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Play Time At The Playground

Some photos at Lake Garden's playground. We went there after Raimie had finished his religious class on Monday because we didn't take him on Sunday due to rain.

Raimie pretending to be a hatchling
Checking out a dinosaur's mouth

Enjoying one of the slides

and swing

unfortunately, after a fun day at the playground, kids and adults will not be able to use any of these cute water cooler because they did not work!

So, always good to bring your own drinks to the park.

I Need A Vacation!

I need a break! I want to lounge on the beach and spend a weekend being a beach bum. There's one snitch to this plan. Both Zaini and I can't seem to agree on a holiday destination. With the school holidays fast approaching, I desperately need to make a decision.

So far, I cancelled our Bangkok and Club Med reservation - which was Zaini's preference. At the moment I am looking into Cherating or Bubu Long Beach packages. I'm quite keen to go for the Bubu Long Beach packages because it is a full board package and includes two snorkelling trips. Zaini however, isn't too keen on driving all that way and get tired well before our vacation starts. Cherating is too normal for me. I lived in Kuantan for two years during my teens and with plenty of school excursions to the Cherating Beach, it's not somewhere I get too excited to go to. Zaini showed no interest in my suggestion to go to Singapore too.

Where to go? Where to go? School holidays is just three weeks away!


Going To Religious Class

Everyday from Moday to Friday, apart from attending regular school, Raimie also attends religious school (or Kelas KAFA) from 2.30pm to 5.00pm. Lucky for us and for Raimie too, the school is only a walking distance from his grandfather's house at which we currently use as our weekday base.

I was on leave on Monday and managed to snap these photos of him. It is quite cute to see that his mates would come and wait for him to go to school together.

Chatting together while putting on shoes

My boy in school uniform

A Trip To Pasar Malam

Going to a Pasar Malam is a weekly highlight for us. Even though the nearby Pasar Malam is not that big and mainly sell ready-to-take away food, we still love to go there.

What is a Pasar Malam without a Satay stall?

Or Yong Tau Foo stall?

Traditional way of boiled corn (for lack of better word), but most stall now sell corn steamed and in cups instead of this way.

Deep fried items - fried balls, hot dogs, chicken...

What is your favourite Pasar Malam food? Mine is always the Nasi Beriani with an air mata kucing drink, Zaini loves his Nasi Lemak and Raimie wants satay.

Financed By The Malaysian Government

Woot! Just got our TNB (that's Tenaga Nasional Berhad for you) and because the bill is below RM20.00, we do not need to pay our electricy bill, as stated in the bill; "Dibiayai Oleh Kerajaan Malaysia" (financed/paid for by the Malaysian Government). Yeay!

How did this happen? Well, by not spending 5 days a week in our own home, that's how!

Some good new to all consumers:
Effective March 1st, 2009, TNB will revise the electricity tariff to its consumers. According to TNB President/CEO, Dato' Sri Che Khalib, the reduction in electricity tariff is in support of the Government's efforts to introduce an economic stimulus package to mitigate impact of the current economic slowdown.

Raimie's Class Assessment Result

Yesterday, Raimie brought back his assessment test results. The test was done during the orientation, prior to entering Standard One. It was done mainly to gauge students mastery of Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language) and to sort students according to class.

Raimie's result? He got 59/60. One mark was deducted for his reading. No big deal. The main thing is, he enjoys going to school and meet new friends there. (Even though we said it is no big deal, I admit that we'd be pretty bummed if he didn't make it to the top class, which luckily he did. Huhuhu)

Tonight, he told us that he enjoys being in science class. Science and Maths class are held in English Language in Malaysia School. (I believe, for those in Chinese Schools, they learn the two subjects in both English and Chinese. Correct me if I'm wrong)

Ran out Of Gas!

I was in the middle of cooking yesterday when the cooking gas ran out on me. Don't you just hate when that happens? Sometimes I think it sure is nice to have the gas piped to my home on demand instead of relying to the "Tong Gas" even though I do have to pay a minimum amount each month if I don't use it.

Luckily for us, the neighborhood sundry shop a.ka. kedai runcit sent us a new "Tong" almost immediately. Otherwise, it's Domino's pizza for lunch or packed food from the Mamak stall! LOL

Domino's Pizza For Dinner

Raimie wanted to visit his aunt (his Mok De)to return Masked Rider Kuuga DVD that we borrowed ages ago so we decided to make a visit yesterday. I know he loves going there because Zaini's other siblings are staying at MokDe's house. His Pak Long (Zaini's older brother), Pakcik Aus & PokSu (Zaini's two youngest brother) are also there. Not to mention Mokde has plenty of food and soft toys around!

Instead of MokDe cooking for us this time, Zaini called her and told her we are bringing pizza for dinner. Yeay! I love Domino's Pizza, they are much better than Pizza Hut or Shakey's Pizza.

Deciding on what to eat. Always ask for the brochure/coupons if you don't have any at hand, to save some $$$. :-)
Zaini waiting to be served. This outlet got a B certification for cleanliness, but I give them an A. They are much cleaner than some fast food outlet that get an A out there.
Four pizzas for dinner for 5 adults and 1 kid. The Tuna temptation is my personal favourite…