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Cigar Tasting

Zaini loves his cigars and the quiet time he allotted to enjoy them. While I'm no aficionado, I like to join him sometimes and share views on each different cigars.

Cohiba Robusto. Length 4 7/8 inches. Ring gauge 50.
The most recent cigar we smoke.

Rafael Gonzalez Petit Coronas. Length 5 inches. Ring gauge 42.

Montecristo Robusto. Length 4 7/8 inches. Ring gauge 50.

Partagas Coronas Senior. Length 5 1/4". Ring gauge 44.

I won't pretend to review any of these cigars since all I can distinguish between these cigars are that they are spicy, woody, creamy or too mild.

View From The 32nd Floor

Photos taken from my office at 32nd Floor, on a same day with half an hour's difference, at two opposite directions.

After the rain, a rainbow appeared looking like it ended between Menara Maybank, KL Tower and the Petronas Twin Tower

TM Tower with dusk approaching

Pickled Salak Fruit

Talen of Thailand, Land of Smiles wrote about this fruit earlier. I mentioned in his blog that pickled ones are nice too.

Pickled salak fruit or snake fruit. Really do look like a snake's skin, don't they?

Peeling off the hard, prickly skin. Careful! You can hurt your hands! Actually,peeling away the thin skin is quite easy.

Ready to be eaten

Fish Spa, Anyone?

Have you tried this? I'm too squeamish to try one at the fish spa, and have issues with those put up at shopping complexes, using inflatable pool. Are they hygienic?

A Quintessential Malaysian Breakfast #1

Roti Canai, as known by the locals or paratha. It is a flatbread, originated from India. Actually, this roti is eaten at all hours of the day here. In fact it is served and available 24 hours at a Mamak restaurant!

We love going to the Mamak restaurant and have some roti canai for breafast after our jog during the weekend. (Talk about burning off the fat and adding some more immediately after! Hehehe)

The ingrdients for a roti canai are essentially flour, salt, sugar, margarine, egg, milk, water and heaps of oil or ghee for greasing and cooking.

I love them simply with some dhal & curry. Zaini love the roti telur or paratha with eggs. There are numerous variation for this roti:
Roti bawang (onion roti)
Roti sardin (sardine roti)
Roti pisang (banana roti)
Roti planta (margarine roti)
Roti tisu (tissue bread)

Coupled with a glass of teh tarik, it is a heavenly breakfast, even if laden with cholesterol! Hahaha. Life is short - might as well enjoy it.

A Different Kind Of Public Tansportation

For us living in Klang Valley, our mode of public transportation are buses, LRT, Komuter Trains and taxis. What about at other places?

Boats to Seberang Takir, Terengganu at the Jetty. Aren't they colourful?

Trishaw in Kuala Terengganu. The last time I rode one was when I was about 10, with my late grandmother in Kuantan.

Keropok Lekor

A popular fried snack and omnipresent in Terengganu is Keropok. Keropok is made of fish meat, ground to a paste, and mixed with sago. Coming in two main different forms, the long chewy ones are called 'lekor', while the thin, crispy ones are called 'keping'. Keropok lekor is best eaten hot with a special sweet chili dip while the keping ones can be kept in an air-tight container and consumed at any time you want. The long chewy ones (just imagine it to be a form of fish sausage),come in different sizes, our favourite is the thin one like the photo below.

Keropok keping is fried, while the Keropok lekor is to be eaten either by boiling or deep-frying. It may look disgusting, but believe me, it is delicious!

Before frying

Fried Keropok lekor ready to be eaten

At a roadside stall in Cherating, buying more keropok lekor.

One of Zaini's aunt make these Keropok lekor to sell, but when we in Terengganu, we bought them at a Keropok lekor factory instead.

But you don't n…

A Visit To The Bookstore

Call me selfish, but when I go to any bookstore, I sure don't like to compete space with screaming kids. And I sure don't like to see kids leaving the books that they've been reading lying on the floor or wherever they choose to leave it instead of putting them back on the shelf or least at the carts so that the staff can properly put it back later.

I treat any bookstore like a library, I guess (OK, except for the fact that instead of lending, I fork out money for the books). I don't like to see books being mishandled, and I sure don't like to see parents not blinking an eye when their children defaced a book or take any toys attached to a book without paying. A visit to Mid Valley's MPH is not particularly enjoyable because of the reason above and Borders is always my choice.

I don't mind kids enjoying a book session, talking and generally having fun in the store, it's the kids whom their parents decide to turn the store as a free way to put their kids i…

Customer Service

Have you ever called an exclusive establishment to make a reservation only to be told that they are busy in a meeting (of all things!) and to call at some other time?

I don't care if I'm not a VIP, but when I get this answer I get pissed off. I easily get pissed off about the service (or lack thereof), which is why Zaini seldom ventures to try new hotels/restaurants as it will get ugly when I'm not happy. (Not with him, of course but with the staff there. I can be a difficult customer to please. And if I complain, it will be direct to the top).

I mean, how come a restaurant (in a 5 star hotel) unable to take calls for reservation during the operation hour? Hello? Don't you have any back up staff to man the telephone? Grrr.....

OK, sorry for the rant. I'm going off to the mall now. Want to do some damage with my newly approved platinum credit card. Hehehe... Have you ever notice that the cashiers' attitude sometimes is based on the colour of your credit cards?

At Lake Garden - Deer Park

The park, which is located at Lake Garden is free of charge which made it ideal for budget conscious visitors like us.

There are mousedeers and deers here, the mousedeers are now caged inside instead of being able to roam outside.

The deers are not caged, and are able to enjoy a little bit of "freedom".

At Lake Garden - Invasion of Dinasours!

Raimie having fun with some dinasours, at Lake Garden.

Attacked by T-Rex! Roarrrrr!

Taking Triceratops by its horn


Arm wrestling with Coelophysis.

An unindentified species. Hehehe

It was fun spending the day at Lake Garden. There are lots of things to do and parks to visit within the vicinity. Not all are free though.

Next up - photos at The Deer & Mousedeer Park in Lake Garden.