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Start Of The Day

I don't normally have a big breakfast on weekdays, but I'll opt for a heavy breakfast on weekends with Hubby and Son. I'm guilty of having roti canai and teh tarik after my morning jog in the weekend. ^-^!
How do you normally start your day?  At the moment, my weekday breakfast would be a sip of water when I wake up. Then when I arrived to work, I down a glass of warm water first, followed by a cup of oat with honey and then a cup of Neslo (Milo & Nescafe mixed together). And yes, how I drink the three glasses are in the order I mentioned. XD
Though I have been guilty of indulging eating hotcakes at McD because of their free Big Breakfast vouchers recently. Huhuhu
But definitely no more Nasi Lemak for breakfast at the moment. ^^

KTM Komuter - I Won't Go On A Ride On Them Anytime Soon.

I only occasionally use the KTM Komuter service and when I do, I thank my lucky stars that I don't depend on them for my daily commute!
I feel that, despite the increase of commuters using the service; the Komuter service was better a few years back than it is now especially judging from what my friends and colleagues who are regular users tell me.
I took one last Monday to get to Serdang station. A trip to Serdang Station from Mid Valley station would usually take a mere 17 minutes minus the waiting time.
Lucky me (and other commuters waiting for the train with me too), had to wait a whole 55 minutes for the train to arrive. Trains scheduled to run were canceled on both tracks (the ones heading to Seremban and to Rawang too) so you can imagine how crowded the platform was after a while. People seems to be resigned to the waiting and decided to make themselves comfortable.
Don't get me started on how packed the train was when it finally arrived. When I got in the train, I barely h…

Eeeek! Spiders!

Enjoying nature is something we like to do. But sometime, there are something out there  that I'd went eeek! when I see them and one of them is spiders!
Plenty of spiders on Fukuurajima at Matsushima Bay which we visited last year. Also, I've put up some posts on Matsushima Bay and the islands there; with links on ways to help Japan's earthquake and tsunami survivors. Have you checked them out yet?

Helping Out With Chores

Everyone in our household have their household duties and need to help out with chores. For my son, some of it; which he loves to do, he does it willingly and gladly. He likes being in the kitchen  and sometimes he'd complain that I don't allow him to help me cook just yet.  I guess I simply don't have the patience to monitor him cutting onions  or stirring food yet (which he kept bugging me to do) and not to mention I like to cook alone. I can't and don't like people in my kitchen! That includes hubby too! :D
I have much respect for mommies who do have the patience, like Alice over at My Little Sprouts blog. ^^
Raimie however gets to play little chef when we return to my hometown. My younger sis, who is always patient with children would let him help out in the kitchen - slicing onions and the like. Usually Raimie would grumble to my sis on how his Mommy never allows him do all that.  LOL
But one thing he loathes to do and would grumble every single time we reminded…

To The Markets

Supermarkets, wet market (though I admit it's been ages since I last been to one!), farmers' market (pasar tani), night market (pasar malam), morning market (pasar pagi)....

Our routine visit to buy groceries at the market (usually more at hypermarkets though) can be a learning experience for our Son too! No need to wait for their school to organise fields trips. A trip to the supermarket can be turned to a field trip of our own too. ^^

All those fresh produce you see at the market - you can show to your kids and let them familiarise with the items there.
I didn't want Raimie to think chicken and meat items originate from a supermarket shelf, neatly placed and wrapped; so from an early age he  kinda knows how/where the fried chicken or the steak on his plate comes from.
Other than that, when doing grocery shopping -  I at least want him to know what ginger or onions looks like! XD
Heck! When I was his age, my Mom sent me walking a few kms to go to the Sunday market to buy gro…

Breakfast For Three, Less Than RM10 At McDonald's

We've been breakfasting (is there such a word?) a LOT at McDonald's lately. 
I do have to admit, we're suckers for promotions and when McDonald's starts giving out the vouchers for free 2 Big Breakfast with minimum purchase of RM5, we were always on the lookout for those coupons!
But really, who can turn down such a good deal? The three of us can have breakfast there, with unlimited refill of coffee and free wi-fi for less than RM10! A good deal, right?
Depending on the branch we go to, we can have a relatively comfortable and relaxing breakfast too.
And by going to McD, I stayed away from eating calorie laden Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai for a bit now. Win-win situation all around. *^-^*

A Visit To Pusat Sains Negara

Raimie was pretty excited about going to the Pusat Sains Negara (National Science Centre) during the school holiday, what with the "Dino Alive" exhibition going on there.
We were there on Monday, and man... the place was sure packed with people ranging from families with children to kindergarten groups visiting the place.
Before going in the "Dino Alive" exhibition (RM10 for adults, RM5 for children 4 and above); we went checking-out the "free galleries" first - the Wonderspark, pathways to science, etc.
Raimie having fun trying out the exhibits and learning a bit, I hope. There he was, trying to properly put back a human torso's internal organs back in and learning about electricity or power or something.
Maybe it was due to hunger (we were still there after 2.00pm and not had our lunch yet) but apart from this two huge dinosaurs in the middle of the hall, the dinosaurs exhibition was pretty lame. There were two sections of dinosaurs exhibited - the…

