trail Run race kit at Avenue K. Ww were greeted by a fellow runner who is always helpful and volunteered at many races and also running in them! Respect, Oscar!
There weren't any other runners collecting their race kits when we got there but the volunteers (and the Race Directors) are there and they are all so friendly. Haven't had my breakfast yet and with our O'Brien's Irish Sandwich vouchers which we received during the Shamrock Run launch and run earlier in February in tow; we had our brunch at the KLCC outlet. 
Gotta redeem our vouchers fast as they're expiring this end of month. Hahaha Buy 1 get 1 drinks. Buy 1 get 1 handcrafted sandwiches. Bargain! Can't wait to dig in! I was famished after an hour's run in the morning after all. Son with his large cup of latte while his Mommy had cappuccino. Daddy just shared whatever we drank. Hahaha From Avenue K later, afte…

BOH Eco Trail Run REPC

Both Hubby and I had registered to BOH Eco Trail Run, thanks to The Marathon Company and this will be our second BOH Run, the first one being the BOH Highlands Run in BOH Sg Palas plantation in 2014.
The second edition of BOH Run will be held at BOH's lowland plantation in Bukit Cheeding, Banting. What? Got tea plantation in Banting?
Yeah. I also only knew about it when the technical team of the Run told me. LOL
For the 2016 edition, the run is to raise awareness on peatland preservation and forest fire prevention. All proceeds from the BOH Eco Trail Run 2016 will be channeled to support Global Environment Centre (GEC) public education campaigns as well as programmes among the younger generation in Kuala Langat area.
A good cause for runners to be a part of, right?  After my morning Sunday run, the family and I went to Avenue K to collect our racekits for BOH Eco Trail Run next week.
With Benz, from The Marathon Company who was at the REPC located at Fitness First Avenue K. He ju…

The Inaugural Nilai Half Marathon

I only knew about Nilai Half Marathon from a friend's sharing at Facebok a few months back. At that time, the HM fits into my training plan but I hesitated into joining due to lack of information and the fact that it doesn't have an online registration portal.
It was only on Tuesday, a few days before the half marathon that I finally contacted one of the HM committee member to enquire whether they could still accept late registration as registration had already been closed at the end of April.
Lucky me, they still have slots available. I got the form whatssaped to me, which I duly filled and whatssaped back with a copy of M2U transfer for my registration fee of RM50.00. Pretty easy actually. Who needs online payment portal and pay extra $$$ for the convenience again? hur hur
Although I had known about Nilai Half Marathon a few months back, signing up to the HM was rather a rash decision. My last long run was at Nike We Run KL in early April and I haven't been training sin…

To Nilai, For Nilai Half Marathon REPC

A pretty last minute decision for me, to register for this Nilai Half Marathon.
I actually contacted the organiser after the registration was closed, and only registered on Tuesday after the organiser informed me that there were slots available in my category. 
Quite a rash decision as I haven't been training much and only started running regularly again this week, instead of once a week which was the case for the past 8 weeks! Adoi! Hahaha At the REPC which is located in the Bilik Latihan 1, Majlis Perbandaran Nilai.
Friendly and helpful committee members manning the REPC. They allowed me to take a peek at the list of runners and I saw plenty of familiar names plus a number of very strong runners joining tomorrow's race. Breezy REPC done.
With my big eco bag from the REPC filled with goodies! For a RM50 registration fee for a half marathon, I was pleasantly surprised with what I got.
Apart from the t-shirt and bib (with timing chip, no less!), runners received a Nilai HM cap…

August Running Calendar Sorted Out

The months after Raya will start to be some busy months, running wise.
The momentum of road races has picked up in the second half of the year with plenty of exciting races in store.
I've registered for two races for July. And August...
August will be a fun month. ^^ I'll start August with the most happening race in Kuala Lumpur if not in Malaysia; the Standard Chartered KL Marathon.
Thank you SCKLM for including me as a member of media year after year. Hopefully, Hubby will be stationed right in front of the finish line for some nice photo taking again this year.

Maybe next year I can join SCKLM 2017 as a pacer. A friend encouraged me to do so. She'll be a pacer this year. ^^ I'm thinking of joining the Jog for Hope at Taylor's College Sri Hartamas the week after SCKLM. I did the race for the first time last year when I was invited to join the run and quite enjoy the hilly route. Plus it was rather nice to finish at 8th place. Hehehe
It's for 3 charities so i…