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He Gets Jealous

Does your child get jealous when Mom and Dad gets cuddly with each other?
Raimie certainly did! If I so much put my arm around Zaini when we were out, he'll push and make himself walk between us. He doesn't like it if he isn't walking in the middle. He wants to hold both our hands, and Mommy and Daddy can't hold each others' hand when he's around. *^-^*
Sometime, when Mommy and Daddy cuddle up on the sofa, he'll just plonked himself on us and wriggle himself to get between us!
It's so cute. Just yesterday he went all pouty on me because I put my arm around Zaini when we were out at Gardens Mall. I had to placate him by giving him a bear hug. My son is jealous even with his Dad. LOL
He is quite protective too. If Zaini and I bickered with each other, which we really like to do because we do have different opinions on plenty of things; he'll scold one of us and told us off. He'd say : "Mama, don't bully Papa" or "Papa, don't sco…

Because There's No Menu To Read At The Mamak, Mom

Both Zaini and I took a day off on Wednesday to spend time with Raimie during his school holiday at home. Since I was rather lazy these past few days, we head out for breakfast. (To tell you the truth, Zaini had to take over the cooking duties for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two weekends in a row because I was pre-occupied with "my prince").
My initial thought was to hit the Mamak place we always frequent but Raimie wanted to go elsewhere.

His request?
Going to Pappa Rich.

His reason?
Because he likes having the opportunity to pore over the big menu and decide what he wants to eat. There's no need for a menu at the Mamak!
So off we went to the recently opened Pappa Rich outlet at Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.
Raimie poring over the menu. Decisions, decisions... Raimie's choice for breakfast: Steamed bread with kaya. I had toasted bread with butter and kaya and two half-boiled eggs Zaini had some noodles
So for the privilege of letting Raimie read a menu, I gotta pay RM2…

Got Enough Blood To Donate This Time?

There's a blood donation drive at iHeal Medical Centre in MidValley and I'm thinking of going.
Last time I went to donate blood, I only managed to fill 1/3 of the pack so unfortunately my blood wasn't of any use. Such a waste.
Hopefully this time I got enough blood to donate. Better eat well to get the blood pumping, I guess.
By the way, any of you guys get nervous looking at the big needles? It was funny that my friends always reminded me not to look at my arm and the nurses when they poked my veins because they think I'd get scared.
Well, I got poked so many times for blood tests and whatnot during my 20s that I use to joke that my arms looked like a drug addict's. I'm quite ambivalent about needles nowadays. I rather get an injection than eat medicine, actually.

Weekend At The Seaside

We went to Port Dickson (PD) last weekend. It is a seaside town just 70+km away from Kuala Lumpur, which made it a perfect getaway for day-trippers in search of a bit of sun and sea.

Going to PD was actually a last minute decision for us. We wanted to go back to my hometown but after checking with my sisters and being told that they are not going back this weekend, I decided to check whether the Company's apartment in Teluk Kemang was available. It was and more good news because my sisters agreed to head off to PD with us too.
PD was sure packed during the weekend, what with the school holiday going on. We were stuck in a bit of jam on our way to PD. Lucky for us, when we got to PD, it wasn't raining. 
We stayed overnight but instead of having a BBQ night, we had a steamboat dinner in the apartment instead. No photos because I was too busy with the food!
Raimie wasn't too keen going into the sea the evening before but the next day, he was all raring to jump in with his co…

A Splashing Good Time On The WaWa Splash Tour

Raimie and Zaini had fun going on the Wawa Splash Tour, at the Mines last week. I didn't join them because I was err.... too lazy. Zaini got two free tickets for the tour and I wasn't all that keen to go so Zaini need not buy an extra ticket for Raimie after all. They sure had fun, from the photos that Zaini took. The WaWa Splash Tour is Malaysia’s first amphibious tour. Like the amphibious frog, the WaWa coach is able to move on both land and water, converting into a passenger boat upon touching water. The vehicle can fit up to 48 passengers and the tour takes about an hour. Other than Raimie and Zaini, there was a big family joining the tour that day. Some of the view that can be enjoyed during the tour. They even got a cute button badge as souvenirs.