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Negaraku Sehati Sejiwa

Negaraku Sehati Sejiwa is the theme for this year's 60th Hari Kemerdekaan. SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI KEMERDEKAAN!
And congrats to all Malaysian athletes for the awesome showing in the recently concluded SEA Games.

To all Muslims, Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

Press Release: F1 Recreation Flexes Its Muscle In Malaysia For TRUE Brand Fitness Equipment

Kuala Lumpur, 24 August 2017, Fitness Solutions and premium fitness equipment provider, F1 Recreation Sdn Bhd has been appointed by award winning fitness equipment and industry pioneer TRUE to flex the brand's muscles in Malaysia.
The target will be condominiums, commercial gyms, hotels, country clubs, universities, corporates and professional athlete, as well as those seeking personal equipment as Malaysia continues to battle against rising obesity.
"F1 Recreation works hard to deliver exceptional value to inspire and empower quality living and this includes providing fitness solutions to our clients and management of gyms. The partnership with TRUE allows us to extend our portfolio of products and introduce another quality brand and reaffirm our dedication to service excellene", said Business Development Manager of F1 Recreation, Mr Adam Soong.
"We are confident that with our years of expertise and skill in understanding and delivering service excellence to the fi…

Race & Giveaway Alert: Educity Sundown Marathon Iskandar 2017

Sleep can wait this Nov 11th, 2017 as Educity Sundown Marathon is coming to Educity, Iskandar Malaysia, Johor.
After Penang edition in Dec 2016, Taipei in Jan 2017, Singapore in Mar 2017 and Qingdao in Aug 2017, Sundown is finally making its way south to Johor this November!
Registration is now open and details on the race can be found at their website:
and also the Facebook page:
I'll be doing another session of giveaway (right after I closed JBL 5km Fun Run giveaway, phew), so do visit my Facebook page for the announcement and mechanics:
And oh yes, I've received overwhelming response for the JBL 5km Fun Run giveaway. Thank you to those who participated and responded. You guys truly made my day.
Do enjoy the run on Sep 30th, 2017!

A Soaking Time At Danajamin Mighty Run 2017

It's funny. Up to Thursday, I didn't have any races planned for the weekend. As a matter of fact, my training for the weekend was supposed to be a 17K long run which I planned to do on Saturday and a 50 min easy run for Sunday. Boring because no races to join but I figured, get the training session right lah, instead. Training all go haywire dy, I haven't been running much other than during a race in the weekend and my marathon will be in 11 weeks' time! Then, a friend asked me to join him for Danajamin Mighty Run which was held in Cyberjaya. Talk about a stroke of luck! Yeay! Got a race to join! I immediately said yes and the next day helped to pick up the team's bibs (4 of us) at Menara Allianz.
Going to the REPC was easy and painless as I used Grabcar promo, the #grabcarseagames code and only needed to pay RM1 after the subsidies. Cool!
So, instead of a 17K for Saturday, I decided to do an easy effort 10K on Saturday and do the 17K on Sunday instead. But come r…

JBL Extraordinary Sound Experiences 5km Fun Run 2017

Calling out fun runners and music lovers out there!
Who wants to enjoy the night out by not only having fun with music & dance and also keep healthy? Look no further. JBL 5km Fun Run is here.
Perfect for those who just want to enjoy the night out and do a bit of running too. Registration for the Sep 30th event is still open at:

There are two categories:
1. JBL Combo at RM99.00 per person and it comes with a fun run slot + JBL T110 In-ear headphone worth RM69.00
2. Fun Run only at RM70.00

All participants are entitled to receive:
1 x event dr-fit tee
1 x event finisher medal
1 x JBL run/goodies bag with:
 1 x bib number & guide book
 1 x LED Finger Light
 1 x Foam Light Stick
 1 x LED Glasses
 4 x Glow Sticks
All the things for you to party the night away! Haha
Here's the route map for the JBL 5km Fun Run.

