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Sunday Walk

Something my sons wants to do every Sunday now... Not running, but going out with us and enjoy the fresh air.  Just a leisurely stroll around the park is nice. Of course.  We slow down and notice more stuff around us.

Found this fruit during our walk. Looks like a persimmon, a hairy persimmon. The flesh smells nice but we didn't know what fruit this was, we didn't know also whether it is edible or not. Something to look and study! ^^  This week's walk is around Taman Canseri and we went up to Taman Duta too, in Putrajaya.

Son loves it here because Taman Duta has almost no crowd at all. Well, it is just an open air section next to Taman Canseri. Nothing special but it sure is hilly here. And oh! The park has a lot of stairs, for those who loves tackling the stairs! Hahaha An hour worth of stroll and it's time to head home for dinner! ^^

Excited For The 4-Day Weekend!

One of the perks of working in Federal Territories... well, for this year at least.
We get Monday off as a replacement for February 1st Federal Territories Day which falls on Sunday this year. Then, we get Tuesday off for Thaipusam!
So how am I going to spend the long weekend?
Time with son.
Time with husband. Maybe do this, again? Hahaha
So those who will enjoy the long weekend this weekend... what are your plans? ^^

Under The Weather

Gah! Been feeling under the weather for almost three weeks now. It started really mild in the first week of January and got full blown in the third week of January, with me already visiting the doctor twice. The whole family is still recovering from flu and cough now and I guess it's not going to go away easily as quite a number of colleagues are also coughing and sneezing in the office. Anyways, I just have to make sure I have enough rest, drink lots of fluid, take my medicine and hope I can recover soon! The long weekend this month end is coming and I want to enjoy it!

Steaks And Tofu

We went to Outback Steakhouse in Nu Sentral last week to enjoy some meaty goodness dinner there and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by their selection (and service too). As I just completed an 80km run on Sunday, a few days before we went "makan" at Outback Steakhouse; protein loading is actually high on my agenda. LOL Well, actually I enjoyed a more oriental style protein loading first, a couple of days after that run. In form of soon doo boo jigae and bulgogi at Ko Hyang at Gardens Mall. Oh, these are heavenly and just what I needed to whet my appetite. Yumm. yumm. But eating steaks and beef ribs sure give another kind of satisfaction too! Anyways, I don't take much supplements (I only take two and both for my joints) and I also don't take all those hyped-up recovery supplements but I made sure I eat well instead! It's more fun to eat than just drinking some expensive concoction for me! LOL  Am hoping to make another return trip to Nu Sentral in the n…

Kampung Run In Melaka

Skyhawk Nature Run to me, is one of the highly anticipated run/race for the year for me. 
And I truly enjoyed both the 2014 & 2015 edition of Skyhawk Nature Run.
Organised by Skyhawk Marathon Club in Melaka, this is one of those “for runners, by runners” race and they do understand runners’ need.
OK. Let me get one thing straight first.
This is not an event for runners who want to see their results and rankings because there is no timing chip. They had a big Seiko timing watch set-up at the finish line though.
They do give out finisher medals but don’t pout about not getting a “finisher” half-marathon tee.
Do note that for RM55.00 registration fee, this has got to be one of the cheaper half-marathons in Malaysia that has no big corporate sponsors backing it! Even those with sponsors charge more. Most 10K races cost RM50.00 and upwards nowadays!
But what one gets while running in the Skyhawk Nature Run is a great running experience and the experience was not only shared with run…

A Dinner Treat At Miyagi Bangi

Those who have read my blog for years would kinda know that I love going to Miyagi Japanese Restaurant in Bangi, even before the restaurant was featured on TV3; in Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan hosted by Maria Tunku Sabri. You know its good when the restaurant is patronised by Japanese themselves - those working around the Bangi area. And this is probably one of few Japanese restaurants in Malaysia I will give my thumbs up. No - don't talk to me about all those kaiten-zushi places. I turn my nose on Sushi King, Sushi Tei and the likes. Even Sushi Zanmai in Malaysia can't meet my standard let alone what I've eaten at Sushi Zanmai in Japan. Some places are nice, but their price makes my nose bleed and the portion is too dainty. Yeah, yeah. I'm a snob. Muahaha Anyways, the evening before hubby and I were to explore Putrajaya on foot for 10-hours (I've blogged about it here), we decided to give ourselves a treat first. ^^ Nothing special though. Instead of choosing from t…


Dark horse stopped 2-time winner from a hat-trick in community run Rosnizam bin Rosli emerged victorious for Men’s 12KM Open category in MPIB Run 2015
Kuala Lumpur, 12 January 2015 – Rosnizam bin Rosli was the 1st in the Men’s Open 12KM category to cross the Finish Line yesterday at the Padang Merbuk. The Perlis native prevented 2-time winner Venugopal Rajendran from continuing his reign in the annual community Run of Multi-Purpose Insurans Bhd (“MPIB”). This is the 1st time that Rosnizam joins MPIB Run. Nonetheless, the 26-year-old is no stranger to physical challenges, having received training in the army. He quipped, “I believe it has helped prepare me to cope with the Race’s hilly terrain.” Susan Khoo, the Champion in the Women’s Veteran 12KM category for 4 years running, has only 1 word to describe the route: “Tiring.” She admitted that age was certainly catching up with her, but that won’t stop her from returning next year to defend her title. And she won’t be returning alone…

