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A Hot Hot Kidney Run

At the World Kidney Run & Carnival 2013. With the 12KM run starting at 7.30am in Putrajaya, expect a scorching hot run. I would know. I'm used to running around this area from 8.00am to noon.
Actually, I was supposed to do the Bidor Half Marathon, which clashes with this event. I had registered for the half marathon early on but decided to bail out from doing it and at the last minute, registered myself to doing this Kidney Run instead.A blessing in disguise as I had been plagued with foot injury for the past week and had really low mileage.
Quite a number of runner friends went to Bidor so I wasn't expecting to meet a lot of friendly faces at the run. Though from what I heard, those doing Bidor suffered the heat too! The World Kidney Run & Carnival 2013 had not only a 12KM run, but also 5KM fun run, 22KM fun ride and a category for transplant patient & organ donors too. 
The once-a-month Kayuhan Ceria organised by Putrajaya Corp was also held today so Presint 3…

Same 'Ol Wednesday

Coming back from work to a home that smelled wonderful. Beef stew slow cooking in the cooker, which is the norm for us on Wednesday lately as most of you probably noticed since I had already posted a few photos of my beef stews here and over at FB. heh heh Tonight's dinner. Such a treat especially for wet nights like the ones we are having nowadays. ^^

Fun Stuff Saturday

Nothing special, as always. But that sure won't stop me from doing a blog post about today! LOL
The day started early. Needed to be at Raimie's school. There's a meeting today about some involvement from parents for the kids or stuff like that. I tell you, I can't understand most of the Malay words used in official letters nowadays. What' does "sarana" mean again? o.O The soft-spoken headmaster giving a speech. Parents' attendance, as usual was dismal. The usual set(s) of parents (or shall we say, mothers) were there. I don't think it was because today was GE nomination day that caused the dismal attendance! 
Anyway, we are supposed to come today to meet with the teachers for the report card too! Well, some parents are busy, I suppose.
Same old story with Raimie's academic performance. Still no. 2 for Std 5. Still a few things that needed to be improved. Overall good but as his class teacher said, a good student is not based only on his/her …

Smoke Gets In My Eyes

Saw the Smokin' BBQ beef promo at McD a week ago and decided to try it.

Got a double smokin' BBQ beef that look like this:
It's a double beef burger and you can't even see the second patty! Smokin'? It was just a very thin dollop of BBQ sauce in the burger.
Rip off! I mean, that's a DOUBLE? Tarak kenyang la! My sandwich with BBQ sauce in it is way better lah! Today's lunch. Zaini made the filling - potatoes, broccoli and egg sandwich. Cold Storage bought rolls. A generous slather of Hunts' Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ sauce. Sedap, I tell you!

Counting My Blessings

Life is good for me. I am blessed. I am living. I am living with my loved ones.
The jolt of the bombing of Boston Marathon made me realise it more so.
I'm not going to share gory photos (that I didn't take anyway) of the bombing site here. You can always go read about them at the news site. But what I am going to share is a movement by runners for the tragedy and a show of solidarity and unity amongst runners around the world. Runners United To Remember. From Apr 16th to May 5th, we are running (or walking) for 4.15.13 Boston. Today, we wore our running tees. For Boston. For Runners. 
On a happier note, talking about running accidents do happen to runners, especially the klutzy ones. Here, a nice little scar gotten from my first ever fall while running. Good thing the scar is under my chin so it isn't that noticeable.  I have my vanity too, you know. Life feels especially good when one comes back to a home filled with a nice enticing aroma. Beef stew was slowly cooking (g…

At i-City

Going for Malaysian Women Marathon on Apr 7th, made us travel all the way to Shah Alam and to i-City. First time for us visiting the place.
Was expecting a more happening, not to mention a bigger "theme park" than what it is, but well, advertisement can be deceiving.
The fake, lighted trees do look nice at night to some extent, I guess. Sure, the place does seem to have more visitors at night rather than during the day.  Obligatory cheesy photos at the theme park. HAHAHA
The water park was kinda nice. They had a "Malaysia Women Marathon" promo where they offered free tickets on Apr 7th, provided that you pay RM5 for locker charges, to which I find quite reasonable.
So, after the marathon and a light lunch (donuts for the boys and a powerbar for Mommy), we went in for some water play time.
When Raimie complained about his feet feeling hurt while walking with me during the final KMs of my marathon, I coaxed Raimie with the promise of some relaxing time soaking his f…

I'm Still Meeting The Orang Utan Next Month

Much respect to the race team for trying to accommodate us runners especially for those outstation/overseas runners. For Malaysian runners, we still can run this marathon and go home to vote in time.
From FB threads yesterday, most will opt to return to KL via MAS on its morning flight (6am). Yes, runners are one passionate lot. We care about running and we care about our country too.  We don't ask for change and expect it done without our participation.
I'll be doing another full marathon at Borneo International Marathon. With the starting time changed to 9.30pm instead of 4.30am, this is going to be a night run. 
I guess it's a blessing in disguise for me. Probably no (not much) horsing around during the marathon and I'll just concentrate on running instead of being distracted by a whole lot of stuff while running. Plus I suck at taking photos at night. I told my support crew that they don't have to wait for me this time. After all, I probably finish at 3 or 4.…

Gratitude And GE13

The boys were so good to me last Sunday.  They were such a trooper and such a support, not onlyto me but to other fellow runners too. I must say, they were very popular on Sunday with lots of runners taking photos with Raimie! *glemer* Hahaha They let mommy have fun and for that I am extremely grateful. 
After the run, both of them were treated to some play time at i-City's Water World. I spent 6 hours on foot, then gotta soak them at Water World. kekeke Then, there's the makan also:
Had this at Bangsar Fish Head Corner with them but amazingly, I had no appetite and absolutely no interest to eat rice. Wuuuwuuuwuu Then, it was Japanese food. Mommy had beef teppanyaki. This, I ate with relish. Om nom nom. Yeah, I only have appetite for protein. Recovery food, you know. ^^ and this for today.

I suppose I should talk about GE13, our general election which falls on May 5th since it is the HOT topic but I've never been political here in my blog so I'll give it a pass.
But G…

We Made History At Malaysia Women Marathon

I HAD FUN! Yes, I had fun running 42.195km. It's like running from my home in Seri Kembangan to my office in Bangsar and back but yeah, it was FUN, FUN, FUN. All thanks to all the people involved in the run. Especially these two, who woke up at weird hours, stayed awake, cheered and at the last 5km, accompanied me all the way to the finish line. Love them, I do. *muaks*
Great run, littered with crazy inclines. It's like 30% flat and the rest... The uphill felt looooong and the downhills were too short! *pant pant* Excellent water stations starting from KM4 and about every 2km after that. I drank and ate too much, I only needed 1 energy gel and a few energy chews to keep me going all through the run.  Very energetic and friendly volunteers. They were all so chirpy even at 5am! Cheers aplenty from MSU students too. Pretty much nice and patient Shah Alam drivers. There were some busy junctions where we had to negotiate ourselves (with MBSA staff just looking on instead of control…