There will be music, dance, photo contest, food truck, game booths and inflatables so parents, you can bring your kids alon…

It's An Opening Kenduri At Mamak!

Our neighbourhood Mamak joint had renovated the shop  next to it as an extension to their current shop and the new spanking place is finally open today. In usual Mamak style, they held a free makan session for everyone!
The staff there even reminded us yesterday to come and eat as they would be dishing out briyani. Got kambing also...
When we got there, we could see a number of familiar faces and our neighbours enjoying dinner. We enjoyed ours too. Very, very generous portion even if its free.
Thank you! Semoga murah rezeki and perniagaan sentiasa maju!

Tofu For Two

Not really fancying anything oily or heavyish last Sunday, we decided to head to AEON Cheras Selatan for our dinner. Actually, we initially wanted to cook ikan taucu for dinner but never got around to buying the fish! LOL
So dinner out it was. Plus we needed to buy laundry detergents and cat food too. Good excuse lah. ^^
Dinner was at Ichiban Ramen which we haven't visited for many months already and we noticed the staff had changed but still fast and efficient which is always a plus point to eat at Ichiban Ramen (AEON Cheras Selatan, at least).  As usual, green tea was our choice for drinks.
But Ichiban Ramen's green tea is RM2.50 per glass. *GASP*
Luckily, it's refillable and the staff were always attentive and kept filling our glasses. *thumbs up* My choice for dinner.
Mabo tofu and rice.
The mabo tofu was nice but the rice was a bit hard and not fluffy. Otherwise, it would've been a really good meal. Hubby had Mabo Tofu Ramen.
Their Spicy Chicken Ramen is quite go…

Satay King For A Treat

I've been hankering for some satay since last week but we finally indulged in them yesterday.   And we went to Satay King in Sungai Kantan, Kajang.
We first had a taste of it during Ramadan month when a friend brought some for our pot luck/LSD night run in UM and we absolutely love  it!
It's RM1 per stick which is reasonable considering the size of the satay and how juicy it is. Totally worth it. No, don't click on the ma image. It's just a screenshot. Hihi
It's located at No 4, Gerai UPENS, Sg Kantan,Kajang. About 1km away from MRT Sg Jernih station and TESCO Kajang.

SEA Games Marathon And Larian Sukan SEA 2017

First of all, a big congratulations to Muhaizar Mohamad for bagging a bronze medal at the marathon event in the 2017 SEA Games! Congrats too, to Leo Tan for his 4th place finish!
The SEA Games marathon event was held on Saturday, Aug 19th 2017 and alongside the SEA Games Marathon, a run for public was also held, called Larian Sukan SEA 2017.
Admittedly, a number of us signed up for the chance to get the Larian Sukan SEA medal (got mention Sukan SEA mah. That in itself is rare) and for me, I signed up because I liked the route that they had published in the registration page. It look similar to the old Putrajaya Night Marathon route (well, part of it anyway) and we should be passing two of Putrajaya's iconic bridges.
Mana tau, when we received our Runners' Guide in the REPC notice in the e-mail, the route was changed quietly. There were no notice or announcement (that I saw) about the change and lucky la, I am the type that read runners' guide. Hahaha We ended up running a…



BANGKOK, THAILAND, 17 AUGUST 2017 – The completion of the FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship in 2016 left a vivid mark in the memory of SuperMoto fans across the world, with Malaysia’s Muhd Habibullah (Gabit) stealing the overall season champion title. This year, the season resumes in searching for the region’s best rider with its 2017 season opener happening on 2 and 3 September at the Thailand Circuit Motorsport Complex, Nakhon Chai Si, Thailand.

“2016 was an astounding year for the championship with tremendous growth in interest and fans across the world. The 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship will be more competitive with the return of top international riders and manufacturers competing for the ultimate title. I am confident that fans will be treated with more action packed SuperMoto races with the increasing competition between riders,” said Satheswaran Mayachandran, CEO of Asia Supersports Group.

