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What Type Of Student Were You?

I'm feeling a little bit nostalgic. My college friends had an informal gathering last week and there were plenty of photos and catching up on news of old college friends in the facebook.  But looking at photos, I was like - OMG! Are we that old already??!! I'm in denial that I've already reached 35. I don't feel 35 at all! LOL

There was a comment in the facebook by one of my ex-lecturer on how I'm doing and whether I'm still quiet and shy. Yes, well... I was mostly quiet and reticent in front of teachers and lecturers!
Anyway, all these catching up got me thinking. How was I during my school years? I had a really memorable experience during secondary school. College life was a matter of waking up and going to class and not having much life. Imagine attending class from 8.00am to 5.00pm 5 days a week! Classes were boring but outside the classroom, school was sure one hell of experience for me!
I studied in MRSM Kuantan in Form 1 & 2 and I really had many "…

Taman Warisan Pertanian And Local Fruit Feast

We were out bright and early on Saturday morning and head off to Taman Warisan Pertanian for their "Jom Makan Buah" (Let's Eat Fruit) promotion that was slated to be held on 23-25 July 2010. But imagine our chagrin when we arrived there and only saw 1 fruit stall amidst some other agro-based stall. Walking around, we saw this notice put up. The event was postponed and it wasn't even updated in their website! I guess it isn't a big issue for Putrajaya residents for the event change but for us, it'd be better if we know about this beforehand - either from their website or in the media. But as it is, events at Putrajaya are seldom mentioned in the newspaper I read. All wasn't lost though because we then decided to check out the dusun (orchard) area at Taman Warisan Pertanian. Entrance used to be free for this park but now there's an entrance fee of RM2 per adult. Six of us makes the ticket RM12.00. Still - pretty reasonable. My brother-in-law looking at a j…

Ribs, Ribs, Ribs... Again

Tony Roma's revisit for me. This time, with the family.

Zaini gave us a treat, because Raimie had been asking to go to Tony Roma's; last night for dinner. Somebody got a hefty increment so was pretty spending happy. :D Play time before food arrives Raimie happy with his two ribs Mom and Dad shared this for dinner. Protein overload! LOL

Makan Time At Tony Roma's

It's been months since I last joined my "makan kaki" for a lunch outing. I missed the previous outing because I was down with a bad case of flu for a week.
This time around, we decided to head to Tony Roma's for lunch.  The gang has now grown from having just 10 members to 16 by this time, but two cannot make it.
The place was quite full on Friday but service was excellent and prompt. We were served with our drinks in no time and our food came without us waiting long.  Max, thanks for the great service!
Food we had there: 
Soup of the day that came with the set lunch. Everyone was served with a bowl, even those who didn't order the set lunch (i.e. me). Those who went for the a-la carte instead of set lunch were served with free drinks too. Yeay! Bistro burger set at RM23.90 Big stack burger at RM24.90 Fish & Chips set at RM19.90 Tenderloin platter set at RM16.90 Grilled lamb chop at RM37.90 BBQ Ribs lunch rack at 39.90. Just two ribs - are you sure two ribs are enough…

A Baby, A Wedding And A Funeral

Some happy news for people around me and one sad news too....
A friend (the gal in the middle) is now in the hospital, due for delivery of her first baby anytime. She was induced this morning, and at last check, she was 2cm dilated. All the best to her!
Maybe there'll be baby photos here soon. :) Another friend got married last Sunday. I didn't attend the lunch reception that was held after the church wedding because it was held at a non-halal restaurant. So, no photos of her wedding from me.
Ai Thing & Sing Khai - congratulations on your wedding! 
They sure make a lovely couple. don't they?
My sis, who works in the Ministry of Finance got an Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang award. Congrats sis!
She's also expecting her first baby soon! Another cousin for Raimie. ^-^

Though for one friend, it is a sad week. Her father-in-law passed away on Monday after battling illness for some time. My condolences to you and family, Anitha. I didn't attend the funeral - wasn't…

Banci Malaysia 2010

The 5th Banci Malaysia or Population and Housing Census 2010 is in full steam right now. Have any of the enumerators came visiting you yet? 
We had it done on Saturday, the first time for us to do it in this house. 
The 5th Population and Housing Census of Malaysia 2010 is estimated to see the population numbers increase by 1.3% compared to the 2000 census.The census was first conducted in 1963 and takes place every 10 years. This year, it would involve 28.3 million Malaysians and 7.5 million houses. The number of survey officers involved is 29,000.
The 5th Census is also the first time an online census system being implemented. We had thought of using the online system, but the enumerators beat us to it. They were way more efficient (and we procrastinate way too much). LOL

Steamboat For Dinner

Nothing beats a steamboat on a cold, rainy evening to bring out the sweat. XD
We had a simple steamboat dinner at home yesterday. Simple but it was great fun. Eating steamboat with family and friends is always great fun, don't you agree? 
I'm cooking bulgogi and kimchii jigae for lunch today. What's your lunch?
What's for dinner tonight? Maybe another steamboat for us?

Saturday Outing...

Raimie had to go to school last Saturday for his Kem Bestari Solat (Prayer camp for Muslim students) so we were out of our home early on Saturday. No late morning for us, which meant I didn't spend the whole night watching Korean show. ^-^
He asked to wear his blue Baju Melayu although the baju melayu is already a tad small for him. We bought this baju for Hari Raya 3 years ago, if I'm not mistaken. :D
While he was at school from 8.00am - 12.00pm, Mom and Dad went to Lake Garden for a "date". *^-^* Lake Garden was abuzz with activity last week. Not so much by the visitors but by DBKL's contractors. Plenty of work being done. I guess there was a new budget allocation for upgrading/maintaining the park because nothing was left untouched. Old tiles for pavements being changed to new ones, trees chopped off, sweepers everywhere, trucks parked on pavements, new trees and flowers planted.... So much activity, it wasn't fun strolling at the park last week. I wonder whe…

What Happen To My Comments?

Hmmm... Something weird happening to this blog. 
I've replied to a few comments on my previous posts and the comments kept on disappearing.
Anyone else facing this problem? How does one solve it?

Friday's Outing - Report Card Day & A Movie Treat

Zaini and I took a day off today to go to school and collect Raimie's report card. Although we didn't need to because Raimie's school is quite near to both our offices and it took just a few minutes meeting up with his class' teacher, but what the heck. I've been wanting to take a day off anyway...
Although his teacher had no problem with him in class and has high expectation of him to do well each exam, she did mentioned that Raimie does love to chat in class and sometimes lack concentration to follow teachers' instruction. I'm afraid Raimie really does inherit a lot of his Mommy's bad traits! He'd be disciplined and meticulous if he is like his Dad! Though lucky Raimie, like Mommy has a good brain. ^-^!
It was rather nice to know Raimie still maintained his no. 2 spot for Standard 2 classes. We were rather worried his placing would drop because he didn't get a good result for his Malay Language papers. That and the fact he missed quite a number …