16-hours In Putrajaya

There’s this long hours running event called Watergate 16-hours held in Putrajaya last weekend.
The event has a simple format. Participants do as much or as little as they want, their choice. But to get the finisher items, one must do a minimum of 10 x 5K loops = 50K. The format for me, is really good for those still looking for a way to increase their mileage but may be hesitant to go headlong into much bigger and longer distance races. The route is also kinda tame for runners, where we ran on mostly flat pavements/tarmac with the exception of the stairs leading up to the Jambatan Seri Gemilang. That steps were simply torturous, I tell you!

Of course, we are all more than welcomed to run the whole of 16-hours, and that’s what I intended to do, all along. I’m actually quite surprised on how many runners who thought I’d stop after reaching 50K mark. It was never a plan to stop if I can still do loops by 12.00pm on Sunday.
It doesn’t matter whether one runs or walk or both in this. No…

The Night is Ours, Watergate 16 Hours Runners!

The night is ours.

Which is what the song title of "Malam Ini Kita Punya" by Bunkface.
One of my fave song, and very apt for what I'll be doing tonight, with a couple hundred of other friends; in Putrajaya, running (or walking... don't crawl) while finishing the Watergate 16-hour event. ^^

All the best everyone!
Jangan gentar. Jangan phobia. Era baru bermula. Mari goncang dunia.
Malam ini kita punya!

Hot New Bomba 2015 Calendar

So I read and was updated by friends about the new 2015 hot Bomba calendar. And it made news too. Read the Star's report on it here. LOL Anyway, if I can get a copy, maybe I can make one. With this image I have... a photo taken during the Bomba Run in May 2014. Personal touch some more. Thanks MJ for the soft copy. Hehehe


Limited Access to the Padang Merbuk for MPIB Run 2015
Kuala Lumpur, 7 January 2015 – Multi-Purpose Insurans Bhd (“MPIB”) wishes to inform of the limited access to the roads leading to the Padang Merbuk on 11 January 2015 on account of the general insurer’s annual community Run. The roads leading to the venue such as Jalan Parlimen will be less accessible to vehicles from 6.50 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. to ensure a safer and smoother Race for the participants. Participants will be running within the coned zone and following the directions of traffic police who are entrusted with the road traffic management. Route marshals are also on duty to assist the traffic police on that day and they are available at every junction and turning of the route. Project Leader Ms. Jayne Liew stresses, “We strive to ensure as safe a Race as we can so that the only thing runners need to concentrate on is running.”

Happy running everyone!
MPIB Run also has Project Good Deeds where they accept pre-loved shoes , an…

Instant Mee Cravings At Bangi Gateway

There's this nondescript stall at the Bangi Gateway Food Court that is rather well-known amongst my FB / runner friends for their rather awesome instant noodles. Oh, they do sell other type of noodles too, like Laksa Penang, Laksam, Laksa Siam and stuff but most of my friends who went there, opted for their "megi ketam" or crab instant noodle. ^^ Hubby was meeting some friends over there and Son and I tagged along so that we could try the dishes there ourselves. Kill two birds with one stone, like that. This was their megi ketam. RM13.00 per bowl.

Hubby ordered this, while waiting for friends to arrive as we were hungry. Well, I was hungry. :P
Son chose the mee sotong (squid) and I chose mee udang (prawns) but instead of the big prawns, I chose the small ones. Forgot how much they cost though. Love the sour gravy. I finished every single drop! Our friends arrived later, and they all ordered the mee ketam except Gme who had just finished his 10K run at the nearby stadiu…

Sunday Outing With Hubby

While we were out in Putrajaya this morning, I thought it might be fun to post at Facebook our progress in covering parts of Putrajaya and each stops we made were marked as CPs (checkpoints)  just like it would if we enter a race, just to make our outing more fun and interactive. Hehehe

We followed part of Putrajaya 100 miles this time... part only ya... Crazy ah want to cover so much distance? LOL
First stop - toilet stop for me.  At Putrajaya Maritime Centre. Because the toilet there is so nice! Hahaha
Second stop was at Putrajaya Challenge Park. Zaini needed a toilet stop this time. Hahaha
Third stop was because my feet was feeling rather hot and I needed to do something to avoid blister from forming. So, we stopped so I can slather some Vaseline on my foot.
Fourth stop was at Taman Rimba Alam.

Stopped for a quick wash before finishing the rest of the Taman Rimba loop.

Still was in high spirits. ^^

We didn't stop for too long since our fueling up to this point was candies and …