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Cameron Highlands Farm Visit

The second day we were in Cameron Highlands, we decided to head to Mountain Strawberry Farm located nearby the hotel we were staying in. To get there, we used the access road to Boh Farm in Sg Palas. Beware though! The road to Sg Palas Boh Plantation (and to Mountain Strawberry Farm) is extremely narrow and winding. It boggles the mind to see sightseeing buses navigate this road which is barely enough to let a car pass by, let alone buses and a two-way traffic! Sg Palas Boh Plantation. Row and rows of tea trees as far as the eyes can see. Raimie was pretty happy running around the farm, checking out the cactus plants, the animals (in cages, though) and of course, picking up strawberries and vegetables at the farm. We picked some strawberries and bought some Cameron Apples (the one Zaini was holding in the photo above). We didn't buy much because we'd have trouble finishing them all!
This farm is not located by the road-side and getting there can be a challenge but it was nic…

"Makan" Time At Cameron Highlands

Usually, when we go to a cooler place such as Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands or maybe to Bukit Tinggi too; we like to enjoy a nice steaming pot of steamboat. We had wanted to eat steamboat at the hotel we were staying in that evening, just like what we did on last year's trip, but after checking out the set meal and the buffett option at the hotel's Chinese restaurant (which was closed when we went down at around 5.00pm), we decided to opt for room service instead.
The three of us chose the same thing for dinner; we ate BBQ burger that took me three times to repeat my order. Heck! I even had to repeat our room number a couple of times! I guess my English pronounciation is quite bad for people to understand. LOL
Prompt service though, because we got our dinner served in less than half an hour. Yup, I always time how long it took for my food to come from the time I called room service to the time the food arrives my room. I sure nitpick a lot, don't I? It's a habit…

A Night In Cameron Highlands, Back To Equatorial Hotel Again

From Penang, we made our trip to Cameron Highlands. On our trip to Cameron Highlands last year, we tried the access roads from Sg Koyan and also Tapah route. This time around, we used the Simpang Pulai route. For those who cannot stand the Tapah winding road, Simpang Pulai can be a better choice as it is less winding (and less scary too!) but for me, Simpang Pulai route was a yawn fest and Tapah makes me wide-eyed the whole journey!
Comparing the three routes, I think the least vomit inducing route is the Sg Koyan route, but if I'm not mistaken, it yet to be fully completed. Got to check with my younger brother who was also in Cameron that day, coming from our hometown in Raub using the Sg Koyan route. Just like our trip last year, we chose Equatorial Hotel to stay for the night. Zaini and I have this tendency to return to places we like hence the return visit to Equatorial. And we made a return visit to the same farm for a bit of strawberry picking and buying fresh fruits and ve…

Out And About In Penang - Old World Charm

My last instalment post on Penang.

While Zaini was working that day on Saturday, so it was just me and Raimie going sightseeing  and I was absolutely awestrucked by the old world that you can find in Penang. Instead of high-rise buildings, I saw rows and rows of shophouses Instead of neon signs like what I can see in big cities, I saw these signboards. Charming. :-) I certainly won't see this kind of signboard in KL! 
Next up : our trip to Cameron Highlands.

Out And About In Penang - Admiring The Architecture

I enjoyed my family's trip to Penang a lot. Although we were there for just one night, I had fun strolling around and admiring the Colonial-style architecture that can be found in Georgetown.

Out And About In Penang

Our 2 Days and One night to Penang is too short of a time to explore much of the island so we just stick to the area nearby the hotel we were staying in at Jalan Magazine.
After getting amply rested in our hotel room, we went to enjoy the evening sea breeze walking along the Esplanade and also visiting Padang Kota Lama and Fort Cornwallis. 
Fort Cornwallis being the biggest and the most intact fort in Malaysia, is considered as an important monument and landmark in the historical development of Malaysia, particularly the island of Penang.
It is open until 7.00pm daily and there is a cultural performance and chingay performance being held at 6.00pm on Saturday and Sunday respectively there. With an entrance fee of just RM2.00, do visit the Fort if you come to Penang, I say. ;-)  My excursion on Day Two started at Lebuh Pantai. Zaini went to work and it was a Mom and Son day out that day. One pleasant thing that I experienced walking around was how friendly the people were to us. We …

A Night In Penang

So we finally made it to Penang. This is the first trip for us as a family. Yeay!!! For me, it was such a long time since my last visit to this island.
The journey from KL was a relatively stress free 4 hours' drive and a cool one at that as it was drizzling throughout the journey.
We checked-in at Traders Hotel for the night. Our room. Ample amenities even in this superior room that we were in; the room  even came stocked with toothbrushes! Not all hotels in Malaysia provide this to guests.

The room is OK I guess, but I had issues with the sound proofing of the room. Our room is a connecting room, and I can actually hear everything my next door neighbor did! I had wanted to change room but Zaini said there was no point doing it if the other rooms have flimsy walls too.
There are two saving grace at this hotel to counter the noisy room:  One - the view. I love the view we got from our room. We could the the swimming pool and putting green below and also a little bit of the ocea…