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Running Fashion?

heh heh
My very first time wearing my new shoes and to get familiar with it, I just ran around the carpark of my home. Put on my purple MPIB run t-shirt to match my purple shoes.

If it's just a short run (anything less than an hour and a half), I'd do a few loops around the apartment's carpark instead of having Zaini send me somewhere. Save petrol.

Weekday nights see me doing loops here too. Much safer than running out of the gates of the apartment. My neighbours and the security guards are all used to me already. Plus, there are actually more residents doing their run around the carpark nowadays too! :)

Anyway, doing loops here is easy. I can just stash my drinks somewhere and not need to carry it around with me. Plus, toilet is near!
New shoes. New running vest. First time wearing a S sized vest. Jamie, I didn't know I can wear an S! I was a bit worried when Jamie passed me the S-sized vest after the first session of GCAM training run at Lake Garden last Saturday, …

Makan Post On Monday

Long weekend.
Extra $$$ in the bank.
Enjoyed makan, makan and makan some more. Breakfast. Nasi Ambeng is always a good choice. Sure full. Guaranteed.
Love Nasi lemak.

But especially with sambal kerang. Had that on Sunday morning. ^^
 Lunch  Lunch lagi...
and more lunch.
Dinner were nice too. This one - oxtail soup. Grrrr grrrr
Makan dinner lagi...

This week must work hard to burn all those extra calories. Ugh.

A Good Saturday

Saturday morning. Alarm set at 5.30am. Woke-up, dunno do what and only stepped out of the house at 6.40am, to get to the Lake Garden. There's a training group doing their runs every Saturday starting from this week in preparation for Gold Coast Airport Marathon... and I thought, what the heck. Join saja la.Join first, think about going for the marathon later.
Of course, late again la. Haish. We are normally VERY punctual people but when it comes to me running, we tend to run late every s.i.n.g.l.e time! I've stopped stressing about being on time and let things just slide nowadays. All the added stress from worrying is not good. Despite being late and missing out on the group run, Jamie kept a free running vest for me! Thanks Jamie! Yeah, we stayed around and kaypoh with the group after they finished their run today. Nick was there. Yvonne too. Good to see Nick running and recovered from his injuries. Compared running shoes notes with them as I wanted to get a better pair of r…

My Young Man

No teeth, all drool little boy, barely a year old. Ever smiley. Ever sweet-tempered baby. and the young man, in his cool pose. Big boy already!
Mommy will have a hard time letting go this young man when the time comes. Sigh...

p.s. I didn't copy either SK or Anay for this post ah... It's already scheduled to be posted tomorrow but I figured what the heck. Publish it now and buck to the trend. xD

I'll Have My Eggs Runny, Please

Another no idea post! wakaka

Oh gawd... Hungry man. But cannot go out to Mamak and eat Nasi Lemak or their absolutely awesome fried chicken late at night? Want to get fat ah? xD
Have to find a night that I'm not running and go there to wallop their fried chicken one of these days.
Anyway, I haven't mention anything about any eggs? kekeke

Saturday LSD

LSD : Long slow distance. A staple and a must for those training to enter half-marathons and full marathons. For us weekend warriors, we usually do it over the weekends. It's normal to wake up at ungodly hours on either a Saturday or Sunday (or any public holiday that falls on a weekday) so that a morning long run can be done and finished before it gets way too hot.
For me though, I'm too darn lazy to wake up at 4am nowadays. I was crazy enough to do it in 2012 but now? I go out a crazier hours. Imagine starting a long run at 8am and get completely fried by 10.00am! Hu~ Today's run. We started our run at 8.34am (yes, I can be precise) and I ended my run at 11.45am. Thank goodness it was cool and overcast the whole morning. Otherwise, I don't think I'd be able to complete this. I'm such a wuss. Heeee~ The route. I started at the foot of Taman Wawasan's hill with Zaini running alongside me, and we ran together all the way to Presint 4. He left me to continue…

Random Wednesday "Makan" Post

People put "makan" post, I also want to put lah... Especially since I don't have any other stories also. kekeke Started the morning with this nice "beehoon sup" with lots beef in it. With "tulang". Very nice. Sluuurrrrppppp...
Skipped lunch and only drank a bottle of Malta as I was still too full at noon. But of course that only made me got hungry early so had dinner early. Raimie always stay back at school on Wednesdays and skipped his Sekolah Agama. Decided to eat banana leaf rice for dinner today. ^^ Then, because Mommy wore pink today, we decided for a treat. Baskin Robbins treat! 2 Jr scoops for the price of one. *happy*

You've Got A Secret Admirer?

