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Help Vote For My Nephew

This cute boy is my nephew, Mohamad Ariell Hakimi. Appreciate if you guys can help his mom and vote for him at Mum Centre Malaysia under Baby Category. Thanks! Love you guys! :-)

We're Going To Penang?

Look what popped out in my e-mail. An e-mail from the nice people at Nuffnang informing me that I am one of the lucky 15 to get a complimentary 3D 2N stay at Tunes Hotel. Wohooo!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Excerpt of the e-mail here:
CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of the lucky 15 bloggers chosen to win a 3D 2N stay at Tune Hotel, Penang!

Here are some guidelines for your voucher redemption:

- Winners are required to claim the vouchers from Nuffnang office in KL during working hours (That's 9am to 6pm)
- The complimentary stay offer is only between 1st April till 30th of June 09
- The complimentary stay offer is only valid at TuneHotels Downtown Penang
- The complimentary stay offer is not applicable on Eve of and Public Holidays.
- The complimentary stay offer is not inclusive of other add-ons
- The complimentary stay offer is subject to room availability at time of booking
- The complimentary stay offer is requires an advanced 2 weeks booking prior to stay date
The problem …

Trip To McDonald's

Raimie took home his exam papers yesterday and with Science & Maths papers scores 100% and BM & BI (Malay & English) at 98%, we took him to McDonald's for his treats for a job well done.

He got his Happy Meal of beefburger and I got a fillet-o-fish and Zaini got himself a Chicken McDeluxe or something. (I always put fries on my burgers)

Currently with McD having their value meal at super low rate of Rm5.95 during lunch, the place is always packed. However, for both me & Raimie, this was our first visit in many months. I'm not too crazy with McD but Raimie had asked to eat here for a few times and didn't get to eat a McD last week, so we obliged.
No treat would be complete without a toy for him too. He wanted a gashapon toy (capsule toy), and as luck would have it, he got a Kamen Rider Decade (that's the latest Kamen Rider)! Double treat for him.

Day Out - To Petrosains And KLCC

I wrote about going to Petrosains with Raimie earlier at DailyRamblings 101. Just adding more personal post about the day here.
Both of us started our trip from home at 9.30am and walked to MidValley. We took the RapidKL bus from MidValley to KLCC and got there at about 10.00am for a 20 minutes or so bus ride. Raimie having fun "being asleep" in the bus
I had called Petrosains earlier to reserve our tickets. By calling in advance, we get to choose our entry time instead of having to wait for whatever time slot is available if we walk-in. Our combo tickets (for both Dino Trek 2 & Petrosains) were RM15 for adult and RM5 for kids aged 4-12. It is cheaper if Raimie was in school uniform! Some photos of Dino Trek 2. Dino Trek 2 is rather small and if there was a huge crowd (with children from school trip or "rombongan" inside), I think you'd probably spent just 15 minutes here. We spent about 20 minutes inside, got to play at a few of the touch screen inside but un…

Got Peanuts!

We went on a day trip back to my hometown, Raub last Sunday; as we needed to go to Sg Koyan for my brother-in-law's engagement. To get to Sg Koyan, one have to pass through Raub town and like always, I just can't resist in stocking up on some things - I got petai from Dad (stinky beans - more about the beans here) and some famous Sempalit ground roasted peanuts. No durians though even though there are plenty of them sold along the roadside. I only get my durians from my dad who got it from the Orang Asli (aboriginals) or from the Company orchard. XD
Raimie with our bounty. Packets and packets of peanuts! Usually I got my peanuts from a stall at the Raub bus station, but as the trip was on a Sunday, the stall was closed so we headed off to one of the peanuts factories in Simpang Kallang.

Here we are at the factory. The peanuts factories in Raub are not big, most are family owned with their house adjacent to the factory. If the gates are open, you can just walk in and peer around…

Time For Some Rojak and Cendol!

After sending a Samsonite bag for repair in the morning at the service centre in Jalan Maarof, I stopped by the Petronas Station nearby to have some mamak rojak (pasembur) and cendol. Wah, it's been so long since I last ate these two at a mobile stall.

My rojak and cendol

Busy on the ice machine preparing my ice for the cendol

Ice machine & rojak gravy Two rojak (one with sotong) and two cendols = RM12.20. My tummy is full and I am happy. :)

What is rojak and cendol?
Rojak Mamak (pasembur) contains fried dough fritters, bean curds, boiled potatoes, prawn fritters, hard boiled eggs, bean sprouts and cucumber mixed with a sweet thick, spicy peanut sauce. Cendol is a dessert originating from Jawa, Indonesia. Among the ingredients are shaved ice, green noodles (the colouring came from the pandan leaf), coconut milk and palm sugar. Other add-on include red bean, sweetened corn and glutinous rice. A good snack on hot day. It is a hot day today. Too hot, matter of fact. Ugh. Do you know, …

Are You Afraid Of Ghost?