A Lazy Weekend - Dining In

It was sure nice getting room service and not cooking! Mommy says Yeay! LOL
And one of the highlights of staying in a hotel. Not the hotel buffet but having the luxury of eating dinner in the comfort of our own room. I like... ^^ Raimie sure loves it too! Raimie and Zaini had a huge BBQ burger for dinner. and I, alarmed at my weight gain despite the workout I've done; tried to be a tad healthy by ordering a Caesar salad with grilled tuna and a spicy vegetable stew. But because of doing nothing for two days, the few kgs that I've lost earlier in the week went packing back in. Sob sob. It's not all luxury dining though. For lunch on Sunday, we went out to a nearby Pasar Tani (farmers' market) and bought Nasi Ambeng for lunch. Eating them while sitting at the balcony of our hotel room after a nice swim at the pool was really awesome.

A Nice Soak And Lazing Around

It was a pretty lazy weekend for us. We checked-in at a nearby hotel and just laze around the whole weekend. Bliss. While Raimie had fun in the water with Daddy, Mommy got to lounge and just read; enjoying the hot weather.  Lucky for us, the two days we were there, it didn't rain when we were by the pool.
It's funny - the apartment we live in has a swimming pool too, but anytime we checked-in to a hotel, Raimie gets pretty psyched about going to the pool. Kids! :)  Though I have to admit, the pool at Hotel Equatorial Bangi is one nice pool. Don't you think so too? ^^
If that wasn't enough, Raimi had fun splashing in the room's bath-tub too! Mommy and Daddy too had a few relaxing soaks in the tub, armed with a few sachets of bath powders  for a sweet smelling baths. A nice soak in a hot bath. Now that's what I call relaxation.

He Loves Eating Out

My son sure loves it when we eat out. Not so much because of the food but because he likes the act of poring over the menu and get to use all the grown up fork, spoons and knives too.
Ask him to go to a Mamak or roadside stall, and he'd pull a face. My Son can be such a snob! My hubby said my Son takes after me. LOL ^^ Anyway, snobbish Mommy and Son will be lazing by the hotel pool this weekend; a treat from Daddy. Can't wait! No housework for Mommy! Yeay!

Homework Help : Out Of The Classroom

Raimie's science subject now covers about plants and animals. He has a hazy idea of how different plant types look like and all, so when he did his homework, he got his answers wrong.
In his workbook, he put banana plant in the wood category and said he wasn't sure how a rose plant looks like, let alone what is a fern! So what Mommy and Daddy did to help him learn about plants? Rather than have him memorise all of the info from a book, looking at pictures; armed with his science book, we took him out to Putrajaya's Botanic Park (Taman Botani).
He got to learn, touch and see all sorts of plants there and it was a good experience because not only he got to learn, we got our workout too!
The downside of having him out and about was, he sure can lose focus and wander about really quick! We were trying to show him the firework plant, and he was busy looking and poking at ants! :D
Next week, we are taking his to the National Science Centre. This is one boy who loves his science.

Meals On Two-Wheels

We live in an apartment with strict guards guarding the entrance. Living in apartments means that any sellers won't be knocking at our doors.
But there are times, I kinda miss the convenience of having the food sellers on bikes selling their wares coming direct to our homes. 
The one in the photo is selling breads. We affectionately call the vendors as Babu Roti (bread man). When I was small, the babu roti at my hometown was a jovial Sikh man who loves to play pranks on kids who would swarm his motorbikes when he came around.
At times, I do miss the convenience of having these food laden bikes coming to homes selling their wares. When I was small, the sound of their horns were a welcome sound. The food sold range from bread to ice cream to putu mayam to satay to pau (steamed buns) to many more. There are still these sellers peddling their wares now but I don't have the chance to encounter them much anymore.
Heck! I don't even see or hear the “Old Newspaper guys” doing their r…

Homework Help

Raimie needed to bring a potato stamp for his art class the other day and Daddy being ever the responsible one carved not one not two but four potato stamps for his son.
Raimie didn't get to use all four of his stamps and used just one. What happened to other three? A few classmates didn't bring any to school so his teacher distributed Raimie's surplus potato stamps to those who didn't have any. That's fine by me but I kinda wonder how come the kids or the parents didn't make the effort to be prepared for a class? Can't expect everything to fall in one's lap, right?

Raimie lost his pencil case yesterday. Daddy gave him a lesson on tough love and forbade him on taking to school a new pencil case because Daddy wanted Raimie to learn about responsibility and the consequences of being irresponsible and careless. (He lost his school tie a few weeks ago too, and Daddy didn't get him a new one and made sure he look for the missing tie and inform his class t…

Breakfast At McD

Lazy to cook breakfast and bored of hitting the Mamak place, we decided to stop by McD and got the Family breakfast box on Saturday morning.
Two hotcakes, a big breakfast set, hash browns, egg & sausage muffin and two cups of coffee in the box. I added an extra order of sausage muffin too because well, I was famished! I had a late night jog the night before so I woke up really hungry. Raimie enjoying his egg & sausage muffin.
We didn't throw the breakfast box away and took it back home. What for? Well, Raimie can use it to play "food delivery" or it can also be used as a storage box for his smaller toys. Why waste and throw away a perfectly good box? :-)