Lunch Combo At Chili's

This was a few weeks back when my colleagues and I wen to Chili's for lunch.
I decided to order from their lunch combo since the price seems quite reasonable.
One main with a pick of either House Side Salad or Southwest Caesar Side Salad or Soup of the Day.  I chose their Soup of the Day.
Look rather unappetizing but taste wise, OK lah. Hahaha And my mains was the Southwestern Grilled Lamb.
It was supposed to come with balck pepper gravy but as you can see, tadak gravy. (or maybe it's dry gravy, I dunno).
Asked the staff for the gravy and she was quite surprised to be asked for it. Adui.
But I got the gravy later lah...
My lamb was nice and tender so no complaints about it, but my colleagues said hers was drier and harder.
The lunch combo for the Grilled Lamb was RM30.50 with a big dollop of mashed potatoes.
But for grilled lamb, I think I stick to Tony Roma's lah...
Or order a-la carte.

Salmon For The Weekend

Hadn't had much appetite last weekend so rice was off for me...
Luckily, I could enjoy a bit of pasta for dinner on Friday. Food Junction pasta. Nothing to shout about but bolehlah... 
Then, after my run at IJM Land Half Marathon, I decided to treat Hubby for dinner (with Son too, of course) as he drove me 50km+ to Seremban 2 that morning. To and fro. It was a cross between sate or Japanese food for me but considering Hubby wasn't feeling well, I thought Japanese food might be a better option.
So we went to Miyagi for dinner and this time, I had Salmon teppanyaki.
The tummy seems to prefer hot food better than cold and raw food lately so no sashimi or sushi for me this time!

My First Run At IJM Land HM

Four months ago, while I was searching for a half marathon to run in, a friend highlighted to me about IJM Land Half Marathon which was held on Sunday, Aug 13th, 2017.
The event was in its 6th year but I think I've only really known about it last year, but didn't sign-up for it. At that time, truthfully for me, the buzz wasn't that much for me to want to drive to Seremban 2 (or rather ask Hubby to drive me 50km to the race venue) to run in it.
It still felt rather low key this year, in my opinion; as although the event was covered in a few newspapers and they held running clinics prior to the event, I couldn't find much social media shout-outs about it.
I tried to read up on previous year's blogs on the event but 99% of blog posts on it were from lifestyle bloggers but they unfortunately didn't write about running in it at all. Hur hur.
So not knowing what to expect, I hesitantly made my way to Seremban 2 on Sunday morning. Not only was I hesitant because I co…

Chill Friday

We always spend Friday evenings at a bookstore before we head home and read for a bit (and occasionally, Mommy will accidentally buy a book or magazine or something)...
But it's really been awhile since we enjoyed Starbucks coffee or drinks.
Mommy has kinda stopped enjoying her coffee fix there as she stopped liking too sweet drinks and Starbucks has plenty of too sweet drinks! Hahaha But we enjoyed two frappucinos on Friday, because it's FREE!
The two boys redeemeed them through uMobile Terer Thursday promotion and we shared it while reading at Borders, Gardens Mall. Chill...
Last week Terer Thursday was macaron from Komugi (heaven!).
Maybe I should jump and change from Maxis to uMobile lah... So much freebies there! LOL

Race Alerts : November Races

These are the races under my radar for November.
I've got almost all my weekends from Aug - Oct filled already and now it's time to set my sight on the last two months of 2017 and also look for 2018 races.  First up is Malaysia's premier night marathon, Putrajaya Night Marathon.
I plan to sign up soon and do the full marathon.
I hope the organiser won't be changing their route at the last minute as what had happened to Larian Sukan SEA 2017. I know its probably inevitable but when you signed up because you were interested to run a certain route only to see it changed to your old, normal training route... Sure get disappointed also kan? The week after PNM will be the MKH Kajang International 12-hour Walk which I already signed up for, months ago. 
But there's also another short run on Nov 11th, which is in the morning (the walk will be held at night on Nov 11) and that's the MQA Run.  It will be held at Bangunan Mercu MQA, Cyberjaya and has categories of 15km/1…