For me, the answer is a resounding YES!
I guess I can consider myself lucky that I don’t get to meet them all that often. XD
Foong commented in one of my post about why I never blogged about my encounters after I shared my experience in his post about a haunted hotel in Penang. The answer to that will be I’m too much of a scaredy cat! LOL I think until I put up another post after this one, I would not visit my own blog at night!

To start my story, I guess I have to go way back when I was a toddler. Yep, that long ago. My parents used to live nearby to my great-grandfather and grandfather’s house. My late great-grandfather was a landlord and he had a cluster of houses for rent and some of these houses were for his children.

I barely remember this incident, but my aunts and uncles would be quick to tell the whole story should one ask. One of my late great-grandfather’s tenants was into black magic and he can actually turn to “Harimau Jadian”. I don’t know what would be the English term…

Bukit Panorama, Sungai Lembing

Some photos of sunrise and morning scenery at Bukit Panorama, Sungai Lembing to share with you guys. Credit goes to my friend and colleague, Joey for taking these awesome photos.

Joey loves taking photos - we make use of his hobby every festival by asking him to take our photos around Mid Valley Megamall be it Hari Raya decoration, Chinese New Year or Christmas. Thanks Joe!

Back to the photos - aren't nature awesome. Of course living in KL, one don't wake up to these view which is a pity.

Some more info about Bukit Panorama can be found at Dailyramblings101. Enjoy!

My Blood Donation Adventure

te and a few of my friends and colleagues went to the Blood Donation Drive at Boulevard Hotel after lunch today. The donors there were mostly staff from the hotel with a few odd outsiders like us.
Some of the gang. All ladies. The guys went earlier in the morning. Had to fill up forms first, then check our weight. Cool! I lost 2 kg from the last time I checked.
Me, doing the blood test. A couple of friends were not able to donate due to low level of iron Me, checking my blood pressure. Again, one can't donate due to high pressure. Then off to the next table to fill up the donation card and I'm all set! Trying to look scared. LOL (and no, I'm not scared of needles) Time for blood to flow!

My Public Transport Adventure From Mid Valley To KLCC

I needed to go to KLCC on Tuesday to meet up with RHB's Personal Banker (so grand one lah the name. LOL) because I wanted to refinance my house. So, I thought might as well make an adventure of it. I decided to take a bus from Mid Valley Megamall to KLCC and the trip back by Kelana Jaya Line (forever etched in my mind as Putra LRT). At 2.00pm, not many people waiting at the bus stop. I waited for just 10 minutes for the KLCC bus to arrive.
Bus ticket. This ticket is good for a whole day trip on RapidKL buses. Gone were the days where we pay RM0.90 for a single trip on Intrakota buses or RM0.60 with mini buses.
The bus was quite empty. There were 4 of us from Mid Valley stop to KL Sentral and two alighted there leaving just two in the bus. The whole trip took about 40 minutes.
A long queue just to board the LRT at KLCC.
Being squashed inside the train. Total train journey from KLCC to Bangsar station plus a walk home was almost 30 minutes. I am ever so thankful I don't need to com…

Blood Donation Drive - Boulevard Hotel

Just extending this info to everyobdy. Details of the blood donation drive :

Date : March 13, 2009 (Friday)

Time: 10.00am - 5.00pm

Venue: Westside 4, 8th Floor, Boulevard Hotel

A Slow Connection Again

Hmmm... I'm in pain. I have to be very patient with my internet connection for the past three days.

I'm using Maxis wireless broadband and a while ago, it was sooooo slow and got better after a couple of days. Now, seem like it's back to square one. Slow slow slow. Sometimes I wonder why I bother paying RM143.00 a month for an atrocious connection. I have yet seen my Maxis broadband achieved full speed even after two years of using it.

Maybe I really need to start looking at other providers now. :(

So, for Entrecard members, bear with me. I just don't think it's logical to sit in front of the computer for 6-8 hours just to make a 100 drops. Ugh!

A Singapore Holiday?

Hmmm... we might settle for a Singapore holiday for June 09 school holiday. Not sure what exactly to do while we are in Singapore, but knowing us, we'll try to keep the expenses to the minimum!
For now, it's choosing the hotels. I've narrowed down these hotels based on affordability and star (don't want something that is too "low class"). Any thoughts on which will be the best choice?
Riverview, ChinatownFurama City Centre, ChinatownPeninsula Excelsior, MarinaParkroyal on Kitchener Road, Little India Since we are stingy, we'll probably take a bus there instead of flying. (Time and cost to travel to the airport + waiting time has to be calculated too, you know).

I guess we'll decide on what exactly to do in Singapore when we get there!

Lunch At Nyonya Colors, Gardens Mall

Had lunch the other day to bid farewell to a colleague at Nyonya Colours, Gardens Mall.
The porcelains in display are up for sale. Interested in one? The outlet is always packed during lunch hour

I had Mee Rebus

My colleague had dry curry mee
This was Nyonya Laksa A good meal, if you manage to get a table/seat there.