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A Great Japanese Breakfast

The best breakfast for me to have and the one that I always look forward to having, while on vacation in Japan is this: Truthfully, anything with natto (fermented soybeans) is good for me. ^^
It's smelly, the taste is strong, it's slimy and it's absolutely TASTY!
This whole lot (as seen in the picture) was a mere 530 yen. Minus the salmon, the set cost only 330 yen.
A bargain!
And of course, I miss the nama tamago (raw egg) too. Yummy eaten with a bowl of hot rice, just like natto is.


2ndskin is proud to announce the 2NDSKIN Virtual Run Challenge 2016 that will take place between 0000hrs on Friday, 01/01/2016 and 2359hrs on Sunday 03/01/2016. The main aim of this program is to encourage an active lifestyle and to get more of the community off the couch and out the door. This is not a race, but a challenge to yourself with the added motivation to get yourself going and building that fitness base at the start of the new year. An excuse to wear our awesome Vaporlite runing shirts is added motivation as well! 
2ndskin will launch the Virtual Run Challenge 2016 Running Shirt for both Men and Women on the 30th of October 2015. Just head on over to www.2ndskin.asiaand purchase the Virtual Run Challenge 2016 Shirt and you are automatically registered for the Challenge. Your Virtual Run Challenge 2016 Shirt and a goodie pack will be posted to you by the last …

Roadside Sale

We noticed a few times, when we traveling on foot in the countryside in Japan; of unmanned stalls selling produce with just a coin box to drop our payment in.
*Maybe we have the same thing here that I didn't know of*
Here are two we passed by during our hike to the Nachi Waterfall in September this year. The waterfall, at 133m stands as the tallest waterfall in Japan. Vegetables for sale, at 100yen per pack.
We bought a pack of 3 Japanese cucumbers as snack during our hike to the waterfall. And later, found this; selling hard candies at 100yen a pack. We found later, the candies were sold at a much higher price with a nicer packaging at souvenirs shops. 
Anyway, the candies were really good! Then, after a two hours plus hike, we arrived to Nachi Waterfall.
Isn't it magnificent?

Another Race Bites The Dust - BSNPNM

The prolonged haze situation sure wrecks havoc in our daily life.
And for runners, it meant being unable to run outdoors and plenty of races being postponed or canceled.
Last night, hubby and I dropped by to the starting line of BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon (BSNPNM) after our evening walk.  The view of Jambatan Seri Saujana (Seri Saujana Bridge); the bridge that was featured in previous BSNPNM's logo, taken at 7.40pm.  Although the race was canceled due to haze, the organiser still went ahead putting up tents and arches at the event venue. Runners were able to collect their race entitlements up to 10.00pm last night. For runners who came on race night, they were still allowed to run the 5K/10K route if they wanted to do it, with plenty of volunteers, medic staff and even water station made available for them. A race wouldn't be successful without the people helping behind them - the volunteers; the traffic marshall, the cameramen, at the water stations, distributing goodies a…

Haze, Haze, Haze

The bad haze has sure affected us in many ways.
Schools were closed for a few days.
We had to contend breathing in the polluted air.
Road races have been canceled due to haze.
Flights disrupted. Photos taken on two different nights.
Left : taken on Tuesday, 20.10.2015 Right : taken on Thursday, 22.10.2015
Do we dare hope for a better weather for the weekend?
The forecast seemed to indicate that we'll be getting more hazy weather for the weekend! Ugh.

myBuddies Run - Let's Have Some Healthy Fun

From the people who brought us the hugely succesful Larian Sehati Sejiwa at Padang Merbuk on Aug 23rd in conjuction of Malaysia's Merdeka Day celebration (my race recap on Larian Sehati Sejiwa here), MYNIC now brings another fun running event to entice runners of all ages.

MYNIC now proudly brings us the myBuddies Run to be held on Dec 20th, 2015.
MYNIC is an agency under Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM) and is regulated by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

The sole administrator for web addresses that end with '.my' in Malaysia and as the national level domain name, MYNIC provides Malaysian organizations and individuals their unique brand identity on the Internet. MYNIC registers a wide range of domain names i.e. .my,,,,,, and So, pencil in the date for myBuddies Run!

Heck! Don't just pencil in the date. Register now! Don't wait! Because Early bird registrat…

Ice Watch's Lovely Surprise

I registered for the 10K at Ice Watch Light Up The Night (link here), night run just a week ago and received this nice surprise today. I was one of the 6th registered 10K runners that won an Ice Watch valued at RM399.00. Yeay! Thanks Ice Watch and The Marathon Company. As every 6th registered 10K runners will win an Ice Watch, why not register for the run too? We get to run in Shah Alam and who knows, even get to bring home a cool watch! More details about the run can be found at : See you on Dec 5th at Plaza Shah Alam!

Early Dinner At Tony Roma's

A month after my last visit with friends to Tony Roma's and here I am, back to eCurve and stopping at Tony Roma's for an early dinner.
But this time, with my family.
Taking advantage of the fact that Wednesday was a public holiday, the family and I visited eCurve after attending the Compressport Combo Challenge earlier on Tuesday afternoon.
Hubby and I decided to take a half-day off, not only to attend the PC (which invite we received a week before the PC itself and allowed us to plan stuff around it), but also meet a few people after the PC too. 
And what a fruitful half day it was. ^^
At first, we planned to enjoy the lamb ribs at Tony Roma's but as we were there at 5.30pm, we thought it would be better value to order from their 3-6pm promotion. Son and I ordered the 10 oz. New York Strip while Hubby ordered the Ribs 2. And we added the Tony's Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken which happens to be my favourite salad at Tony Roma's.

