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Kittens Update

Much to our relief, the two kittens managed to get reunited with their mom, after many sessions of sniffing and tentative checking on the kiddos. It's bitter sweet though.
Even though I just cared for them for 24-hours, I've already missed them.
But as Hubby said, I missed them this much, just imagine how the Mommy cat felt when her kittens got into trouble or went missing.
I had broached the idea of letting the family sleep in our front yard area with free access to come in and out (we can't fully adopt them as we only spent a few hours a day at home and we really don't want them to be confined in a cage, in a house).
Let's see how it goes...

One important action that we need to do, neuter that one male cat that was dumped and had impregnate a few female cats in the area.

During this time la, I wish I have a Selangor IC. Selangor born residents can apply for subsidy to neuter cats or dogs (pets or strays), and up to 5 animals per week, if am not mistaken. This is…

Night Rescue! Two Little Kittens

We heard kittens meowing from under our one of our neighbour's car since Monday but every time we tried to look under it, the kittens quiet down or hide.
As we didn't know how old the kittens are and who was the mother (it might be one of the 3 female strays that we fed in that area) so we just left some kibbles under the car to entice the kittens to come out. (Just like how we did when we rescued "Acham" way back in 2015). Anyhoo, good thing the car stayed stationary for these past few days but we needed to urgently rescued the kittens last night because we saw a kitten's body dangling from this car (where the arrow is). Its head was stuck and just the body could be seen.
I had at first thought it was dead and was quite reluctant to check but Hubby insisted we checked and Son wanted to bury it, if it was really dead.
Good thing we checked because we heard a soft meow from it when we crouched down to check.
Long story short, 30 minutes later, we managed to retri…

Lunch At Manhattan's Fish Market

We had a quick lunch at Manhattan's Fish Market about a month ago and I finally got around posting about it. Hahaha
Nothing much to rave or critic about lah...
Service was okey, depending on which staff attended to us that day. The one who took our orders were great. The one whom we asked for a replacement fork wasn't. He actually sulked! @.@
We ordered from the set lunch which was a pretty decent deal. We paid RM30++  (if I remember correctly) and we get to choose one side (I chose soup) and one drinks with our mains.
This was Salmon & Mash. And this was Mediterranean Baked Salmon. Didn't look half as good as the one in the menu (what does anyway, right?) but taste quite OK. Our drinks that came with the set.
Good value since we have a lot of options for the drinks and I ordered one that was RM13.90. Hehehe And we close our lunch with desserts.

Dinner At Miyagi

It does seemed ages since we last enjoyed a Japanese meal, and I think we last had them when we went to Nikko for our year-end holiday last December.
It was just a spur-of-the-moment decision by Hubby and we went to Miyagi which is still our favourite Japanese restaurant.  Hubby had the the yakiniku and sashimi set. Despite not really wanting to eat a lot, I actually ordered the udon and temaki set and sapu everything clean! LOL  And Son had the curry set. Service was OK but I was a tad unhappy that the staff forgot to serve the tsukemono to us yet they served it to other tables. Hahaha
New wait staff the time we went there so I guess old staff all 'habis contract' already lah...
Good thing we arrived for dinner early because it was full soon after. I guess if we want to have dinner later (say 8pm) at Miyagi, it's better to reserve a table instead of just walking in.

Nottingheels Brings Feet Comfort To Melaka

Thanks to the invitation from Nottingheels,  a Malaysian shoe brand and also an orthopaedic shoe maker; I went to Melaka for the brand's official launch of their veri first Melaka branch at Dataran Pahlawan on Saturday afternoon, March 24, 2018.
For someone who needs to 'jaga her kaki' not only during her runs but also during everyday life, going to Nottingheels Melaka Branch launch and learning more about the shoe brand was intriguing to me.
Also, I was very excited to take a bus to travel to Melaka. Long time haven't boarded an express bus already! Hahaha
Interesting to note that, after I posted a photo about one of the shoes in their line on my FB page, I received comments wanting to know more about the shoes and even a few PMs and whatsapp messages! Anyhoo...
I learnt that the founder of Nottingheels, Amy Chiew; who is a qualified aesthetician started her orthopaedic shoes  (healthy and comfort shoes) business by opening her first outlet at Bangsar Shopping Centre…

School Holiday!

It's mid-week and mid-week for the one week school holiday too.
Hubby and I took the day off on Wednesday because we wanted to look for Son's baju melayu as Son wanted to buy one for his Friday school uniform. We couldn't find any suitable size at Professor (their cutting is way too large for a tall and skinny 15-year old) and we couldn't find it at AEON either so apart from opting to find a tailor to make one, we decided to head to Jalan TAR's Kamdar. Where you can find school uniforms of any shapes and colours!
And yes! We managed to find one that fits him pretty decently. *phew* We later went mall hopping at Sogo and had lunch there.
Everyone took chicken but all cooked in different style. ^^
But gawd, it cost almost RM13.00 per plate for our lunch. I sure couldn't afford to eat like this for my lunch everyday! 
(Luckily I can get cheaper lunch at Mid Valley's Makan Place. I won't raise my eyebrow when the makcik nasi campur charged me RM7.00 after …

Shoe Shopping!