That's what my office mates are beginning to think when there are people who kept dropping off stuff to me at the office! LOL
Anyhoo, look what I got from "leng chai" Ah boy SK. ;p A set of postcards and a photo of myself with "cute" caption for spamming him more than others in the month of December. I also got a cute pirate bear with a bronze medal to boot! *wahey!* and a CD with some songs of my choice and some of SK's choice. Nice song selection you gave me, SK! Thanks! :)

And these are for all my hardwork spamming him for the whole of year 2012.

Meow, who got her silver medal for being the runner-up has her prize being held hostage by me. Pay ransom Meow and I'll release your prize to you! Bwahaha!

What lovely gifts from SK, right? Especially as they're his handiwork!

You want one too? Go and spam SK lah! xD

Whatcha Talking There?

My lovely, patient and extremely understanding boys, relaxing on a bench while waiting for Mommy to finish her run.
Mommy got curious and asked what they were so happily discussing - and the boys were actually talking about games! BOYS!

Ladies, Join Us

and run in the first ever Malaysia Women Marathon this April 7th at i-City, Shah Alam.
What's its all about, you ask?
About The Malaysia Women Marathon will focus on the celebration of women in the world of running. It is timely to take a bigger share of limelight for women do well in marathons. The world record for women's marathon is only 10 minutes behind the men's. Description The first Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM) will be held in the city of Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

The objective of this marathon is to celebrate the strength and quiet resolute of women in developing their family, nation and the world.

We will have an interesting guest speaker....a running legend. so stay tuned for the surprise. The pre-event program will also consist of a dialogue with this running legend and other women race directors in the region. We can talk about how far we have come and how far we can go .....:) . A fashion show will bring out some eye-catching fashionable…

I'm In Standard Five Not Five

said the boy just the other day.
Daddy wanted to help scrap the crusted rice in the claypot chicken rice he was having, but he refused Daddy's help. He's not 5! Oh my. My independent, not-yet 11 years old boy.
p.s. He ironed all his uniform on Sunday (under Daddy's supervision). ^^

The First Run Of The Year

and I did it at Multi Purpose Insurans Run 2013. On Jan 6th. First week of January. What an awesome start to the new year, right? ^^ Male runners waiting to be flagged-off. Female runners had already been flagged off earlier. Women started at 7.00am and Men started at 7.10am. Then you see this female runner pushing her way through the male runners and started alone. I could hear male runners muttering how come there are still female runners that had yet to start. Because I'm tardy lah! I started 6min after flag-off last year. I think I did better this year, and was "only" 5 minutes late! Bwahaha I have no problem with starting late or last but with this route, it can be a challenge. One - you know male runners will soon pass you. Two -  you immediately face inclines within the first 3km! Up, flat, Up the first 3K. Imagine facing a climb without proper warm-up. *dies*
I didn't switched on my Timex watch and GPS. I also didn't check the time I started running so I…

First Week Of School

is over. Just 3 days of school for the first week. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Easy week? Classes started already. Students got their textbooks at the end of school-term last year and Raimie received his timetable on the first day of school. By the second day, there're homeworks that needed to be done and with warning of "dire consequences" for unfinished ones from the teachers! 
Not that Raimie is anything but stressed-out yet. This boy always takes thing easy, just like his "lazy" mommy. Life needs to be enjoyed too.
Yup, he still have access to computer, TV and games. As long as homeworks are done. We'll "force" him to go out and breathe in fresh air on weekends, don't worry.
Let's see how we fare next week. ^^

Thank You Photographers!

More nonsense about last Sunday's Newton Challenge Run.This is as much about me being narcississtic as it is as a show of appreciation for all the awesome photographers that were there, snapping our photos. So happy looking, despite being one of the last runner out. I started four minutes after flag-off but there were other runners that started way later, like Ivan. Better start late than not starting at all, I say. ^^

Thank you Lim Soon Chung for this shot.
Almost halfway done... still happy looking.

Thank you Jason Lim for this shot. This guy is an inspiration for anyone who wants to start running but haven't done so. I actually walked the incline until I saw the photog and quickly "pretended" to run. Somehow in the "kelam kabut" covered my face pulak. But I do love this photo, covered face and all. No, nobody farted. heh heh
Thank you Ee Kok Jin for this shot. ^^ Saw the photog sitting on top on the incline right in front of me but decided tapping Eezar…