And we topped our order with dri…


COMPRESSPORT MALAYSIA LAUNCHES THE FIRST EVER COMPRESSPORT COMBO CHALLENGE 2016 The world's leading compression apparel manufacturer from Switzerland has launched a new COMBO CHALLENGE series of exciting running events for passionate runners.
Petaling Jaya, 13 October 2015 - In collaboration with the experienced Event Organiser, My Triathlon Shop, Compressport will be staging TWO races with TWO distances on TWO different terrains for the first time in Malaysia. The first part will be a Trail Run to be held in the picturesque surroundings of Putrajaya Wetland Park. The second part will be a Road Run to be held in the modern landscape of Cyberjaya city. This Combo Challenge Series will give trail runners and road runners a chance to enjoy the best of both worlds under the single international Compressport marque.
For the first time, Compressport - the experts in high-quality performance sportswear - and My Triathlon Shop - a popular race organiser - have joined forces to offer ru…

My Big 6

My big 6 for 2015. 1. Watergate 16-hours 2. Gunung Nuang Ultra 3. Route 68 Challenge 4. Back 2 Endurance 12-hours 5. Pink 50 6. Tango Ultramarathon
Plenty of memories and learning experience.
Learning to know and understand myself, as a runner and more importantly as a person. And work towards being a better and nicer, more understanding human being.
Through this process, I learn how to stay positive and make myself be positive when things got tough.
I run not to compete or compare with others because I run for my own achievement. For my own satisfaction.
I do not fear the distance. I respect them. And because of that, I am hungry for more.
But for now, let me take a step back.
I'll be back stronger and faster.

When I do, hopefully I won't be called a wannabe ultra runner anymore.
I can be patient because I am in no hurry to prove myself to others. I do not need to be great.
I have proven myself to me.
*Off-season for me for October. Training for next year starts in November. ^…

Best Carboloading Meal Ever!

While I had the choice of many marathoners all over the world to carboload - pasta; on Wednesday, a few days before SCKLM was supposed to be held; my favourite choice of food to enjoy before a long run (42K and above) is this : Banana leaf rice at Nirwana Maju, Bangsar. ^^

Extra rice and kuah banjir.


Nope, I don't have tummy issues eating this before a race but best to eat it at least two days before a race lah. Hihihi

Carbo Loading At Olive Garden

It's actually lunch with colleagues, but as we had lunch at Olive Garden a few days before the now cancelled SCKLM, it also served as part of my carbo loading meal.

Though truthfully, I rarely eat pasta to carboload before a full marathon or an ultra. I prefer my banana leaf rice more. Hah hah

Anyways, the 6 of us decided to share our orders to enjoy more variety.

For all entrees that we ordered, we got either free refillable salad or soup. We were also served with breadsticks. And it was yummy! We ordered the gnocchi chicken soup, opting out the beef selection as some of us don't take beef. Plus the minestrone soup.
And salads too. Then we ordered two types of flatbread, Sicilian Pineapple and Triple Cheese Carbonara. We continued our meal with Lasagna Primavera with Grilled Chicken.
Truthfully, at this point, I was already feeling stuffed.
But we still had more coming! Next, our pasta. A very rich Chicken Alfredo.
Kenyang ady, wei!
Still ada thing we ordered!!! Greedy. LOL …

MEDIA RELEASE : Malaysian Invasion 3 Grand Finals to Electrify Stadium Putra

Malaysian Invasion 3 Grand Finals to Electrify Stadium Putra 18 Warriors to Battle for MIMMA3 Championship Title The most electrifying sports event in Malaysia returns for the 3rd installment this 10th October 2015 at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, featuring 13-bouts of home grown talents battling it out for the gold, the Tune Talk’s Malaysian Invasion MMA championship title belt. A property of Tune Talk, Malaysian Invasion Season 3 Grand Finals is the conclusion of a year-long national Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournament with the Women’s Pride and Foreign Pride as the newly added division to the existing seven (7) weight classes.
Malaysian Invasion MMA (MIMMA) was founded by Tune Talk CEO Jason Lo and Malaysia’s Sports and Youth Minister YB Khairy Jamaluddin back in 2013 following their success in MyTeam football reality TV show. Jason was a fan of MMA but realized there wasn’t a talent development platform in order to have a proper athlete growth platform, thus, MIMMA Season 1 was launch…



KUALA LUMPUR, 4 October 2015 – Determined to have fun and remaining positive despite the weather forcing the Marathon’s cancellation, fans showed their support by coming in droves to Dataran Merdeka. The organisers of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon ensured all supporters were still treated to a good experience as they collected their medals, finisher t-shirts and certificates.
Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Managing Director and CEO, Mahendra Gursahani said “The Marathon has become synonymous with Standard Chartered Bank, and it is close to us as it is an event with a heart. We appreciate the continuous support from everyone who has been with us from the start. We apologise for the cancellation of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon but the health and safety of the runners is still our top priority. Even though the race was cancelled I am pleased that we still achieved our Run For A Reason goals.”
Race or…

Standard Chartered KL Marathon Cancellation

Media Statement for Standard Chartered KL Marathon Cancellation  (As of 3rd Oct 2015, 4.55 pm)
The health and safety of all our runners remains our top priority. Since our last announcement, the haze has unfortunately reached unhealthy levels according to the latest monitored alert. Due to the rapidly deteriorating air quality and on the advice from the medical team, the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF), and the Institut Sukan Negara, we regret to announce that the Standard Chartered KL Marathon will be cancelled. This decision is further supported by co-organisers, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, as well as title sponsor, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia.
We appreciate the support shown by our runners throughout this challenging weather situation. Registered participants are advised to directly proceed to Dataran Merdeka to collect their race entitlements from 6.00 am until 12.00 noon, 4th October 2015. For those who are unable to collect their entitlements during this time, alterna…