I wrote about how my tapak kasut went off during my run in Bukit Jalil Half Marathon last week. It is now inevitable I buy new pairs of shoes.
Actually, I need to replace almost all my shoes that is in rotation right now. I think each of my adidas energy boost and my two ultra-boost have each more than 700km clocked in!
adidas boost shoes are not really cheap nowadays with a pair of the latest boost ranging from RM650 to RM850.00. *gasps*
But because the model really 'ngam' with me, I just need to look for older model la... Can't afford to but 'New Arrivals' punya... Lucky me, I found this new model of energy boost at Al-Ikhsan in Alamanda Putrajaya at a 'mere' RM459.00! It is still being sold at RM650 at other shops. And this old model of revenge boost (it's a 2016 model, if I'm not mistaken) is sold at RM199.50 at Why Pay More.
I do put in a lot of miles to my shoes so it is really important for me to find a good shoe that fits me. For r…

Press Release: SCKLM2018 - Top Malaysian Runners Gather Pace Before The Big Event

SCKLM’s 10 TH ANNIVERSARY SET TO SIZZLE! Top Malaysian Runners Gather Pace Before The Big Event
KUALA LUMPUR, March 2018: The 10th Anniversary of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) is expected to be a hotly contested event in several categories. The Malaysian Men’s Full Marathon category in particular will see intense competition amongst several Malaysians who have been posting increasingly fast times in the lead up to Malaysia’s premier running event. The Full Marathon Open category and the Malaysian Women’s Full Marathon category are also expected to be hard fought affairs.
SCKLM2018’s Malaysian Men’s Full Marathon category will see an intriguing battle between a few runners in particular, namely Muhaizar Mohamad, Leo Tan, Nik Fakaruddin and Ow Yong Jin Kuang. Muhaizar, Leo and Nik recently competed in the Tokyo Marathon and finished spectacularly by breaking their own personal bests. Leo Tan, who is an engineer based in Taiwan, was the first to finish and beat his previous p…

Bukit Jalil Half Marathon 2018

I did my third half marathon for the year at Bukit Jalil Half Marathon last Sunday. I've always liked the Bukit Jalil route and had joined it in 2013 (when it was called Brooks Half Marathon), 2016 & 2017.
There's a slight change on the route this year compared to last year and it did make the run more interesting as we weren't running the same route over and over, year by year. Because of the small area at the Start/Finish line, female runners were flagged off 10 minutes earlier than the male category.
It was published in the race guide and it was announced over and over and over again by the emcee yet some runners were still clueless about it. Haih.
The traffic control by traffic police, police (or polis bantuan?), RELA and marshalls were awesome! Every single junction was manned and they ensured that traffic was managed.
Sure, at certain big junctions we had to wait for the police to let the vehicles pass through first before us runners could continue our run, but …

Press Release: Lion Parkson Run 2018

LION PARKSON RUN 2018 TO RAISE FUNDS FOR EDUCATION AND BANTING HOME FOR HANDICAPPED & MENTALLY DISABLED CHILDREN Kuala Lumpur, 15 March 2018 - Lion-Parkson Foundation (LPF) is organizing the third Lion Parkson Run at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur on 22 April 2018 to raise funds for education and charity including the expansion of the Home for Handicapped & Mentally Disabled Children in Banting, Selangor.
The Home for special children was built at a cost of RM2.2 million contributed by LPF, on a 4.17 acres piece of land worth RM1.2 million donated by Lion Group. The funds to build the Home came from a series of TV programs in 2008 and the Million Dollar Dance Grand Finale Charity Show in February 2009, both produced by LPF Chairman, Puan Sri Chelsia Cheng. The Home which can accomodate 100 children was officially opened by Puan Sri Chelsia Cheng and National Shuttler, Dato' Lee Chong Wei on 4 November 2012. The expansion of the Home will be able to accomodate another 100 children a…

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2018 Route Preview

Earlier this month, me & Hubby were invited to join the media tour for Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) 2018 along with race officials and representatives (read: orang kuat) of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad.
We were taken on tour to view the full marathon (42K) route that full marathon runners will run on Sunday morning on Apr 8th, 2018. But luckily, we didn't need to put on our running shoes this time, because we boarded the Hop-On Hop-Off bus! The bus trip came complete with THREE police outriders. So VVIP!  Me with SCKLM Race Director, Rainer  Biemans. On the top deck of the Hop-On Hop-Off bus with the usual suspects or runners/bloggers/media.

And also SC reps.
Group photo after the route preview.

Photos credits : Chan WK.
The route preview was great and there are some changes in the full marathon route compared to last year's and in my opinion, this year's route is more interesting. We are spared AKLEH but we will have plenty of fun from KM32 onwar…

Press Release: MISFIT2018

Shah Alam, 1st March 2018 - It is with great excitement, we announce Malaysia International Sports & Fitness Fair (MISFIT 2018) debuting from 3rd– 5th August 2018 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur and 5th - 7 th October 2017 at The Persada Johor International Convention Centre, Johor Bahru. MISFIT2018 will be the first and largest sports, fitness, wellness and health exhibition to be held in Malaysia.
MISFIT2018 aims to make Malaysia as a sports hub, a sporting nation, encourage sports tourism and ultimately create a healthier society. It is designed to be an annual event to pursue a goal of bringing together major players in the sports, fitness, wellness and health industry. This includes local & international industry professionals, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, retailers of:

 Sportswear & accessories
 Sports equipment & facilities
 Sports education & school
 Sports tournament & event
 Sports energy & health food